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Gothic 2 discussion/questions/tips

Jul 23, 2013
Kitchen sink
Unless you invested in the pickpocket - steal first then kill him.

BTW. you should put the answer outside the spoiler, but keep the NPC name in it.


Oct 12, 2010
Pronouns: Shitlord/problematic
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Jun 19, 2021
Women shouldn't be arms dealers though. Sarah should be locked up nice & tight. OpenAI agrees with me and provides more reasons:



Jan 20, 2016
It's been while, but IIRC, you can
play the questline up to the point where Canthar is imprisoned (I think you get some XP for taking the actions leading up to it), then kill him BEFORE Sarah is replaced (you have a few days), and Sarah will stay AFAIK. Once Canthar is in prison, you can just open his cell (guard won't interfere), wound him with a ranged weapon while standing in the corner of the adjacent room (guard won't interfere as long as you're not standing in front of him), kite him out of the barracks so the people drilling in the square won't interfere (the elevated walkway around the fort is far enough), and just kill him there.
Jan 14, 2018
Finished it. Closing thoughts/Rusty mini-review:

  • The melee combat feels like it was designed mostly for duels and perhaps at best 2v1 or 3v1 fights. This isn't a complaint, it's a praise. The complaint is that towards the end they decided to throw a lot of big packs of enemies towards you and... yeah.
  • Lots of colorful characters.
  • Expansion's additional content was interwoven into the base game nearly flawlessly. There's no real "oh, this isn't base game content" until you're through the portal.
  • Difficulty nosedives past Act 2 or so.
  • Ran out of things to spend my LPs on
  • Itemization is very bland. Especially hate how armor upgrades work, don't like how it's locked to your progress rather than being able to knock a knight out and steal his armor.
  • Don't like how arrows are lethal but ...swords... aren't?
  • Way too much backtracking towards the end(act 4/5?), feels like they should have fleshed out the mines from G1 more rather than send you back to the Khorinis area.
  • Gathering a crew just for them to sit on the boat while you do everything was incredibly lame. All they get is one tiny orc attack(3 orcs in total iirc) :decline:
  • Loved the character interactions in general. Had the most fun in the town by far.
  • Loved that character arcs progressed with each chapter and you'd find a lot of new people/people moved around & new quests from old acquaintances.
  • Pickpocketing felt like an afterthought and was way too easy. I had enough DEX to never fail a pickpocket probably by act 2.
  • Fuck unlocking chests :argh:
  • Economy went a bit off the rails towards the end but was otherwise OK, much better than most RPGs. I had to actually go around scrounging up gold to get the final armor set.
  • Turnip lady stopped giving me soup after act 1 so I beat her up.
  • Extremely well designed maps.
  • Plot was nothing special at all. Very generic. Gothic 1 was a lot better imo.
  • World is extremely reactive overall. Things like my question in the OP are the kind of things I love in games.

If I replayed it I'd probably stop after doing expansion content/act 3. Everything after feels like it needed more work and has too much retreading.
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