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  • Hey, are you the same Sabriana from the BSN? You might not remember me, but I think you were one of the first friends I had on the site during the DA 2 fallout. =D
    Lol, nice to know I'm not forgotten. Anyways, welcome to the Codex (even if you've been here for a while). =)

    A word of advice, don't get into long winded or serious arguments with Volly. It's like talking to a break wall with zero grammatical skills.
    Crusty, I absolutely love drawing Volly into an argument. I haven't done it here for a long while but I did in the DA2 threads. Getting him to get completely incoherent is a favourite hobby of mine.

    And I completely agree. Volleyball and serious arguments is a contradiction in terms.
    Oh. Carry on then. *thumbs up*
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