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Like as your first EO or in general? The Untold remasters are good and starting at 1 is technically viable. I have not played Untold 1 yet, but every EO I tried has been worth playing for me. So I say yes, if you can deal with the lolis.
Yeah lolis are rough man. I’m definitely picking up SMT4:A and Soul Hackers during this sale. Saw EOU is on sale and wondered about it. I also see Stella Glow and Radiant Historia. Any thoughts on those?
Anonymous Wife Scholar
Anonymous Wife Scholar
Give me Ricky wife!
Radiant Historia is an amazing game. It has really innovative grid combat, which while not hard enough to make it a pure combatfag game, is definitly good enough to tickle your brain cells.
Also a really good story, perhaps best on the DS line. Time travel shenanigans and great art on top. Heavily recommended, its a hidden gem.

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