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  1. Cryomancer

    Ranting about the decline of Vampirism/Vampires in RPG's.

    Vampires are probably the most iconic monters type among undeads. Blood sucking aristocrats ruling mere humans with an iron first. There are lots and lots of interesting tales and stories about vampires, all of them could make a huge RPG. Only the Scholomance background of Dracula can be a...
  2. Tyranicon

    Is the commodification of video games ruining RPG quality?

    TL;DR: There's currently around 7.7 billion people on the planet. There are millions of people who enjoy RPGs, either as a video game or pnp. So why is it that at any one time, there are only a small number of developers that can reliably make a "good" RPG? And almost all of these are...
  3. Cryomancer

    No game brought more decline than WoW. Change my mind!!

    Some people blame consoles, and is undeniable that consoles brought decline to SP RPG's, however, WoW brought decline to RPG'S IN GENERAL. Tabletop, SP and MP. Thanks to wow, people see RPG's as gear farming, cooldown managing games. What WoW brought to the RPG market? Normalization of...

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