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Game News Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter Update #8: Day of the Dwarves


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Jan 28, 2011
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Tags: Divinity: Original Sin; Divinity: Original Sin 2; KING Art Games; Larian Studios; Swen Vincke; The Dwarves

Larian seem to have gotten themselves into a friendly feud with KING Art Games and their currently ongoing The Dwarves Kickstarter, and so they've decided to dedicate this week's first Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter update to Rivellon's own Dwarves. In the accompanying video, we learn some Dwarf lore, see some Dwarf graphics and also get a short status update on the upcoming Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition (it's still on schedule for release next month). Larian haven't come up with racial skills for the Dwarves yet, so I'll quote some lore bits instead:

The dwarven empire being what it is, it's hard to imagine the loosely affiliated group of clans that once was. These clans suffered the humiliation of being conquered and forced to serve their overlords. Subjugation united the dwarves, however, and under the leadership of the tenacious and tactically astute Tenax, they managed to overcome their enemies and emerge from their thraldom a veritable empire. Never, so Tenax vowed, would the dwarves be humiliated again. And never again would they be disunited.

Tenax has long since become the most revered of all dwarves: the father of their nation, and the first of many just and noble emperors of his line.

As generations passed, the empire grew strong. Yet, as even more generations passed, it grew complacent also. The line of Tenax was replaced by the ruthless House of Haudrauf, a family of wealthy, power-hungry rulers eager to get the empire firmly under its thumb.

The last emperor was a weak-willed dwarf who mismanaged the economy greatly, preferring grand scale personal projects over essential structures such as roads, aqueducts and harbours. Strategically, he dropped the ball by alienating allies, leaving the empire's enemies snapping at its heels for the first time in centuries.

Most noble households kept supporting him as a matter of course, but the people grumbled and urged the emperor's popular sister to remedy the situation. Backed by the Divine Order, this is precisely what she did: a coup was staged and her brother ousted.

This move had the nobles in an uproar, but in a shrewd political move, the new empress declared a pact with the popular Divine Order, ensuring support of the Order’s vast military. Many nobles were quickly accused of Sourcery and purged.

Tenax's throne was once more occupied by a powerful and ruthless ruler, but the recent troubles left deep scars within the dwarven civilisation. Economic woes coupled with bloody bouts of purging led many dwarves to leave their homeland behind in search of brighter prospects.

Though the empress remains a popular leader, her alliance with the Divine Order proved to be divisive, especially the enforcing of the strict religious doctrine the Order is synonymous with.

Resettling often proved to be tough for the dwarven expats, though. Hard workers, but headstrong and imperious, they often clash with local populations. If there's one thing a dwarf doesn't like, it's to be told what he has to do.

As it stands, some dwarves take a very dim view of the empire's current situation and many fear that Tenax's vows will be broken. Humiliation: nevermore. Disunion: nevermore. How long will these tenets remain?

Larian are now looking for suggestions for the Dwarf racial skills. Volourn, Dorateen, this is your time to shine.


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Mar 10, 2003
These guys make a Diablo Killer and have already promised a game that is 100x times better than BG2 so they don't my help. :)


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Oct 21, 2002
Codex USB, 2014
Larian haven't come up with racial skills for the Dwarves yet,
alcoholic: suffer a huge penalty to everything unless drunk
irish temper: all "[Attack]" conversation strings are replaced by "ye fucken cunt! [Attack]"
not even in a larian game: cant romance female companions

you're welcome, swen


Jul 7, 2004
In general, I think the racial skill thing is stupid; but in keeping with the style of previously-announced racial skillsets:

Armorer: Gain 20% more AC from armor

Pride: Bonus to attack against enemies with more levels/HP than you

Stability: Resist being knocked down by spells/techniques (stolen from D&D3.5 and it's probably the only one that makes any sense)

Liquid Meals: Gain HP from consuming beer in addition to the other effects

Dwarven Constitution: Resist poison damage

Tunneler: Bonus to Perception when indoors/underground

Agoraphobic: Penalty to Perception when above ground and outside

Slow Metabolism: Gain less benefit from potions

Short Stature: Reduced Range of "Battering Ram" and other abilities which involve running


Nov 3, 2007
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how did i miss this

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