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How long until darghul!?!


Oct 30, 2006
So I've held off on the question as long as possible, but the wait is killing me! Think it'll be 08, or do you think it'll take until 09?


Mar 14, 2003
Hi Macadaciouse!
Wolf answered this in the tread "So how's Darghul coming along?" about two weeks ago:

Wolf Mittag said:
Well, I did quite a lot of work over past two months, and finished hundreds of points on my to-do list. By now, the C++ source code encompasses about 260,000 lines (over 8 megabytes). (Printed out, that would be about 4,350 pages, or, on line printer paper, a paper trail of 1,030 meters or 0.64 miles.)

The game looks really good by now. It will include all of the features discussed in this forum (including construction of houses and trade).

But it will still take several months to finish everything (and since Beta-testing doesn't make sense while the program is still incomplete, that means it'll still be some time before I'll release a beta version, too).

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