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Game News Confrontation, Cyanide's PC-only Real Time Tactical RPG, Released

Crooked Bee

(no longer) a wide-wandering bee
Jan 27, 2010
In quarantine
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Tags: Confrontation; Cyanide

Cyanide Studio, the developer behind Blood Bowl and the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG, have released their PC-only real-time tactical RPG Confrontation, adapted from the well-know board game. Some websites call an action RPG, some a real-time strategy/RPG hybrid. Some compare it to Dungeon Siege, some to Dawn of War II. I haven't played it so I can't tell you what it really is, but in case you might be interested, here's a screenshot and the official description:


Confrontation is a tactical RPG for PC developed by Cyanide. Based on the universe of the board game of the same name by Rakham, Confrontation focuses on intense and tactical battles, mixing strategy and other elements of RPGs. Every single decision, choice and action you take will be crucial in battle and will determine if you emerge victorious… or dead!

The game unfolds in the original fantasy universe of Confrontation Aarklash. Take the lead of an elite squad of Griffin soldiers, infiltrating enemy territory in order to put an end to the Scorpion threat. The fearsome creatures of the Alchemists of Dirz (the Scorpion), the ferocious Wolfen packs (the Wolf), and the brutal Orcs of Bran-O-Kor (the Jackal) are among the dangerous opponents the courageous soldiers of the Griffin will have to confront during their quest, deep inside the continent of Aarklash.

The solo campaign of Confrontation is rich in dangerous and exciting missions, where you will lead a reckless elite squad of the Griffin. Starting with a few warriors, your squad will soon be completed by many new companions, each having their own characteristics, skills and powers. Choose with care, for each mission, the soldiers who will fight by your side. Careful management of your units, their powers and equipment, will get you through near-death situations and lead you to epic victory!​

Apart from the singleplayer campaign, Confrontation features multiplayer PvP. You can buy the game on Steam as well as visit the official website for more info. Better yet, check out a gameplay video or two.


In My Safe Space
Jan 1, 2011
Seems very buggy because of the obvious budget limitations. I hope it has a variety of companions for different party compositions. Other than that, it looks like a generic hack and slash click festival.


Jun 18, 2010
It is a cyanide production, so the following assumptions are 98.937% likely to be true

1) It is full of bugs. The game will crash, saves will get corrupted and it will lock up
2) If you play for more than a couple of hours before the first patches hit, there will be huge memory leaks
3) It will be filled to the brim with retarded DRM that will most likely also be loaded with spyware and/or easily exploitable by chinese hackers
4) Netcode will be laggy. You will not be able to save a game in progress, nor reconnect if/when someone lags out
5) Gameplay will either be completely uninspired or copied verbatim from someone elses sources.
6) It will be insanely repetitive as they were unable to write a compelling story or system that holds up for more than half an hour
7) There's probably a decent game if you forego this product and figure out which (vastly superior) product cyanide ripped off this time
7b) If you can't find said product, wait until the lawsuit.


Sep 5, 2009
Feel free to compare my complaint to the "would be cool if it was an FPS" crowd but... would be cool if was turn-based.

Admiral jimbob

gay as all hell
Sep 29, 2009
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Wasteland 2
The game is fucking crying out to be turn-based. Just sounds like a micromanagement clusterfuck in RT. They did both with Blood Bowl (no idea what the RT was like though), why not again here? :(


May 8, 2003
why not again here? :(

"We're done milking the Blood Bowl property and we still didn't get the numbers we want. Didn't even get return emails from the Madden community. Fuck it. This one will be real-time and knock it out of the park, guaranteed. It will appeal to board gamers and rpg fans and real time strategy gamers and people who like fantasy. We cannot lose."


Nov 1, 2010
I can see the codex bursting with excitment over the game...
Oct 4, 2010
As much as i love Cyanide for doing Blood Bowl (im counting 1000+ games so far), they're really an incompetent bunch.

And Focus Home Interactive (their publisher) is even worse, regarding communication, greed and involvement in the community.

Of course that might be different in a game that's not Games Workshop :P


Mar 16, 2007
Tampere, Finland
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The video actually seemed decent, the art style at least somehow interesting. Combat reminds me a bit of BG, and I liked that, so...
Well, that's enough to have me try it before I condemn it.


Jan 5, 2009
Atlantic Accelerator
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The DRM is real shit, even if you buy from Steam it comes with that limited activations bullshit so no thank you.

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