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Codex Preview Golden Land Zoology - Goldenland Forest


Staff Member
Jun 16, 2002
Behind you.
Tags: Burut Creative Team; Golden Land

Our first look at the zoology of the Golden Land setting, Chapter 1: Goldenland Forest.


Legends say that aspides are being born from the egg of the bird hatched by viper, or conversely. The result is predictable - the snake with wings which is not able to fly. With all its lack in physics, this creature is really dangerous and poisonous. The dexterous watcher could see how aggressive aspide waves his wings, trying to stand and show the higher growth. This is what shows the bird roots in the snake and the reptile's longing for skies. This feature can really touch anybody! Some pathfinders say that the aspides are trying to fly not only in the moments of danger, but also, for example, when they see the moon.​

Looks like I'll need a bigger bug.. errr.. snake zapper.

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