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Game News Eschalon goes Mac and (kind of) Linux, updates to 1.04

Discussion in 'News & Content Feedback' started by Nedrah, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Nedrah Erudite

    Mar 14, 2005
    Tags: Eschalon: Book I

    <A HREF="">Eschalon: Book 1</a> received a <a HREF="">new patch</a> today, which brings it up to Version 1.04. The updated demo <A HREF="">released earlier this month</a> already included the bugfixes introduced to the full version by this patch. This is what is does according to its forum thread over at Basilisk Games:
    <blockquote>[FIXED]: Bug with Haste III potions
    [FIXED]: Even more map issues.
    [FIXED]: Enchant Weapon scroll has proper icon.
    [FIXED]: ESC from Portal Spell works.
    [FIXED]: The game should now work on most non-English versions of Windows, whereas the previous version would crash when not being able to see "My Documents".
    [FIXED]: Made changes to the Character Editor to eliminate a few remaining bugs.
    [UPDATED]: Added an additional error message to the save-game process to notify players if there is a problem. </blockquote>
    Also, here's a public service announcement for those who might miss their save games after updating:
    <blockquote>Please be aware:
    The "My Document" fix may actually cause some problems for people whose Documents are not actually called "My Documents". If the game doesn't see "My Documents", it will attempt to save the game inside the installation directory. You may need to do some manual copying of your saved games to the new directory if this happens.</blockquote>
    In other news, a <a href="">Mac version</a> of the full game was released on December 11, 2007. All those slightly disturbing penguin lovers amongst you might also be happy to hear that along with todays patch, Basilisk decided to let you deviants get your hands on a <A HREF="">Beta version of the Linux demo.</a> Owners of ATI cards should get ready for some minor graphics troubles, but if you are stuck with ATIs Linux drivers you are most likely used to some pain.
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