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Review Just RPG declares its undying love to HotU and NWN

Vault Dweller

Commissar, Red Star Studio
Jan 7, 2003
Tags: Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark

<a href=http://www.just-rpg.com>Just RPG</a> is <a href=http://www.just-rpg.com/default.asp?pid=871>crazy</a> about <a href=http://nwn.bioware.com/underdark>HotU</a> and gives it <b>90%</b>
<blockquote>Since its recent release, Hordes has garnered wonderful reviews from reputable gaming websites. Every review drools over the engrossing story, and all the new “stuff” that propel D&D character-building gamers to RPG nirvana. I completely agree with these opinions. Online buzz has followed suit. What’s more, I am an up-front admirer of Neverwinter Nights and the first expansion. In my review for this site, I graded the expansion 90% (A). If I had reviewed Neverwinter Nights, I would have given it the same A+ as the reviewer did here.</blockquote>
It’s funny to see how the reviewers are fighting for the title of “the author of the most positive review evar”. Hey, not only I like HotU but I still like NWN...Whatever. Don’t get me wrong, folks, I’m not against Bio, but it would be nice to see a review that actually talks about game mechanics.


Pretty Princess
Pretty Princess Glory to Ukraine
Mar 10, 2003
SP will I'm sure. Also, like I stated in my non professional review, there's lots of phat loot, and multiple endings ala FO! Combat, of course, other than it being epic levels, is basically exactly like normal NWN. If you like that; great; if not great as well. Don't expect HOTU to change your mind one way or the other on the game's mechanics.

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