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  1. Chronicles of Vaeltaja: In Search of the Great Wanderer

    Finally I'm proud to present this retro-inspired crpg I've been working on for some time. If you love those old golden era pc-games like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry, Ishar, The Bard's Tale and Lands of Lore, this just might be a game for you. It is a party-based dungeon crawler...
  2. Hands of Necromancy - Heretic and Hexen-inspired GZDoom boomer shooter

    This is coming out in a couple of days and it looks like it won't be an early access release (a rarity for this genre). there is a demo avaiable. The blurb on the store page invokes only Heretic but the hub structure, combat, visuals are much more Hexen. Which can be either a positive or a...
  3. Agent 64: Spies Never Die - Goldeneye and Perfect Dark inspired boomer shooter

    This came out of nowhere and it actually looks p promising, there is a demo avaiable.
  4. Nightmare of Decay: boomer survival horror FPS

    This is quite the surprise, right now its user reviews are 97% positive with some 700 reviews, with p much no prior coverage of the game. It's p much a full fledged survival horror with gameplay and looks of the ones from PSX era, but played from first person. Slow combat (with RE style...
  5. Chris Koźmik

    Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees

    Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees (a sequel to Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown :D) in development. Website: https://www.silverlemurgames.com/legendsofamberland2/ So, some of you were waiting for this. I'm happy to announce that development of LoA II starts officially...
  6. whydoibother

    What's the oldest games you played for the first time this year?

    With the year nearing its end, time for the "...of the year" threads spam to start. I'll begin with a less usual one. Note that this is asking for the oldest game you FIRST played this year. As in, hadn't played before. So no Civilization IV, Age of Empires II, HoMM3 and so on. Only debutantes...
  7. Falksi

    Incline The Amiga Screenshot Challenge!

    Here you go......... http://www.starfieldsoftware.co.uk/Games/Amiga/Amiga-Screenshot-Challenge.aspx 72 for me EDIT: Also, a general screenshot quiz too..... https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/5f509d8909860d00148aead4
  8. Poseidon

    (Help Wanted) Darkstone: Evil Reigns Master Thread (Help, Patching and Modding)

    Greetings all, I've recently started playing Darkstone (technically for the second time, but only now "properly") and I'm quite enjoying it. I've seen it mentioned in passing on here several times as an obscure game and I figured I try and promote some interest in it. Why the Workshop? Well...
  9. Don Peste

    Old gaming podcasts / radio shows available online (90s & 00s)

    I've got a few favourite gaming podcasts but I'd like to find out if there are any old shows from the 90s and 00s available online, no matter if mp3, YouTube or other. Any recommendations?
  10. SkaldRPG

    KickStarter SKALD: Against the Black Priory - retro RPG inspired by Ultima

    Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/scapeit/skald-against-the-black-priory Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/skald-against-the-black-priory#/ https://www.skaldrpg.com https://af.gog.com/game/skald_against_the_black_priory?as=1649904300
  11. luj1

    Memory Lane - Which were your first games on the PC?

    Stunts Racing / 1990 DOS Played this on my 386 Pentium boasting 32 megabytes of RAM. Car models actually looked pretty decent. Amazingly, you could design your own custom tracks with various obstacles and ramps via track editor, which is what made this game really stand out. Wolf 3D FPS /...
  12. Daniel Pacheco

    MediEvil PS4

    The last day I share Spyro and today MediEvil. I really love that game!! Hope that many people here will play this game. Is awesome that PS4 will release a lot of videogames from PS1.
  13. Shadowrun which I want to see

    That's interesting. Commercial looks like '80 italian exploitation movies (Joe D'Amato and Umberto Lenzi vibes). Really, i like it. Now we have only "Rag'n'Bone Man" in generic EA commercials and this kind boring shit. "These day kids..." Description: "FASA's 1990 promo video for their...
  14. vlzvl

    The Darkness Below: a retro CRPG in the making

    Hey guys, i'm vlzvl and i'm creating a dungeon crawler game titled The Darkness Below. The game itself its on early stages of development and i am focusing at the moment into appropriate graphics and game mechanics, not stories, world or levels. As you will find from the images, i am a serious...
  15. KickStarter Tales from the Loop, PnP RPG based on Simon Stålenhag's stuff

    I'm a huge fan of Simon Stålenhag's. He makes this eerily photorealistic art set in an alternate 1980's-1990's Sweden (and lately, US) with giant robots, flying cargo ships, dinosaurs, and all manner of strangeness. Now there's a PnP RPG Kickstarter based on his stuff so I figured it rates a...
  16. Poseidon

    Spell of Gold (Заклятие) Master Thread (Help, Patching and Modding)

    Greetings all, This is an edited post of all my findings, solutions and research done so far, to avoid any confusion for users finding this thread for the first time. This thread is regarding a fairly obscure Russian title called Spells of Gold (or Заклятие in its native language) developed by...
  17. Something Classic

    Shadows of Adam - 16Bit JRPG Kickstarter and Demo!

    Hi everyone! I'm Tyler from Something Classic Games. We are designing a 16 bit JRPG entitled "Shadows of Adam" to be launched on PC, Mac, and Linux. We have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finish our project! Funds will be used to continue to hire professional artists and sound...

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