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Dev Diaries

Discussion in 'Iratus: Lord of the Dead' started by Pope Amole II, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Pope Amole II Prestigious Gentleman Nerd Commando Game Studios Developer

    Pope Amole II
    Mar 1, 2012
    Just a topic to make some design note in the process of doing all this stuff.

    Today I've almost finished the work on the probably major system of the game - monster crafting. Most of the game's rogueliteness (it's much more so than the DD) will be concentrated here.

    The idea is that each monster consists of 4 main parts + 2 optional bonus parts. 4 parts are a must have (that's, like, arms-legs, skulls, weapons and stuff - can't have a fighter without that), 2 parts are essentially gems - evil eyes, golden teeth, extra spikes, anything to buff the monster a bit. Each monster has its own recipe, obviously.

    So, in addition to constituting the monster, parts can also have various enchantments - four gradation on them, three kinds of rarity plus cursed. Basic sides are only upsides, cursed are cursed, you know how it goes. Basic parts can be exchanged (you can get your monster some better arms, yeah), cursed are obviously cursed.

    Right now, the enhancements are flavorized through suffix system. Since we have the body parts, the suffix are related to some profession. The least powerful are mundane - of Peasant, of Fisher, of Smith. The moderately powerful are more adventurous - of Assassin, of Slayer, of Fencer. The most potent are fanciest - of Cardinal, of Champion, of King. Cursed are somehow flawed or broken - of Pacifist, of Specimen, of Drunkard. Yeah, kids, don't drink lest the good necromancers won't be able to assemble quality undeads from your soggy remains.

    So, to put some examples of each rarity:


    of Baker - burn attacks last two rounds longer (yeah, that's bad).

    of Prospector - at the end of the combat, if the monster survives, 15% to find extra Gold (should've been of the Rabbi, ofc).

    of Carouser - as long as the monster is Hasted, he gets +20% of Damage and Dread (dread is the stress damage value)


    of Courtesan - at the start of the combat, if Iratus is fully equipped with items, this monster gets +1 Dodge and +1 Ward (girls love stacked boyz)

    of Strongman - if this monster does a 50 damage hit or greater, he gets an extra turn after this one. Works once per turn. (50 damage is a lot)

    of Judge - when this monster kills a foe, he restores 10 Vigor for each debuff that was present on the enemies (our monsters have Vigor instead of health because they're undead; undead is not a healthy profession)


    of Hero - as long as this monster is in the first position, he gets +10 Armor (see, heroes are good for something)

    of Leader - as long as this monster is on the battlefield, other monsters get +Accuracy bonus that's equal to his armor (yeah, heroes make nice leaders, but good luck getting two legendaries combo).

    of Tyrant - whenever this monster attack a foe who has 6 or more debuffs on him, he gets an extra turn after this one. Once per round only. (that's a harsh prerequisite but also a crazy reward).


    of Loner - monster has 33% penalty to all stats while other monsters are present in the party, but all his stats are doubled as long as he is alone. (you're not obliged to go with the full party, btw)

    of Gargoyle - monster receives +10 Armor and he adds armor to his Damage stat, but he skips every even turn. (so hero leader gargoyles are great, yeah)

    of Nameless - monster loses his skills and receives all the skills of the other monster type, selected randomly. (don't trust the skull)
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