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enhanced edition

  1. Cryomancer

    [BG2:EE] - Legacy of Bhaal run as a solo Necromancer

    Here is a proof . This not includes ToB. Only SoA(shadows of Amn). First of all, why necromancer? Because I like necromancy. Necromancers loses a lot of powerful illusion spells. Simulacrum, Mirror Image(...) but can prepare a additional spell per day and enemies does a save against...
  2. Monkey Baron

    Incline What happened to Beamdog?

    I was a big fan of Siege of Dragonspear and their awesome "enhanced" editions! Just kidding, they were lazy money grabs. But seriously, what happened to them? Did they stop getting the license to butcher classics? Looks like the last thing they released was an adaption of the board game Axis &...
  3. Corvinus

    Decline The best of the Infinity Engine games

    Let's settle this once and for all. Which was, over all, the best of the Infinity Engine games? The choices include all content up to and including the final patch - meaning the entire product. 'EE' denotes the 'Enhanced Edition'. Which are later, separate versions all together. You get one...

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