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Deus Ex GMDX: Deus Ex Advancement Mod v9 Released!

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by CyberP, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    v9.0 of the award-winning Deus Ex 'GMDX' mod released.

    Download Link:
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  2. Infinitron I post news Patron

    Jan 28, 2011
    RPG Wokedex Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Interesting choice of prefix.
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  3. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    What's that? Interesting mod, you say? Why thank you Infinitron.


    I had no idea what it meant but it appeared to be rarely used and it was stand-out, cyber yellow, so why the hell not.

    Oh, and I'd appreciate it if one were to provide a review either here or on the Moddb page. Once you play you'll believe it deserves it too ;)
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  4. FuelBlooded Scholar

    May 31, 2012
    ... You don't want to know what kind of thread had that prefix.

    Also, shifter mod had similar changes. How different is your mod?
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  5. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    GMDX is very different to Shifter. Check out the features tab on the moddb page, the videos tab etc.
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  6. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  7. Lyric Suite Converting to Islam

    Lyric Suite
    Mar 23, 2006
    No. :rpgcodex:

    Who am i kidding. :d1p:

    I like this screenshot in particular:

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  8. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    What is the level requirement around here before one can start brofisting? Master Sergeant Shooter Person perhaps?
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  9. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    I wanted to edit the OP to embed the trailer like so:

    If a moderator could do that for me that'd be swell.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  10. Excidium P. banal

    Aug 14, 2009
    Third World
    epic meme xd
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  11. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    So, any feedback? Let me know I'm doing the right thing, incline not decline.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2015
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  12. The Brazilian Slaughter Arcane

    The Brazilian Slaughter
    May 11, 2007
    Belém do Pará
    Nice trailer

    WTF is that dude in 1:45? Some sort of augumented MIB? Seems :incline:

    You really need to post a feature list so we can truly talk about it, Codexers don't like videos as a rule, we prefer text.
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  13. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    New player controlled mechanics that are not obvious/explained in-game:

    -Hold Q+E to lean up/peek over cover from crouch position, or to stand on tip toes from standing postion.
    -Double right click to pick up a corpse regardless of their inventory (originally you couldn't pick up a corpse unless you had taken all their inventory).
    -When hacking if detected due to low hacking skill you have 0.5 seconds to disconnect before an alarm is sounded and you are locked out. If you succeed there are no consequences but it is tough to pull off.
    -In the inventory screen drag and drop an item out of the interface as an alternate means to drop the item to the floor.

    New features and alterations introduced in version 6:

    Notable Modifications:

    -Many more map refinements and details.
    -Recoil system Redesigned to be more realistic and have more depth.
    -Aqualung is now passive.
    -More variation to NPC faces (some require HDTP characters off, but plenty people don't like the inconsistency in HDTP character models anyway).
    -Player is visible when hacking.
    -Computer skill has a greater influence over the amount of cash that can be syphoned out of ATMs.

    Minor Modifications:

    -Security bot 3 moves slightly faster and only has 2 mini rockets.
    -Minor changes to Gray AI.
    -Minor changes to MJ12 commando AI.
    -AI: Further reduced the reaction delay period between sound events.
    -A touch more gore (if gore is enabled).
    -Minor tweak to AI visibility range.
    -Laser mod when enabled is visible at longer ranges.
    -Further improvements to rocket behaviour.
    -Further minor aug balancing.
    -Further minor refinements to the skill system.
    -Many minor changes to weapon behaviour.
    -Nerfed TNT crates.
    -lowered brightness of light emitted from tracer round impact.
    -Fire Extinguishers are slightly more effective at blinding enemies.
    -Removed DTS laser and range.
    -Large shipping crates reverted to their invincible status.
    -Gep Gun inventory size is 4x2 again, same as vanilla. Other heavy weapons remain 3x2.

    Bug Fixes:
    -Fixed a typo when a repair bot is out of charge.
    -Fixed lamps not emitting light until toggled (vanilla bug).

    Yes, a lot of generalized statements this time.

    New features and alterations introduced in version 5:

    Note: This isn't even half of the changes since v4 and no changes in the maps are listed to save all from insanity.

    -New Skill: Stealth.
    -New Augmentation: Ballistic protection (passive)
    -New Weapon: USP.10
    -Improved handling and feedback of weapons: hittrace weapons impact effects improved, adjusted shake when firing weapons, and some new sounds.
    -Made NPC vision capability scale with class type. (e.g NSF: good, MJ12 Commando: excellent (augmented)) and other NPC vision related changes.
    -Maps have massive improvements, primarily gameplay related but some visual too.
    -AI Faster time to react to new sound events, preventing easy exploitation of AI, increasing challenge and believability.
    -Pain sounds clamp increased to 0.75 from 0.25. This improves combat behaviour. For example vanilla when using the assault rifle and emptying a clip on an enemy every 0.25 secs a pain sound will play, which sounded ridiculous.
    -Damaging breakable objects spawns fragments before they are destroyed.
    -Shotgun-wielding enemies are more accurate.
    -Hardcore mode prompt warns of disabling the console.
    -Demolition skill now has descending costs. More will have to be done for demo skill in a later version perhaps.
    -Merged EMP shield and Energy shield augs.
    -Skill menu screen displays "Total skill points to master=x" string. Shows the cumulative # of points needed to master a skill. Useful to help decide what to invest in, especially because GMDX alters skill point costs and skill functionality.
    -Hacking timer at master level significantly increased so one can read emails and such at their leisure. Player also has 0.5 seconds once detected to press ESC to avoid sounding an alarm. You have to be quick though.
    -Added simulated effect for landing from height/bending of the knees. Only happens if landed from moderate height, and scales in magnitude based on height also.
    -Changed player death SFX. It was very immersion-breaking, for me, that JC had the same death SFX as every male NPC in the game.
    -All security bot type 2 (two-legged walkers) have flamethrower in addition to machine gun.
    -Many skill-related changes.
    -All security bot type 3 (small ones with tracks) have mini-rockets in addition to machine gun. Also have cloaking tech.
    -Forced HDTP scope view colour to default as it made no sense that the scope border texture changed colour based on HUD settings.
    -Reduced intensity of view blinding effect when damaged by burnt type damage (plasma rifle most notably).
    -GEP gun rockets now track to wherever you point your laser (if one is attached and enabled). Tracking precision increases with skill level.Player can remotely control rockets by activating scope. Skill level influences rocket responsiveness. Note: This feature is incomplete and will be updated in a patch.
    -AI can shift objects blocking their path.
    -Certain AI react to stealing.
    -Certain AI run when patrolling rather than walk.
    -Hazmat protection values: 20-40-60-100 (investment bonus).
    -A sniper in the hands of an enemy can be heard from much greater distance.
    -Scuba Divers swim slightly faster.
    -Increased Laser blob size by 0.02 to make it easier for player to see at distance.
    -Combat start up music check time increased by 1 second.
    -When JC steps on a pillow he will not bounce around erratically.
    -NPC Yaw Rotation rate=90000 for all humans. Speeds up pawns turning on the spot to a more realistic value.
    -Flamethrower can have universal clip mods (was nerfed to 50, but with clip mods goes to 75), also improved flame effects and range.
    -Assault Gun scope zoom reduced.
    -GEP can have reload speed and accuracy mods. Reduced base accuracy slightly.
    -Biocells now restore 30 points.
    -Custom Glock rate of fire increase.
    -Rifle rate of fire increase.
    -Assault shotgun is now semi-automatic.
    -Slightly increased plasma ammo received per pickup. (vanilla=12, v.3= 8, now=10)
    -Mini-Crossbow Dart damage increased slightly.
    -Stealth Pistol slightly increased recoil.
    -Nerfed Gray's health a little and increased their attack range.
    -Anna Navarre and Gunther slight increase of health.
    -Reduced sniper ammo per pickup by 1 and increased reload time.
    -Lowered Turret damage threshold to 40.
    -Improved Multitool and lockpick effectiveness when at master level and slightly decreased the skill costs for both.
    -Lowered alarm unit damage threshold, sound volume and hackstrength.
    -Xbow scope zoom very slightly reduced and thereby increasing FOV.
    -Water coolers heal 2 pts.
    -Rockets of all kinds except white phosphorous and LAW have an increased blast radius.
    -Buckshot and Sabot pickup ammo count reduced slightly.
    -Reduced both the shotgun's recoil slightly from the last version.
    -Locked Doors display "Lock complexity" and "Door Durability" rather than "Lock/Door Str".
    -Flare darts give a bit more light.
    -Plasma projectile reduced blast radius and size of the plasma.
    -Gas and Electricity deal a touch more damage.
    -The generic green shipping crates are no longer invincible.
    -Reduced grenade launcher blast radius and damage a touch.
    -Made Jaime Reyes appear the second time you visit Tong's base if you request he join you in HK (vanilla bug fix)
    -Made Ford Schick appear at smugglers later on if you rescue him (vanilla bug fix)
    -Made Manderly recognise non-lethal effots at battery park (vanilla bug fix)
    -Fixed a GMDX bug where a certain type of vase would not break when thrown with microfibral muscle.
    -Fixed an issue where throwing knifes found on corpses displayed a blank icon.
    -Fixed a HDTP issue where the player can see culling of held Corpses, GEP and LAW with the higher FOV setting Kenties launcher sets as default.
    -Forced HDTP options to custom and removed MJ12 choice. This should avoid problems the many have who somehow miss clear instructions to disable MJ12 to avoid a HDTP bug. A temporary fix.
    -Many map bugs and much more.

    Version 4 & all other proceeding versions:


    General weapon changes:

    -More weapon modding options
    -heavy weapons take up 6 inventory slots instead of 8,
    -more recoil for most.
    -Unsilenced weapons are noisier and will alert those in the immediate area.
    -Firing a semi-automatic weapon requires individual mouse clicks to simulate pulling the trigger each
    time and because it requires more skill. vanilla if you held down fire a pistol would fire like
    an automatic weapon for example.
    -Less ammo to be found for all.
    -Hit trace weapons give a smoke effect when hitting a wall; this just looks much better and also is
    useful to see weapon spread/accuracy clearly.
    -Scope toggle is no longer restricted by rate of fire and doesn't automatically zoom back in after reloading.
    -turning laser on disables crosshair, turning it off again enables crosshair.

    Pistol/Glock: The starting firearm. Outclassed by the two unique variants of the weapon (Silenced
    Glock & Smuggler's Custom Glock) as well as the Stealth Pistol. reduced damage to prevent instakills
    to player's torso on realistic & hardcore. The only redundant firearm.

    Silenced Glock (extends vanilla glock): Very high damage (for a pistol), very low accurate range,
    has silencer.

    Custom Glock (extends vanilla glock): high Damage, High Clip Size, High rate of fire. low accurate

    Stealth Pistol: Increased rate of fire, Increased Damage, Increased clip size, less accurate range.

    Riot Prod: Slightly increased damage and range. Clip Size=2, but can have reload speed and clip size

    Baton: Increased damage. You will need to "upgrade" the baton via various damage increasing methods
    to K.O tougher AI late in the game in one strike.

    Mini Xbow: Increased damage. Can now silently take down enemies at range easier. Can also have clip
    size mods but starts with 3 bolts per clip.

    Assault Gun: Can now have Scope, Cannot have accurate range (didn't do anything), increased damage.
    increased clip size.

    UMP762c: New weapon. rivals the assault gun. better in ways, others not so much. Assault gun is
    the better weapon overall but the UMP45c only takes up 3 inventory slots, among other things.
    Note pistol skill governs the UMP's stats. ("Universale Maschinenpistole", German for "Universal Machine Pistol"). It fits nicely here for balancing reasons also.

    Assault Shotgun: Increased damage, recoil. Can have range mods.

    Sawn-off shotgun: Increased damage, recoil. Can have range mods.

    Sniper Rifle: Increased damage.

    Custom Sniper Rifle (extends sniper rifle): Lowered damage, faster rate of fire, high recoil,
    low accurate range, cannot be silenced. Damage per second is insane but it has a lot of downsides.
    Has a custom skin.

    Plasma Rifle: Increased damage. Upgrading with range mods increases projectile speed.
    Increased projectile light radius (it just looks cool).

    GEP gun: No lock-on targeting. As cool as it was we don't want it. Damage lowered. Upgrading with
    range mods increases projectile speed. Can have laser mod.

    Flamethrower: Upgrading with range mods actually increases range now. halved cannister size.

    LAW: These I WIN! launchers are much rarer now.

    Throwing Knifes: Increased damage, increased speed, increased carrying capacity, much more common.
    Upgrade low-tech to become a throwing knife ninja.

    Crowbar, Combat Knife & Sword: Increased damage, though still the redundant melee weapons 'cept maybe
    the sword.

    Dragons tooth Sword: Lowered damage. Increased range.

    Note some damage increases and some other stats apply to weapons enemies use too.


    note: Some augs made passive/always active, mostly in the name of a balanced aug system.
    4 passive in total.

    Microfibral Muscle (Passive): Right click to drop, left click to throw. Deal damage to enemies
    based on mass, velocity, aug level & hit location. A very fun aug.
    Also should be noted that if you KO a MIB/WIB you can use their corpse as a explosive grenade
    by throwing them at higher aug levels.

    Combat Strength (Passive): Passive to balance out against new & improved Microfibral muscle. May add EMP damage too.


    Regeneration: Faster energy drain, Less health gained per 2 seconds (it cycled every 1 second vanilla).

    Energy Shield (Passive): Made passive to be a worthy choice over regeneration.
    Regeneration may arguably be better overall but don't underestimate this aug now it's passive.
    It protects against the damage types 'Explosive', 'Plasma' and 'burnt' up to 80%. Very handy.
    *v5 update: Now features the effects of EMP sheild too.

    Ballistic Protection: Reduced protection values to 35% 45% 55% 65%

    v5 update: Ballistic protection (passive). Values: 20, 25, 30, 35%


    Spy Drone: Reduced Bioenergy costs.

    Aggressive Defense System: No longer detonates Plasma Bolts & Proximity mines.


    Cloak: Player can visually see JC turning invisible/transparent. A very cool visual effect that
    should have been in the game vanilla.

    Radar Transparency: Unfortunately this has no visible effect.
    Perhaps we could add a microwave/heatwave shimmering effect next version.

    Run Silent: Lowered BE costs. Do not ever take this aug it's completely worthless as many are aware.
    v6 will see a new aug to replace this. Stealth skill directly substitutes it's effects.


    Aqualung and environmental resistance: No direct changes, but many indirect via map modifications (more threatening environmental hazards etc).

    Synthetic heart: Lowered Bioelectric energy costs.

    The other augs (speed enhancement, Power Recirculator, Vision Enhancement, Targeting & light) are left untouched for they are perfect as they are.


    -Disables manual saving, enables save points and map transition autosave.
    -Cycles through 10 save slots (# of slots can be increased via user.ini).
    -Disables weapon auto reloading.
    -Disables console commands/cheats.
    -Choose the hardcore option from the new game screen.
    -If hardcore is not chosen save points will not appear and quicksave is enabled.

    This system unlocks Deus Ex's true potential in terms of choice and consequence, challenge and balance.


    Universal AI alterations:

    -Faster Reload Speed.
    -Further view & hearing range as well as larger FOV (all still not even close to a real humans senses,
    peripheral etc, but more challenging and give the enemy a fighting chance [​IMG]).
    -Longer Cooldown times.
    -Faster Yaw Rotation Speed (makes pawns turning on the spot slightly more convincing)
    -Slightly better accuracy.
    -Max # of provocations lowered across the board. Shoot them they actually react, commit a crime they actually react and so on.
    -Many other miscellaneous changes in behavior and reactions.
    -Increased range at which they can open fire.
    -Lowered the chances of an enemy running off scared when damaged.
    -More of them to kill, KO, avoid, trick or destroy where appropriate.

    *v5 update:

    -Certain AI react to stealing.
    -AI can shift objects blocking their path.
    -Shotgun wielding enemies are more accurate.
    -AI react to sound events more realistically.

    AI Unique to a class changes:

    Security Bot 3: Faster Movement Speed. v5 update: fire rockets and have stealth tech.
    Doberman: Faster Movement speed and higher attack damage
    MilitaryBot: Slightly faster Movement Speed and HDTP-related bugs fixed.
    MJ12 Commando: New Death and footstep sounds, increased health and rocket blast radius, lowered machine gun attack damage (no instant death to player on harder difficulties at close range).
    NSF: New female type.
    Simons: Increased health.
    Turrets and cameras: Increased range. Lowered Hack Strength for both significantly. Cameras spot
    corpses and sound an alarm.
    Greasels: Increased spit range.
    Karkians & baby Karkians: Increased health and movement speed.
    Gray: Increased health and movement speed, cannot be set on fire.
    Civilians: Some attack if threatened, others cower rather than running laps around the map and into
    walls, some others may flee the area for good and much more.

    New AI Types (encountered late in the game):

    MJ12 Elite: Use cloak, have increased health & a new look.
    Military Bot (MJ12/Area51 variant): New Look, super durable.
    MIB/WIB MkII: speed enhancement, energy shield & ballistic protection augs, holds two-handed weapons one-handed, never drop their weapon & cannot be set on fire, though fire still hurts them.


    Note: Anything not mentioned regarding the skill system remains vanilla.

    Heavy Weapons: Lowered cost.

    Pistols: Lowered cost slightly (Note: new UMP762c is governed by pistols skill)

    Rifles: N/A (see weapons section above for stuff related to weapons skills)

    Low-Tech: Lowered cost.

    Lockpicking: Less lockpicks to be found. Lowered effectiveness per pick. Altered mover values and
    new locked movers (movers are doors).
    Lowered skill costs.
    Values per skill level= 5%, 10%, 15%, 50%. note the significantly large final jump, an investment bonus
    just like the weapons skills have vanilla.

    Tech: Same as lockpicking above. You WILL need to upgrade these if you want to loot everything.

    Demolitions: Lowered detonation time & increased proximity radius for enemy-placed mines.
    More enemy placed proximity mines in the map.
    Proxy mines detonation timer per skill level= 0.5 seconds, 1, 1.5, 3 (significant jump/investment bonus as above).

    Environmental Training: Upgrade to stack suits in inventory. Ballistic vest lasts longer but provide reduced protection (50%). Hazmats too provide lesser protection unless environmental training is upgraded. More dangerous hazards to encounter. Lowered costs.

    Medical: Small max health bonus to head and torso per upgrade. Use a medkit at advanced and master to nullify poisoned effect. Raised costs.

    Computers: Trained: 50% chance of initial detection. Advanced: 25% chance. Master: 0%. Also very
    costly initially but descending costs: this matches it's perks; their usefulness degrades each

    Swimming: Swimming is almost a requirement to swim in most instances (there is still plenty of
    small bodies of water as well as the aqualung aug however) and because of this actually has some worth now.
    Drowning damage increased and blurry vision effect whilst drowning. No rebreathers, level design
    alterations with swimming in mind, untrained swim value lowered:
    0.7, 1, 1.5, 2.5 (significant jump/investment bonus at master level)

    Note there may be a few lowered costs but you still cannot have all the skills in one playthrough,
    not even half of them. Choose your skills wisely.


    -Lean addition (tiptoes/over cover from crouch). Press and hold Q+E simultaneously to lean up.
    -Medbots and repairbots can only be used twice each (not including installing augs).
    -Double right click to pick up a corpse that has items in it's inventory. vanilla you had to take the items first.
    -JC Grunts less frequently when jumping and also has a unique grunt for throwing with microfibral Muscle.
    -Killing an enemy gives off a sound event that alert nearby AI, a very small radius (sound of body falling to the floor) to alert AI standing right next to the victim.
    -Drag&Drop inventory system a la System Shock. Drag an item out of your inventory then release to drop to the floor.
    -Option to bypass loading the new game intro scene. Toggle in main menu. Useful for old machines.
    -better inventory items descriptions (for non .INT users, rename the .INT file in this package (localisation file) to your local version (example for German users: German localisation file is .det,
    rename the .int file in this package to .det and replace your original det file with this newly named one).
    The .int file is needed for many things including the inventory descriptions, door lock display (door strength/lock complexity) and displaying which augs are passive or not.


    Maps have been worked over on a large scale. The focus is primarily on gameplay-related changes: ammo redistribution, AI behaviour, balance of paths, better events, many changes related to the skill system, small map expansions, bug fixes, small changes in the interest of realism and much more. Predominantly gameplay-focused, but still some changes visually; better texture alignments (designed with New Vision and the DX10 renderer in mind), extra decorative detail for the most lacking of maps as well as many skybox improvements.

    Designed with the DX10 renderer and New Vision for best effect, not using these two mods certain things will not look right, such as the Battery park Skybox. You can download these two mods by following thedetailed installation guide.


    -Multitool & Lockpick glitch fixed, you can no longer open anything with one tool/pick.
    -Skillpoints glitches fixed, vandenberg and sub base as well as the pistol downgrade trick.
    -New game inventory bug fixed.
    -Inventory 'stacking behind' glitch fixed.
    -Fixed HDTP MilBot walksound/shake bug and also the Chinese variant skin.
    -Paul disappearing from the ton glitch fixed.
    -various map bugs as well as BSP issues.

    Again, there are many changes that were not logged over the span of development. It was not necessary to log them all. If you have no interest in increased difficulty but care for other features then play on easy/normal, which themselves will be harder than usual, but I seriously doubt any player of a game that requires more brains than sharp reflexes and precision should have any problems. That said, GMDX strives to increase challenge both on an intellectual level and that of motor skills, but it remains a brains over brawns type of experience.
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  14. Jaedar Arcane Patron

    Aug 5, 2009
    Project: Eternity Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    This looks cool. Will add mental note to use this next time I play through deus ex.

    I'm impressed at how much you have changed the maps, at first I thought you had made a total conversion :M

    Oh and afaik brofist timer is one years membership.
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  15. SoupNazi Arcane Patron

    Jul 24, 2010
    DX:HR Fanboy Central
    Serpent in the Staglands

    Not right now, though. All my gaming time is occupied with AoD.
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  16. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    I want it to be the best it can be and am prepared to make changes based on feedback (and already have), so do post your thoughts once you play :)

    I was actually somewhat conservative with DX's maps also, because of course they were awesome. I just tried to make them more awesome.
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  17. taxalot I'm a spicy fellow. Patron

    Oct 28, 2010
    Your wallet.
    Codex 2013 PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015
    Can somebody do my homework for me and do a detailed review so that I can decide whether this is worth a replay of Deus Ex ?
    (Yes, I know Deus Ex is worth replays for no reason)
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  18. ghostdog Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Dec 31, 2007
    The changelog looks sweet. I'll definitely give this a try when I re-install DX.
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  19. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    Who uninstalls DX? :p
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  20. bloodlover Arcane

    Sep 5, 2010
    Would be interested to see a gameplay with more stealth/hacking and less shooting.
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  21. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    Stealth does have many changes, but none really visual, not good for a trailer except the visible cloaking which is in there.

    Some notable stealthy stuff:

    AI are more perceptive and reactive.
    Cameras detect corpses and have long range vision.
    Stealth tools have many improvements.
    The cloak augmentation has a visible cloaking effect.
    You can instantly KO weak human enemies with a tranq dart to the head.
    Leaning mechanics have been expanded upon.
    Hacking comes with a chance of initial detection, and the skill must be upgraded to eliminate this chance.
    Multitools and lockpicks actually need to be invested in to be truly effective.
    More AI to sneak past/trick/KO/hack.

    There's plenty more, but a lot of it can apply to the shooter playstyle also, including most of the above.
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  22. ghostdog Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Dec 31, 2007
    No one that I know !

    It's just that my DX installations didn't survive formatting the hard drive :negative:
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  23. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    "You can instantly KO weak human enemies with a tranq dart to the head."

    I should rephrase that: You can instantly KO unarmoured human enemies with a tranq dart to the head. No helmets etc.
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  24. Major_Blackhart Codexia Lord Sodom Patron

    Dec 5, 2002
    Jersey for now
    I am now officially watching this thread.
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  25. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013

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