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Intended gameplay loop with 2 Banshees and a Lich?

Trash Player

Jun 13, 2015
Is it an exploit or just an accounted strat or did I read something wrong?
Lich use Control Undead on 2 Banshees who use Shattering Howl in rotation = 100% Stun on first 2 enemies every turn
Adding either a Mummy for souls through crit fishing or a Shade for mana makes a very nasty loop.

Btw, does stress crit give souls? If it does, would Banshee's Absorb Fear and stun through Blind combined provide functionally infinite souls, as in player can still get more souls than they need even if enemies end up running?

Iratus Pope Amole II

Mind enlighten me?

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
Well, it's the alpha, mate, what did you expect?

Stuns are very problematic by their nature. They're fun (to a certain degree) but too easily broken. I don't want to go the same route as Darkest Dungeon (as that makes the things somewhat overcomplicated and adds more RNG into the picture) but something will be done about it. In the vein of enemies being able to escape even through them (easiest way to prevent the grinding) and more enemies having shuffling attacks (so you can't apply both stuns with great guarantee). Raising banshee's Initiative by 4 could've been also a mistake but they needed that for non-loop interactions.

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