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Comments on Profile Post by Jacob

  1. Strange Fellow
    Strange Fellow
    Cool, do post about it when you do. It's not that I'm in love with the pistol phase or anything (in vanilla), but if you manage to make a beeline to cover before the whole map bears down on you things tend to go smoothly. Taking on an expert for a day is too much cheese for me, and less fun as well.
    Aug 1, 2019
    Jacob and Circuit brofisted this.
  2. Strange Fellow
    Strange Fellow
    If you're playing 1.13 with the revised feat system, however, make a pistol/ambidextrous IMP and take on Fox and Meltdown (and later on Tex if you're using the UB mercs, which I always do) for hilarious and delightful carnage. It's the most enjoyable playthrough I think I ever did. Even if you don't want to go full gimmick run, Fox and Meltdown make a world of difference in the pistol phase of 1.13.
    Aug 1, 2019
    Jacob and Circuit brofisted this.
  3. Jacob
    1.13 seems like a different game with the same characters. Kinda like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and mainline Pokemon games.
    Aug 2, 2019
  4. Strange Fellow
    Strange Fellow
    Aye, I wish the current team stopped cramming the thing full of stuff nobody wants and spent a little time making sure it works out of the box. It's been a long time since it was recommendable even to non-purist
    first-timers. Modders gonna mod.
    Aug 3, 2019

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