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Preview Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay at D&D Live 2020


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Baldur's Gate 3; Larian Studios; Swen Vincke

We got a new look at Baldur's Gate 3 gameplay today in an extended 88 minute livestream with Swen Vincke, broadcast as part of Wizards of the Coast's D&D Live 2020 event. In this scenario, seemingly set early in the game not too long after the events of the original gameplay reveal, the player character and his party are travelling through a goblin-infested countryside. There's plenty of combat and also plenty of dialogue. At one point, the party is visited by a merchant named Raphael who is quickly revealed to be the devil from the recent trailer. The highlight of the stream in my opinion is when Swen has Githyanki companion Lae'zel go on a solo mission to basically take the piss out of the rather entertainingly written goblins. At many points the player has the option to use his Illithid tadpole powers to seemingly psychically dominate them, although this is said to incur some sort of cost.

Eventually, Swen asked viewers to vote on whether he should attempt to take on a powerful hobgoblin or instead travel into the Underdark. Despite his best efforts they chose the latter, and so the party made its way to the nearest entrance, travelling through a spider-infested cave, down a pit into the Underdark proper, and eventually into a Myconid village, which is where the stream ended.

The stream was directly followed by a two part interview with Swen on the IGN Summer of Gaming broadcast. IGN also wrote a summary of their impressions of the game, and Swen was interviewed by GameSpot as well.

I think I can say that most of us are impressed by what we saw of Baldur's Gate 3 today. The graphics are great, the writing seems entertaining, and the level design in particular is spectacular, making constant use of verticality. The D&D ruleset means that many of our biggest issues with Larian's previous games are no longer a factor. And yes, the game's dialogue options are written normally now. This is probably going to be a good one, folks.


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Jan 2, 2016
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The graphics are great, the writing seems entertaining, and the level design in particular is spectacular, with constant use of verticality. The D&D ruleset means that many of our biggest issues with Larian's previous games are no longer a factor. And yes, the game's dialogue options are written normally now. This is probably going to be a good one, folks.

Calm down there Fluent


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May 29, 2010
Wonder how much dialogue they had to rewrite after the nigh-universally negative reception to asterisks. :M


Jan 17, 2008
Glad the *dialog* is back to normal, and the verticality looks more and more enticing and natural (as in, no random wooden towers all over or ramparts, but just the roof of a building).

Definitely lookin' good.


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Aug 21, 2007
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Only briefly skimmed through the video.
- whats the party size?
- goddamn it looks like DOS2.

cautiously optomistic.

Yeah. It looks like DOS2 skinned.

But the writing is bland (!?).

Got that "spunky feeling", because rpgs need a little bit of light too, it's what makes them so memorable after all

"If we meet again, we'll meet again!"

"Middle of nowhere! Middle of somewhere!"

Shit looks like Dragon Age, it has that TV show humour : the characters say awkward shit to look less scripted and theatrical, but they look even more fake by producing awkwardness on purpose. This is probably going to be a good one, folk


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Nov 3, 2013
Divinity: Original Sin 2
This is by far the most encouraging project we have from a AA studio to deliver a “proper” CRPG; it looks gorgeous, good dialogue so far and all of it’s systems run under D&D so combat and gameplay should be rock solid
Other than Monomyth this is the RPG I am looking forward the most


Glory to Ukraine
Mar 26, 2013
Fortress of Solitude
Wonder how much dialogue they had to rewrite after the nigh-universally negative reception to asterisks. :M

All the PC responses at least. I'm a bit sad Larian was ignoring those complaints for so long (playing D:OS 1&2 with non-retarded dialog responses would have been great), but at least they haven't ruined this game in that department as well. I guess it was publisher pressure that made Swen change his mind.
Sep 7, 2013
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The other way to look at it is that rather than BGIII being D:OS skinned, D:OS was practice for BGIII.


I was going more for philosoraptor, but fabulously optimistic works too. Maybe my set up needs work.
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Sep 29, 2007
This is not Baldur's Gate 3, this is DragonAge with a twist, and aspects from Lands of Lore II.

My impression of the cinematics is that they are superb, but my impression of the game is that of clunky UI, bad voice acting,
Uncanny Valley on the non-human faces that often look like humans in effects-make-up.

Many of the goblins sound and act like this fellow:

The spell animations are pretty, yet sometimes without thought to their actions; the cleric's healing spell looks and sounds like an attack.
The Jump ability looks like—I don't know what it looks like; the area explodes when they land.

I love the dice checks, but not the —intrusively screen centered— dice roll that occludes the scene, and most often the face.
I love the interactivity of the land; and the art-design of the land in general.

The game is missing any and all sense of the Infinity Engine heritage, and presentation—that's very bad IMO. That is not a call for 2D art & strict isometric, but (detailed visuals aside) the game engine presents like a turn based version of 'Divinity II', and I when look at clips from Spellforce III even, I see teaser material that looks like it should be from the real BG3... and it's sad, because I know it will never happen that way.


Unlike FO3, Larian's BG3 seems to have their heart & soul put into it; yet like Bethesda before them, they shoehorn their intended game into the IP, rather than crafting the game to fit with IP and the established series.

Mechanically there is a lot to like, and I may come to like the game eventually, but this is definitely not at all like the game that I had hoped for, and is not in keeping with Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 IMO. Bethesda has tread this awful ground before, and ruined a great RPG IP. I am hoping that won't happen here, but I see they are already on the path that leads to a bitter enmity from another lost IP.
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Master of Siestas
Nov 8, 2008
this is DragonAge with a twist

I was just thinking that. Dragon Age with a turn-based combat mod.

Anyway whenever developers make a party based RPG with only 4 characters they either don't have the resources or ability to balance larger parties or they are catering to the console/casual crowd. Wonder which is the case for Larian?


The Real Fanboy
Apr 18, 2007
D..dialogue is .f..fixed now guys!!

Game is totally gon be great.. r..right?? he he..

If you enjoyed D:OS 1 and 2, I guess reskinned D:OS2, I mean D:OS 3 will be to your liking.
At least Larian knows how to put together a compelling story and engaging writing. . . . . . . .

Eh. I'll probs give it a whirl, eventhough I swore off fantasy cRPGS after the kingmaker series


Sep 6, 2018
I really don´t get presentations of this game. Swen is all over the place because of his metaknowledge of game and it is not fun. This is cool, that is cool, lets do this and run over there and nothing seems to have natural game flow thanks to this.
Jul 8, 2006
looks better than before...

I am still on constant edge however watching the dialogue between the 'men' in the campfire scenes.... I can't relax or shake the feeling that at any moment one of them is going to whip out their cock and the other one is going to start going to town on it.

*the combat does look cool, with the 'goblins?' on top of the houses, etc..if they can control themselves and not stick environmental barrels of oil and acid all over the wilderness I may come around on this even more.

*I also wish they would make the characters Armour and clothes look less shiny and less like they have indoor plumbing and showers and dry cleaning. But that seems to be an artistic style with Larian, so probably not going to happen.

*But the fighting on the roof looked very cool. Also liked the d20 rolls for stat checks, which was always there, but it was just much more pleasant with this more natural speaking style. Was able to enjoy the story more instead of being triggered constantly.

edit: also some cool music actually...
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Dr Schultz

Dec 21, 2013
Since D:OS I Larian is making the most faithful adaptations of a tabletop RPG session in the history of this medium (shocking news for a CRPG expert with zero experience in tabletop games, I know, but this is the hard truth).

Now they are doing it with a proper ruleset.

Ps: the level design is the highlight of this game
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overly excitable young man

Hey. They didnt somehow try to shoehorn their retarded armor system in.

But the first encounter with the goblins on the rooftop looks annoying again.
Looks like they'll stick to the stupid gimmicky encounter design we saw in Dos 2.

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