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Ignore Thread ETA


Jan 15, 2020
Could we have a ballpark figure for the ignore thread function to be back?

Could it be possible for the ratings of people we ignore to be invisible so that they’re truly ignored?


mask aficionado
May 28, 2018
Grab the Codex by the pussy
I couldn't wait any longer and switched to using uBlock Origin's "Block element" option:


Already 430 threads on my list. =)


I think I will stick to using it even when the Ignore Thread function comes back - here's why:

I can put threads on my ignore list without having to enter them first (if the thread title mentions a game genre I generally don't like for example) and there's no re-loading of the thread involved (unlike with the old Ignore Thread with its "Are you sure?" prompt), i.e. it's way faster and less complicated.

And when I want to see ignored threads, I'll just have to disable the extension for a moment.
Jan 14, 2018
Being able to disable pictures showing in the profile posts would be awesome to, it’s obnoxious.
add this to your ublock origin "My filters" tab
!main forum sidebar
rpgcodex.net##[data-widget-key=forum_overview_new_profile_posts] .bbImage
!profile page/latest profile page
rpgcodex.net##[id^=js-profilePost-] .bbImage
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