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Anyone with access to Something Awful? (Neverwinter Nights 2 mods/fixes)

Discussion in 'Obsidian Entertainment' started by Athelas, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Athelas Arcane

    Jun 24, 2013
    So I was googling around for any mods/fixes for Mask of the Betrayer and there are apparently a couple at: (linked to from This one in particular:
    Could anyone with an SA account post the direct download links or upload them here? Thanks.
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  2. Crooked Bee (no longer) a wide-wandering bee Patron

    Crooked Bee
    Jan 27, 2010
    In quarantine
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    There's a long-ass post called "NWN2 Mods" there that seems to have a lot of resources including a few specifically for MotB as well as the Plot Fixes Fixes mod. Dunno how useful they may be to you or how many of the links still work, but I'll just quote it here in full (under spoiler):

    Show Spoiler

    Welcome to the NWN2 modding post. Please note that I'm not associated in any way with any of these mods, I just keep this list updated to keep the thread from becoming endless questions about what mods to install. You should not install everything on the list, it's all just options for you to pick and choose from.

    This is NOT a definitive list of every mod for NWN2. Almost all NWN 1 and 2 mods, including a LOT of help for building your own modules & campaigns can be found atthe IGN Neverwinter Vault. The Neverwinter Nexus also has mods. If you can't find a particular mod on this list, search those sites.

    Most mods are very easy to install. Simply unzip them to either your main Program Files NWN2\Override folder, or your My Documents\NWN2\override folder. Either location will work, but it's a good idea to choose one folder and stick with it, unless the install instructions say that the mod absolutely HAS to be in one of them. Also, make sure that each mod has its own subfolder in that override directory for easy uninstalling. Mine looks like this.

    Always check the mod's readme before installing for any other install directions (most of them won't have any, but a few will.) Some mods have more than one version depending on what other mods or which expansions you have installed so always check to make sure you're downloading the right version. If you have any problems with things looking weird or not working, remove mods one by one until you find the problem. Also check the very end of this post for possible known issues. If you find an issue, please let the thread know and I'll add it to that list.

    If two mods have files that overalp each other, the newer-installed file will be used.

    If you have any suggestions for mods or modules that should be added to this post, please post them in the thread and they'll be added! I update this list about once every 3 months so you may want to check back for new content. Last update: November 3rd, 2012.


    Here's a few screenshots to highlight some of the mods below. Please note images contain mostly mild spoilers for newcomers to the OC.
    Textures, UI, Appearance Changers
    Dialogue, Textures, MenuUI
    Companion Multiclassing, PRC's, Textures
    Textures, UI, Appearance Changers
    BIG SPOILER in this screenshot, the entire group with mostly different armor
    Character Creation mods - United Colors, Hair, face
    Character Creation mods - NPC Heads, United Colors
    Character Creation mods - Vordan's Hero Creator, Charlie's UI


    I zipped up some of the most useful mods that I think most people would appreciate into a Mod Compilation (download) which contains:

    Mods that will automatically be implemented:
    * Camb's Combat Splatter - Cosmetic change
    * Charlie's UI - Cosmetic change
    * Charlie's Player Menu Pack - Cosmetic/Functional Menu change.
    * Spell Effect Removers - a combo of both Remove Annoying Effects and Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs, picking what I like best. You may want to remove this folder and see if you like the default effects better. Cosmetic change
    * TonyK's AI - Functional change. (Believe me, you want this.)
    * United Colors - Cosmetic/Functional change
    * Voicesets - a compilation of a couple of voice set mods - Cosmetic/Audio change
    * Companion Multiclass mod - Gameplay change
    * "Heads and Hairs" - a compilation of many different head and hair mods (most of them in this mod list). Character Creation change.
    * Plot Fixes + Plot Fixes Fixes + Charlie's UI Compatibility - Fixes, adds back in a few missing dialogs and such, lots of little things. PFF fixes the dumb things PF does, and a minor change to make it compatible with Charlie's UI.

    Mods that need you to do something in order to use them. Read the README to find out how to use them.
    * Charlie's Appearance Changer - Functional/Cosmetic change of your equipment, if used.
    * Charlie's Item Property Modifier - Functional/Gameplay change of your equipment, if used.
    * Rod of Preparation - Gameplay change in how buffs are cast, if used.

    * The README which you really, really should read.

    Simply unzip that into either your main Program Files NWN2\Override folder, or your My Documents\NWN2\override folder, and read the README to see how to use a couple of the mods.

    With the above your gameplay experience will be greatly improved without much fuss, and those are all very stable mods. All of the mods in both the comp and recommended in the readme are listed and their NWVault pages are linked to below. Click on their NWVault pages to learn more, rate and comment on each mod. Everything here is due to other people's hard work.

    [​IMG]*NEW!*Visuals Overhaul Pack!
    This pack contains the best visual overhaul mods I could find. All of these are linked in the mod list under Aesthetics, and in the Readme.
    * Improved Cleave and AOO Animations by CuteUnit
    * ALL of NeilMC's retextures
    * Trees Texture Overhaul by Ovocean
    * Tchos HD Widescreen UI Menu and Loading Screens
    * Parts of 3mily_ranter's Sharpened Textures (Weapon, NPC and creature sharpening)
    * Bagel's NWN2 Clothing Fixes by Amphibious Bagel
    * Realistic Wall Torch by LFenris
    * NWN2 Standard Interior Wall Texture Pack 01 by Jaesun999

    Here are a few gifs showing the differences using the new textures: Neverwinter City block, Outside the Flagon, Harvest fair, Port Llast, inside floorboards, Mountain textures.

    [​IMG]First time players especially take note: I've started a spoil-free as possible walkthrough post with tips and tricks and notes for each area of the game here in this post.

    Returning Players: If you're not brand new and would like to play my female Rogue character starting at Old Owl Well just before meeting Casavir, I've post a save + some mods + instructions here (read the Readme). I included instructions on how to respec the character (like near the end of the post with the givexp trick). You'll basically skip all the tedium at the beginning of the game, but you will still have to play a female with a rogue base class.


    First up, a few things that almost everyone should consider using.

    This is not a mod, but Go here to plan out your character ahead of time. This site includes Kaedrin's PRCs (below).

    Companion and Monster AI by TonyK. Customizaible AI. This an absolute must-have. To take full advantage of customizing your companions AI be sure to set their behaviors on the last tab of the C screen for each companion (and your character!) (Included in

    Kaedrin's PRC's Pack. Adds in NEW Classes, Prestige classes, new spells, lots of Feats and fixes many things about the game. It also includes some of the SoZ fixes, including a Overland Buff mod that works with Kaedrin's spells.
    The only available version of Kaedrin's for download doesn't have the README included. Please be sure to follow these steps to properly install Kaedrin's:

    1) Unzip the Kaedrin's download to your preferred override folder (remember to create a new folder for organization purposes)
    2) Navigate to your main NWN2 Install folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\neverwinter nights 2 if you're on Steam, maybe something like C:\Program Files\Atari\NWN2 if you installed from disks).
    3) Find the dialog.TLK file. Rename it to dialog_original.TLK
    4) Take the dialog.TLK from the Kaedrin's download and drop it in your main NWN2 install folder.

    Essentially, you are replacing the dialog.TLK from your original game install and replacing it with the Kaedrin's dialog.TLK file. If your class selection screen has a lot of blank lines, you did not do the above correctly.

    You must have SoZ for the only remaining download of Kaedrin's to work.

    NOTE: there is currently a conflict between Kaedrin's 1.42 and TonyK's AI. If you have automatic weapon switching turned on, your companions won't move or attack, or much of anything. Turn off Automatic Weapon Switching in TonyK's (hit C, 4th tab) to fix this bug, or downgrade to Kaedrin's 1.41. Thanks Conduit for Sale! for reporting this to the thread!

    Rod of Perperation. Quick-casts buffs on your party. You can have your party cast them one at a time, or just have all spells appear at once. Be sure to read the Readme, as installation has an extra step! (Included in

    Companion Multiclassing for the OC/MOTB. You don't need this for the SoZ campaign but you do need it if you want to multiclass Khelgar, Neeshka, Safyia etc. in OC/MOTB. (Included in

    (I wouldn't consider this one "highly" recommended, but it gets discussed a lot so I wanted to move it to a more conspicuous place in the post.)
    NWN2 Plot Fixes you might consider to be the "unofficial patch". It fixes a ton of bugs in the OC/MotB. What it does it does well, but it does some COMPLETELY mind-boggling things, also. For instance, the creator made it so by default, everyone has to do the same sex romance.
    Luckily, our own Dallan Invictus has awesomely made a fix-it that undoes much of the stupid stuff the author did.

    Download NWN2 Plot Fixes Fixes here. READ THE README Dallan Invictus included as there are one or two things you need to manually do yourself. Also read this post to see how to fix a few other bugs Plot Fixes might introduce.
    If you're using Charlie's UI or any other mod that modifies the menu popup, in PlotFixes, delete the file Fixes_Generic/playermenu_popup.xml., includes Plot Fixes + Plot Fixes Fixes + the Charlie's UI fix are already included and done.


    United Colors gives you a 256 color palate for your character's skin, hair, eyebrows, eyes and accessory instead of the 16 palate that comes with the game.
    NOTE: This mod does NOT work if you make characters inside a new SoZ campaign, or any mod that uses SoZ style party creation. Make all your characters / cohorts using Vordan's (linked under the Modules section below) or another character creation mod then just use the "Select Character" option instead of "Create New" when choosing your party in SoZ. (Included in

    PC Color Palette Editor lets you change the colors offered in United Colors. Also, United Colors + Size Changer to allow characters to be taller/shorter than the game normally allows.

    Charlie's Item Appearance Changer lets your characters equipment look more like you want it to just by letting you select a different skin for whatever you're wearing. Use this mod by choosing "Change Appearance" on the drop-down menu. (Included in
    This mod will add even more choices into the changer mod, but read the instructions for both options because there's a lot of other mods you need to download to get the textures in. (This part is NOT included in, but I recommend you get it if you like the appearance changer.)

    33 Voicesets, including HOTU/SOU Gives you access to all the voicesets from NWN1 including SoU and HotU, plus the NWN2OC, MotB, SoZ, and MoW companion voicesets so your PCs have a much larger pool of voicesets to choose from. (Included in

    Serenity Frost also has a selection of new voicesets to choose from.

    Ultimate NWN2 Voice Pack 1.61 - Another voiceset pack.


    I've taken every head and hair I could find and dumped it into my own heads and hairs folder. It's a big messy directory, sorry, but if you want almost everything available, including, I believe, everything below, here it is. As of 10/19/12 this is already in
    If you downloaded the mod comp before then, download that file for the update. Delete the old Heads and Hairs folder, as I undid almost any directory structure to avoid doubling up on files, then unzip and drop that in your override instead.

    Whatbrick's MOTB Character Customizer has new hairstyles and faces for both men and women.

    Playable NPC Heads Lots of new heads for your characters, including all the companions and many of the important NPC's from the OC. Along with the Voicesets mod, you can actually create NWN2OC characters for your parties. For most of these you'll want to select the "bald" hairstyle since most of these come with their own hair.

    Enchanted Eyes There are two files here, one gives a monk Glowing eyes along with some bonuses when using "Perfect Self". The other gives Aasimar, Drow & Tiefling glowing eyes.

    Oblivion to NWN2 Lots of new hairstyles and, if you want them, some not-good-looking new faces. These hairstyles are from the popular Ren's Hair/Head pack for Oblivion, most of them are very anime-looking.

    Other Heads:
    Xaltar's Custom Head Pack
    Some Human Male heads.
    Fenril's Heads
    Exodus Heads
    Male Human / Tiefling Head
    Xaltar's Ethnic Heads v1
    Another Human Female Head
    BH Heads
    Fixes some female heads to look better
    Few more human male heads
    BadMagic's 10 Human Female Heads
    NWN2 Facelift Pack improves some of the existing heads. This is probably your best bet overall if you want to only download one thing, and is still being updated. If you grabbed my Heads and Hairs pack, I'd still grab this to make sure you have the newest, most updated stuff. Go ahead and overwrite anything it asks you to overwrite.

    MaeBe's Hair (renumbered) My favorite female hairstyles, highly recommended for female characters.
    Wild Hair These look good for "wild" races like wood elves.
    Hair Extensions modifies some of the normal hairstyles and makes them look better.
    Curly Short Hairstyle for men and women
    Remove that flower in that one female hairstyle
    5 Female Hairstyles
    Long Bearded Dwarf
    Supple Hair for females
    Yet another female hair pack

    A combo pack with Xaltar's heads, Oblivion Hair, plus some new Half-elf, Drow and Gensai heads.

    This is a link to a search on NW vault that will bring up most of these and even more head/hair packs


    Camb's COMBAT Splatter (v1.1) Adds blood splatter to the ground when you kill something. Red, green or yellow splatter depending on the creature you kill.Screenshot (Included in

    Spell visuals modifiers:
    Remove Annoying Effects and Less Obtrusive Spell Buffs
    (Parts of each are Included in

    Remove the Disease vfx. (I think this is Included in
    Alternative skin effects tints the skin instead of giving a different texture for some effects.

    Improved Arcane Spell Visuals also tones down spell visuals.

    Light Emitter in Spell Effects From the mod's description: "This VFX pack modifies certain spells within the game, allowing them to emit actual light as opposed to a non-light emitting glow effect. I always found it odd that several types of spells that you would think would emit light (like a fireball spell, or lightning, or magic missle, etc) do not. This VFX pack is my attempt to correct that, and in a manner that has the least performance impact, while preserving a realistic look to suit the spell effect modified." Not recommended if you have a slower machine.

    Low Light Vision options

    Removed Weapon Effects

    No-Ring UI Mod removes the targeting ring.

    Tintable Clothing Compilation pack to customize the colors of your clothes.

    All of these below are new/better textures, and all are included in the Textures overhaul pack I linked near the top of this post.

    All NWN2 Terrain Re-bumped-mapped If you want the world to look better, try this out! Check the readme, as there is an extra installation step. Not recommended for older/slower machines.

    All NWN2 Grass Desaturated with Added Detail

    Trees Textures Overhaul does the same as above, but for the trees. Again, this could cause problems for older machines.

    High Resolution Floorboards to make the floors of the inside areas look better. (Screenshot)

    NWN2 Cloaks with Deity Symbols Improves the look of some cloaks.

    Real Paving Stones, Kerbs/ Curbs & Bricks - another ground texture improvement.

    Real Oak and Mahogany Textures

    Neverwinter Cobble texture

    All Bracers, Pauldrons, Greaves now Shiny, Retextured & re-bumpmapped

    All NWN2 Cloaks Retextured (Hi-Res & Bumpmapped)

    Sharpened Textures (Parts included in

    Improved Cleave and AOO Animations

    Bagel's NWN2 Clothing Fixes

    NWN2 Standard Interior Wall Texture Pack 01

    Realistic Wall Torch


    Please note that the following three mods cannot be installed with Kaedrin's, or any other mod that also replaces the dialogue.tlk file.

    Reeron's Spell Fixes Various spell, bard songs, and invocation fixes for NWN2 and MoTB. This is the most popular "spell fixes only" mod.

    Races of Faerun 84 new races. I normally don't use the mod and from what I've heard it'll cause some conflicts with other mods, so, you may want to remove this one first if you're having weird problems especially at character creation. A lot of the races seemed to only be partially implemented the last time I tested it.

    Player1's Feat Selection Fixes if you'd like some fixes for the feats without all the extra classes.


    A couple more Class / PRC packs, These use dialogue.tlk so they too cannot be installed with Kaedrin's, with each other, or any other mod that also replaces the dialogue.tlk file.

    Mass PrC Merger This combines Kaedrin's PRC Pack with the Tome of Battle, Mage Tome, and Wild Mage Mods, and then adds in Reeron's Maddening Scream, Blast of Flame, Freezing Sphere, Time Stop, Mystic Theurge, Palemaster, Harper, and RDD abilities. You REALLY need to read the install instructions in this mod, as it has instructions that MUST be followed to get it to work.

    Xydek's PRC Pack (Holy Guardian, Holy Blade, Arcane Fighter)

    Warmage Base Class

    Tome of Battle Classes

    Mage Tome and Update patch.

    Wild Mage

    Multipass will help you install a combination of other PRC packs.


    Charlie's UI is a popular UI overhaul. This doesn't work with some other mods so check the ones you have installed before using this. (Some mods have a separate download if you're using Charlie's. Note that Charlie has a separate download if you're using TonyK's AI I linked above.) (Included in
    Be sure to also download the, which overhauls the drop-down menu to include options for Charlie's other works like the Appearance Changer. This will also add Player Roster and World Map screens to the drop down menu, which makes the game way more convenient! (Included in
    Note: Bugged for SoZ, it's missing some important trade buttons/resources, so don't use this mod for SoZ.

    SlimGUI is another popular GUI mod.

    Fire&Ice's BigFonts UI is another popular UI for people who play on higher resolutions and think Charlie's UI is too small.

    Tchos HD UI panels and dialogue compilation and expansion is another high resolution UI mod.

    Tchos HD Widescreen UI Menu and Loading Screen makes loading screens and menus prettier. (Included in

    BG UI makes the UI look like Baldur's Gate's UI.

    NWN2 Inventory Sorter to customize sorting your inventory.

    Expanded Modes Bar will add more commands to the bottom right bar on the screen.

    Infinity Engine Load Screens if you miss looking at IWD/BG load screens.
    Or try Ugly_Duck's 277 new Loadscreens.

    AllowPartyToTalkInOC will add only SoZ style conversations. (Don't install with the "SoZ in the OC makeover mod".)

    Nwn2mouse changes the mouse key bindings to be more like WoW.


    Modules, as in non-professionally made new adventures to play, install differently than mods and you should always read the readme/install directions for each. Some of these might not be usable until updated for SoZ, check them all individually.

    Played a mod you love that's not specifically mentioned below? Please post in the thread and recommend it, I'll add it to the list!

    Here's a good place to start: 2007 module of the year winners and 2008 MOTY winners. Here is a complete list of all NWN2 Modules on NWvault.

    Here's a post on the official forums with a better organized format of all modules. (scroll to the end)Here's another list on NWN Vault. There's also a NWN2 Romance Module list if you just want to know which modules have romances in them.

    Also, try the Academy for Modding Excellence (AME)

    Highly RecommendedVordan's Hero Creator for all your character testing, equipping, leveling etc. needs. Has a neat "Shop Wizard" that makes buying things easy and a "Character sheet" page that lets you make a lot of changes to your character quickly and easily. I recommend if you're going to play SoZ, use this module to create your party's characters, give them a small amount of gold then export the character. Then, pick "Select character" rather than "Create new Character" when picking your party and select the characters you made in Vordan's.

    If you want a mod that helps you create more balanced characters to play in modules rather than going hog-wild like you can in Vordan's, try FRW Character Creator

    Harp & Chrysanthemum Module of the year 2007, a very well-written, enjoyable and cohesive module.

    Dark Waters, by Adam Miller (full version) Adam Miller is the best technical builder NWN has, he was great in NWN1 but in NWN2 he does some crazy awesome things with the engine, including creating his own original card game and making Lute Hero. Worth checking out for that.

    The Maimed God's Saga probably ties Harp and Chrysanthemum as one of the best, most well written, enjoyable and immersive modules I've ever played for either game.

    Fate of a City one of the most well-done city adventures I've seen, I really enjoyed playing this one.

    The Subtlety of Thay Another well-done module.

    Trial and Terror is a dungeon / maze / puzzle mod for 30th level characters. It's very large and there are many different paths you can take for high replayability.

    The Conan Chronicles. based off Conan the Barbarian and rated pretty high at the vault, so if you like that universe you may want to check that out.

    Complete Remake of Icewind Dale 1


    SOZ "Holiday" Expansion Project A bunch of modders got together to add new dungeons and content into SoZ.

    I know most of you are going to hate this, but for those of you who are interested, Romantic Pack for the OC/MOTB. Adds in extra dialogues (they call them "flirts") for Elanee, Neeshka, Casavir, Bishop, Gann and Safyia. It also adds in the possibility to get Neeshka or Bishop on the "wall" scene near the end of the OC. Then, it adds in new MOTB finale endings where you can live happily ever after with your choice of the above characters. Last, it adds entire long dialogue tree conversations for Casavir and Bishop so they have actual romantic storylines for female characters. If you like video game romances, then I think this is worth checking out.
    Voiceover Remover for the non-professional voice talent used in this mod if you don't like the voices.

    Along the same vein, this mod lets you (big MOTB spoiler) free Bishop's soul from the wall, and bring him along with you, for all the Bishop fangirls out there.

    Goon-recommended Persistant World: Legacy II: Dark Age of Britain. Read all about it here in this post!


    NWN2 Client Extension does a whole lot of stuff. Read this post to see what all it does, and read the readme. In the author's words... "This is a plug-in for the game client which fixes a number of crash bugs and adds some new features to improve your PW multiplayer experience.
    For those DMs out there, the client extension also adds a number of features to the DM client to improve your multiplayer DM experience. The client extension doesn't make any permanent changes to your NWN2 installation (you must choose to enable it each time you start NWN2), so it's easy to remove if you don't want to continue to use it.
    The documentation goes into detail about the features and bug fixes in the client extension."
    Some people in this thread have reported that it has fixed their framerate and stuttering issues.

    Charlie's Item Modifier will let you take just about any item in the game and add/remove almost any property possible to it. Yes, this mod can easily make the entire game trivially easy, so you may not want to install it if you have no self-control. Use it by right-click-targeting the item you want to change in the inventory screen then from the drop-down menu select "Modify item". Screenshot (Included in

    The Complete Craftsman and its required Patch will let you do much the same as Charlie's Item Modifier, except you need to correct spells, skills, and feats to make the items. It's a complete overhaul of the OC/MotB crafting system. This is a fan-patch with some updates and rebalancing.

    Warlock Buddy I have not used this but heard that if you're playing a warlock it's a must-have.

    Inverted Daggers Makes you look cooler when holding daggers.

    Rebalanced Animal Companions to improve animal companions already in game.

    Animal Companions and Familiars for an expanded selection of Familiars and companions.

    If you would like to do the same sex romance without the Plot Fixes mod, try Remles' Gender Impartial Flirting.

    Feather of Multiclassing An item allowing you to multiclass any companion in any mod and any campaign. Also allows to change the alignment, level, name and XP of any character.

    Mod that lets you have a full party in MotB

    Super Easy Spirit Eater mod makes the Soul Meter a non-issue. You could also use the console command rs ka_se_points_set(100.0) to reset your points to 100 whenever you want.

    Nasher set fix so all 4 pieces of Nasher's equipment spawn in the game and they give a bonus like they say they should do.

    ECL Remover and/or Multiclass EXP Penalty Remover if you hate EXP Penalties. Both require SoZ.

    SoZ style party creation in MoW

    NWN2 OC Makeover SoZ Edition adds in a lot of changes the game made in SoZ into the OC. Many features are reported to not work with Kaedrin's installed.

    NWN BIC (Character) Organizer to keep track of all your character files, works for NWN1 and NWN2.

    NWN2 Character Editor - Save game character editor for NWN2. It supports both player characters and companions. You can edit abilities, skills, feats, spells, inventory and companion influence. Requires Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or later.

    Silver Sword Fix Lets you type the Silver Sword in the OC to whichever type you'd like. Otherwise it's "Universal" and all your weapon feats don't count towards its to-hit.

    Creature Distance Tweaks makes it so creatures don't all stand on top of you distance-wise in combat.

    Personal Impossibility Adjustment makes the game harder / difficulty adjustment.


    SOZ Inshula De-Level Fix This is just for the Ranger NPC you find in the first town in SoZ. It'll de-level her so you can have her take archery instead of two weapon fighting and whatever other changes you want to make to her as if you found her at first level.

    SoZ Dialogue Fixes fixes broken points of dialogue in SoZ, the notes in the link explains what it fixes where. This mod seems to cause other modules to lose their journal entries. If you install this, when you play other modules, remove this folder.

    SOZ Overland Buff/Effect Preservation Mod Will keep all buffs (including negative debuffs) on your character when on the overland map. WILL NOT WORK with ANY module that modifies spells (Thus, not with Kaedrin's PRC Pack, but Kaedrin has a version of this that works WITH his pack included, so don't download this if you have Kaedrin's installed.)

    SoZ Overland Encounter Reducer

    Increased SoZ Creature Part Drops

    SoZ Crafting Expansion

    SoZ Party Editor Menu

    A NWN2 Post containing some of the above and other fixes for various problems with SoZ. If you're having problems with something in SoZ you think might be internal to the game, check this post first.


    Gamefaq's NWN2 FAQ Page - Good FAQs here. Especially numbered Feat/Spell/Item lists.
    Gamefaq's NWN2 Console Commands page - Cheats, but useful if you need them.

    The NWN2 Wiki has some camera tweaks which might help make the camera better.

    Suggestions on character builds:
    Here's the NWN2 wiki builds page.
    Here are the power builds.


    How to restart your character (or any of your companions!) from level 1 without starting the game over:

    Yas posted:
    1. Target the character you want to modify by clicking on their portrait.
    2. Go into the console via the tilde (~) key.
    3. Turn on debug mode by typing "DebugMode 1"
    4. Get their object ID by typing a command like "printfeats", this will give you their currently allocated object #. You will see text like "printing feats for 13479134 (Qara)". Remember that number.
    5. Reset the players LEVEL not XP to 1 via: reset levels <objectID> <level>. Example if Qara's object ID is 12345 you would type in "resetlevels 12345 1" to reset her level to level 1 and untrain all feats she had learnt past L1.


    Also helpful, from the previous thread, how to have your own custom 6-man team instead of 4 in SoZ:

    Tin Can Hit Man posted:
    Raising the player created party cap however is something you could do right now with the Toolset. Open the Toolset, and look up the Campaign Editor up top. It's under Options or Plugins I think, can't remember right now. Anywho, just click on the Campaign Editor and you'll open up a window with the following:

    Neverwinter Nights OC
    Neverwinter Nights X1(MotB)
    Neverwinter Nights X2(SoZ)

    Click on the third one, and on the right side, scroll down the list until you find Player Characters. You'll know which one it is because it'll be set to 4. Set it to 6, then click "Save Campaign" on the top. There you go. No need to start a new module, or export anything, or put anything in the Override. Just log into SoZ and make your 6 man party.


    A list of all console commands can be found here. Below are some of the most useful commands.

    To get into the console hit ` (the button next to 1)
    Then type: debugmode 1

    When you're done using the console, type: debugmode 0
    and hit ` again

    Below, substitute # for whatever number you'd like.

    * A simple influence editor, in the form of a dialogue: rs kr_influence

    * Add a feat to your currently selected character: givefeat #
    * Remove a feat with removefeat #
    Use this list of feats to find out what their numbers are.

    * Raise the party limit to whatever number you'd like: rs ga_party_limit(#)

    * Give the desired amount of XP to your character: givexp # (note: Giving XP to your character gives that XP to ALL party members!)

    * Give the desired amount of gold to your character: dm_givegold #

    * SetCHA # / SetDEX # / SetCON # / SetSTR # / SetWIS # / SetINT # - sets the stat of the current character to whatever number you'd like.

    The GameFaqs FAQ page is also useful.


    * If your party members are misbehaving and won't follow you, first try holding down right click, then click "Issue Command" and "Follow me", then go back to that menu and select "Attack Nearest".
    If that doesn't work, turn off the AI (It's the second button next to the drop-down menu. Pic.) Then repeat above with turning on follow and then attack nearest, then turn AI back on.

    * The shadow textures in the game effect FPS drastically, even on newer systems. It's recommended that unless you have a top tier system even by today's standards, that you turn shadows down to "low".

    * If you get to Act 2 and get dumped in in Castle Never, in control of the party instead of any cutscenes firing, just walk out of Castle Never then turn right back around and walk back in, then the cutscenes fire. No idea what causes this.
    Note: Act 2 begins after you rescue Shondra from being kidnapped by the Githyanki. This should happen well after you get to Neverwinter after you're at least 10 hours into the game.
    Also Note: The missing cutscenes are Torio talking to Nevalle and Nasher, then Nevalle coming to the Flagon to tell you what to do then Sand joining the party). Leave/come back ASAP, DO NOT go talk to Nevalle and/or Nasher!

    * If your game is very stuttery, like moving your character is EXTREMELY jerky and you often find yourself further back from where you think you should have ended, quite a few people have had success fixing this problem with the NWN2 Client Extension.

    * There is currently a conflict between Kaedrin's 1.42 and TonyK's AI. If you have automatic weapon switching turned on, your companions won't move or attack, or much of anything. Turn off Automatic Weapon Switching in TonyK's (hit C, 4th tab) to fix this bug, or downgrade to Kaedrin's 1.41. If this doesn't work, re-download and install both mods. Thanks Conduit for Sale! for reporting this to the thread!

    * In Act 2, after the trial during the Rite of Tyr, if a companion comes in and then just stands there and you can't interact with them, bring up the influence editor in the console (see the section above) with rs kr_influence, and raise that companion's influence to a positive score. You will then need to go talk to the priest of Tyr again to start the scene all over again, and your first companion or two may appear to be invisible but you'll be able to continue.
    If that doesn't work you can skip on through the Rite of Tyr by using the console commands:

    rs ga_journal("20_trial", 25, 1, 0, 0)
    rs ga_load_mod("2000_Neverwinter", "wp_trialbycombat")

    The first updates your journal, the second loads the trial mod.
    VaultAggie posted:
    I think my game is glitching out. I picked up the silver shard for Deagun but when I talk to him he just bitches about me coming back empty handed. Is there another shard or something? I've looked online but none of that debug stuff is fixing this.
    Raygereio posted:
    If I recal right that bug is caused by installing MotB over NWN2, but not patching. Be sure that you've installed things correctly: you need to instal NWN2, then instal MotB, followed by SoZ if you have it, and then run the auto-pather to get yourself to 1.23.

    This should fix it. Open up the console and type:
    DebugMode 1
    rs ga_conversation_self ("11_sw_shardscene")
    DebugMode 0

    Show Spoiler
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    A salute to our brave spies that have infiltrated SA.

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    Thanks. :salute:

    Spotted this by the way:
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  5. sea inXile Entertainment Developer

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    All those visual mods still can't help NWN2 from looking awful. :(

    Grabbed the Plot Fixes and Plot Fixes Fixes mods. Some fun snippets from the readme:
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    This gives new meaning to the phrase "SA faggotry".
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    Get rid of anyone with an SA account
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    I always ponder if I should join SA to get more up to date info, but then I hate any form of *exclusive* group so I decide against it.
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    Your wallet.
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    SA is a complete ripoff, or a pretty good scam that Lowtax is running.
    1. Make users pay 10$ to join.
    2. Ban them randomly.
    3. Paying 10$ removes the ban.

    (Yes, I do have an account. +M )
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    Ban incoming......
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    This is true btw. The best way to stick it to them is to refuse to pay for unbanning and just migrate to other sites. Then one day they'll go "oh no where did snakes n cakes go??" and they'll be really wistful for a minute before shuffling back into the "what would Reddit do?" thread.
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    How about not handing over your maleness on a plate and never registering, or ever browse this place, or care about what they think about anything?

    Think about it, if someone willingly pays for access to a place where people are mistreated and abused continuously and deal with insanely hostile group think and an extremely unpleasant atmosphere of condescension and conformity, it means it's a warped individual, there's no way around it.
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    Or a member of a religious organization.
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    What's this thread about?
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    Goons and the other lowlives that frequent SA
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