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Game News Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition releasing on August 31st


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Divinity: Original Sin 2; Larian Studios

Last month, Larian told USgamer that they were going to publish a Kickstarter update "sometime before E3" with details about the upcoming Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition. As you can see, that never happened. We might yet get something before E3 is over, but in the meantime, Larian have put out a new story trailer that announces an exact date for the Definitive Edition's release - August 31st.

Since Swen is at E3, perhaps we'll see some gameplay footage and interviews on one of the daily broadcasts as well.


Sep 22, 2016
The Hive
Will they fix the camera? I tried playing this game but trying to make the camera work was physically exhausting and the screen was so busy and filled with crap at all times that I just couldn't stand to play it past the first island.

God damn, I didn't have much trouble with cameras like this in much older games, I have no idea why fighting with this camera is so much worse than those.


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Nov 17, 2012
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Linux version? :obviously:

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