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Recent content by quixotic

  1. quixotic

    KickStarter Code of the Savage - Ultima 6/7-inspired RPG

    Wasn’t this coming out in December?
  2. quixotic

    Decline Critical role ruined PnP

    3d6 Down The Line are a favourite of mine.
  3. quixotic

    What is your ideal party size in a blobber?

    Tough choice, but anything below 4 is just too little.
  4. quixotic

    ways to make JRPGs harder?

    Speaking of Shin Megami Tensei, no fusion runs can be really fun.
  5. quixotic

    What happened to the other 122?

    What happened to the other 122?
  6. quixotic

    Trigger the codex with a statement.

    Blobbers are RPGs.
  7. quixotic

    Decline Critical role ruined PnP

    You know this shit has gotten bad when people can’t even hatewatch it anymore.
  8. quixotic

    The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante - obscure Russian narrative RPG

    I still need to replay this game and actually live through to the end, I always end up dying in the last Chapter.
  9. quixotic

    Incline Official unofficial RPGCODEX 2021 GOTY thread. PARTICIPATE NOW! HOOKERS! BLACKJACK! VOTING!

    I didn’t play anything from 2021… Well, I loved Nioh, so I’ll vote for Nioh 2! EDIT WAIT A SECOND NIOH 2 CAME OUT IN 2020 I’VE BEEN LIED TO I vote for Archolos, it’s on my backlog and it looks fun!
  10. quixotic

    The Fire Emblem Thread

    You don’t have to capture Shiva at all (he isn’t recruitable in this Chapter, and he isn’t hostile either), and Lifis can be captured without any hassle since he doesn’t have any weapons. Edit, I should’ve read that you already Captured Lifis, sorry about that.
  11. quixotic

    Community Celebrating 20 years of RPG News (NSFW)

    Annnnd there it is! Congrats rusty.
  12. quixotic

    Community Celebrating 20 years of RPG News (NSFW)

    I cede this to whoever gives this post a Balanced rating first.
  13. quixotic

    Community Celebrating 20 years of RPG News (NSFW)

    I’d be fine with taking second and giving first place to Lagole Gon, if that’s allowed.

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