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temple of elemental evil

  1. JanKrapivin

    First time playing The Temple of Elemental Evil

    Hi! I have recently started to play ToEE. Before it, in DnD settings, i have completed Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, and Dark Sun Shattered Lands. But i find ToEE much more difficult and sophisticated. I am playing it with The Circle of Eight Modpack, if it matters. I have created my own characters...
  2. FriendlyMerchant

    Incline D&D games really should all come with module editors like NWN

    Imagine if Kingmaker and Wrath, or any other D&D game with a good combat system came with a powerful module maker like NWN. I can't think of any better idea than developing one to go with a well performing game. In spite of NWN's boring clunky gameplay, it resulted in a bunch of modules to...
  3. Help with TioPack.exe

    Hello all, I'm wrapping up work on editing Temple's .dlg files, but I'm stuck at the home stretch: I'm not sure how to repack the files back into .dat form using TioPack.exe. I've tried opening TioPack.exe, which immediately closes, and dragging the files I want packed over top of it, the way...

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