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Final fantasy XIV any good?

Feb 3, 2022
Did they add bots to ARR dungeons so you don't have to interact with people at all in this MMORPG? In case you really wanted to treat it as a padded out JRPG.

One of the unstated reasons why the bots were added was to make the game actually playable in the future. There are 89 dungeons in the game, and 50 of them are mandatory to complete to progress the story, and that's not even touching on the mandatory trials and raids. Players at endgame who have the jobs they want to play levelled up aren't rerunning old dungeons, which means new players have to wait longer for their queue to pop. FFXIV tries to entice endgame players to rerun old dungeons for tomestones, but again you get the gear you need quickly, and fewer and fewer players at endgame are remaining subbed to the game now. Endwalker has the worst player retention out of all FFXIV expansions. Furthermore, FFXIV's 15 minutes of fame has been over for some time now; most new players who joined during the WoW exodus have consumed all of the content by now. So queue times for new players are becoming increasingly longer, which turns people away and leads to reduced sales. God forbid you play on the new Australia datacenter, where people can remain in queue for hours and never see it pop.

People never interacted in dungeons anyway. People said hello and that was it. And, come on. This is a WoW-clone. If someone wanted to play an actual MMORPG, they would be playing UO or SWG.


Aug 1, 2013


Sep 11, 2005
Over there.
I dabbled with this shortly after ARR and I liked it okay, but hated the mandatory dungeons because I hate people in my MMOs. :smug:

This might bring me back for a little while.


May 15, 2020
The experience of actually getting in to play Final Fantasy XIV has been that: either learning to love it when it’s available or having enough patience and persistence to hold a spot in line like I’m queuing up for new sneakers or a graphics card. But that’s the outside, client-side of FFXIV. But it is absolutely worth jumping into in 2022.
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