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opinion piece

  1. Thac0

    Dragon Age I just finished Dragon Age Origins and some parts of it werent awfull

    For a bit of context, if you cruise the more shallow waters of RPG discussions you will see DAO being lauded as the last good hardcore rpg before the decline. The obsession with this game goes so far that it is sacrosanct on more casual sites and insulting it draws a reaction akin to insulting a...
  2. Safav Hamon

    Opinion: Deadfire has the best quest design of any CRPG

    I'm going to breakdown a quest in Deadfire to show how it has the best quest and level design of any CRPG Now I could go with an obvious example like Fort Deadlight or Arkemyrs Manor, but instead I will choose a less obvious example - Hasongo The quest begins at marker #1 where your party...

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