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Company News Call of Divinity? Larian plans to release RPGs annually from three different studios


Jun 17, 2012
People really underestimate Swen's pure hardheaded business sense. When Troika couldn't get a game contract for a few months, they just folded and broke up. When Larian couldn't do the same thing, Swen shrugged and started doing education shovelware for government and outside businesses. Guy has his looming ambition to make that RPG he hasn't made yet, and just doesn't give a fuck about the obstacles in the way or his "integrity" or whatever the fuck holds back most RPG developers who complain instead of just doing.

Tim Cain had plenty of offers for game projects, he just had zero interest in working on them.

That's my point, Swen's sheer stubbornness is Larian's golden ticket. If he said he was burnt out or thinking of retiring I'd be pretty sure the studio would dwindle and die.
Mar 28, 2014
RPG Wokedex Strap Yourselves In
They could hire/contract some better writers though. Even Jade Empire tier writing would make them GOTY's.

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