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Game News Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter Update #13: Chris Avellone is in!


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Chris Avellone; Divinity: Original Sin 2; Larian Studios; Swen Vincke

Shortly after the Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter campaign was announced, our editor-in-chief Crooked Bee began to lobby for the inclusion of the recently unemployed Chris Avellone in the game's writing team. Although it seemed for a while like he would not make it in, I'm very pleased to announce today that those efforts have born fruit. Swen Vincke published a special Kickstarter update from Twitchcon to announce the news:

Before we launched our Kickstarter campaign, we asked the community what sort of reward and ideas they had in mind for our campaign. You guys came up with some interesting stuff, and one of the highest-voted ideas was getting Chris Avellone on board as a writer.

Plenty of folks on the Larian team are fans of Chris’ work, but we hadn’t yet considered bringing him on for D:OS2. Intrigued, Swen sent him an innocent Tweet, and the two met up at PAX.

What happened there will probably remain a secret forever, but whatever it was, both gentlemen seem to be very enthusiastic about the collaboration. Here's what they had to say:

Chris: "This is the first time I think the community is responsible for bringing two developers together who might not have crossed paths... and especially for such a great project. I have a lot of respect for Larian Studios, Swen, and Divinity: Original Sin; it's one of the best game Kickstarters ever. I met Swen at PAX Prime, talked about RPGs for hours, and at the end of it, it was clear we were on the same page. Now? We're primed to do something great, and I'm proud to be part of it."

Swen: "It’s a huge honor to have one of our favorite developers on board for the game. Chris’ credentials are sterling, so of course I was very nervous about showing him what we’d been working on. When it turned out that he was enthusiastic about it, I was absolutely giddy! It’s a real honor to have one of the masters on board to help us improve our narrative and characters—I honestly can’t wait to get started."

This another great example of how a Kickstarter community can affect the development of a game in a positive way. We are all looking forward to what Chris will come up with, as much as many of you will be.

We did it, folks! Now, let's make the victory complete by reaching the funding goal for our fundraiser, so that everybody knows about it. And I do mean everybody.


May 8, 2013
On the positive (negative?) side we know there's almost zero chance of Swen saying no to any of MCA's ideas.


Mar 16, 2015
How the fuck did you not post the best part of that update:

Deleted member 7219

Wow. Good news. Every game needs MCA's input (strictly from a storytelling point of view). The man can cut through genre and stereotypes and creates interesting, original stories, for both the main narrative and characters too. Torment and KOTOR 2 are perfect examples of this.

I can only imagine what he could do if he worked with CDProjekt and Harebrained Schemes too. Maybe CDP could do one more expansion for Witcher 3 and have Chris Avellone be the narrative lead.
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Jun 17, 2015
Is the donation for the fundraiser charged right away or when the campaign is over? At a 4:1 currency conversion rate, it's currently insanely expensive to me. I'm expecting it to be (just slightly) lower in a few days.
Apr 19, 2008
Divinity: Original Sin
Is the donation for the fundraiser charged right away or when the campaign is over? At a 4:1 currency conversion rate, it's currently insanely expensive to me. I'm expecting it to be (just slightly) lower in a few days.
:ehue::ehue::ehue::ehue: equals :kwafuckyeah:


Sep 4, 2013
Is the donation for the fundraiser charged right away or when the campaign is over? At a 4:1 currency conversion rate, it's currently insanely expensive to me. I'm expecting it to be (just slightly) lower in a few days.
Isn't the polish zloty bound to the exchange value to dollar? To change this dramatically either Poland has to recover the Nazi Gold Train with 30.000 tons of gold and not just 300. Or armageddon has to hit the USA in form of a meteorite or yellowstone supervolcano.


Apr 27, 2009
Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
In all reality though, the MCA touch is probably not going to be very noticeable in the game. Just like Wasteland 2 wasn't elevated to Torment levels of writing from him being on board. Also, they already have two teams of writers, and a pretty set story and locations so there's not a whole lot of space for him to manuever.
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Jan 19, 2014
I have a hard time to believe that it's because of the codex specifically. Did you seriously campaign for him to be in the game, or just sent the suggestion casually?

Oh wait I see it now. It was part of their appeal to suggestion .


Apr 28, 2015
Watch the fundraiser explode.

No happy romances in a MCA game.


Aug 21, 2015
It's awesome that he's on board, but damn MCA is a busy bee. I hope he isn't spread too thin with all the projects he is working on.

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