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Recent content by Tihskael

  1. Tihskael

    CD Projekt's CYBERPUNK 2077 Release Thread - Phantom Liberty expansion coming in 2023

    Well itworked for the GTAs before, will probably work here too.
  2. Tihskael

    Best stories in an RPG

    I can't even get myself to think conventionally about stories in RPGs because ideally in RPGs, "stories" can pan out in several different ways. What choices does the player make, what direction do these choices take the player in, how it sandwiches these "story moments", does the player fuck...
  3. Tihskael

    Elder Scrolls Todd Howard Appreciation Thread

    Having Redguard on your CV would do that to you.
  4. Tihskael

    Elder Scrolls Todd Howard Appreciation Thread

    Todd's empyrean brilliance blesses my day once again. Viva la Toddster!
  5. Tihskael

    Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 3 by Larian Studios - now available on Early Access - coming August - next Panel From Hell on December 14th

    No magic highlight button in 2d isometric games would have been perfect. Rotating the camera in games like DOS makes me want to kill myself. The Dragon Age Origins approach is perfect for a 3d game. Explore in first person or third person view and have the combat in the topdown view.
  6. Tihskael

    Any good Pirate RPGs?

    If I were OP, I wouldn't look any further. And if you could wait for a space pirates games, well my friend, this fella can guide ya.
  7. Tihskael

    Game News Pentiment Released

    Sawyer was well regarded at the these forums, so nobody is going to review the niche game he has released anymore?
  8. Tihskael

    Gothic Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos mod for Gothic 2

    Lemme ask you a serious question. Does this mod stand up to the Gothic games? Or Risen games? Or Elex games?
  9. Tihskael

    Incline How to properly enjoy an RPG

    Press alt+F4 to have the best roleplaying experience.
  10. Tihskael

    RPGs have become routine.

    This is exactly what I hate about most RPGs, this is what is putting me off from finishing Risen. This is like going to shopping, crossing off things from your checklist, fucking tedious and boring, not to mention every other single person having the same experience as you or maybe the option A...
  11. Tihskael

    RPGs have become routine.

    Games pre-Starfield era are routine. Post-Starfield era games will be the harbinger of indomitable incline.
  12. Tihskael

    Torment Classic games that you want to play... eventually. But you just keep postponing and postponing. For years.

    Deus Ex, stopped halfway, find it difficult to go back in. Well that is the case with most games old and new. Also fuck the Black Mountain mines in Arcanum, dropped the game twice there. Almost makes me glad that Troika shut shop.
  13. Tihskael

    Fallout Celebrate 25 years of Fallout with Bethesda!

    COMUNICADO OFICIAL - Tim Cain likes Fallout 3
  14. Tihskael

    Fallout Celebrate 25 years of Fallout with Bethesda!


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