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Game News Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter Update #25: Character Creation Preview


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: David Walgrave; Divinity: Original Sin 2; Larian Studios; Swen Vincke

After over three months of radio silence, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is back in the news again in a big way. The game is going to be at Gamescom next week, and Larian are about to launch a coordinated media campaign about it. But they're giving their Kickstarter backers the first look. In the new update, Swen Vincke explains what's going on and also gives us a detailed look at the game's character creation process. As usual, there's a video and a textual recap. I'll quote the part about the new attribute system:

As Nick explained in the video, he has been diligently overhauling and re-working our stats for Divinity: Original Sin 2. The stats we are currently working and playing with are-

Memory: Memory is a new stat (and the one Nick is most excited about!). It takes Memory to memorize skills ... and only a limited amount of skills can be memorized at any one time. Your magical library will build skill by skill throughout the game, so investing in Memory will make you more flexible and adaptive on the battlefield. More powerful skills also demand a higher level of memory, so you’ll need to elegantly balance your available Memory against your combat needs. But don’t worry, you can always access skill selection outside of combat.

Strength: Strength helps fighters with melee weapons. It makes it easier to wear heavy armor, and improves warfare skills.

Finesse: Finesse is for those who want to use bows, crossbows and daggers - the rogues, the rangers, all those sneaky folks. It improves hunting abilities, rogue abilities and gives a chance to dodge.

Intelligence: Intelligence mostly helps mages. It improves the power of staffs, wands and most elemental skills.

Constitution is useful for vitality. Sage Nick says you should never skip upgrading it, as it can make your life a lot easier (and hopefully longer).

Wits: Wits boost critical chance, helping to reveal secrets and traps and allowing you to maneuver more skilfully in tricky social situations. Wits also determine initiative and help with persuasion.

Secondary Attributes:

Physical Armor
  • Physical Armor protects from physical damage. One Physical Armor point absorbs one point of physical damage.
  • As long as Physical Armor is above zero, physical statuses like Knocked Down, Crippled, and Bleeding will not take effect.
  • Physical Armor automatically regenerates out of combat.
Magic Armor
  • Magic Armor protects from elemental damage; i.e. damage from fire, water, air, earth or poison. One Magic Armor point absorbs one point of elemental damage. Elemental resistances apply before armor protection is applied.
  • As long as Magic Armor is above zero, magical statuses like Stun or Burning will not take effect.
  • Magic Armor automatically regenerates out of combat.
Memory Slots
  • Memory Slots determine the number and quality of skills you can use at the same time.
  • It is possible to learn every skill that you encounter in-game, but you can only keep a handful of them active at the same time. Outside of combat, characters can organize their active skills to prepare for their next encounter. The more powerful the skill is, the more Memory Slots required.

In addition to Gamescom, Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be at PAX West in Seattle at the end of the month. Swen also promises another Kickstarter update this month. Hopefully the game's release date announcement isn't far off.


Jan 5, 2015
Not sure if I'm too thrilled about the Memory stat. Part of the charm of D:OS (for me) was playing a mage with a shitton of spells for different scenario's.


Aug 22, 2014
Still not really sold on how the reduced AP will play over the course of a 60 hour game. In PvP arena crap it might be perfectly fine.

I'd have rather seen them try and improve the existing system and reducing the power of "level" as a stat.

i didnt replay the Enhacned Edition. was tactician mode delicious?

It has it's pluses but the game also gives you more powerful consumables like grenades to rofl stomp things. Mainly Tactician makes the early game tougher while lacking much impact on the later game which is what really needed the increase in challenge.

Not worth a replay IMO but definitely worth picking tactician on a first play-through if you're a halfway competent player.


Mar 30, 2016
2 biggest flaws were the narrative and combat system. First off people either hated the game right away with the detective story or enjoyed it but after chapter 1 I'm sure everyone was bored with the story. Combat lasts way too long and becomes a bore later in the game because your heroes scale into gods even on the hardest difficulty because of how stats like AP work.


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Nov 7, 2008
Insert clever insult here
They didn't show off the hottie writer - Sarah Baylus.

EDIT: since apparently some people don't know her:

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Aug 22, 2014

Balance never changes.

I assume Memory is replacing the skill slot increases that were previously granted by your ability level in each (pryo, man at arms, air, etc). So if the ability is still the same then it would only govern the tier of skill you could use (master, adept, novice) but I assume in the new system those are being reworked as well otherwise that's not much of a bonus.

I suppose it could be a combination of the attribute and the ability though that would be a pretty radical departure from DOS: EE.
Jun 6, 2010
Milan, Italy
I like a lot of what I'm seeing.
Too bad Larian is so hellbent in sticking to randomized loot. It's arguably the single thing I disliked the most about the first game.

P.S. Also fuck cheesy armor design with giant pauldrons, as we are on it.


Jun 22, 2013
reward exploration with unique loot and we're golden

oh and an interactive story with strong C&C would be nice


Sep 28, 2014
I played it as a single game. My wife won't play it with me, she considers all post-2004 games not worth her time.


The Real Fanboy
Apr 18, 2007
Still looks like an elaborate mod for D:OS 1. Meh. I guess it will be alright. Let's how not-shit the story might be.

Bruma Hobo

Dec 29, 2011
Who cares about the story as long as it's not completely retarded? We're talking about an Original Sin sequel here. All i expect from this is a silly game with a fun combat system, nice music ( :negative: ), and hopefully some interesting exploration and reactivity.


- 'Memory'? As in Dev-induced arbitrary limitation because what? Balance?... My problem wasn't having the abundance of spells available in D:OS. Sorry. My problem was that barring few, the rest i never used, nor ever had to. Worse still that said few had a clear expiration date (you got the "next" one, ergo your current was now useless), or a clear indication of the "me me me! I am your new default spell" kind; especially in the nuke category.
I do not see them acknowledging this, which means i must presume they are not very hot on addressing it. It suits the.. expanded.. populace they are going for. Many spellz(11!!!1), tiers, visual style, etc. Moar means best(est) mentality, have them look at 5 pages of spells. Problem.

(if i had to give them benefit of the doubt..? Assuming that they manage to make ALL spells n skills useful throughout the game, i suppose 'Memory' could be a wonderful thing. On the strategical level at least. But will they? They never have thus far, don't see why they would this time around. Or why i'm supposed to presume this, despite the above)

- Petty, but seeing lizards standing up like ""normal"" humanoids is bad. For the obvious reasons, and more so because last i've seen this was in Elder Scrolls Online; and every fucking retard in the TES forums saying they look cool and prettier that way! This kind of audience and my kind of audience have long parted ways, if ever we shared them.

Anyway, the above can still be hoped to be fixed, if you were inclined to think so. Since i'm criticising however, might as well remind once again that where D:OS II is concerned? While all the cool buzzwords are there, i STILL recall that interview where Swen stated that the new editor will be sliiiiightly easier to use, but still complex enough to be a barrier to most of us. Mind you, editor being a stretch goal all of its own. Mind you, editor being a project of a 'dedicated' team because "last time we over-complicated it". And yet, and yet.

edit: i have every faith in them where mechanics and complexity may be concerned. Am bitching about the issues i'm bitching because that's what i'd have expected them to change/improve upon. I'm purposefully not mentioning 'story' at all. If you are a fuckhead, needing "story" in a gaem of all things, at your age, your problem isn't the game. It's your life. Sorry :)
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Jul 31, 2013
Inside your mind
I only backed this game because I though it was made by a Swan.

To think that an animal with wings and a beak can achieve something like that is amazing by any standard!!!

You can guess the disappointment when I realized the game was made by a Swen.
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Sep 4, 2014
Damn...they apparently managed to make this even more gimmicky and gamey than the first one.
Kudos, didn't think that was possible.

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