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Recent content by Rabbity_Thing

  1. Rabbity_Thing

    Gothic Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos mod for Gothic 2

    More than in Gothics, but it wasn't unheard of. Gothic had that too. Yeah, once they figured out how to force the engine to cooperate they set out to create many setpieces to tell their stories. It's the most significant divergence from the Gothic formula. Consequence of moving away from the...
  2. Rabbity_Thing

    Gothic Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos mod for Gothic 2

    In the aspect of short term C&C, perhaps so. Gothic was never very rich in that, but contained some faint traces of reactivity to choices and guild, especially in the opening chapters. As far as the design of the world is concerned, it is a perfect recreation of the design doctrine of Pirahna...
  3. Rabbity_Thing

    Crispy™ Best Soundtracks in RPGs

    Appropriate soundtrack is something that, I believe, can truly give another dimension to a gaming experience. Please share soundtracks that have impressed you or you have found in other ways remarkable. My personal nominations: Gothic 1+2 Era-appropriate instruments and certain crudeness manage...
  4. Rabbity_Thing

    Colony Ship Early Access Release Thread

    I've never been to Brazil (or the Moon, to use a more sane example), but I don't think it would be normal to ask what it is. At the very least, it should be "What can you tell me about the Factory?" instead of "What's the Factory?". And then, instead of the completely expositional "It's the...
  5. Rabbity_Thing

    Colony Ship Early Access Release Thread

    Definitely not. That is certainly a solution. One example that came to my mind was at the Courthouse. Instead of being completely oblivious, the dialogue should say something along the lines of "You liked coming here to watch the fights since you were a child." and modify the conversation with...
  6. Rabbity_Thing

    Little details in RPGs that please you

  7. Rabbity_Thing

    Colony Ship Early Access Release Thread

    That's called society. You need to follow up on the spy in the Brotherhood or Protectors questline and you will get an opportunity to take the side of the Church.
  8. Rabbity_Thing

    Little details in RPGs that please you

    I enjoy when a game makes at the very least symbolic effort to pretend that what I see in-game is not the whole world. Makes it easier to immerse myself.
  9. Rabbity_Thing

    Underrail is mediocre (imo)

    Funny thing about Tchort, I was confused as to the proper pronunciation of the word. T-hort? T-kort? Then, just before Deep Caverns I randomly remembered Styg is a slav, just like me and it clicked. Tchort is definitely evil.
  10. Rabbity_Thing

    Colony Ship Early Access Release Thread

    Tithe collected from whom exactly? Their own people? They have fewer of those than the Protectors or the Brotherhood, who are very well capable of collecting their own taxes. Tithes from members of other factions? "Conspiring with the enemy"/"Undermining social cohesion" - other factions would...
  11. Rabbity_Thing

    Colony Ship Early Access Release Thread

    It has been said that the Church pays best of the Habitat factions, implying that it is the most affluent. My question is, where does this wealth come from? What service or goods do they provide that money is flowing their way?
  12. Rabbity_Thing

    Best inventory system in crpg?

    I don't care. The inventory system has to not irritate. That is all.
  13. Rabbity_Thing


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