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  1. felipepepe

    Indie Betrayal At Club Low - indie CYOA RPG on acid

    Found this game out this week and really recommend any RPG fan to give it a try: Cosmo D is an indie dev who did a few walking sims / adventure games, for some reason his latest game is a surreal kind of CYOA / Disco Elysium-esque RPG. Basically, you must infiltrate a dance club dressed as a...
  2. HeroMarine

    Completed CYOA - Mysterious Caves

    It is windy and cold in early winter. You stand on top of a large boulder, in front of a mouth-like cavern entrance. The local guide who brought you here, from a nearby gathering place, was explaining the fame of these caves to you as you walked through snowy plains and the base of a hill.
  3. baud

    Escape From Ripag's Watch - A chaos Space Marine Quest

    Escape From Ripag's Watch - A chaos Space Marine Quest Chapter 1: Planetfall "Plasma reactor offline. Primary propulsion offline. Switching to emergency power supplies. Error. Full propulsion failure. Uncontrolled planetfall imminent." You were running toward the bridge after dealing with...
  4. Non-Edgy Gamer

    In Progress CYOA: Star Trek: Dukat

    Star Trek: Dukat ----------------------- Chapters: Prelude Meetings Part 1 Meetings Part 2 The Specter of War Mistakes Were Made The Hand of Friendship The Plot Thickens Crossroads Trust Meta info: Character Sheet Bajor ----------------------- Prelude Stardate 23085.84 - the year is 2346...
  5. Moonrise

    Ring of the Ruby Dragon, first in the HeartQuest series

    Back in the 80s TSR decided they wanted girls playing D&D, so they published a spin-off of the Endless Quest series, HeartQuest, with an emphasis on romance in addition to the adventure. I managed to get my hands on the first four. Apparently books 5 and 6 are very rare. And for the first four...
  6. baud

    Inactive Inquisition Quest: Mysteries of Brocante

    On Hiatus while we play: Escape From Ripag's Watch - A chaos Space Marine Quest –––––––––––––––––––––––––– INQUISITION QUEST ARC I: MYSTERIES OF BROCANTE Part 1: Transmission Your are awaken from your sleep by the beeping of your dataslate, signaling the arrival of a message of your...
  7. In Progress Emperor of Nothing [40k CYOA]

    EMPEROR OF NOTHING Index Prologue - Setting the Stage 0. The Fool 1. The Magician 2. The High Priestess 3. The Empress 4. The Emperor
  8. GarfunkeL

    In Progress Shadowrun 2072

    SHADOWRUN 2072 This is a CYOA of a Shadowrun party, that utilizes actual 4th Edition rules. Our initial party is 7 members strong, who will be introduced via the introduction chapter. Codexers choose what jobs the party will undertake and how it will perform them. Outcome of each scenario is...
  9. Lithium Flower

    In Progress Torment on the Shards, Part 36 - Planescape-inspired CYOA

    The Void is an endless expanse of black nothingness, charged with unused energies of creation. Strong belief and the force of will can make this energy take physical form, shaping reality, but no one knows what the original shaping force was or how the Void came to be. Mysterious Shards float...
  10. lightbane

    Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion

    BROTHERS!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S MISSING FROM THE CONSTANTLY INCREASING WH40K GAME LIBRARY? THAT'S RIGHT! MORE GAMES ABOUT SPACE MARINES!! BATTLE-BROTHERS, REJOICE YOURSELVES: http://store.steampowered.com/app/389850 Thankfully, you don't play as an Ultrasmurf nor a Bloody Magpie, but as a...
  11. Cheesecake

    The Ruinous Powers (40K CYOA)

    This is it. Your pathetic existence is at an end, and just like your mother said it would go: quickly, early and painfully. The pirates came out of nowhere, jumping into the system in a blink of an eye. The merchant vessel you were on stood no chance. Now, at Death's door, you come to fully...

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