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Deus Ex GMDX: Deus Ex Advancement Mod v9 Released!

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by CyberP, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    GMDX actually does make the game darker in places, I wouldn't recommend lowering brightness past the default value.

    I did mention that not everything was logged (I think), so you may be pleased to hear that light aug energy drain is slightly slower, and flare light radius has been increased (for flare darts also).
    However, I didn't think to make them last longer, good suggestion.

    I raised damage of all melee weapons, yes.

    The environmental resistance aug was actually a pretty good aug vanilla:

    if ((damageType == 'TearGas') || (damageType == 'PoisonGas') || (damageType == 'Radiation') ||
            (damageType == 'HalonGas')  || (damageType == 'PoisonEffect') || (damageType == 'Poison'))
    Whereas aqualung only protected you vs drowning damage. What I've done is simply make aqualung passive, in addition to changes listed earlier such as deadlier environmental hazards, drowning damage increased, and so on. The result is both these augs being a balanced choice against one another and both has a greater impact on the gameplay.

    Yeah that's already in there, but not available on hardcore mode of course because access to the console is denied.

    Story tweaks are not possible because no voice actors. I can make minor changes to story scripting, so for example I could place a key to the front door in Manderley's inventory, but then we have a problem with the actual plot, i.e what the fuck happened to Anna navarre the bloodthirsty bitch? Why is she not hunting down JC with the rest? So I cannot really do anything here.
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  2. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    "I raised damage of all melee weapons, yes."

    In addition to the slightest range increase to help NPCs with melee connect.

    "Yeah that's already in there, but not available on hardcore mode of course because access to the console is denied."

    And putting -Haxor in the .ini won't work either :P
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  3. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    I am the harbinger of incline and I bring you the Deus Ex mod GMDX. I am in need of testers to get this out there and declare it finished; this may possibly be the last release of the mod.


    Gameplay depth.
    Choice & consequence.
    Balance of systems.
    A fair & engaging Challenge.
    Weaponry behaviour.
    RPG systems.
    AI behaviour.
    Level design.
    Sound design.
    Polish (bug fixes).
    And much more.

    It seeks to make Deus Ex more of an RPG. More of a shooter. More of a stealth game. More of a challenge. More of a simulation, and so on.

    It's important to state that I intend, and I believe succeeded in staying true to the design principles of Ion Storm (and by extension Looking glass Studios), only expanded upon them.

    PM me or post here if you would like to test the latest version (GMDX v6.1). The more testers the better.

    Before I came seeking ultimate judgement from the Codex yet nobody stepped forward. Not even a troll. I'm not here asking for your Jew gold, merely your feedback and reports, and if you like what you experience then your ongoing support to take the incline further.
    Before I also posted a changelog, listing changes by version number, which isn't any good for marketing. This time I present to you a categorized feature list:

    New Player-controlled mechanics

    Show Spoiler

    1. If using the new & improved Microfibral Muscle augmentation & whilst holding an object, left mouse button= power throw, right mouse button= light throw.
    2. Hold Q+E/lean left+lean right to lean up/peek over cover from crouch position, or to stand on tip toes from standing postion.
    3. Double right click to pick up a corpse regardless of their inventory (originally you couldn't pick up a corpse unless you had taken all their inventory).
    4. When hacking if detected due to low hacking skill you have 0.5 seconds to disconnect before an alarm is sounded and you are locked out. If you succeed there
    are no consequences but it is tough to pull off.
    5. In the inventory screen drag and drop an item out of the interface as an alternate means to drop the item to the floor.


    Show Spoiler





    Tactical Gameplay & choices:

    -Recoil systems are redesigned. Weapon skills no longer influence recoil, recoil mods only. Each individual weapon modified to produce suitable kick.
    Recoil plays a significant role in the shooter playstyle throughout the game as a result.
    -Unsilenced weapons are noisier and will alert those in the immediate area.
    -The player can also hear gunshots etc at further ranges. Originally enemies 40 or so meters away had silent weapons.
    -Less ammo to be found for all weapons to encourage more tactical gameplay.
    -More weapon modding options.
    -Heavy weapons take up 6 inventory slots instead of 8, except for the GEP.

    Simulated Effects:

    -New sound effects for many weapons.
    -Hittrace (ballistic) weaponry gives a smoke & spark effect when hitting a wall.
    -Increased camera shake to give a visceral feeling of powerful recoil when shooting.
    -Firing a semi-automatic weapon requires individual mouse clicks to simulate pulling the trigger each time and because it requires more skill. Originally if
    you held down fire a pistol would fire like an automatic weapon for example.

    Scope Mod:

    -Scope toggle is no longer restricted by rate of fire.
    -No longer automatically zooms back in after reloading whilst looking through the scope.
    -New zoom toggle sound effect.
    -Greater variation in scope FOV dependant on the weapon.

    Laser Mod:

    -Turning laser on disables crosshair, turning it off again enables crosshair.
    -Increased Laser blob size to make it possible for player to see at distance.
    -Also has sound effects when toggling on/off.

    Silencer mod:

    -Due to weapons being louder the silencer mod is more vital than ever.
    -Four variations in sound effects when firing with a silencer. Originally there was just one.


    Note: doesn't mention a number of the universal modifications listed above such as recoil changes.



    -The starting firearm. Outclassed by all other pistols.
    -Reduced damage to prevent instakills to player's torso on realistic & hardcore.
    -Faster rate of fire.
    -Now can have Silencer.
    -The only redundant firearm. In-game inventory description advises against using weapon mods on it.
    -Unique SFX for firing both silenced and unsilenced.

    Custom Glock (extends Pistol/glock):

    -A secret weapon. Unique variant of the starting pistol.
    -Higher Damage than the standard pistol/Glock.
    -Larger clip size
    -Faster rate of fire.
    -Lower accuracy.
    -Lower accurate range.
    -More recoil.
    -Longer reload time.
    -All it's downsides can be somewhat negated through heavy weapon modification.

    Stealth Pistol:

    -Increased rate of fire.
    -Increased Damage.
    -Increased clip size.
    -Less accurate range.


    -New Pistol. Rivals the custom glock and stealth pistol.
    -Well rounded.
    -The only pistol that cannot have a scope.

    Mini Xbow:

    -Increased damage. Can now silently take down enemies at range easier.
    -Can have clip size mods but starts with 3 bolts per clip (default was 4).
    -Lower base accuracy.
    -Flare darts give off a touch more light.


    -Increased damage.
    -More common.


    Assault Gun:

    -Can now have Scope mod.
    -Can no longer have accurate range mods (they didn't do anything).
    -Increased damage.
    -Increased clip size.
    -Unique sound effects for all actions.


    -New weapon. rivals the assault gun.
    -Overall lesser than the assault gun, but is smaller in inventory size.
    -Pistol skill governs the UMP's stats. (UMP stands for "Universale Maschinenpistole", German for "Universal Machine Pistol"). It fits nicely here for balancing
    reasons also.

    Assault Shotgun:

    -Increased damage
    -Can have range mods.
    -Unique SFX for firing, equipping and reloading.
    -Is no longer fully automatic. Press shoot for every satisfying blast.
    -special tracer effects when wielded by an enemy.

    Sawn-off shotgun:

    -Increased damage.
    -Can have range mods.
    -Special tracer effects when weilded by an enemy.

    Sniper Rifle:

    -Lower base accuracy.
    -Faster rate of fire.
    -Unique sound effects for firing both silenced and unsilenced, as well as toggling the scope.

    Custom Sniper Rifle (extends sniper rifle):

    -Secret weapon. Unique variant of the sniper rifle.
    -Faster rate of fire
    -More recoil.
    -Larger magazine size.
    -Greater accuracy.
    -Due to heavy barrel modification cannot be silenced.
    -Has a custom skin.


    Plasma Rifle:

    -Increased damage.
    -Using range mods increases projectile speed.
    -Slightly improved plasma effects.
    -Fixed fire sound bug.
    -Unique sFX when toggling the scope.

    GEP gun:

    -No lock-on targeting.
    -Laser-guided targeting. Attach a laser to the GEP and enable it to guide a rocket to the designated location. Responsiveness based on skill level.
    -Remote-guided. Attach a scope to the GEP and enable it to steer a rocket remotely. Responsiveness based on skill level.
    -Damage lowered.
    -Base accuracy lowered.
    -Can have accuracy mods.
    -Normal rockets are less common. WP rockets are more common. (less door blasters is the intention).
    -Using range mods increases rocket speed.


    -Upgrading with range mods actually increases the range of the flamethrower now.
    -Halved cannister size.
    -Can have clip mods.
    -Slightly improved flame effects.


    -It's scope is now usable
    -Rare to find.


    Throwing Knifes:

    -Increased damage
    -Increased air speed
    -Increased carrying capacity
    -Much more common to find.

    Riot Prod:

    -Slightly increased damage and range.
    -Clip Size=2, but can have reload speed and clip size mods.


    -Increased damage.
    -Slightly increased range. (range of all melee weapons increased ever so slightly primarily to help NPCs connect).

    Crowbar, Combat Knife & Sword:

    -Increased damage
    -Slightly Increased range.

    Dragons tooth Sword:

    -Lowered damage significantly.
    -Increased ability to break objects/doors etc (matches it's damage value in the in-game description like all the other weapons).
    -Increased light radius.
    -Increased range.

    Note damage increases and some other stats apply to weapons enemies use too.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Show Spoiler




    __Universal AI alterations__

    -Certain AI react to stealing.
    -AI can shift objects blocking their path.
    -Shotgun wielding enemies are far more threatening and have a tracer effect.
    -More varied pain & death sound effects.
    -AI react to sound events more realistically and are no longer open to exploitation when seeking the source of a sound.
    -Faster Reload Speed.
    -Further view & hearing range as well as larger FOV (all still not even close to a real humans senses,
    peripheral etc, but more challenging and give the enemy a fighting chance).
    -Greater variation in the facial looks of some types (UNATCO Troops and HK Police primarily).
    -Longer Cooldown times. (Cooldown times are how long it takes to give up and return to patrolling).
    -Faster Yaw Rotation Speed (makes pawns turning on the spot more convincing).
    -Slightly better accuracy.
    -Max # of provocations lowered across the board. Shoot them they actually react immediately, commit a crime they see they actually react and so on.
    -Many other miscellaneous changes in behaviour and reactions.
    -Increased range at which they can open fire.
    -Lowered the chances of an enemy running off scared when damaged.
    -Certain AI run when patrolling rather than walk.
    -Pain sounds clamp increased to 0.5 from 0.25.
    -Surprise period increased (surprise period is the time period in which an enemy spots you but doesn't start attacking/confirmed you to be a threat).
    -More of them to kill, KO, avoid, trick or destroy where appropriate.
    -AI standing next to each other but not facing one another notice if their buddy is killed/K.O'ed (sound of body hitting the floor makes them turn around).
    -Map issues relating to AI fixed (pathfinding issues most notably).

    __AI Changes Unique to a Class__

    Security Bot 3:

    -Faster Movement Speed.
    -Fire rockets.
    -Utilize stealth tech.
    -Unique SFX for it's machine gun.
    -Increased sound radius so you can hear them if nearby.

    Security Bot 2:

    -Have flamethrower for close range. Gives greater purpose to fire extinguishers and Energy shield aug, and makes them a greater threat up close in general.


    -Faster Movement speed.
    -Greater attack damage.
    -Slightly more health.


    -Rockets are more powerful, have a larger blast radius and new SFX.
    -Slightly faster Movement Speed.
    -HDTP-related bugs fixed.
    -Can hear them moving and scanning from a greater distance.

    MJ12 Commando:

    -New Death and footstep sounds.
    -Increased health
    -Increased rocket blast radius
    -Lowered machine gun attack damage and close range multiplier (no instant death to player on harder difficulties at close range).

    Scuba Diver:

    -Swims slightly faster.

    Simons, Anna & Gunther:

    -Increased health.


    -Increased attack range.
    -15% hackstrength (multitools) for all turrets.


    -Increased view range.
    -10% hackstrength for all cameras.
    -Cameras spot corpses and sound a unique alarm. !BEWARE!


    -Increased spit range.

    Karkians & baby Karkians:

    -Increased health and movement speed.


    -Increased health.
    -Increased movement speed.
    -Increased Attack range.
    -Cannot be set on fire.


    -Many minor changes for believability/simulation.

    __NEW AI TYPES__

    MJ12 Elite:

    -Use Thermoptic camo.
    -Have increased health.
    -Unique look.

    Military Bot:

    -Unique look.
    -Very durable.

    MiB Mk.II:

    -speed enhancement aug.
    -Energy shield aug
    -Ballistic protection augs.
    -Holds two-handed weapons one-handed
    -Never drop their weapon
    -Cannot be set on fire, though fire still hurts them.
    -Toughest enemy in the game, under Page's mind control and in his desperation he orders the remaining MiB's to be augmented, even though
    it will kill them eventually (Gray Death).

    All new AI types are only encountered late in the game.

    Skill System

    Show Spoiler




    -Anything not mentioned regarding the skill system remains as per in the original game.
    -All changes to the skill system was primarily to achieve balance.
    -All skills have skill point cost modifications
    -All skills have clearer descriptions.
    -All skills display how many skill points it takes to achieve master level.

    New Skill (Stealth):

    -New stealth skill to counter GMDX's AI improvements.
    -Lvl1= reduced sound made when landing from height (-50%).
    -Lvl2= reduced footstep sounds. (-40%).
    -Lvl4= reduced enemy vision range (-30%).


    -Less lockpicks to be found.
    -Lowered effectiveness per pick. (Lvl1=5%, Lvl2=10%, Lvl3=15%, Lvl4=50%). Note the significantly large final jump at master level, this is an investment bonus just
    like the weapons skills have vanilla.
    -Altered mover values and new locked movers (movers are doors).


    -Same as lockpicking above. You WILL need to upgrade these if you want to loot/hack/explore everything.


    -Lowered detonation time for enemy-placed mines (Lvl1=0.5 seconds, Lvl2=1 second, Lvl 3=1.5, Lvl4=7 seconds (significant jump/investment bonus at Lvl 4 as above)).
    -Increased proximity radius for enemy-placed mines by 50%.
    -More enemy-placed mines in the map.
    -Gas grenades are more deadly.
    -LAMs are slightly less deadly.

    Environmental Training:

    -Upgrade the skill to stack suits in inventory (+1 per upgrade).
    -Ballistic vest lasts longer but provides reduced protection (50%, constant no matter the skill level).
    -Hazmats too provide lesser protection unless environmental training is upgraded (Lvl1=20%, Lvl2=40%, Lvl3=60%, Lvl4=80%).
    -Hazmats protect you against electricity damage (bug fix).
    -More dangerous hazards to encounter in the game.
    -A modification with a negative impact on Environmental Training skill is that rebreathers are no longer in the game (to give the swimming skill more weight),
    but the above more than counters this and rebreathers were hardly influenced by the skill anyhow, they were extremely good at untrained level.


    -Small max health bonus to head and torso per upgrade (+10).
    -Use a medkit at advanced and master to nullify poisoned effect.

    All Weapon Skills:

    -N/A (see weapons section above for stuff related to weapons skills).


    -Now named 'Hacking'. The skill didn't make you excel in excel, it was for hacking/cracking only. Mind you logic and realism is for the most part exempt from the
    skill system but every little detail helps.
    -Implemented an initial chance of detection: Trained= 50% chance of initial detection. Advanced= 25% chance. Master= 0%.
    -You can only reconfigure turrets at Master level.
    -At master level the bar drains extremely slowly so you can read emails and such at your leisure.
    -20% less money can be syphoned out of ATMs. Encourages upgrading the skill further to get more money/credits.
    -!You are no longer invisible and can be killed whilst hacking!


    -The Swimming skill is almost a requirement to swim in most instances if you do not choose aqualung aug and because of this actually has some worth now.
    -Drowning damage increased
    -Blurry vision effect whilst drowning.
    -Very few rebreathers in the game.
    -Minor Level design alterations with swimming in mind.
    -Regeneration aug doesn't counter drowning damage.
    -Untrained swimming skill value lowered: 0.7, 1, 1.5, 2.5 (significant jump/investment bonus at master level).

    Of course as per the default design you cannot have all the skills in one playthrough, not even half of them. Choose your skills wisely.


    Show Spoiler




    note: Some augs made passive/always active, mostly in the name of a balanced aug system.
    5 passive in total.


    Microfibral Muscle (Passive):

    -Deal damage to enemies by throwing objects. damage based on mass, velocity, aug level & hit location. A very fun aug.
    -At max aug level you can jump whilst carrying heavy objects.
    -Right click to drop carried object, left click to power throw.
    -If you K.O a MIB/WIB you can use their corpse as a explosive grenade by throwing them at higher aug levels.
    -Everything in the environment becomes a deadly weapon.

    Combat Strength (Passive):

    -Passive to balance out against new & improved Microfibral muscle.



    -Faster energy drain
    -!Less health gained per 2 seconds (it cycled every 1 second vanilla)! Significant reduction of effectiveness as regen overrode many aspects of the RPG systems'
    worth (e.g you could counter drowning damage, radiation damage etc with it, but no longer).

    Energy Shield:

    -Made passive to be a worthy choice over regeneration.
    -Also protects you against EMP attacks (EMP shield + Energy Shield merged).


    Ballistic Protection:

    -Reduced protection values to 35% 45% 55% 65%
    -Reduced bioelectricity drain significantly.

    Ballistic protection (passive):

    -A new aug. Same as ballistic protection but half as effective (20%, 25%, 30%, 35%) yet always active with no energy drain.
    -Replaces EMP shield (EMP merged with Energy shield as stated above).


    Spy Drone:

    -Reduced Bioenergy costs.

    Aggressive Defense System:

    -No longer detonates Plasma Bolts & Proximity mines.
    -New SFX when activated



    -Player can visually see JC's hands/guns turning invisible/transparent.

    Radar Transparency:

    -Lowered Bioelectricity costs by 30% as cloak is somewhat more useful.


    Run Silent: Lowered BE costs. Do not ever take this aug it's completely worthless (even for stealth playthroughs as speed enhancement + crouch= silent running)
    as many are aware. I intend to replace this aug eventually but I need an animator to help implement it's substitute.

    Speed Enhancement:




    -Aqualung is now passive, always active.
    -Many changes related to swimming (see swimming skill listed above).

    Environmental Resistance:

    -ER protects you against shock/electricity damage in addition to it's default resistances.
    -Many changes related to Environmental hazards (see environmental resistance skill listed above).
    -Added new activation SFX.


    Synthetic heart:

    -Lowered Bioelectric energy costs.

    Power Recirculator:



    Vision Enhancement:

    -added new activation SFX




    Light: Lowered bioelectricity drain slightly.

    Optional Hardcore Mode:

    Show Spoiler




    -Disables manual saving, enables save points and map transition autosave.
    -Cycles through 20 save slots (# of slots can be increased or decreased via user.ini).
    -Disables weapon auto reloading.
    -Disables console commands/cheats.
    -Choose the hardcore option from the new game screen.
    -If hardcore is not chosen save points will not appear and quicksave/save anywhere is enabled.
    -Not recommended for all but the most hardcore fans.

    This system unlocks Deus Ex's true potential in terms of choice and consequence, challenge and balance.


    Show Spoiler




    -Medbots and repairbots can only be used twice each (not including installing augs).
    -JC Grunts less frequently when jumping and also has a unique grunt for throwing with microfibral Muscle.
    -Added simulated effect for landing from height/bending of the knees. Only happens if landed from moderate height, and scales in magnitude based on velocity.
    -Changed player death SFX. JC no longer shares the same death SFX as every male NPC in the game (and all other males have varied sounds now too as stated before).
    -Option to bypass loading the new game intro scene. Toggle in main menu. Useful for old machines.
    -Various effects modified such as Explosion effects and gore.
    -Expanded inventory item descriptions.
    -Autosave after a loading screen. Implemented for hardcore mode, but is convenient for the other difficulties too.
    -Refined object descriptions, for example locked doors display "Lock Complexity" rather than "Lock Str".
    -Many changes to sound design. For example All weapons fired can be heard at longer ranges & all alarm types are quieter but have a larger radius,
    which is good because a playthrough of Deus Ex usually consists of loud alarm after loud alarm BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
    -The small and medium-sized generic green shipping crates are no longer invincible primarily so they break when thrown with Microfibral muscle.
    -Fire extinguishers are slightly more effective at blinding enemies.
    -Using lockpicks/multitools is 25% faster.
    -Water coolers heal two points.
    -Biocells now restore 30 points.
    -Combat start up music check time increased by 1 second. Reduces the chances of combat music playing when taking down an enemy in a quick time frame.
    -Forced HDTP scope view colour to default as it is more realistic this way. Default looks far more pleasing to the eye anyhow.
    -Reduced intensity of view blinding effect when damaged by burnt type damage (plasma rifle most notably).
    -Damaging breakable objects spawns fragments each individual shot/hit.
    -TNT crates are no longer super powerful.
    -Minor improvements to rocket behavior.
    -When poisoned damage occurs in three second intervals as opposed to the default two.
    -Flares last longer.


    Show Spoiler




    Maps have been worked over on a large scale, yet with a very conservative approach. The focus is primarily on gameplay-related changes: ammo redistribution, AI behaviour, balance of paths, better events,
    many changes related to the skill system, small map expansions, all notable bugs & inconsistencies fixed, small changes in the interest of realism and much more.
    Predominantly gameplay-focused, yet still a notable focus on visuals: proper texture alignments (designed with New Vision and the DX10 renderer in mind), extra
    decorative detail for the most lacking of maps as well as many skybox improvements.

    Designed with the DX10 renderer and New Vision for best effect, not using these two mods certain things will not look right, such as the Battery park Skybox.
    You can download these two mods by following the detailed installation guide.

    The intention/appraoch is as if the developers themselves took longer refining the maps. A very conservative approach, and for good reason - Deus Ex's level design
    is exceptional.
    This is my approach taken with the mod in general, yet no holds barred. It's not a product so it can be as hardcore as I want it to be, which is very yet reasonable.


    Show Spoiler





    -!All known map bugs fixed, and then some!


    -Multitool & Lockpick glitch fixed, you can no longer open anything with one tool/pick.
    -Skillpoint glitches fixed: vandenberg and sub base as well as the pistol downgrade trick.
    -New game inventory bug fixed.
    -Inventory 'stacking behind' glitch fixed.
    -Fixed a number of HDTP issues.
    -Paul disappearing from the ton glitch fixed.
    -Plasma rifle fire sound bug fixed.
    -AI sound event exploit.
    -Lamps now emit light properly.
    -Ford Schick appears at Smugglers if you rescue him.
    -Jaime Reyes appears at Tong's base at the correct part of the story if you request he join you.
    -Standing on a pillow doesn't throw you around erratically.
    -Paul won't disappear from the 'Ton hotel.
    -You can no longer kill yourself during loading screen transitions and pick up items of your own corpse (exploit for duplicating items).
    -Manderly will recognise non-lethal efforts at battery park.
    -Hazmats protect you against electricity damage.
    -Fixed an issue where throwing knifes found on corpses displayed a blank icon.
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  4. Major_Blackhart Codexia Lord Sodom Patron

    Dec 5, 2002
    Jersey for now
    Watching this.
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  5. Infinitron I post news Patron

    Jan 28, 2011
    Grab the Codex by the pussy Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Pathfinder: Kingmaker Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Keep the incline in one thread
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  6. Major_Blackhart Codexia Lord Sodom Patron

    Dec 5, 2002
    Jersey for now
    Well, I'm still pumped.
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  7. Ninjerk Arcane

    Jul 10, 2013
    Tried to watch the other thread. I might actually be interested in testing this CyberP. It's about time I did my yearly playthrough, and I think know where all the minetraps are and walldart stealthing my way through the game would probably cheapen the experience for me.
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  8. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    Yeah, walldarting is no longer possible. Sending PM shortly.

    The incline has gotten to a point where you may not be able to contain it.
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  9. Alfons Prophet

    Jul 25, 2014
    The changes sound great,next time I'll play DX I'll definitely use this mod.About ammo scarcity,the main reason I use Shifters mod is because without using the assault rifle is borderline impossible.If I remember correctly the assault rifle isn't really full auto but instead a series of five round bursts,so even if i tap the LMB it still eats five rounds and most guards that carry them drop 1-5 most of the time a thing which makes it problematic to use in stealth and impossible for all out assault.

    Another thing I like about Shifter is the fact that it gives you more skill points to play with,hm...when I started writing my question was going to be different but I guess now I'm asking if you're mod is compatible with shifter and if not how does it handle those issues?
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  10. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    Alfons: personally I found the assault rifle to be very much useful vanilla, just unload on the head. Range had little to no effect on the weapon also so you could gun down enemies at great distances. The under barrel launcher was extremely useful too. That said, GMDX increases the damage of all weapons (including the assault rifle), and this also is more threatening to the player as enemies deal more damage too.
    All in all the assault rifle has been modified quite a bit. All the weapons have, but vanilla I still found it to be useful.

    Shifter's skills for kills I am strongly against as it has many, many downsides and conflicts with the original design. That said, there are a few more skill points in the game overall and you start with a few extra points to account for the new skill GMDX implements.

    No, the mod is not compatible with Shifter and never will be as they have conflicting design goals.
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  11. Alfons Prophet

    Jul 25, 2014
    I agree it was useful I just thing that it was either poor design but more likely bad coding that lead to the 5 round burst.I shot the guy in the head,I'm not touching the mouse but my gun is still shooting.And being the weakest pershot weapon in the game it doesn't make sense that less ammo drops for it than for the handgun or shotgun.

    It is a problem in the game that is supposed to have several solutions to a problem when one option is much more beneficial.I would be lying if I said that the bodycount wasn't significantly higher in my playthroughs because of that additional bonus.No matter how many times I play though I always max a weapon skill first because without it JC is a worse shot than a random dude in real life,and he's an augmented special forces agent in a video game.But maxing a weapon skill leaves you starved for points, not necessarily because there are too few,more because they are too far apart.

    well that's too bad,no matter,your mod is the most interesting thing I've seen for deus ex.Most modders for the game seem more concerened with updating the looks of the game instead of the gameplay,your mod is a refreshing change.
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  12. Ninjerk Arcane

    Jul 10, 2013
    I personally haven't used the Assault Rifle in any of my Deus Ex playthroughs because of how unpleasant it feels to shoot.
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  13. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    I can relate. I've made changes that hopefully change your mind. Incoming PM.

    This is how burst weapons work in real life, no?

    All ammo found on bodies is randomized to be any number from 1-4. It seems bad on paper but it works out fine because everything is balanced around this. For example the assault rifle is the most commonly used weapon in the game by enemies, so you get quite a fair bit of ammo in total.

    Yeah I am big on gameplay. Thankfully there are other mods that covered graphics because I value these mods a lot also and they are compatible with GMDX.

    GMDX does actually improve the visuals & audio of the game in some respects though, but gameplay was the priority by far.
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  14. Alfons Prophet

    Jul 25, 2014
    Well no,Not exactly.Maybe your knowledge of firearms is better than mine but I don't know of any "burst fire weapons".I know of select fire weapons that have burst fire mode,by design they also have single shot and full auto.
    Burst fire mode is usually 2 shot burst or 3 shot burst and the main reason it's there is to minimize the user skill required to perform a double tap on semi or a 3 round burst on full auto.The former is specifically designed so that the user wont fire more than 3 shots,doing so on full auto would require trigger control that some users might lack.Whatever the reason 5 round burst seems excessive,and if it's not a case of bad coding I think it's bad design.

    This comes down to how much freedom you want to give the player,from what I remember the game says frontal assault is a viable tactic.If a guy is aware of you and is moving laterally and
    horizontally and you miss once you potentially lost 5 rounds and the guy is still up,hell he might be completely undamaged.Even if you need a single round to kill him you will expend at least 5 more and for all of that you get a single round regardless if the guy was shooting like crazy or didn't fire a single shot,seems unreasonable.

    I don't care about graphics too much but I do use one of those mods so the fact that yours works with those is a nice bonus.
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  15. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    I see your point. I'll make a note.
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  16. Ninjerk Arcane

    Jul 10, 2013
    There's actually one thing that's always bothered me about the way aiming works early in Deus Ex. That is that you can "pre aim" by pointing a weapon at bushes, trees, metal crates, certain lighting fixtures, etc. and still have good aim on a target as long as you don't move very far. It don't think it really jives with realism (although I'm very much a gameplay first type), and it cheapens the skill system by taking away the disadvantage in remaining at the lower level of weapon skills in the beginning of the game.
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  17. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    That actually happens regardless of where you are aiming, it just shows the crosshairs.
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  18. Ninjerk Arcane

    Jul 10, 2013
    So if I point the gun at a wall for 5 minutes and then put it on an enemy the crosshairs will be tight?
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  19. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    I thought it
    Things that negatively influence accuracy: How much health your arms have, movement speed. Note that leaning doesn't count as moving for this, so it's beneficial to lean & shoot rather than strafe (until you upgrade your skill etc).
    Things that positively influence accuracy: skill level, accuracy mods, standing still.

    Yep, it's not moving that tightens the crosshairs. Takes about three seconds to kick in.

    I thought similar to you early on too, that aiming at boxes gives me some kind of bonus somehow :lol:
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  20. Jaedar Arcane Patron

    Aug 5, 2009
    Project: Eternity Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    So you said this might be the final release, does that mean you won't be changing silent running? Maybe make it a passive?
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  21. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    Making it passive may be a bit OP? Entirely silent running at all times?
    Hmm, but Speed Enhancement itself is God-like and already provides you with silent running to some degree, so this may be the easy solution.
    I had plans but I need an animator for it's substitute. Since there appear to be none with animating skills left in the DX scene this may have to do.
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  22. Alfons Prophet

    Jul 25, 2014
    So I've been messing around in the first level,some just regular play some with console commands trying out different weapons,here are some observations and suggestions.

    1.No more free sniper rifle.I really like this because before you could take the GEP gun and get everything else Paul offers Immediately. The crossbow he offers is still pointless though because you can just turn the corner and take it off a corpse.I don't know if you can do this but my suggestion would be to make the third option give you an assault rifle.

    2.The assault rifle.The way I got my assault rifle in vanilla was killing the guard that came to check up on you after finishing the mission,yeah the nerdy hacker asks you WTF are you doing but none else seem to mind,a complete dick move,out of character but there it is.With the new NPC locations you have 2 new guards witch a mech near them so my first thought is "how do I kill these guys to take their guns".So I kill them the other 2 guys that aggro and the mech only to be rewarded with an assault rifle and 7 rounds for it. Before I said that the number of shots per burst needs to be changed or the gun needs to be full auto now I just think the only way to make it usable is to increase the ammo drops for it.At a distance with max rifle skill it took me 2 bursts out of which 7-8 shots connected to take a guy down,pretty sure 1-3 hit the head.

    3.Sneaking works maybe too well.Before installing the mod I played through about 20 minutes of the game to jog my memory,these guys sure are dumb.If you just run up to their back in the base game they start to turn when you are on their ass.With the mod installed they turn a few feet before you reach them,with advanced sneaking however they seem to be more deaf than in the base game.
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  23. Ninjerk Arcane

    Jul 10, 2013
    I snuck up on several NSF in the first level on Hardcore and 1-hit killed them in the back. Are you crouch-walking to them?
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  24. Alfons Prophet

    Jul 25, 2014
    Yeah after some more experimentation I found that sneak is unnecessary and my initial evaluation was exaggerated,if your goal is to kill a guy crouching is not needed.Just run up to him and crowbar him in the head.The guy will start turning when you are 1-2 feet away so you are actually hitting him when he is completely turned and facing you,99.9% of the time he wont fire his gun so it's still stealthy.Crouching is just a waste of time in most cases for me.

    After messing around a bit more I found something very perplexing.Dunno if this is intentional, apparently the laser mod makes any weapon 100% accurate when firing unscoped.In vanilla the dot would move around depending on how accurate the weapon is, but in the mod the laser is centered regardless what size the crosshair is.So the gun stats can say: accuracy-55% but it will hit in the center every time,whether you are running,strafing or jumping.I am getting headshots with the stealth pistol from distances where the enemy can barely graze me and my pistol skill is unupgraded,it's pretty crazy. To get 100% with the stealth pistol you need pistols on advanced which takes 9000 skill points and 3 accuracy mods,or instead just slap a laser mod on it.
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  25. CyberP Unwanted

    Aug 2, 2013
    Alfons: you are playing the v6 beta, not the latest version in need of testing. Sending the update.

    Sneaking: Sneaking gets harder as the game progresses. Firstly because there is a lot of close quarters level design later on, and secondly because augmented enemies have better vision and stats all round than standard. This in addition to cameras & turrets being a major threat.

    Assault Rifle: Whilst I agree with you that the weapon's five round burst is silly, it's still a extremely useful weapon, especially after it's modifications, and the ammo amount is just right. I've reduced a lot of the ammo you find in the game, only the prod & the assault gun are somewhat of an exception. So whilst you don't get a ton of Assault gun ammo vanilla, it works out fine for GMDX.
    Since you do not have the latest version of GMDX you are missing some new features of this weapon.

    Laser mod: Yeah it gives you perfect accuracy, same as vanilla. It's Shifter that adds the sway to it, which people didn't seem to enjoy. Myself I dislike Shifter's approach because it automatically turns on the laser. Automated gameplay is a big no-no for me. Laser may give you perfect accuracy, but the mod is rare and it's downside is you have to remember to turn it on first.

    You're missing features of the laser because you don't have the latest version also. New toggle on/off SFX, and the blob size increased further still so you can see it even further away.

    Another thing, I hadn't touched the mod in about a week until today. I recompiled the code just for one thing: to fix the Mini-xbow fire sound bug (you'll notice when shooting it has the same SFX as the stealth pistol vanilla). A very minor thing but it's just one more modification that makes the mini-xbow even more badass. This will feature in the public release of v6.1, so it's not in your test package unfortunately. It's an extremely minor thing in the mods scope though.
    I'm not sure why I felt like sharing that, I think I've developed an attachment to the Xbow, which I wasn't even much a fan of in the vanilla game :) Puns intended.

    Anyway, I'm looking for more testers, & thanks to the current participants. You won't see GMDX's true colours until you play the game in it's entirety. A lot of modifications are on a per map basis, and of course it depends on what build you went for too.
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