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  1. Dayyālu

    Vapourware Cloning Codexers to fight Machines: Let's Play MissionForce: Cyberstorm

    It's late, and I am bored. Time to attempt to LP one of my favourite games ever, in the worst english I can manage. I can't promise more updates than this one, this is merely the result of having two hours to burn and nothing better to do. That said, let's begin. Welcome to...
  2. Black

    Incline Mechwarrior Living Legends

    Gents, recently I've been playing this FREE gem and it's a fucking blast. The game has everything from battle armor, hovercrafts and tanks to mechs, vtol and aerofighters. Even jump jets are amazing, unlike in sp MW games. And there's Long Tom. Apparently recently there's been a small surge of...

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