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Fallout Fallout: Sonora - new Fallout mod from the Fallout: Nevada team - now available in Russian

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by Sordid MCA/Prosper Hybryd, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. km133688 Barely Literate

    Aug 17, 2020
    Judge for yourself. Here is one of the lively translation files; and I consider this one to be more reasonable than most I spot checked.

    {100} {} {Before you visit.}
    {101} {} {There is a viewer in full support. Okay, he's gone in a lot of miles.}
    {102} {} {?? òû. I knew that the computers were on the computer, but that wasn’t a mistake ...}
    {103} {} {Wouldn't this be the case in this city?}
    {104} {} {...}

    #First day
    {200} {} {Ýé, is that òû? This is because of the non-order. Don't think about it here.}
    {201} {} {À òû ...}
    {202} {} {Mind, are you at my writing in the Jenix? I was then very enthusiastic and dumb, that this is how it is. As shown, hr.}
    {1202} {} {Mind, are you in the writing in the Jenix? I was then very enthusiastic and dumb, that this is how it is. As shown, hr.}
    {203} {} {Okay, but surely you want to use this new plant?}
    {204} {} {}
    {205} {} {}
    {206} {} {In the center of the city, there is a download of the house. I am the home of this department.}
    {207} {} {Fake? Here, in the middle of the run?}
    {208} {} {Whoa. In the city of a lot of water, while the water is taken, the caravans are taken from the whole area. The truth is, the water is not supplied by all the Melarim.}
    {209} {} {Why are you a new owner?}
    {210} {} {My partner. I received from some writing with the option to come and work in the house. Here we go. And nowhere.}
    {211} {} {Why just jumped in and crossed over to another city?}
    {212} {} {No way? The guide to the steel shop is good enough after a fine-tuning call.}
    {213} {} {Âçðûâ? What about the history with the explosion?}
    {214} {} {Don't you know? Yes, for this time, the whole day is running out of steam. The edge of the injector's target is on the air. Ïóô-ô! In a straight line.}
    {215} {} {? òû. Is there any other source of hardware?}
    {216} {} {No other unknown. FALSE CLOSE, but the HOUSE is far from the video. I talked to the fire, but he called the change the main agent and sent it to the source.}
    {217} {} {What are you doing?}
    {218} {} {I don’t know. Lots of fun here is a little bit, it’s just a little bit, it’s just like me. If you know what is good, are you good to me? Do not stop for a long time.}
    {219} {} {Good luck with the search.}
    {220} {} {Àãà. Vàé.}
    {221} {} {Okay.}
    {222} {} {Confirmation is a mistake.}
    {223} {} {I am not dummy.}
    {224} {} {Íó-íó. Please, add it to listening.}
    {225} {} {Õì. Would you just be on the spot by your subsidiary, so you can take your place?}
    {226} {} {Lost. Ìû It is certainly not visible. By all means, he sent the letters through the chickens, so it's easy to check. At the same time, the names are given in the first place.}

    # Repetitive dial of the side
    {250} {} {Ah, that's it. I’m like you dumal. A spirit in the same city. Have a lot of time together, huh?}
    {251} {} {Sounds all nadumano. Okay.}
    {252} {} {Finished. See more views.}
    {253} {} {Come on, wanna call?}
    {254} {} {New change is simple.}
    {255} {} {Good, Tyv. How do I calculate it, so that I need to tell me what you are doing here?}
    {256} {} {See more, Tiv.}
    {257} {} {Color in the first place, who are you?}

    #stage 1
    {260} {} {Did you go to the local breech? Okay, you are here.}
    {261} {} {What? How is he dead? Now it’s on the spot, because I don’t have to push the menu. How is this occasion?}
    {262} {} {Good by the Brothers Mogils, here have lost many people. What do you know?}
    {263} {} {Õì. As soon as it is known, the clan wars are still here. But this is not a local one when you ask them about the problem. If my pal is the wrong one, it will be just smacked.}
    {264} {} {What do you want?}
    {265} {} {Whoa, no. The faulty controller is used as a power source. A ÿ is his partner. Would you like to investigate?}
    {266} {} {Yes, do you speak? After all of these threats, do you stay?}
    {267} {} {In sight, or ... there is a lot of language, in the Jenix, the same thing is not in a good way. I’ve got all the readings, just try to start working on the printer. Here, you can create a lot of money and get started. Would you like to let go of yours?}
    {268} {} {Ah, that's fine. The death of your support has shown all of the article, right or wrong?}
    {269} {} {So what about? I can build a life of my own and get started. Loosely start with this.}
    {270} {} {Key id. It is worth trying. What are your friends?}
    {271} {} {Let's go with all the readings to go to this list.}
    {272} {} {Whoo, most importantly - add the location of the world. I don’t want to go to my contact, but it’s saved to me. Would you like to talk with him?}
    {273} {} {Would you like me to come this afternoon?}
    {274} {} {Ah, of course, we want to get started. If you are ready, you will need to pay when you start. Ìû No part. Good for just a little feed.}
    {275} {} {I'll try him out.}
    {276} {} {Thank you, partner. What would you do without doing?}
    {277} {} {View image.}
    {278} {} {The menu will only run one hand to speak with this type. Go to one another.}
    {279} {} {Get it. Sure, let's take it all out. In case of emergency, please.}
    {280} {} {Okay, failed.}
    {281} {} {I’ve come here, I have some first clients.}

    #stage 2
    {300} {} {What did my say? Would you like to talk with him?}
    {301} {} {No, I haven't been around yet. Get some sleep.}
    {302} {} {This is the city of death. First, you don't have to start with your own base.}
    {303} {} {Nope? No, why not with this city? However, I don’t want more details. But the truth is, I have to take a bath, so long as someone
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  2. Feyd Rautha Cipher Patron

    Feyd Rautha
    Apr 17, 2009
    Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    You can follow the translation here.
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  3. Wunderbar Arcane

    Nov 15, 2015
    who was he
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  4. Bester ⚰️☠️⚱️ Patron Vatnik

    Sep 28, 2014
    How to solve this guy's quest about vandalism? Who is the little christian fuck who paints crosses?

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  5. Ol' Willy Magister

    Ol' Willy
    May 3, 2020
    In your head
    Show Spoiler
    Wait outside during the night, it's the bald guy whose son is wanted by the priest.
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  6. Bester ⚰️☠️⚱️ Patron Vatnik

    Sep 28, 2014
    What's this intimidate perk? I took it, and I have 9 charisma. It does fuck all. A perk well spent...
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  7. Bester ⚰️☠️⚱️ Patron Vatnik

    Sep 28, 2014
    Yeah ok, SOMETIMES (rarely) some animals don't attack due to intimidation. The description doesn't mention how useless it is...
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