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Game News Dark Envoy gets gameplay trailer, delayed to 2023


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Dark Envoy; Event Horizon

It's been over three years since Event Horizon's guns n' sorcery tactical RPG Dark Envoy was announced. The last time we posted about it, the game had managed to switch from turn-based to real-time combat and been delayed twice. Back in May, Dark Envoy was picked up by publisher Asmodee Digital (since renamed to Twin Sails Interactive), who appear to have quietly dropped it six months later. During that time, the game was once again delayed to 2023, which I suppose might have something to do with why it was dropped. But whatever is going on here, it doesn't seem to have stopped Event Horizon from putting together a fancy new gameplay trailer for today's Golden Joystick Awards show (spoiler: Elden Ring won everything). The trailer is narrated by an entity who seems to approve of neither technology nor magic.

The game seems to be quite polished at this point. but since the developers aren't ready to announce a precise release date yet, I can only assume it'll launch during the second half of 2023. Hopefully they'll surprise us.


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Jan 2, 2016
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World-shattering choices right here




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Dec 1, 2010
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This is probably not fair. But.

When I see things like "Fight for new future" my brain itches and I cannot help myself. I get that a lot of developers making games are not fluent in English but for the love of God almighty, get someone to proofread your shit. It is the easiest thing in the world.

Glaring typos in your trailer do not inspire trust. Especially with a crowd of CRPG nerds who are very keen on attention to detail. If you fucked that up, what else have you fucked up? There's no excuse for it.
May 31, 2018
The Present
Art direction is awful, and I suspect the plot will be trash tier. Gameplay looks like it has potential though. I will look forward to seeing some reviews or showcases.


Jun 17, 2012
At least they don't suffer from wokeface.

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