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Punished Rean
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    R E D

    H A N D E D
    Punished Rean
    Punished Rean
    always keen
    Punished Rean
    Punished Rean
    Hey you.

    My power is out again.

    Punished Rean
    Punished Rean
    I'd say get a gen or two for emergencies, but they're also trying to slowly outlaw gasoline.
    Yeah, that's always been somewhat of an option, but too expensive.

    More and more people are going solar for backup, but the cost-benefit curve isn't quite where it needs to be to take over suburbia.
    Punished Rean
    Punished Rean
    I'd like solar more if it wasn't 100% government-backed. Inefficient as fuck energy source.
    I just helped Elliot unpack some boxes and sipped tea with Machias.

    Badboi Gaius is a slayer of note.
    Punished Rean
    Punished Rean
    I like Jusis the most out of the ones mentioned thus far. Gaius' homeland is a really nice-looking place you'll get to experience in the near future, though.
    You just like the High Energy of the noble.
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