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Recent content by soulburner

  1. soulburner

    The Dragon Age: Inquisition Thread

    I sometimes like to torture myself and play Bioware games. I probably already asked about it somewhere, but can't remember the answer, if there was any. Can the framerate be unlocked in this game? I recall the cutscenes dropped to 30 fps originally. There was some command line parameter that...
  2. soulburner

    Dragon Age Dragon Age: Dreadwolf - finally coming in 2023, Solas fangirls rejoice

    Why do evil characters always want to destroy the world? Where will they live if they succeed?
  3. soulburner

    Amiga, Commodore and creativity

    I remember I was waiting for these: SED and FED. A matrix of tiny cathode ray tubes. A display with all the benefits of both CRT and LCD combined. Never became a reality.
  4. soulburner

    Starfield - "space epic" from Bethesda Game Studios

    I agree about the perspective being integral to the gameplay. I'm generally a fan of first person perspective and I like Bethesda games for giving a choice. There are many third person games I cannot play because I feel disconnected from the player character. I couldn't feel the horror of Dead...
  5. soulburner

    ELEX ELEX II - Jax is back

    DX12 was not removed, that would be preposterous. Here's the changelog:
  6. soulburner

    Achieving period-correct graphics in personal computer emulators

    That was my plan, but it was shot down by my wife who refuses to accept a CRT screen anywhere. Marriage is an art of compromise, they say.
  7. soulburner

    Achieving period-correct graphics in personal computer emulators

    After recently acquiring a 1440p display I find games like Baldur's Gate (original) to be unacceptable with both the display's scaling and integer scaling. I tried Lossless Scaling but the effects aren't too good either. Is it possible to apply such filters outside of such emulators but on a...
  8. soulburner

    Pc games still worth playing today part 3 (1993) according to monocled codexer excidium.

    I'm sorry, but your opinion about Doom makes the whole thread series invalid.
  9. soulburner

    Crysis Remastered

    Damn, must have been stuck under a rock then. Thank you!
  10. soulburner

    Crysis Remastered

    Crysis 1 is great. People often called it a benchmark, not a game, but I find it very fun and unique. It has this "something" that no Ubisoft's Far Cry could ever capture. The story is interesting, the gunplay, the audio (but only in the original, the remaster ruins the dynamic range making the...
  11. soulburner

    ELEX ELEX II - Jax is back

    It's not a terrible game on its own. It could be even considered quite good. As a sequel to Elex, which was kind of a return to form for PB, it's inferior in many aspects. Elex 2 shows every sign of being rushed and then abandoned. It feels really good one moment (many quests, non-boring...
  12. soulburner

    ELEX ELEX II - Jax is back

    From Steam community: Well, I guess this is going to take the same amount of time Zyddie said the last time they looked into how to deploy a patch.
  13. soulburner

    Josh Sawyer Q&A Thread

    Problem is, there's so much traveling and back tracking between separate locations in Deadfire that even those 3-5 seconds to load is too long for me. I recall someone from Obsidian talked about some sort of precaching solution for sub-areas which would result in an instant load when entering a...
  14. soulburner

    Can someone give me a tldr summary of what happened to the Bethesda Forums?

    Forums are dying. People moved to Facebook groups, discord and other shit that is impossible to search through. Things like the forum we are currently on are now a rarity.
  15. soulburner

    Crysis Remastered

    I think the Crysis 1 remaster looks pretty good and is an interesting update. However, they totally fucked up the audio sub-engine by killing the dynamic range. Alll weapons became softer and it's completely unplayable to me.

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