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  1. asper

    Just finished Mission Critical and was impressed (a review)

    I just finished Mission Critical and was surprised by how well this game has aged. Mission Critical is a point & click adventure made by Legend, released in 1995. It uses a first person perspective with pre-rendered and 2d art backgrounds, and has FMV sequences, starring Michael Dorn, aka. Lt...
  2. Cryomancer

    Larian cultists reviewing PF:KM.

    Already made a thread about Larian cultists reviewing BG1/2 + IWD ( https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/larian-cultists-reviewing-bg1-2-now-with-iwd-ee-reviews.141531/ ) But I'm creating this thread to : Laugh from their crap reviews Point out how much decline Larian is bringing, by bringing...
  3. Schwalbe1728

    DoomRL Review

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-MhTxkBdnU&list=PL6pr7IOPkL8e1KDPIuib0N1jlKI0D0Riu&index=8 Took me a bloody while to finish this one... Enjoy. Feedback welcome as well, by the way.
  4. Thac0

    Turn-Based Tactics To Battle!: Hell's Crusade - satirical medieval turn-based tactics

    I just finished this tactical indie game: Build an army from 3 different kinds of heavy infantry, 2 kinds of archers, scouts, cavalry and ballistas for 8 distinct unit types in total. All very usable. Also a perk based progression system, like Warbanners but with a bit more depth. 16 Missions...
  5. Lahey

    review bombing

    Over the past few years this method has become increasingly more common. Motivations differ with each case: some are political, seen recently with Firewatch; others are economic, such as Paradox's "summer sale"; mod-related backlash, like OpenIV or F4; delayed localizations, as in D:OS2 this...
  6. Goral

    Authors of reviews/editorials are not credited properly

    I would like to point out that reviews, editorials, interviews and other articles do not give proper credit to its authors. Instead first thing we see is: "Review/article/interview - posted by (((Infinitron)))" or "Review/article/interview - posted by (((Crooked Bee)))" suggesting it's their...
  7. Dim

    Which Outliers are Mistakes / attention grabbers or the Real Worth?

    I have been working on a project of data analysis on video game review scores. Part of the standard work flow is dealing with Outliers. Outliers are technically defined as observations made by systems different than the rest of the data. I would describe the common review process as decent but...
  8. Gathering

    Three Hour Fallout 4 Bash-fest

    I made a similar thread for a review of Fallout 3 that was ridiculously long and basically echoed what people on this forum have been saying for years and people seemed to like it. I'm back again with a link to an even longer Fallout 4 review. Enjoy you masochists...
  9. MicoSelva

    Polish gaming mag CD-Action reviews Dungeon Rats

    Their conclusion is: 'Decent, but gets boring in the long run.' Get some other local Potato to translate the whole text, but here is the score and the pros and cons: Score: 7 (out of 10) Gameplay: 7 Video: 5 Audio: 5 +complex combat encounters +crafting that makes sense +reasonable price...
  10. Abhay

    Rate and Review - Mafia series

    Now that we have three games in the Mafia series after following for so many years, then there should be a review looking at each game and discuss about the improvements and flaws/complaints to evaluate how the series has been doing with the changes so far. Mafia I - Such an excellent game that...
  11. Gathering

    Hour and a half Fallout 3 video review needs love

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJ1gyIzg78 I know the video starts off a bit obnoxious with the guys weird tendency to shriek, but his criticisms of Fallout 3 and his praise for the old Fallouts plus New Vegas, make it seem like somebody hooked up the codex to a British AI and it made this...

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