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Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 3 by Larian Studios - now available on Early Access - next Panel From Hell on July 7th

Jun 10, 2022
Honestly, I hate Astarion, but compared to Hexxat which can be summarized in "afro lesbian vampire" and Rudi in "woke muslim gay vampire", Astarion is not THAT bad.
Complaining about lesbian vampires is gay ( :smug: ). I also don't see a problem with an african vampire as such, provided there is some form of NOT-Egypt and the location is a major trading hub (which means a lot of people from different regions of the world meet there). Or if a setting is relatively modern (plane travel or action takes place in USA). Rudi is obviously a problem, because his whole character is literally a pretext to push in SJW shit with no real justification, but that's no surprise considering the kind of people who were working on Bloodlines 2 at that time.

We wuz vampires and sheeeeeeeit.

Just kidding, all cultures around the world have a vampire or vampire equivalent. A bloodsucking, undead monster that preys at night and is damaged by holy symbols can be found in the Phillipines. An egyptian themed vampire I can buy, what I don't buy is Count Dracula with an Afro.

Hexxat was written all over the place, as a reminder:

>She tortures an adventurer to trick you into getting into a tomb where she is forever bound
>She then proceeds to kill the same adventurer to prove how much of a girlboss she is
>While still being bound and trapped in the tomb, she proceeds to threaten the PC into releasing her unless they kill the guadian of the tomb and release her from her geas
>Then she acts like hot shit and threatens the PC by saying she will do anything at all, and kill anyone in her way
>Then because Beamdog, you welcome her into the party

There's Chaotic Evil and there's retarded Evil, at least Edwin could pretend to be sympathetic or outright lie to the PC to advance his agenda.


Feb 13, 2018
So my elaborate explanation as to why bg3 is a stinker with several hundered butthurt dnd fan replies got deleted again. Larian mods seem to be bluehaired shemales with a hardon for stalin.

Fedora Master

Jun 28, 2017


Pretty Princess
Pretty Princess Glory to Ukraine
Mar 10, 2003
Are you actually forced to take the vampire npc? Can you kill or ignore you? Are they even allowing to make/hire your own party or are you stuck with their shitty npcs?


Jan 19, 2021
No, you can avoid him completely, or reject having him join after the initial dialogue. You can also kill him any time before, after, or sometimes even during the first dialogue you have with him (you need another party member though).

Funny enough, the game has dialogue for if you chose to kill and then resurrect him outside of your party (this dialogue is different depending on who you talk to him with - the killer or one of the companions). It's extra fun because the last patch introduced "fucked up faces" for characters at low HP.



There are a couple of story events in the EA that will let you kill him beyond resurrection though.

So far, I've found that you can stake him the first time he tries to bite you (perma-kills). You can also sell him out to a Bounty Hunter looking for him.

Not sure about how custom parties will be implemented. Right now, the only way to do it is via opening multi-player sessions - somewhat like how you did it in the OG BG games. Though it's even more complicated in BG3 since you need to open multiple instances.


Dec 27, 2020
New small Gamespot video about BG3's core design:


The Box That Broke Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3, like Dungeons & Dragons, is a game meant to evoke player freedom. But somewhere early in its making, a small decision was made that collided with that basic principle, and sent its development into a cascading spiral of problems.

At the heart of an unforgettable Dungeons & Dragons campaign is a great dungeon master. It's their responsibility to guide the player on an adventure and make sure the world reacts to their actions in a way that feels natural and unplanned.

For developer Larian Studios, to capture that D&D essence in Baldur's Gate 3, it has to evoke that same sense of freedom and role playing. It's collaborative storytelling between the player and the story. Every choice, action, reaction, and consequence has to feel like it really matters, no matter how big or small.

But somewhere early in the making of Baldur's Gate 3, the game's dungeon master, Swen Vincke, made a small decision that sent its development into a cascading spiral of problems that has been a big challenge to solve. And all it involved was getting the player to acquire one very specific item: the Mysterious Artefact and it belongs to a character named Shadowheart. In an effort to get the player to receive this item as elegantly and naturally as possible, as though it was their own decision, has resulted in creating 100s of possibilities that plagued the game's development.

This is the story of how the Mysterious Artefact broke Baldur's Gate 3.

On one hand you have to appreciate the dedication to the craft.
On the other one, I found myself wondering "What if you just made very clear that the box was important and you were supposed to keep it, and then reserve yourself the right to FUCK THE PLAYERS hard if they just didn't listed to the advice?"

Why is a "fail state" (and especially one purposefully caused by the player itself, rather than by a random roll) so much of a tabu in modern design?

So it's a literal... mystery box. Why even bother writing a story if you are going to be less creative than GPT-3 would be? Why bother with the facade of "player choice" if they are going to force you to either take this NPC or to take the item? If you are going to take such pains to not try to railroad the player, why is the game structured around prewritten material rather than making it a multiplayer game or a more procedural game which doesn't involve an attempt to create a freeform system within the context of prewritten modules?

Neither BG1 nor BG2 really offer much player choice apart from the creation of your main character and the option to create additional characters for multiplayer. Basically nothing else matters. All of the interesting choices are related to the gameplay tactics, character development ,the equipment, and the map exploration.

There are some minor choices here and there in the two games and none of them really matter. Your alignment and some other things change the color and type of a couple of your "I'M SPECIAL" buttons that you receive from dreams, but it really doesn't matter that much. Some NPCs will not join your party, so maybe some of the characters you bring along with you will have slightly different stats and JPGs.

The same is essentially true for tabletop. If you want to provide players with choice, you have to prepare yourself with some combination of systems, worldbuilding, and improvisation to respond to their choices. If you want to give them a curated, balanced, and railroaded experience, then that's going to be much better paced and balanced without providing a lot of room for player choice.


Pretty Princess
Pretty Princess Glory to Ukraine
Mar 10, 2003
Good about it not being forced on you. That said, I just read there are only 5 recruitment npcs. Unless they are adding more that is ridiculously low. Even less than Dos2. Don't they realize that players haver varying tastes? Some people might love the vampire others may not. They are basically forcing you you to create custome characters based on alignment. Geezers. People got mad at Bio because Bg2 only had like 4-5 legit evil npcs and just a handful of rogues. Lmao

Come on, dudes. You'd think they learn what worked or didn't work for the Bg series. They've had decades to check out reactions, praise, and criticisms of the series. This is why I know they clearly hate BG. If they actually liked it, they would be focused on improving what worked.

And, yeah, I am currently on a Bg kick. Lol

Added: Bg series gives the player a lot of freedom in his to play an interactive in the world. Sure, it is no FO, but the freedom is there. Sure there aren't many peaceful ways to solve quests but that is because the npcs didn't want to. You can give players lots of choice and still have a good to great story. It isn't that hard. Good Dms have been doing it fir years.


Oct 21, 2019
It seems that all major shit has been postponed to 2023.
Isn't it supposed to release next year as well?
Swen said something like "we do not rule out 2023" so it's a matter of interpretation. I think it's means exactly that - they couldn't be sure at the time so either year is possible.


Fabulous Optimist
Mar 25, 2016
Temple of Alvilmelkedic
Guys, what do you think was BG3 overbudgeted and mismanaged for overbloating with cinematics and AAA graphics? If not for this we would already get finished version.
BG3 now requires 150 GB of drive space.
I think the project is overbloated. It should have been scaled down and than with this current approach went with BG4.
Last edited:


Sep 23, 2015
Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Sometimes it's nice to have AAA graphics in our grognard TB RPGs. The problem is not budget, it's writing talent imo.

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