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Help/Journal section update in the next patch

Discussion in 'Prelude To Darkness' started by laclongquan, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. laclongquan Arcane

    Jan 10, 2007
    Searching for my kidnapped sister
    you know, the help.txt can provide a fascinating source of info.

    Various benefits of skills are mentioned. I dont know whether they are being used in-game (I presume they are). Various details are left out.

    I would like developers to clarify which is being used, then update that into the in-game help. Anything is not, delete it from help file.

    Skills got various benefits. And it seem some skills are underdeveloped compared to others.


    1.1 Sword: Skill bonuses:\n20 Parry Bonus \n30 +1 Dexterity \n40 Spin Attack \n50 +2 Dexterity. And off-hand requirement is 40 (?)

    1.2 Unarmed: Skill bonuses:\n20 Faster Attacks \n30 +1 Spd \n40 Disarm \n50 +2 Strength. Criticals Stun Opponents at 40.

    1.3 Tinker: Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Dexterity\n50 +2 Intelligence. Make Clockwork Man at 60. Make Ammo at 20. Create Trip Traps at 40. (Make Ammo is kinda oops. No command at all that I can see)

    1.4 Throwing: Skill bonuses:\n20 Point Blank Bonus \n30 +1 Dexterity \n40 Cripple Attack\ n50 +2 Spd. Increase Range at 20. Aimed Attack may pierce and stun at 60.

    1.5 Thaumaturgy: It is not mentioned that 30 Thau will give you +2 Will. I havent achieved 50 to see what I will get. Suspect +3 WIL

    1.6 Stealth: Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Spd\n50 +2 Spd. Hide From View in battle at 40. then I can Hidden Attack at 60. Conceals Nefarious Actions at 20.

    1.7 Speech: Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Chr\n50 +2 Chr. Seduce: Charisma bonus to opposite sex at 40 (ohdearohdearohdear). Rouse Allies at camp at 60. Befuddle Opponent at 20. (Befuddle Opponent seem to be passive bonus as I found no action like that in battle).

    1.8 Power of the Flame: Nearly the same as Thaumaturgy (+2 En at 30. +3EN at 50). If there is some fun bonus at 20th, 40th and 60th level it would be nice.

    1.9 Polearm: Skill bonuses:\n20 Parry Bonus\n30 +1 Dexterity\n40 Sweep Attack\n50 +2 Speed. Trip Attack humanoids at 40. And off-hand requirement is 40 (?)

    1.10 Pickpocket Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Dexterity\n50 +2 Dexterity. Possible Item Weight Increase (bigger stuffs) at 40 and 60.

    1.11 Nature : Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Willpower\n50 +2 Willpower. Create Herbal Potions at 60. Combat Bonus vs. Animals at 20 (passive). Calm Animals at 40

    1.12 Music Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Charisma\n50 +2 Charisma. Inspire in camp at 40. Distract Opponents at 20 (passive, it seem).Compose Epic Ballad (once?) at 60.

    1.13 Missle: Skill bonuses:\n20 Point Blank Bonus\n30 +1 Dexterity\n40 Cripple Attack\n50 +2 Dexterity. Increased Aimed Damage at 40 .

    1.14 Medical: Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Intelligence\n50 +2 Intelligence. Deathblow at 60. Cure diseases and poisons at 40. Bind Wounds at 20.

    1.15 Literacy and lore: nSkill bonuses:\n30 +1 Intelligence\n50 +2 Intelligence. Write Novel (once?!) at 60. Item Information at 20. Pity no bonus at 40th.

    1.16 Gifts of the Goddess: same as other magical skills. +2 Will at 30. +3 at 50

    1.17 Dagger Skill bonuses:\n20 Faster Attacks\n30 +1 Speed\n40 Rapid Attack\n50 +2 Speed. Off-hand requirement at 15. Criticals Take No Action Points at 40.

    1.18 Blunt Skill bonuses:\n20 Reduced Armor for Opponent\n30 +1 Endurance\n40 Brain Attack\n50 +2 Strength. Criticals Ignore Armor at 40. Offhand req at 40.

    1.19 Axe Skill bonuses:\n20 Critical chance increase\n30 +1 Strength\n40 Rend Attack\n50 +2 Endurance. Critical Damage Increase at 40. Offhand req at 40.

    1.20 Armor: Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Endurance\n50 +2 Endurance. Armor Penalties Lowered at 20.
    1.20.1: Shield: Shield bash at 40, stunning bash at 60.

    1.21 Barter: Skill bonuses:\n30 +1 Charisma\n50 +2 Charisma. Own your Shop at 60. No bonus at 20 and 40!

    From the details gathered, I would like to suggest some modifications, so that devs can add them to the next update, pretty please. beside it cant hurt to ask.

    1.12 Music and 1.15 Lit&Lore. multiple novels and epic ballads. And positive effects on fame/reputation.
    Reasons: Money at lvel 60 is NOT a concern anymore. But, Can you imagine a best-seller author or singers remain anonymous? People can ignore them just because they had done some notso-pristine actions in the past? Hah, I said! As if they wont write a novels or a ballad to apologize for their actions! As if they wont flood the market with their songs and novels to regain fame! Money is a nice thing but at their level, they are more concerned with their reps.
    Howto: multiple chance to write a ballad or novel on the road.those Random encounters are good for that. a few commandline to affect rep.

    1.15 Literacy and lore. Add an ability at lvel 40: Teaching.
    Reasons: A highly learned, intelligent (18), patient (15+WIS) or attractive (15+CHAR) teacher can teach other party members what basic skills (level 5) he/she know. And she/he can teach at Schools and Academies for very few drachmas but quite famous reputation. I mean, in medieval society, knowing your letter is highly recommended, right?!
    Howto: Reqs on INT, WIS/CHA. Teach what the teacher know upto level 5 (automatically when at camp). a few dialog modification in some characters at schools and academies.

    AND, about reputation. (I think I can understand the reason of hiding details on reputation but... I am not in agreement with that logic, as Fallout, PS:T and other games dealing with it quite well)

    PROB: Why cant I find reputation mentioned in help file or journal. Very curious indeed as reputation is quite important. only when somebody said that my party look shady to my face ,which is quite unpleasant. did I know my name is in tatter.

    SUGG: Add a mention of reputation behind the character portraits in the Character screen (under or over the HP line). Mention in number is great, like 1300 or 1005. Mention in terms is okay, like 'good samaritan', 'heroic' or 'darkness possessed'. IN fallout terms will be even better 'Shield of the Valley', 'Hope of the Damned', 'Darkness Avatar'... :roll:

    Fewwwww. And that, conclude my suggestions to the developers and spoilers to fellow gamers!
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