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Recent content by Sratopotator

  1. Sratopotator

    Little details in RPGs that annoy you

    You make a dumb point - someone sees it and comments accordingly. I don't give a fuck if you have time to read and write a solid response or not, but that's not on me, it's fully on you. Context that you forgot to include resulting in your point being even more stupid than you intended is on you...
  2. Sratopotator

    Little details in RPGs that annoy you

    Citation provided, cmon man, stop acting like an ass. Original point was muddy, you already straightened it out in the same message ("Abstracting per se is not the issue"). I mean, wtf bro. I'm literally saying "you are wrong, here is why...", what else do you expect? (Hardware is...
  3. Sratopotator

    Little details in RPGs that annoy you

    You said that abstracting is literally an issue, as it causes problems. But whatever, lets move the goalpost together as bros. Hardware is the least consequential here, Vavra is a fabulously optimistic person. In the end, it's people that have to think of innovative ways of abstracting...
  4. Sratopotator

    Little details in RPGs that annoy you

    Regarding op question: Inconsistent pc/npc character systems and templates. When a game gives you a system, or a character sheet looking thing, and then completely ignores to either apply the systems to npcs, or display those npcs at least partially in a similar fashion. If something is trying...
  5. Sratopotator

    Little details in RPGs that annoy you

    Sir Porky, this is beyond stupid. Real life being abstracted into simple to understand verbs with simple systems behind them is not a choice here. "Abstracting" is intrinsically entwined with, among other things: - Science, reality and your brain - when a human tries to describe how shit works...
  6. Sratopotator

    Gothic Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos mod for Gothic 2

    Devs specifically stated that Union is not supported and may result in shit if used. Here for example. The above looks very interesting though, so I wonder how many drawbacks does it have, if used "safely". [Of course Im referring to inventory stuff, not the floaty monstrosity] Oh, and how to...
  7. Sratopotator

    Fallout Fallout: Sonora - new Fallout mod from the Fallout: Nevada team - now available in Russian

    Yeah, 960 x 540 (for 16:9) and 960 x 600 (16:10) is certainly the way to go with Fallout and its mods.
  8. Sratopotator

    Titan Outpost Release Thread

    Oh, cool, I had to miss it. Donated! I'll send an email later (to info@titanoutpost.com) with the bugs. They are mainly UI bugs/exploits, so I hope you can reproduce them with ease, pirated or not (I always use "clean" pirated scene copies, no repacks, and from what I understand if there was...
  9. Sratopotator

    Titan Outpost Release Thread

    Finally got my paws on this. Had to sail the seven seas to get it, as I'm entirely non-Steam. Still waiting for those secondary payment options! Or a way to make a donation :( The game is really, really cool. Does not disappoint at all. One question: MF, few pages ago you said that bug reports...
  10. Sratopotator

    Fallout Which is better, Fallout: New Vegas or Fallout 4?

    No kingcomrade option? Fucking newfags :M
  11. Sratopotator

    A Legionary's Life - historical Roman soldier simulator RPG

    Shiiiiit. So what's the deal with the "You were not as rich as your peers..." segment in the ending slides? (I'm paraphrasing heavily) I got it (i think!) even for playthroughs that had significant amounts of $. Always assumed that it's related. Damn! Thanks. EDIT: It's probably there just to...
  12. Sratopotator

    A Legionary's Life - historical Roman soldier simulator RPG

    ^Yup, can confirm. I'm currently at 13k best score and I STILL did not get muh Consul title, so I'm dropping in for a playthrough or two from time to time. Did an Evil playthrough recently, but even with this I did not manage to hit the money requirement for the Consul ending (money is one of...
  13. Sratopotator

    Game News King Arthur: Knight's Tale releasing on February 15th

    Cool that they go out of their way in the trailer to say that their character system is "rpg-like" (2:23, video on top) and not "deep rpg, lol, trust me" lie usually used in similar cases. A bow to/recognition of P&P rpgs and P&P inspired crpgs? The newspeak irritates the hell out of me...
  14. Sratopotator

    Vapourware Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 - vaporware VTMB sequel from Paradox Interactive

    Jade whatever-the-fuck Empire? You have to work on your bait posts a bit :D
  15. Sratopotator

    Eternity AVOWED - Obsidian's Skyrim clone set in the Pillars of Eternity setting

    Regarding the QA statement: This is not true at all. Internal QA, at least in some form, is present at almost all steps of game dev, especially near an important milestone, and those happen even in the Alpha stages of development - proof of concept builds, playtest builds for upper management...

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