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Known World - Dead Gods hear no pray (CYOA) - "frozen"

Discussion in 'Choose Your Own Adventure Land' started by Karwelas, May 9, 2015.

  1. Karwelas Dwarf Taffer

    May 12, 2014
    "Mostly Harmless" planet
    Known World
    Act I - Dead Gods hear no prayers.

    Don't pray anymore, people of Zinoth, of Known World, of Known Kingdoms. Don't pray as they don't respond anymore. Dig graves for your dead hopes, for your dead dreams. Cry and scream, show your pain and torment. Remember who have done what happend, those that call themselfs saviors! Cruse them, kill their people, spit at their food, poison their drinks and never forget what they have done to us!

    And forgot about our glorius masters...


    Dead Gods hear no pray.

    Agantius from South Kingdoms - leader of Circulcirum Sect.

    1. Characters sheets + wealth informations + reputation.
    2. Magic in Known World

    Informations about Soulesses and Triangle of Existence
    About prologue, death, rules and other things
    Choices, obsessions systems and some other interesting facts
    House of Servants - Chain of Command
    Magic Circles and Magic Schools and about The Game

    Larnmarn - guide

    Chapter 0
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 3 part II
    Interlude 1
    Chapter 4

    Chapter 5 part I
    Part II
    Part III
    End of Prologue

    Act 1 - Fires in Larnmarn:
    Interlude 2
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4 - Part I and II
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6

    Things below are only introduction to setting and CYOA. In spoilers in post/s below you will soon find basic informations about world, history, characters and other interesting things. My English isn't perfect, but I will try to make this CYOA anyway.

    Show Spoiler
    Setting: Ah, this question. It will be my own setting, based mostly on my ideas. Dark Ages with magic and some more advanced technology. I would say it have some similarities with Myth (everyone hail to Fangshi), but it actually looks more like Thief 2 with some real live based. (Colonialism - some lands far away from mainland, where most of plots will take place... but it will be up to you, where you will go. There are more of it, but it is around 1 AM in my potatoland and I didn't sleep last 36 hours so... please, give me a break) Still, there is a bit more magic then in Thief.

    World, history of it and things: The CYOA itself will take place probably only on world called 'Zinoth'. (Only Known World was created by 'Gods) The 'Known World' itself is area (around 1000 miles) surrounded by mountains with only a few ways out. From east and west mountains and some coast are adjacent to big ocean. South is way to great deserts, but way to it is hard. Great marshes block way and the magic field that was result of the pact after great war with desert folk. It kill everything and everyone without sigil allow you to cross it. Way to North is probably best way to get out the 'Known World' but it is very dangerous journey. Great Plains are full of dangrous animals and monsters and it take around month to get into anything that you could call civilization.

    The 'Known World' itself is a work of group of 'Creators' or just Gods - powerful beings that appear around 3000 years before game take place. Before that time, there was only great sea. After Creators end their work, they called humans and elfs, the only two intelligent races living in the known part of the world (continent) and with their powers they make themself their gods, probably by killing the old ones.

    In next thousand years both of the species developed and finally possesd power to cast spells. Some scholars say that they discovered old texts and priests say that it was gift from Gods. However, that time was bad for everything in know world. War between two factions of Creators happend. (Most of well know game lore says there was around 20 of them at that point. They just appear from the Void - space between worlds) Here is part of the book that was created soon before the game takes place:

    Gordos, the most powerful of the 'Gods' or 'Creator' - how their servants called them - always was a greedy bastard. Slowly his mind become shattered by his hunger of power. He call every other Creator and declared himself the master and lord of them. Some of them acceped him as their ruler - some feared him, some thinks that one of them should be higher then others to keep peace. But another part of them explode with indignation and anger. The war begun. And it was only beginning.

    Their war was long and cruel... when it near the end only a few Creators was still alive. Gordos and his side won, but for what price? They change and become more... dark in every meaning of this word. They set up one rule that everyone of them must obey: They can't appear in the mortal world anymore. Punishment was death.

    But their servants observe them during their war. They die with their Creators name on their mouths. But time change everything, even mortals. They start to think and saw how Gods treat them as tools. Most powerful wizard among the humans - Mezeron (
    It is kind of nod to people that play Fangshi CYOA around there. Hello guys!) call their brothers to help him free themselfs from slavery. The great war teach them how they can kill those who make them live. Void itself.

    Mazeron and his Ten almost succeed. They get enough power to create tear in the fabric of reality and push the Creators to it without protection and kill them in a result. But these bastards were ready. One of the Mazeron Ten, elf called Ber'din speak with Creator Meluia, Mother of the Elfs about their plan and was almost instantly taken in front of rest of Gods. After a session of tortures that mortals can't even imagine his mind succumbed to their powers and Creators was able to reverse the spell of Ten. Their attempt end when their shattered souls fly into the Void, without chance of surviving. Everyone who accept plan of Ten was wiped out from the face of Known World. But the Gods underestimated their own creations. A seed already was planted...

    One hundred year later, some new Powers appear. Dwarf panteon with their own people. Nobody knows why and from where, but Creators was suprised. After a meeting with Panteon they agreed that new players on the board were too powerful to fight with them. They agreed to never interfere in their own business and the world of mortals itself. Nobody, however, say that about the dwarfs themselfs...

    A long time pass. Wars happend, kingdoms and empires rised and fall. Becouse of rule, Creators don't appear in mortal world anymore, but they agree to create Avatars - choosen people who will have a small part of soul and power of God that choose them. It was their only way to change fate of the world. People pray and die. Creators forget about old times of disobedience. And that was reason why they fell.

    Around 150 years before start of the game, someone named Xyon appeared in the temple one of remaining Gods - Teriona, Goddess of poisons and plague - and beg her for something. After that, she humiliate him and refused. After that, he disappeared from the eyes of the chroniclers for around ten years. After that, he started gathering people that was harmed by fate and Gods themselfs. Thanks to his resources and unbelievable charisma he get thousands of allies and followers in the next 30 years (Among them was some kings of the kingdoms that was in the 'Known World'. More about them on the map I will post soon.) The most powerful allies of Xyon make a pact between each other and start calling themselfs 'New Circle' or just Circle (In memory of Mazeron old Circle of Ten) and start to search way to really destroy the Gods. Under mysterious circumstances they make a spell that was able to banish Gods where they come. To Void.

    Churches of Creators was already warned by their masters (as they promise themselfs and Dwarf Gods that they can't interfere personally, with their own power into mortal realm) and start to move their forces at Circle armies. (It was later called 'Sacred' March - irony was strong site of the rebels :lol: )Circle forces won battle after battle until they come near Spire - the highest mountain in Known World - and only place that was connected to pocket-plane where Creators remained.

    In the middle of battle that was supposed to destroy force of 'Sacred' March, something happend. Circle (in Circle, most of people was actually mages or someone powerful enough to be part of something like that) performed ritual that destroyed the portal to pocket-plane, however Gods manage to set up protective spell around it. The effects of collision of these two spells was catastrophic. Breach into Void itself appear and thousand of people died. Area in 10 miles around Spire become wasteland without live, as Void suck every live force, even from the ground itself. Circle, using the 'Gate' or 'Portal' spells manage to escape with little amount of people, but many died. Those people that souls, minds and bodies (Triangle of Existence - important theory of magic in setting. But about that another time) was powerful enough become Soulless, kind of undead without souls. As Breach appeared, many things on Zinoth changed, along with some rules of magic.

    Now, 250 years after that world still suffer from it. Gods don't respond anymore. Those from Circle that make it alive rules the Known World that or other way. They however are also guardians of balance. Some of Soulless manage to get back into sanity and become powerful force. Xyon disappeared in Breach.

    And here you are. Locked in the small cell for almost a year, without word or reason, with six other people in cells next to you. You don't count days anymore. You don't need foor or water for some reason.

    Only one thought remains in your mind. 'How I will escape?'

    However, this isn't right question anymore.

    Not how. When...

    Reasons behind this CYOA - I want to give Codex something from me. I play with great people around here (Fangshi and other players from Myth) and read other great works (treave, you are great man! Keep going with Spiral!). I want something that can make other people have so much fun I have with these works.

    And maybe a bit becouse I finally want to become DM. :lol:

    Here we go, 'dexbros.

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  2. Karwelas Dwarf Taffer

    May 12, 2014
    "Mostly Harmless" planet
    This post will contain basic informations as soon as I will edit it


    Show Spoiler
    Map - South [​IMG]

    Show Spoiler
    Map - North [​IMG]

    Blue areas are kingdoms borders, numbers are each kingdom and Roman numerals are points of interest. Big points are main towns. Long lines are mostly rivers. Ignore any inscription on the map itself, they aren't important.

    I know, this map suck, but this is best think that I can make myself. You are free to laugh at my face.

    Gameworld: CYOA itself take place on planet called Zinoth by those that live on it. The world itself is placed in empty space, similiar to our universe, but it is magical place, where no live can exist in normal meaning of this word. People from Zinoth call this place 'Void', 'Great Empty' or just 'Nothing'. Zinoth is protected form Void by so called 'Voal'/Veil. Most of people don't know that other words exist in Void but there are some nobles, mages and some other creatures that at least think it is possible. Exluding Void, there are also Planes, other dimensions. Traveling between these is a mystery even for archmages of Zinoth, some say even that Creators themselfs didn't knew them.

    Known World is area on Zinoth, around 1000 miles of almost flat terrain, surrounded by mountains, with only four ways outside of it. In the north, there is Dane Pass and after you get outside of Known World this way, you will be able to travel around 500 miles of miles of Great Plains, windy land after you will get to first town of Free Tribunat (group of free towns that try to survive in these badlands). Another way are two coasts: one in the east, that is part of Dragon Empire. Another one is on the south-west part of the Known World and is part of Vin-Libe (one of kingdoms). Last way out Known World are south-east marshlands, but they are was blocked with magical field that kill everything without right sigil. It was blocked as a part of treaty with Desert Folk that attacked south kingdoms of Known World around 300 years before game starts.

    On the Zinoth there are three known continents, at least for people from Known World. One is called Beriah - this where Known World is placed. Another one - Arven - is far away on east. Another and probably the last continent on Zinoth lies on far west. It is called Branchen, becouse of dwarfen 'Branhe' - deep dark. People from there have black skin and after them they name it.

    From all of those continents only Beriah is well known for most of people from Known World. Arven knowledge is mostly collected by people from there, as only those who born on it know ways on the dangerous coral reefs around it... and they didn't wanted to tell anyone that tried to get that knowledge from them. Some facts from Arven:
    - It is ruled by powerful creature called Teller of Lies after it killed last rightful heir of royalty. People actually was suprised that Teller is even better ruler then last king and most of them accepted that thing. Still, there are some people who still fight with it and it's party.
    - It is much smaller then Beriah, but nobody know how much smaller, they use different long measures there.
    - They don't care much about outside world and so do the Teller. He actually was invited by Circle to Known World, but instead he send his envoy that stayed there for around 5 years and then come back to his land. Circle never was eager to tell what they learn from evnoy.
    - Nobody know when first traveler from Arven come to Known World, but most of chroniclers theories says that probably soon after Gods were killed.
    - Most of people from there have ability to change small things in their apperance, like chair length, color of eyes and other things like that.

    Branchen on other hand was discovered around 50 years ago and still is an mystery for everyone on Beriah. North and middle parts of it are covered by deadly jungle that killed many members of the expeditions that come there (3 out of 4. Only part of third expedition come back from that 'Hell on the Zinoth'. They were sure that nobody else make it alive from so called 'Cauldron of First Land' - part of jungle around 20 miles from coast where heat was powerful enough to roast man inside armor.) It is still unexplored by anyone from Beriah and even locals from south says that anyone from them never go into that part of their continent.

    South part of Branchen is flat land full of savannah and weird animals that never was seen anywhere but there. Actually, it is probably only place where people that aren't locals can live, if they can adapt to incredible heat and humidity. Last of four expeditions had enough luck to get on the south part, where they make little colony (no, they didn't kill all locals they can see, it isn't America :lol: ) and have preety good relations with people from there (Brans or how they call themselfs - Gurnas. That word don't have translation in 'main' language of Known World, but it probably be translated as 'Those who run across the Spider hive'. It is connected to their main god - Spider Tricker.)

    People from south Branchen are subdivided into tribes, but most of them don't fight with each other except personal duels. They are very peaceful people that don't like to fight with anyone unless they are forced to, but if they are... well. They fight with all their manpower and their shamans (another class of magic, based on connection to ghosts and genius loci's. More about it later, should be below after I finish this post) and force of biggest tribes could be easily compared to any army from Known World except Dragon Empire army.

    Their Pantheon of deities is preety big as most of tribes have their own lesser gods based on place where they live (genius loci - kind of guardian spirit, mostly bound to place or person. Sometimes even against his will, but that kind of spirit/ghost is called gulian loci and they are much more dangerous to anyone that they are allowed to harm. And they try to free themselfs all time) or their ancestors. They also believe in past lives and that spirits from past still live inside of us. Some members of Fourth Expedition say that may be truth, at least they saw things that could confirm thing about past lives. Shamans, however aren't unknown in Known World and most of kingdoms have some of them among their citizens.

    Expeditions on Branchen:
    First - led by unknown merchant, with unknown number of members. They landed on north part of continent, probably east coast. All that left from them was bodies and diaries, sadly, mostly destroyed.

    Second - led by Morun "Silver" Deron (famous explorer) - almost 30 years ago. They actually managed to land on south part of Branchen, but probably after heard about gold mines in jungle they decided to go into it. Nobody know much about their fate as they didn't found any bodies or even traces of them. Last people that saw them were shamans from Zimzur tribe that warned them about dangers of jungle.

    Third - led by Daxter Firehand - archmage and member of Lesser Circle. - 10 years ago. Number of members - 450. Number of people that manage to get alive from Branchen and come back to Beriah - 57. Probably only expedition that manage to get into Cauldron and still come back... at least in part. Their stories about it can make even mages think that going into 'Hell Jungle' is pretty much suicide. They still are telling stories about gigant, moving trees that could eat you, thousand of snakes and bugs, even humans with fur on their bodies. It was last of not offical expeditions on Branchen, becouse those was forbidden by Circle. (Of cource, there are still people that want to explore that land and still sail there, but not much left after them except destroyed ships)

    Fourth - led by Daxter Firehand, again. - 5 years ago. Number of members - 800. Goal - make little colony in south, trade with locals and manage to get their friendship. Try to found source of Cauldron powers. Official expedition of Circle. Probably first of them that could be called a success. Locals agreed to give little part of their lands on east coast, of course for payment (gold, knowledge and other things). People from expedition manage to make little, self-sufficient town. They still get most of resources from mainland and from trade with Gurnas tribes. Daxter, as a chef of the expedition become most important figure there and most of people from town listen to his orders without objections. Some people says even that he have a plan to make town independent and that Daxter is probably suspected by even Circle, becouse they send some their agents there. Daxter, of course, know about it.

    Beriah - 'home' in old common (language that was created short after Creators came on Zinoth and became old language after they destroyed first Circle). It is biggest continent on planet and probably only one that cover it from pole to pole. In the deep north, the most unexplored place by anyone from Known World lies nations of Kar-dol - many tribes of harsh, but brave people that live in the most cold place on this world. They doesn't want to contact Circle and only message that they ever get from there was short note written with golden ink. Nobody know what was writen on it, but it sure was something impressive, becouse mages were convinced enough to don't send any response or people there at all.

    A little further to the south lies Shonzang Empire, similiar to our Asia in the middle ages. It is divided into small regions, but these regions are still loyal to Emperor. Not many people from Known World get permission from anyone to travel into Empire and even less people came back from there, but those that manage to do it, have many stories to told: wealth outshining everything that belong even to Circle, powerful monks that could do thing beyond mortals, psionic masters and armies bigger then entire kingdoms in Known World. If these are true, many people think that Empire could attack and conquer KW without any problems, even if everyone would coalesce into one army. Nobody know why this isn't happend yet. Some say that Emperor Shon don't care about south lands. Some say that he have deal with Circle. Some other people say that he fear what may come from Rift. And even other people say that he thinks that it isn't right time yet. Truth? Nobody knows it.

    Shonzang itself is probably biggest and most powerful nation on Zinoth. However, they still manage to close their borders for most of people from the world and be self-sufficient. The basis of their economy are trade and agriculture as their fleets sail all around the world, from east to west coasts of Beriah. Many people tried to get into Empire in many ways, legal or illegal, but most of them fail. First ones - due to extremely complicated bureaucracy and law system, second ones - becouse Empire have not only most guarded borders on the world, but also becouse secret police and extensive spy network. Another thing that make people think twice before they try second way are penalties for these attemps - from confiscating almost everything that individual had, through years in prison to death sentence and tortures.

    From south border of Shonzang to north part of Dane Pass lies around 800 miles of empty wilderness except towns of Free Tribunat that are probably only thing that could be called civilization around there. They are very little, around 2000 people each other - 5 of them in one bay. However, they are important place of trade and crossovers between south and north parts of Beriah. Almost every ship stop there to resupply, sell something or hire someone. This is one of most neutral grounds in the world, where everyone can seek their fate, try to satisfy their greed or start new live. Nobody ever even tried to attack those town becouse of two things: first - he would probably be wanted by entire continent and that may be a problem to someone who don't have another continent for their own. Second - he would probably come back later anyway. Every road ends in Crossover Bay, like people from there like to say.

    Most of riches that Tribunat have comes from trading, but they also have impressive whaling fleet. They are also point of fur trade. In Leron (second bigger town of FT) one of biggest mercenary companies in the world have their main headquarters. They are expensive, but they have something that is very hard to gain as an mercenary - reputation and that they exist continuously almost 500 year.

    Finally, for now, we get to our home... Known World. Here I will get you short descreption of each kingdom, what they are, who rules them and what happend inside of it in last 250 years. Above you have short paragraph about geography of it, so I will start with kingdoms/empires/nations. Numbers on map are important there... so let's start.

    1 - Salazan Kingdom aka Dead Kingdom/Land without live/Void Wastelands - back in time, one of most powerful kingdoms in Known World, center of religious live of this place, land where Spire is. Full of temples, place where most of paladin's orders had their lands (Paladin - back in time warrior of the Creator chosen by paladin. They was serving gods as their main force in material plane and gained power from them, similiar to priests. After Sacred March most of them died and those orders that surived lost their powers. Now paladins are people that still believe that Gods live, but turn their faces from Known World for that they have done and seek redemption... or vengeance at those who make Creators disappear. Most of orders, however, forget about their duty and accepted that Creators were fake Gods). It was place where last battle of Sacred March happend, one of biggest battles in last thousand years and where countless lives were lost when Voal disappeared and Rift was created.

    Last king of Salazan were also Avatar (person connected to chosen God by his soul, could be controled by him without breaking pact of don't appearing in material world. They were very hard to kill as they had little part of power when God enter their bodies, but they also was mortals... just like Creators, but in their normal bodies Creators had so many spells on them that there was no way to harm them except tearing reality itself. This also was reason why they were living in pocket plane) in Known World, priest of Gordos, hero or betrayer of humanity, depends who look at his history. His name was Derton Bantarios. He was probably most powerful human living on Zinoth ever, even without powers from Gordos. As his God, he was preety cruel and a bit mad, but he was good ruler when he wasn't in one of his many paranoid moods, just like his god.

    That kingdom was center of Known World not only in geographical meaning of that word, but also political and religion. Most of Avatars were living there (except Meluia, Teriona and Genphos - god of machines and technical development). Every order came from there and every information came to there. (Avatars and more about characters - in World and People soon)

    Kingdom itself wasn't biggest in Known World, but had the second largest population (around 250 000 people) and was third richest nation just before March happend. It's army also was second in numbers and first in power in Known World. Not many people remember how it even look as most of it's population died during Sacred March and now it is almost impossible to get inside of it and not die.

    Character knowledge bonus:
    You however, know. You was there and you saw battles from nightmare. On both sites loses were astronomical even before Rift opened as both sites gathered their main forces in and around Salazar before last part of Circle plan started. Enough to say that many of mages, priests, paladins and many other magic users didn't care about how powerful spells they cast and how many people would die from them. Circle plan itself was based on sacrificing big part of their forces to get enough time to cast spell that would kill Gods, however, most of people that knew about their plans agreed that was probably only chance to won for March. You commander happend to be one of those people that decided to tell his forces that they have one goal - stop Avatars, Chosen (people with lesser power then Avatars, don't connected to Gods, but still serving them) and Anti-March nation forces from killing or disrupting Circle members from casting spell.

    You was one of people that managed to be still alive when portal to Void opened, but sometimes, you think that those that died before were just lucky. You don't even want to mention slaughter of both sites by their own people, spells and sometimes even commanders, but that what happend later was terrible enough to stop almost everyone from fighting, excluding only people in berserk, fanatics or those who had enough instinct of self-preservation to don't turn their backs on enemy. First, sun stop shining for a moment and ground shaked once. After that, hole on the top of Spire started to become bigger and bigger, like a hole in fabric of reality, teared up by invisible hands.

    Later, you remember only scream and white light. And after that, that feeling of pulling part of you, incredible pain when your soul started to fly from your body, like a water in a sink. You know that souls exist, you saw enough of them next to you and later deeper and deeper into Void.

    After that, at least from people told you later, many people died immediately, their will wasn't strong enough. Some of them become twisted monsters that hide in the dead woods. Another ones also become monsters, but their bodies didn't changed, except eyes. Their iris disappeared, forever. You however remember one thing from that part of time when you lost your mind for four years. Hunger. Hunger for live, for souls. You ate many other souless l and people live forces that managed to survive outside of spell range. And you thank dead gods that you don't remember it.

    You know that some people had some luck - even Circle members panicked when Rift was opened. They decided to try something maybe even more dangerous - they opened Gates. One of main reasons why wizards/mages and other arcane magic users don't use teleportation, is that that it is too unstable. It is hard to count how many people died in these attempts, but they decided to try it anyway, it was their only way to get out of this shit.

    And they survived, all of them that wasn't inside instant death area around Gates. Who died? Xyon, at least people think that he died, however, when Rift opened, an comet appeared on sky and flown north, into deep north. Some people think that could be Xyon. There are two other confirmed dead members of Circle - Sani, his lover and Bartok - his apprentice. Many people that survived thanks to opened Gates confirmed that they turned into ash as they were near Spire, trying to help Xyon. From 12 people, nine survived and live to this day as Circle: Count Zabadon, Artia, Mukor, Old Man Lysang, Tarok - Emperor of Dragon Empire, Zalin, Masked, Gorasul - Wizard of Silver Flame and Vash.

    And what happend to once peaceful land? Death. Nothing now lives in this land, except mad Soulesses, Voidwalkers - terrible creature from Rift and other things that seems to be outside of nightmare. However, Rift range of influence stopped and those monsters don't exit beyond it. Souless are only people that can survive inside that zone, and they can only do that if they are near border. Deeper into land - more life flows from you. Doesn't matter who you are. Other thing that protect people from influence of Rift are special amulets, but they cost an fortune and work only a day or two. This land is lost forever, even for you, souless woman. Forget about it.

    2 + 8 - Free Lands - before Sacred March - Kingdom of Tarum (zone 2 and 8) - after Sacred March... succeed, situation in Known World was chaotic. Many people panicked, armies were divided into small groups and most of Kingdoms almost went into hell with Gods (exluding Dragon Empire (18) Vin-Libe (5) and Dwarven Kingdom (3 AND 4 at that time). Only fast reaction of Circle saved most of them, but Tarum was already lost at this time. Current 'captial' of Free Lands City of Wonders and Thieves - Larnmarn (Fun fact - based on The City from Thief and Lankhmar from Grey Mouser and Fahryd series and Ankh-Morpork from Discworld) was actually second biggest town of Known World, but it always was... full of many people. Shady people. Thiefs. Heroes. Mercenaries. But those people feel they was community, always connected by this land, this town and their business. And they not only doesn't feel that chaos too much, they make this chaos their power and their tool. Council of Guilds was created by those people that had most things to tell about things in Larnmarn. There was one goal in this thing - eternal status quo. And this happend. And yes, South Kingdoms (9, 10, 11) even tried to attack these lands but they forget about that idea very fast, when their banks account disappeared, their families get many, many letters about what will happend to them if they didn't forget about this idea and thousand of free people, thieves, assasins, heroes all across the Known World that happend to appear right across South Kingdoms armies way.

    Larns (slang for people from Larnmarn, sometimes Free Lands in whole meaning) are very touchy about their freedom. Nobody ever controled more then 6 wards of town (out of 12) and there is reason for that - it is impossible, even for Circle. You can bribe, murderer, scare or make people love you, but they don't let you control their city. And if you try anyway, well... Main headquaters of Assassins Guild is in this city, so you can be preety sure that your live can end soon. Very soon.

    South part of Free Lands (8) is other kind of story. Most of these lands are little regions - circles of influence - and have many different rulers. At least they call themselfs like that. Circle tolerate that kind of thing, becouse it get most of trouble from so called self rulers busy. They fight and die, change their borders, unite and divide all time, creating chaotic region full of violence and uncertain fate. There are some main groups that manage to make some kind of law around there, but only one actually manage to get from bandit kingdom phase into something that at least reminder Tarum from old times. However, they always have problems. Many warlords don't want them on their lands and often attack them, but for now 'New Tarum' manage to still protect itself. Council of Guilds seems to be interested with this particular faction and sometimes send them help - and many say that is only reason why they still exist.

    Nobody know how many people actually live there and don't travel all across the land, but some people say that at least around 60 000 people.

    You was there when you was captured on the road and locked in prison. And you probably are still around there.

    3 Dwarf Mountains/Dur-bazuk Mountains - 'Reborn' Mountains - ah, dwarves. This is area that was given to dwarves and their gods after they came from their destroyed planet. It is hard to say anything about that land above ground, as most of it is under it, but there are one or two towns in the middle of some glens, they aren't important, however.

    Dwarf Empire is underground, yes. Around 20 towns, bigger or smaller, but most of people never see other city then capital - Druzumbak - Drumes of Storm. Why drumes of storm? Whenever storm happend and thunder hit in mountains above, everyone hear sound similiar to gigant drum (and preety much make everyone scream and lie on the ground first time when they are in the city, as it sounds almost like entire fucking mountain is falling on your head. Actually, even Count Zabadon, know for traveling around the world had this little accident. In the middle of feast with dwarven king. Well, enough to say that everybody, including Count started to laugh about that short after and that probably started long friendship between Zabadon and dwarven race).

    Capital itself is actually second biggest town in Mountains, but to Kazarak only dwarfs have access (or those people that manage to get title of Heroes of their race). Druzumbak is well known ores, weapon and armours trade point. Every town is connected to it with underground trails all around the moutains, dig very deep under them. Not many saw them, but most of them are safe. Dwarfs aren't interested with world outside their lands, at least most of them. Only three times dwarfs happend to be part of something connected to world outside - after Rift was opened - and like 50 years after that when younger dwarven prince was assasinated in South Kingdoms by accident (they tried to kill their king that wanted to support Circle, didn't know about that prince is inside castle and just happend to kill him. They however, fucked up enough to left one of most trusted dwarves king agents alive. He manage to get into secret passage and week later, into Druzumbak. Well, enough to say that after Regnar Stoneheart (father and king, of course) heard what happend, he went tantrum and almost started a war with South Kingdoms. Only Circle action stopped him from doing that (... well. They BEG him to don't do that. They knew they didn't stand a chance to force him to do that. And his armies would probably crush everything on their way) and instead he offer an thousand golden coins to anyone that decides to go under his banner and attack South Kingdoms. Circle didn't saw the problems as he didn't appear on the front, instead his older son, Mogred take the leader role.

    How many people appeared? Around 10 000. Not only dwarfs, but humans, soulesses and even elfs. Even some people from Circle appeared, they however promised to not use any kind of magic in this campaign as they wasn't there for 'official reasons'. Who appeared? Well, only two confirmed people were Old Man and Count, but some say that they saw Masked among them. Some say that even Mortin Hanin (guy taken from my favourite saga Black Company. He is guy described as 'one of most dangerous murderers ever alive', but he didn't appear himself in it. Well, I decided to somehow give him a role in my setting as he never had a role in Black Company and that was shame for me) ( He is/was(?) Chosen of Teriona, master of killing art in many, many ways, including stealth killing, battles, poisons and many other ways. He is confirmed to be killed by Circle agent short after March, however many people think that he is alive, and even serve people that 'killed' him, for some reason) killed some of people that attacked Averin (Dead dwarven prince) personally. Nobody know the truth.

    Enough to say, that little army managed to clash with much bigger forces of South Kingdoms (army + orders + sects of Dead Gods) and destroy most of them. They killed almost 30 000 people on their way and somehow managed to not destroy almost anything on their way to palace where new king wanted to protect himsefl. (He was one of murderers) When main forces make distraction, 100 people chosen by Mogred managed to get into capital of Karum (10) and after destroying almost entire palace, they managed to fight with Forgotten King (why forgotten? Well... short after his dead Regnar begged Dwarf Gods for punshment for his son murder - dwarfs hate killing someone when he didn't know he will meet a threat. However, for some reason, if you want them that they will die, you can kill them whatever way you want. They prefer to kill face to face, but poison, dagger in back or other way is good too. Well, they are a bit other then most dwarfs - and his gods respond. They wiped out everything connected to his name, his person or his existence ever. Yeah, they manage people to forget how he look or even anything connected to anything he had done in his live, exluding murder and these battles after. That what real gods can do. And, they didn't broke their pacts. They just used all their priests in entire world. (Around 150 000 dwarfs).
    Entire thing was later called 'Dwarven Crusade'.

    Dwarfs also have strong feeling towards Soulesses. They remember that they gave their lives for their own kind and this is greatest kind of loyalty that anyone can show, at least for them. Some dwarfs actually fought in March (around 1000, called Lost Legion, becouse their souls was destroyed and lost forever due to differences between Zinoth people souls and dwarfs souls as they are from other world. You may don't remember that Dwarven Gods promised to not get into this war, but nobody say that about dwarfs themselfs. Dwarf also praise Lost Legion for that they probably know that they will die in this war, but decided to help humans anyway). Last thing is connected to thing called 'Goban Tar'. (Roman V on map) - happend 100 years ago

    Taming griffiths is one of most sacred and guarded secrets of dwarven kin, next to melting and forging black steel and rune magic. After DC, part of 100 people that managed to get into palace (30 people died) and kill Forgotten King were asked by Rengar for anything they wish. Most of people asked for gold, sword, armours (or nothing, like Circle part). However, group of 15 people asked for this secret. Taming griffiths.

    Rengar was shocked and think about that almost an month before he disagreed, however that make some older dwarves angry and ashamed. They have the right to ask about anything they wanted, just as king said and it was offense for all dwarven kin that he disagreed. Some of them were beastamers, people that actually knew the secret... and they gave it to them. And escaped with them to old fortress above Dane Pass where they managed to get around 250 young and old people interested to know the secret of griffiths and how to ride them. A lot of young nobles was among them.

    Enough to say, that again, Rengar went angry. However, this time he couldn't act. His dwarven people had right to gave them this secret, but many other dwarfes said that was betrayal of their kin. Instead, he asked his friend Count for help. Almost beg him for it.

    Around 50 people that were already connected to dwarf race agreed to help, including Count. He lead attack on Goban Tar, killing most of beastamers that joined New Riders forces and actually manage to don't hurt any young apprentice of them. Most of adult people died during attack, they were connected with their griffiths strong enough to kill in attempt to defend them. Just like young ones, but Count probably first time show his ture power to the world. Faster then any human could, he knocked out as many people he could and kill as many griffiths he found. Almost like a time were only mere thing to him. That finished New Riders dreams and most of young disciples were send to home as there was no point in punishing them for just joining New Riders (and many of them were noble childrens of important families. Yeah, that matter).

    However, any dwarf (12 of them) that take role in this, was banished. They knew that this would be their fate after that, but they are heroes for those dwarfs that were against giving that secret (aka most of them). Humans and other people, were praised. Their names (at least those that agree to give their names, aliases or anything like that. Even titles) are still writen in captial, above the main gate so any dwarf can know their name and remember that their kind have debt for them. (Actually, it is possible that YOU was part of both of those things. It will be in historical part of skills. They it will have update for character knowlege, just like above).

    4 - Erin Valley - part of Dwarven Kingdom in past, now kingdom of Mukor. After Goban Tar, Mukor asked for part of dwarven land for himself, and this is what he get. It is Valley connected both to Dwarf Kingdom and Vin-Libe (5) - by mountain pass. It is very little part of land, deep into mountain valley, however it is much warmer then any place in the mountains.

    Well, let's start about Mukor himself. He is one of youngest Circle members and probably second best fighter in meele right after Count (Count uses many different weapons, however his favourite weapon is two-handed sword called 'Zweihander'. He is master of that kind of weapon and probably most powerful fighter in meele combat in entire setting (only guy legendary Swordmaster class. Why 'legendary'? Well, there are three tiers of classes. Base-Advanced-Masters. If you ever do something that could be called legendary in mean of skill that you mastered, you will get 'Legendary' status and class. Something like S skill range in some CYOAs... well. Good luck trying to get it. There are like 3 ways to get legendary skills in each way, but I think I can tell you how you could get legendary status as a magic user, as you can't use magic: find 'legend' tier artifact and master using it, fight with someone from Circle that is skilled with magic as his main skill, and defeat him or... last thing will stay secret! ;) ) and probably second weakest guy in magic skills (just before Vash, but he don't have magic powers at all. Why he is in Circle? About that, later.)

    Mukor himself is in 'good' part of the Circle, with Count and Old Man, as he care very much about his people that he rule and he treat his friends as family, however, his power is also his curse. When anything make him angry, he almost instantly went berserk, attacking anything or anyone dare to be in same room, preety much killing anyone that is with him and this is why most of his people fear him. He can't control that ability at all, and it lasts until six hours pass, he kill someone or is knocked out.

    This is one of reasons why he keep himself locked all day in his keep, exluding moments when he patrol his Kingdom or when he meet with other people from Circle. They are powerful enough to stop him and he doesn't fear about them as he know it.

    Most of people that live on his lands are dwarves, they are however probably only people in Known World that are citizens for two Kingdoms. Mukor told them that they may be whoever they are if only they will accept his regin of and... what is an suprise, they accepted him and even like him. He guard their homes, themselfs and their families. They are still dwarves, but they are also part of new kingdom and they look in the future with hope.

    Vin-Libe - Artia kingdom - one of two kingdoms that have access to the ocean. That make Vin-Libre one of most powerful and richest nations in the Known World, however, it almost doesn't have army at all. After fall of Gods, that place is culture and art center of Known World. Many famous artist, chroniclers and other people of art live there. It is also called 'Paradise of Bards' as many famous bards live there from tips (and I mean they build estates with these money, if they are skilled enough. Or have enough luck).

    A very little facts are known about Artia. She is older then most Circle members, as she was ruler of Vin-Libre long before Gods died (Who is older? Only confirmed man older then her is Old Man Lysang), she is obsessed with art and beauty, maybe even obsessed enough to call her mad. For some time before they catch you, you even heard that she locked herself somewhere and meet only with Circle on their meetings (it is well known fact that once in a month every Circle member meet in some place. Nobody ever missed that meeting, at least this is what people said. But what they talk about and where they meet... who knows?)

    About nation itself, it is really hard to say something about them. They are mix of people from other nations that decide to come and live there. Most of those people that lived before were simple fishermans or merchants with little fleets.

    Their captial, Perian is full of elegant, high class restaurtans (yes, there are restaurants. Damn, dwarfs have basic electricity technology, so why not restaurants) for mages, professors and other important people. It is also only place where archeology is one of main courses of study (there are only few universities in Known World, one in Vin-Libre, two in Dragon Empire (military and magic) and two in Middleren County).


    World and people:

    Theories of magic and magic itself:
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    Cat in the Tent
    Chapter - 0
    Whereabouts - Unknown?​

    An old woman looked into a crystal ball. And then looked around her. Everything in the room was dirty and a bit dusty. Many big bookshelves, with thousands of books on them. A round table with a hole in the middle and a brazier placed inside. However, there was something disturbing about the room, at least for someone who never was there before. There were no walls at all. Darkness surrounded the table and the bookshelves, the woman and the crystal ball.

    A big, black cat lay near the fire. The woman looked at the cat and grinned.

    - Oh, you old, fat, useless thing! Why won't you catch mice? Why won't you even move your damn butt from the table? - she murmured, touching the ball. However, what happened next would probably make a man question their sanity if they saw it. The cat looked back at her, licked its tail and... answered.

    - At least I sit here and actually DO something, old hag. When were you here last time? A week? A month? A year? - the cat's voice was strange. It rang in the ears, but it was also very soft and velvety. Sometimes, in words with an 'r', it was making a weird sound, almost like a purr.

    - Well... I had some business to do and you know that. Sometimes, I need to talk to someone who doesn't have a tail and doesn't lick his butt all the time. And I was out only for three days. You know that where we are now, time doesn't matter. You can go out sometimes, too.

    - I know that well enough. Go out? Where to and what for? To the cold nights in the wildlands? To feel the need for food or water... I mean, milk again? To the stupid people with their hard boots and heavy stones? No, thanks. I much prefer it here... anyway... what do you see in that damn ball? Anything interesting? Maybe that funny group of people... how did you call them... Ah! I know! The Circle, yes? Do they again play with fate? Did someone important die? A new war, a disaster, a battle or pure chaos? - the cat stood up and walked up to the ball, staring into it. - Speak to me, old hag! I desire to know!

    The woman didn't respond, however. Her eyes were glowing with a weak blue light as she was peering inside the ball. She was silent for a long, long time. And when she finally made a sound, it was a laugh. Not a chuckle, but a pure, loud, cold laugh of an old woman who saw a lot of things in her long life. Still laughing, she stroked the cat. After a while, she calmed down again and then she whisper something to the cat's ear. And it made the cat laugh too.

    - Oh, it will be damn glorious. You say it will start soon? Will it... really be back on the Game board? After so many years? - the cat's voice was full of joy.

    - Yes. I'm sure of it. It can be no other thing. So it finally found a way to escape from its prison... but there was also something more... a promise of something really new. Maybe a new player, or a pawn? Maybe some new force or side? Who knows... What I know, however, is that it will start in the same place. I think we should pay attention, my little friend.

    - Yes, my dear old hag. I will make sure that our agents survey the place. How was it called again? Ravenhord?

    - Yes. Ravenhord. - she nodded and placed her hand on the ball again, rummaging through her pockets with the other one in search of her pipe. She sat there for a while, smoking the pipe, while the cat disappeared behind one of the thousand of bookshelves around the table.

    She was thinking about what she saw in the vision. About 'it', and about that 'thing' new to the Known World. About future work and about thousands of things to do. About Ravenhord and about that which was in the tunnels underneath. And about something she didn't tell the cat.

    About someone.

    music to this part - Small Nocturne by Schatten


    The night was cold and so was the rain. Clouds were obscuring the night sky. But even without light, the road was still visible in the dark. Your horse was tired and even you sometimes found yourself on a border between a dream and reality. And the pain was finally getting to you. Traveling on horseback for three days without stopping at an inn once would wear out even the most experienced traveler.

    Cold wind suddenly hits you in the back and makes your horse shudder. You look around... some trees, a few neglected fields and a road leading to the center of Free Lands, The City of Wonders and Thieves - Larnmarn. You shudder as well. That weird sensation that people feel when somebody is looking at them for a long time - a feeling that you should know well enough - was too strong to only be a delusion.

    Sometimes imagination may be very strong, you tell to yourself. It might be just that. Sometimes, the shadows in your mind may feel real, but they can not harm you. Still, you place your hand on a weapon and make your horse canter.

    And that was probably what saved your life that day. A bolt flies only a few fingers away from your neck. You make your horse break into a furious gallop. You didn't see any of your enemies, but now you know that this wasn't just your mind playing tricks. You grin to yourself at that thought.

    The chase begins. You mutter something about 'at least a day without someone wanting to kill you', but this was not the day. Suddenly, two horseriders appear between the trees, next to you. You heard only a 'click' of a crossbow and
    a pain pierces your hand where the bolt strikes it.

    And then, your pursuers suddenly stop. For some reason, they just gather on the road; for a moment you even hear a laugh. But looking back was a rather bad idea. The last thing you see before you fall to the ground are silver threads... almost like a net.

    - Well, well. I think she is paralyzed for at least a few hours. - one of the soldiers comes near you, looking at you from above with a smile on his face. - Any orders, Captain?

    - Yes. Take her into the keep. She may actually be worth something. - the figure hidden under something that you could call a big pile of robes speaks in a voice that comes from where a normal human should have face. It was... weird. You cannot remember it. Almost as if some kind of magic would tear away the sound of the voice from your memory. - But first... knock her out.

    Last thing you remember was a heavy metal shoe flying in your face...

    And that was what happened a year ago. You remember it too well for your own good, but it isn't the kind of thing you can easily forget... not when you are locked in a little cell in an unknown place; don't get to eat or drink anything for a year; the guards behind the door are the only thing you get to see through the window; and the people locked next to you are the only ones you get to talk to.

    But the biggest mystery is the illusion that hides you from the guards' sight. They probably don't even see the door to your cell, at least you think they do not see it after thousands of failed attempts to talk to them. You, however, can see people in the other cells and hear them. And they could hear you. The last of them was captured almost five months ago, and that was your only way to keep track of time. Not one of you knew how much time has passed, as none of you needed food or water, or even sleep. But you could still sleep, and it was probably the only thing that preserved your sanity. Magic can be a cruel thing.

    Each time a new prisoner appeared, everyone blacked out and got up after the doors locked behind the new arrival, at least that was your theory.

    But... something is wrong now. You don't remember their names, their voices. You don't remember from where you were traveling. Something is very wrong.

    This day is just another one among countless other days in your cell... and yet it is different. You wake up with a scream after a nightmare that you don't remember anymore, but you know it was terrible. Your scream provokes a quick reaction from the others locked next to you.

    - What happened?!
    - Dead Gods, what was that!
    - I think it... - another of your screams drowns out their words. You try standing up as you roll away from your 'bed', but your attempt makes everything worse as you fall and hit the wall with your head on the way to the floor... but at least it silences you. Blood rustles in your head as you desperately try to think, but you can't. You feel the taste of blood in your mouth and somehow, it reminds you of a steel shoe.

    You try to focus on that image, but again, you can't. You start crying as you become aware that something wrong is happening to you. You don't remember, but what? You want to remember, but can't. Why can't you remember?

    Why can't I remember? Why do I talk to myself... to you?



    Yes, you.

    Who are you?

    Your scream still fills your ears as your mind slowly cracks, however... you feel that this might be a good thing. Focusing on this sensation, you stop screaming and try to remember... and you do.

    Your memories flood you as a tide does the beach. Even confused as you are, you know that you have just saved yourself from madness. For some reason the knowledge of who you are was taken from you... but you already survived it once, didn't you?

    Yes. You did.

    You are inside a camp, with many, many people. You know who they are... or at least how they call themselves. 'The Sacred March'. You joined them for your own reasons. People who want to kill the Gods. Madness. How can mere mortals kill a Creator? You don't know, but this is not your concern. It is not your job to know that.

    'The Circle has a plan, they must, if they started this whole thing', - that's what a lot of people think, and you are among them. Xyon convinced many to join his crusade, or at least to support it with gold, people and information. Some say that his voice alone could make a man bow to him, and there may be a grain of truth in this theory. He who could unite kings, archmages and simple people under one banner is not to be taken lightly.

    The camp is silent, almost serene. Stars shine brightly above your head as you sit at the campfire, next to your friends... wait - friends? Maybe not friends, but comrades... but do you even know these people?

    You try to focus on their faces, but for some reason they elude you. You don't remember if you ever talked to these people, but you know this memory. The last night before the battle under the Spire. The last night with your own soul. Thre last night... when you were still human.

    You slowly lie to the ground, gazing at the stars... and you scold yourself. Tomorow you will fight for your life, Gods be damned! And instead of rest, you think about dreams and trivialities.

    - You really should sleep now, young lady. - you suddenly hear a voice above you, and you nearly butt heads with its owner when you try to sit down. The voice belongs to a middle aged man with grey hair and grey eyes, leaning over you. He raises his eyebrows at your knee-jerk reaction. - If I were an enemy, your throat would be slit. You need more practice if you want to be the only person on watch. - his voice is calm, but you lived long enough to detect a strain of sarcasm.

    - I don't think anyone would sneak into the middle of our camp with more than one hundred thousand people only to slit my throat, sir. - you grin back at him, and for some reason your feel much calmer when you see him trying not to smile.

    - Well, you do have a point. But anyway, it would be wiser to rest after marching all day, young lady.

    - I'm not that young... sir. - you try to add that you are almost 30 years old despite your appearances, but he interrupts you.

    - To me, you are young, my dear lady. Believe me, you are. - he shakes his head and touches the staff that he... wait. Where did he get that staff... you are sure that he didn't have it just a moment ago... maybe you really are tired. - Hmm... do you have any plans for the rest of the night? Or do you want to go to sleep? - he leans on the staff and looks at you from above... something is not right about him and you would really like to find out what. Perhaps there is more to it than a delusion of a tired mind?

    - I... don't know. Honesty, I'm not sure of anything today... - you yawn and shake your head - Tomorrow we will fight in what would probably be the biggest battle in a hundred years, and I don't really know what to do about that.

    - In a thousand years, dear lady. - he smiles at you as you look at him, surprised - The biggest battle in the last thousand years. And as for what you can do about that, dear lady... Nothing. It will happen. But you can do something about yourself. We aren't a regular army, you are free to go whenever you want. Of course, unless you are a part of the army that joined us on their sovereign's orders, but I don't think so. We are in the freelancer side of the camp, after all. - you nod to him to confirm his words.

    - Aye, but I don't want to go. I joined to do something, not to run away before the very end. - this time, he nods.

    - I understand. We can't be sure of anything, life is life. We may win, or we may lose. Nobody knows what will happen. Even the false Gods above us. - he looks at the Spire, visible in the darkness even from 50 miles away. He kept looking at it for a while. Then as if remembering that you were still there, he turns back to you. - Oh, yes... Hmm... Maybe you want to calm your mind before deciding on what to do next? - you glance at him - I mean, we could practice a bit.

    - Practice? - for a moment a dirty thought appears in your mind and you almost say 'You dirty old fart, seek elsewhere if you want to find a whore'. But you can't judge people only because they are a bit older then you. And you have a weird feeling that this could have ended poorly.

    - Yes. A little sparring.

    - Well... why not? I could use to flex a bit. - you stand up and he smiles at you. And then starts walking, fast. How the hell does an old man - more than twice your age, probably - walk so fast?

    The path he chooses is... weird. It is winds around the tents, wooden walls and supply crates... almost as if he wanted to stay hidden from the eyes of others. You shrug, but this detail lodges in your mind as something important. A few guards spot you as you walk and nod to the old man, following you with their eyes - some with envy, some with glee, and some with barely hidden surprise. Some of them tell you to stop, but the old man just shows them his staff and they salute him. And then walk away from him really fast.

    In a few minutes you get to the end of the camp, near a little shrubbery. You leave the encampment, and after a while you finally come to a stop on small glade. He looks around and nods approvingly.

    - Aye, I think this place is good enough. Far enough from the camp that nobody will disturb us... or cry on my shoulder that we are being noisy in the middle of the night. - he smiles to himself and turns to you - Hmm... do you prefer hand to hand combat for sparring? Maybe quaterstaves? Or something else? - you think for a moment and looks back at him... well. He wanted to spar, so let's give it to him!

    - Hands will be good enough, sir. - you respond, and his eyes flash in the dark... well - they don't exacly illuminate, but rather flash as if he just found a bag of gold. You shiver a bit when he smiles and answers.

    - Ah, good. I really wanted to move a bit. - he puts down his quaterstaff and starts warming up. His bones make sounds like dry wood breaking in half. You start the warm-up as well... if he does that, you probably should too... but you don't think that an old man could do anything to you... Well, except for maybe spells. He is wizard, that much is clear. The staff, the saluting guards... the way they looked at you... probably someone very important. But you do not care. If he wants a fight, he will get one.

    - Are you ready, young lady? - he beams, and when you confirm, he takes a stance. - Well, ladies first. If you please.

    You smile at him. Yeah, he is a wizard and an important one... You don't want any problems if you accidentally harm someone important. You move towards him and try to hit - a weak right hook should be enough to make him move a bit and not to knock him out at the same time... Yes?

    Well, not exacly. You still remember how fast your hand was trapped in his grip. His eyebrows rise as you look at his hand in astonishment.

    - What was that? Was that supposed to be a strike? Well, you had your chance to start. - he suddenly grins. And then he hits you with the fastest jab you ever saw. Your head bounces back as he releases your hand. You touch your jaw and feel a taste of blood in your mouth. That was a powerful hit, very powerful. He looks at you as you look at him. - What? Nobody ever hit you in the face? - he smirks, and anger rises inside of you.

    - So that's how you want to play, old fart?! Fine! - your hand, now moving at full speed, is blocked by his arm. You try to hit him with a flurry of punches, but he just slips away from them. Gods, now you know why the guards were smiling. You suddenly realize who is this man, famous for taking random people to his 'sparrings'. However, your train of thoughts abruptly comes to a stop when you feel another strike, this time in the stomach. Not too strong, but it still takes the air out of your lungs.

    - Hey, don't sleep, young lady... and by the way, I like it... 'old fart'. - he smiles again and hits you one more time with left hook, but this time you are ready to dodge. He laughs, a bit surprised - Ah, it seems that you have some spirit after all! - suddenly, he charges at you and only the distance saves you from being swept off your feet.

    You look at the staff, and you know this is your only chance. You run towards it, while Lysang, one of the Circle wizards, probably the most powerful archmage in the whole March, the legendary shapeshifter and now an 'old fart', advances at you slowly. You grab the staff, only to feel something grip your ankle with the strength of a dwarven vice. You hit back with the staff, blindly, and hear a loud 'bang!' followed by a scream of pain.

    - OW! You think! Good! It will be fun! - he laughs as he grabs your ankle with the second hand... and starts spinning you around. After a few seconds, he releases you and you fly away, screaming as you hit the ground with a loud 'thud'!. You stand up and ready yourself for another strike again, but Old Man Lysang just looks at you and keeps laughing. - No, I don't have enough heart to beat someone up like that before the battle. - He waves his hand and whispers something, and you suddenly feel relaxed. Pain disappeared as if it were a bad dream. He stands next to you and takes the staff from your weaked hands. Your vision becomes darker and darker, and just before you drift off into the world of dreams, you see him smiling at you.

    - Good night, young lady. - he grabs you and throws you over his shoulder... or at least that's what you heard from the guards the next day. He carried you back to the camp and went away... just like he came. You never had a chance to meet him again.

    But you knew it was only the beginning of your road. You still had a lot to learn.

    Yes... a lot. You had almost 250 years to learn. And you indeed know much more now, after all if you lived for 280 years, you must know something. Even if you didn't want to learn... life have taught you anyway.

    Suddenly, you know. You know who you are, what you are. How you lived, how you were trained, and everything else...

    Anger burns insode you like a dragon's flame. You remember now.

    It was a normal, calm day, like any other in the southern part of Randel Kingdom. You and your agents, about 30 people, were working there at the time. You knew you would need all of them for the task at hand.

    Rumors about an upcoming rebellion in the region were widespread, but you would be a poor professional if you believed every rumor. The reports from your agents, though, were clear - it will happen. 'Too many connections between various small groups, too many people gathering supplies and weapons, and too many Circle agents around to deny it.' - you remember the words of Hirine, your right hand, as if it happened yesterday...

    Sun reached the middle of the sky when your agents gathered at the inn that served as your headquarter, as you started giving out new objectives. Some of them were on guard duty. You knew you could trust them. They were your best men.

    This was what sealed their fate.

    At first you only heard muffled screams from behind one of the walls, where Silan was supposed to guard the only entrance. Later, you heard that he died fast, with his neck broken when a wave of magic pushed him into this wall. Nike, the best forger you ever knew, was next. A crossbow bolt hit her in the chest, killing her almost instantly.

    You sprung to your feet, taking weapons in your hands... you remember that you wielded:

    1. Favourite weapon - pretty much the first vote on your skills. You can add anything you want, but I will give you some options.

    a) Dagger (one or two)
    b) Shortsword(s?)
    c) Kivnai - a short sword from Shonzang lands, with a weird kind of knob above the hlit that allows you to swing the weapon in your hands and attack with great speed. Can't be dual wielded as it requires both hands to use.
    d) Evi-nr - fan(s) from Shonzang, made from a very light but durable alloy. Can only be used to cut someone, but are very easy to hide somewhere in your outfit.
    e) Rapier, epee or any other kind of those swords, can be dualwielded with any other.
    f) Freeform - any normal weapons you can think of from can be used there.

    Before you could retaliate against the enemies that broke inside the building, you suddenly felt one of your people pushing you behind a wooden pole, just in time to save you from another magical energy wave. You never knew who he was as he turned to ash before you could look back at him, but you know you owe this man your life. A smell of burning meat and a wave of heat hit your senses as a hammer strikes a sword on an anvil. You rose back to your feet, just fast enough to escape a blade that nearly impaled you.

    Your enemy had the crest of Randel on their shield, but there was no time to ponder the meaning of this. Your weapon found its way to your hand almost like it had a mind of its own. A quick movement was enough to kill your first enemy without much effort; he was just too slow for someone like you. You looked around, only to see more and more of your men fall on the ground, dead or dying. Magic from an unknown source was lashing out at everyone. More soldiers kept pouring into the inn through every possible way, including the windows.

    You tried helping your men fight back and gathering them into a small group, but you couldn't save everyone. However, any of your people that died took down many more enemies with them. You took a bit of pride in this. You trained many of them personally, and you did well.

    It was then when you had to choose between two people that you loved.

    Hirine, or Hiri, how you called her, was your right hand and the best friend you ever had. She was responsible for everything that you couldn't do alone - agents, orders, plans... everything. Hiri was one of your first agents in the third reincarnation of the House of Servants (your organization, there were three of them all by the same name, one after the other. After all, people would die even if you yourself didn't age). You met her almost 20 years ago, when she was a youngster no more than 17 years old, who tried stealing your purse in a dark alley and instead got knocked out by you. She had shown some talent in a way she was following you, and if you weren't a spy yourself, you probably wouldn't have detected her.

    After that, you told her that she had three choices. One was for you to give her to the authorities, the second was to let her go, forget she ever saw you, and live on the streets for the rest of her life... and the last one was to follow you.

    She chose. And from that time you have trained her, to make her your new best agent, your hands, your eyes, your tongue. Your feelings towards her changed somewhere along the way, and you finally started calling her your daughter.

    And now one of these bastards cut her legs with a blade as she was trying to sell her life dearly. Time almost stopped for you, and you nearly charged at them, but suddenly you saw another thing that made your heart skip a beat.

    Adbel, an elf, your left hand and your bodyguard, the man that saved your life countless times after you hired him a long time ago. He was one of the best fighters that you ever knew, and you saw many in your long life. Among your people, there was a proverb - 'When Adbel swings his sword, somebody dies'. He was a quiet, very quiet man. You heard him speaking aloud only three times. One was when you proposed to hire him. His response was 'How much?'. Another, though your memories of the event are so hazy you think it could have been a dream, happened when you were mortaly wounded after a mission in the Dwarven lands. His voice was harsh and broken. He spoke at length, at least that's what most of your agents say, but you remember only a single sentence - 'Save her, you damn mountebank doctor out of dog's ass! If you don't save her, I will do the same thing to you.' Last time you remember it happening during a feast.

    But now, even he was being overpowered by sheer enemy numbers. You... were forced to choose. Otherwise you would have lost both of them.

    2. And you chose:
    a) Hiri
    b) Adbel

    And then, you heard the other one die. You try to focus - whom did you leave behind? - but you can't. For some reason, you don't remember. Maybe you don't want to remember?

    Your memories suddenly change, you are outside that cursed building now. Someone tries telling you something, but their words do not reach you. Things have gone bad, and everybody knows it. Only a handful of people managed to run away from the slaughter and now they are all standing next to you. You must decide if it would be worth it to try and help those that are still fighting for their lives inside the inn, or if you would rather escape with those that managed to run away... after all, everybody knew the risks.

    3. Your people:
    a) You escaped, leaving those trapped in the building on their own. Seven of your men will have survived the attack, besides you.
    b) You ordered to attack the enemy from behind and that might have given a chance for more people to escape. You still could have lost more people than you would have otherwise. A risk is a risk.
    c) You ordered your people to get the enemy attention and split up, fleeing into a labirynth of streets. This has surely made the enemy forces inside the bulding weaker. More people inside the inn would have had a chance to escape, but maybe it was already too late to save them. The ones that escaped with you, however, will have a better chance of remaining alive than if you ordered a direct attack.

    Whatever you decided, it had consequences. People died. They always did, but this time it was... like a memento. A memento of those you lost in the past.

    The past.

    The word strikes your mind like a hot iron rod. It burns inside your memories and you begin to focus. This time it actually does something besides amplifying the pain. You fight something, you know that. But what? What is it that is trying to get inside your mind, inside your past? No matter, you know what makes it weaker. The memories.

    Your story started somewhere, after all. You will begin your fight from that point. A childhood. Your childhood. You remember it well, even after all those years... or maybe you don't want to remember it? Maybe you can find new strength in that thought?

    (Each one of those backgrounds gives you a backstory that might be relevant to the plot. You can also choose 'tabula rasa' that doesn't give you any pros or cons)

    Your childhood:
    a) You were one of many little guttersnipes that lived on the streets of Larnmarn. Stealing and fighting with other kids that you didn't know (and sometimes with those you knew)... you just tried to stay alive. This changed when you tried to pickpocket a weird man on a street, a man hidden from the eyes of other people. And he changed your life, in a way that you later changed Hiri's. That man was a priest of one of the Older Gods. (You are from Larnmarn, rolls for knowledge of this city and Tarum kingdom will have large bonuses. + to thief rolls. You know who the Older Gods are - the gods that existed before the Creators came)
    b) Your father was an impoverished nobleman from Vin-Libre. Most of your wealth diappeared long before you were born, but some of it left, and with it you had a chance to receive an education and even went to the Middleren University later. Thanks to that, you gained some friends among the students and teachers and meet creme de la creme of the Known World's nobility. (You are from nobility and have the right to use your father's title as his heir (Countess). Your studies give you big bonuses to most of knowledge/lore rolls. However, using your real name in Vin-Libre will make people very suspicious as you have been 'dead' for a long time now... you never tried to get back to your lands. You are soulless and you don't think that any of your father 'friends' would be happy to see you back. Your land now is probably in the hands of some other family... but who says you can't try to get it back?)
    c) Your family always was moving around. Both of your parents were simple merchants, selling and buying everything they could, just to have some profit off it. You saw a big part of the world, but you never had a real companions longer than for a few days. However, even if you didn't have any friends, you know how to talk to people. Your father taught you most of his tricks when it comes to dealing with people. (You get a bit of 'common' knowledge about the Known World, trade routes and trade itself. Also, your diplomacy rolls and a few other social skills get a bonus)
    d) Freeform - you are free to make up your own backgroud. Just don't get too 'epic' with it and don't add too many bonuses (only for one part of skills, up to three).
    e) Tabula Rasa - you don't want to remember who you weere and it is your strength. You are free from your past. (You get the 'Tabula Rasa' feat. Your background disappeared in the shadows, and even most powerful creatures able to look into one's past can't find your childhood in a river of time. You are a mystery)

    Your mind gets stronger and stronger with every thought, with every second. You feel how the force trying to get inside your mind slowly fails to do that. You know you must keep your focus on who you are...

    And on what you can do.

    Attributes and Races (open)

    Yes, my dear friends. Who we will be? It is time to first vote. I know I should add more text there after like 3 days of writing, but I decided to delete it. Why? Becouse it wasn't good for me and it would be rather inconsistent with your race and gender vote as it was detalis about characters that are locked with our hero/ine and their relations with your character.

    1 Race - below you will have short informations about each of races, their relations in the world and their role. Why not class, atributes and feats, but only race and gender? Well, it will be complex thing to make character there. Your choice of race will close some classes or open them as well as feats. Your gender also is important as it will make probably biggest change in your adventure exluding your race, of course. Well, let's begin!

    Before we start - list of attributes with some short description about them. Important thing - you CAN'T choose them yourself. Your choices (race, class, sex and feats) will change them, but you can't pick them.

    Strength - well, everyone know about it. It is how much you can carry, how powerful your strike can be and other things like that.
    Dexterity - another stat that is well known to everyone who ever played (almost) any RPG. How fast (without any negative effects or overweight of things that you carry) you are, your reflex...
    Constitution - another one from our dear standard attributes. How much hits you can take before you will die, your health and regeneration (I mean, more con you have, your injures heal faster).
    Intelligence - another one, this however, is a bit other then in any of standard RPG. More you have of it, more you can find out about gameworld and your spells are more powerful... if you train, of course. It also say how much other characters can think about, make plans and are more dangerous (well, goblin can be dangerous, but it also is dumb. You can fool it. But it is much more harder to fool archmage that want to make you ash. And he is more dangerous, of course). Your character is of course, you, so this don't work that way.
    Wisdom - another new, but old. More wisdom you have, your power rise if you are psionic class. It also is combined with willpower, so we will check rolls with wisdom when someone will torture you, will try to fool you with any kind of magic... or any normal way (bluff and other kind of skills like that)
    Charisma - another one new, but old. Higher charisma - you have more chance to use your tounge - HOWEVER - it didn't give you bonuses on your appearance. You can have high charisma, but you can also be bad as fuck in diplomacy. Yeah, stats in skills are maybe even more important then atributes when it come to rolls with them.

    Here we come with new ones:
    Sanity - ding dong, you are Joker... I mean, this stat work a bit other then others. At start you have 12 points of sanity, what mean that you are normal. How sanity system work? See something terrible that can make scream even archmage (like Voideater... yeah, you don't want to meet it), fail too much wisdom rolls on tortures or in mindbreaking magic and others like that.
    From 10 points, you start to have scars on your mind, if you know what I mean, but you aren't mad yet. This is natural state to everyone.
    7-5 - you saw some shit, you start to lost balance. You may fail some rolls due to that, people can start to think something is wrong with you.
    4-2 - You are deeper into madness, you start to become really... unstable. This is state where everyone can tell that you should be locked down somewhere, but... are they right?
    1 - Welcome in Pro... I mean madland. You are mad, congratualtion. Your character lost your mind, but you still have chance to get back, if you have some help... or if you are strong enough.
    0 - Your mind is shattered into pieces, nothing can save you now. Game over.

    Magic power/mana/energy/call it whatever you want - yeah, if you will be magic user, you will get this little stat. More spells you use, you lose more of it. How much you will have it? Well, it is % system.
    100% - you are ready to cast most of spells. You aren't tired or anything, so you are probably after fresh rest. Good for you.
    99% - 80% - Yeah, you lost some of your power, but you are still powerful... in your mean of power, of course.
    79% - 50% - You start to lose energy, spells can become more painful and you may start to fail some rolls as your body is now tired.
    49%- 25% - Now it is getting serious. You need to rest if you want to cast spells without passing out. Your body and mind rolls have now serious negative effect.
    25% - 5% - Congratulation, you are out of your mana now. You are probably unconscious now and if you aren't... well. You feel very bad and are every slow. Probably also look like you wouldn't sleep for a week.
    4% - 1% - You used your life energy to cast spells and you are in serious trouble. Without resting for like a week and good meals you will probably die soon.
    0% - Your spells sucked out your magic and live forces. You probably have done something powerful or something sucked you up from them... anyway it is nothing to worry about now as you are dead.

    1 Humans:
    Show Spoiler
    Ah, humans. Probably the most known race ever in fantasy. It isn't different then many other from other fiction, of course, there are many other cultures, kingdoms and empires, but they are humans.

    In Known World setting, humans are the most common race on the Zinoth. They are almost everywhere and they are everyone. They can be any class, except some special choices for other races. They are also best magic users on Zinoth, so if you want someone who will be magic user, you can choose human.

    About statistics - they are pure and most clean rase in setting and they don't have any pros and cons. Of course, woman is weaker then man and she will have lower body stats.

    I don't know what I can say about them as cultures and other things will appear soon before second vote. Any question however, are welcome.

    2 Dwarves:
    Show Spoiler
    Dwarves! On Zinoth, dwarves come from another world from Void on this planet, after their was destroyed by one of their gods - Valatun Trickster - as he broken something called by dwarfs "Forge of North Soul" and probably killed most of their race and panteon (and Valatun in the process). That what remains in Jarin Moutains, in the n-w site of Known World is probably around of 10% of their population on their world. (Around 250 000 of them).

    They live in clans that have their thans - head of clan. For most of dwarves there is nothing more sacred then his own clan, even kingdom or his Gods are behind it on importance list (Clan - Gods/Kingdom - Himself/His Honor/et cetera? - Friends - other things), except dwarf priests that promised their soul to god/dess and they don't have clan anymore.

    You probably think - how the hell dwarfes Gods are still alive after Sacred March killed gods? Well, answer is simple. Gods of Dwarfes come around 2000 years ago (March happend 150 years ago), but it didn't mean they were destroyed by humans. When they appeared first, Creators were kind of scarred of them and decided to make pact of that they didn't appear on Zinoth anymore (exluding Avatars, but about them I will post in second post later) and Dwarven panteon agreed. They also agreed to that they will never attack each other from Creators and vice versa. Nobody however, didn't say same about dwarves.

    When March and Circle destroyed Creators and pocket place where they were, Dwarf Gods were in other, their own plane that wasn't even touched by Circle spell. They are fine and well... and about dwarfs in March - some dwarves volunteered to help humans to fight with their cruel masters (around 5000) and died after 'Gate' to Void opened as dwarfs souls are much different then others on Zinoth. They are from other world, after all. (These dwarfs were called Turmabug - Legion of Willing (People) and they are hero for both people from March and dwarves.

    Dwarves see humans as their allies (at least most of kingdoms in Known World, except South Kingdoms - 3 kingdoms where faith in Creator is still strong. Well, and they also killed dwarf prince by accident, when they maked assasinate attempt at one of their kings that supported March, around 145 years ago... dwarves didn't forget. In fact, they almost wanted to start a war with these kingdoms and was stoped only by Circle begging them for not doing so... still around 10 000 of freelancers dwarfs and some humans veterans from March attacked South Kingdoms with silent support of Circle and rest of kingdoms).

    Their contacts with most of other races are netural. If you choose dwarf you will probably get bonuses to reputation in dwarf kingdom and get only chance to play as a priest in Known World. They have some negative effects to intelligence and dexterity. Can't use magic as it is connected to soul and dwarfs souls are different. Bonus to Strength and Constitution.

    3 Elfs:
    Show Spoiler
    Yeah, elfs. Elfs aren't much different then humans in this setting, except history and some body differences. That what left from elfs after first attempt to destroy Creators evolved in last 2500 from almost magical creatures to mortals similiar to humans. They still live around 800 years and have much more better reflexes however.

    They were servants of Goddess called Meluia in these times and they would probably fight with March almost 2500 years in future if she wouldn't betray one of Mazeron ten (read first post for this story). When elfs heard about that one of them told her in secret about plan of united mortals (he wanted to warn her as their mother and goddess) and instead was taken to tortures for his good faith, they almost went berserk. Thousands of them fighted with Creators, without chance to stop them, but trying to buy Mazeron Ten some time to cast the spell and banish Creators/Gods to Void, they however failed.

    After that time not many elfs left, but they slowly reborned in woods. Meluia begged others Creator to not destory all of them, but after she come back to their childrens, she was hated instead of loved. Elfs destroyed her temples and hide deep into their lands. Meluia suddenly realized what she had done and suicided, however first called other Creators and make them promise that they will never hurt her childrens if they didn't attack first.

    When March started, elfes don't forget about that happend to one of them becouse of Creators and this is why many of them joined to Circle and March. Almost every of them died when Gate to Void was opened. (Exluding those out of range of portal, 10 miles from mountain where was portal to pocket plane).

    Elfs can be every class that human can take and don't have any special class. Negative effect - Charisma (they don't talk much with other races, so this is only for not elfs) and Strength. Bonus Dexterity and Intelligence

    4 Soulless:
    Show Spoiler
    ALERT AS FUCK - Soulless adventure will be VERY hard. It is race create to see if you want to get with hardcore ruleset of gameplay. Some races will think of you as a hero, but some kingdoms will want to execute you on sight. It also open very special and unique skills, classes (you get character from March... yes. It happend 250 years ago!) but it will be harder. You can't also take any magic class as soulless (DUH!) don't have soul and can't use magic.

    Soullesses are people that were part of March (only humans) and was in range of spell that opened portal to Void. Their souls was torn from their bodies, destroying their Triangle of Existence (Body - Mind - Soul. Basic magic theory of Known World setting and probably one of a few confirmed) and making them mad for over 4 years. They transformed into life sucking creatures that were killing all people form land nearby Void Wasteland, but short after that time some of them manage to back into sanity and get back into society of Known World... as a heroes. They, however, still was changed. They don't aged anymore, don't need to eat or drink at all (but still could as it make them regenerate wounds faster) and sleep only for a few hours in a week. However, some people still feared them as they have ability to suck people life force by touching them (at will) and some say, that even sucking their souls to use it as a force for more powers.

    After 245 years from first awaked Soulesses that come to Circle many were killed by scared people or cults of Dead Gods (or people from South Kingdoms). Circle and most of March Kingdoms see them as a heroes (Including dwarves that have all their name written on gigant statue in their capital. At least those that gave them their names) and still think they have debt for killing cruel Gods. Some of them still fear them however and see them as monsters.

    Bonuses from choosing soul(l)ess - Advanced class(es), higher attributes and stats, unique historical feats to choose and many more... expect however, that people fear you and some of them WILL try to kill you. This is life of the souless... but it will be interesting.

    2 - Sex - well, nothing new there.

    Please vote as Number (1-4) and then Female or Male. Time to vote - 3 days. Questions - I WANT MANY OF THEM! :lol:

    Time to start it, boys... finally. (I will try to finish lore post in these three days).

    Good luck!

    Class System/Attributes levels/Classes (open)

    Aye, here we are, second voting! Today, we choose class of our character, but before we start, little informations about class system.

    Classes have 3 tiers base - advanced - master (+ legendary, a bit about it in second post, read it also for knowledge, guys!). As souless you have bonus of start and... well. You are advanced. You probably think - how we 'level up'? Well, answer is simple. As you vote and your character do things and use skills that are important to it's class, you get more and more experience in this thing. (You can't level up your attributes that way. Only way to do that is get into master and later legendary master level of class or get special bonuses from some choices). Anyway, if you get enough experience (points) in your three base skills (you can as well train other things, whatever you want. Want to play on instrument as swordmaster? Why not. Want to get some theoretical magical knowledge as an assassin? Well, it is your choice!) and get special training from someone that have master level in class that you want to get, viola! You have now master class! (Or you can teach it yourself, but it will be long and much harder way.)

    For the begining of the game - you are locked down and you don't have any inventory, but your things may be hidden somewhere in prison. Your weapon will be chosen by you in last voting part - skills. Based on that, you will get your weapons somewhere.

    Ah, I almost forget. Attributes have 18 levels of them: (Remember that skills you take in next update (history skills as well, as they are certain things that you may choose, as well as your background that you will choose) may change your attributes.)
    1 - You are somehow handicapped, retarded or any damaged in any other way.
    2-3 - You are weaker then most people in the world in these attributes.
    4-5 - Average level for any human.
    6-7 - A little above average, but still nothing special.
    8-9 - Ok, there you are really above average. People with Charisma on 8-9 would be great politicians, diplomatics and et cetera.
    10 - This is maximum of that any average man can get, by training, magic or something other. (And you, of course... unless you find a way to unlock epic level of attributes)
    11 - First level of epic attributes. Here, special things start. People that could throw rocks... well, it depends how big and heavy, but it still is enough to impress anyone... things like that.
    12-14 - Higher and higher levels. On this level of attributes you can preety much do things that could make people think that you are half god. Who have stats like that? Well... there is only one person in entire Circle that have attribute on level 12. Who and which? Well, you probably must find out for yourself.
    15 - Ok, here you probably never will get. God powers. Moving moutains? Possibilty to change people mind with willpower? This is it.
    16-17 - You can broke even more laws of psychics now!
    18 - Max. End. Finito. There isn't any character that have stat above 15, but 18 make you god for real. 18 Str? Well, let's just say that you could punch man into fucking sun. Dex? Move so fast that time could be only something that you heard of. Con? Well, jump into lava without spells, nothing will happend. Int? - You know everything, could cast any spell that ever exist and probably create new universe without much problems. Wis? - Make people disappear, appear and change reality around you only with thought. Cha? - I think you know what you could do with this.

    And here we are... classes. You can propose your class, of course.

    By the way - standard attributes points number is 33 on start. Other classes have slighty changed them due to that they are a bit special and a bit harder in playing or have some bonus from their backgrounds. (Like Merc leader and his Charisma or Assassin and his willpower (wisdom) - Merc himself command people for more then 100 years and Assassin was under many painful torture training sessions to make sure he is good enough for this job)

    Veteran Fighter
    Show Spoiler

    Str: 7/15 Dex: 6/15 Con: 7/15
    Int: 5/15 Wis: 4/15 Cha: 4/15

    Equipment: Armor (chosen by you, next update), two weapons (ranged + favourite weapon), quiver with bolts, 200 golden coins, some supplies (food, other useful) things.

    Base class: Fighter/Warrior - you were simple fighter before as many before you and probably many will be after you die. Skilled in almost every kind of weapon after two hundreds years of training, you become truly veteran of each of them, however you have your favourite weapon.

    After many years full of battles, fights and drinking ale in taverns you decided to see if someone may have job offer that could be good enough for someone that fought for so long. You decided to go into Lankmarn after you heard of that someone powerful and rich search good warriors for some tasks that could get fortune for those that succeed... or death for those that fail.

    Show Spoiler

    Str: 6/15 Dex: 8/15 Con: 5/15
    Int: 5/15 Wis: 5/15 Cha: 4/15

    Equipment: Light/medium armor (again, chosen by you), one weapon (Favourite), invitation for fighting tournament in Larnmarn, suppiles, 300 golden coins.

    Base Class: Fighter/Warrior - after almost two hundred years of mastering your skills in welding one certain weapon, you become weaponmaster - deadly warrior specialized in using one type of weapon. However, you fighting skills aren't based on how hard you hit, but on your technique.

    Doesn't matter where you fought - if you fight with your weapon - you won. Duel, battle or tournament. You seek new ways and techniques for using your weapon and want to master it... and maybe in future, become archmaster of your weapon. After you get invitation from mysterious figure calling itself 'Silver Snake', you decided to look at it and maybe even won something.

    Show Spoiler

    Str: 4/15 Dex: 7/15 Con: 4/15
    Int: 7/15 Wis: 5/15 Cha: 6/15

    Equipment - Light armor, dagger, 'specialist' package - lockpicks, keys and other useful tools, supplies, 800 golden coins, 'Lucky Coin' - special coin that mean much to you... Well, you can have your talisman too!.

    Base Class: Thief - After many years of opening...well... not your locks you become master of it. Doesn't matter how old is lock, if it is magical secured or it is based on dwarven clockwork key technology, you can open it. However, you aren't very good in other thief skills, but you are still better then average robber.

    Ah, Lankmarn. City of Thieves and Wonders. Mostly Thieves, of course. This is where you can find job, sell your loot for really 'fair' price or meet with old friends and enemies. Or buy new tools. Doesn't matter what you wanted in that town. It is your second... and maybe even only home.

    Master Thief
    Show Spoiler

    Str: 4/15 Dex: 9/15 Con: 4/15
    Int: 5/15 Wis: 5/15 Cha: 6/15

    Equipment: Special Light armor (bonuses to stealth), dagger, lockpicks, 1000 golden coins, granates balls - light (make people blind), smoke (well, they make smoke), noice, sleep (make people sleep after taking a few breaths of gas inside for like 3 hours) - you can craft those granates, blackjack (don't work on people with helmets :lol: )

    Base Class: Thief - Instead of studing locks construction, you worked for your reputation and skills. And you earned both of it. Master of silent moves and hidding in the shadows, man who never kill, unless he doesn't must and who can get whatever you wish for... if you pay price for it.

    After anothet good mission, you come back to Lankmarn, your home. Your bag is full of earned money and you feel good, like after every heist. New mission always awaits... and more money to get.

    (You can choose to be part of Thieves Guild next time if you choose this class or Looter)

    Mercenary Leader
    Show Spoiler

    Str: 5/15 Dex: 6/15 Con: 5/15
    Int: 6/15 Wis: 5/15 Cha: 7/15

    Equipment: Chosen armor, weapon, 500 golden coins, special detection amulet (your company wizard can detect you unless you aren't in area that they don't work. You happend to be in one, seems so), suppiles.

    Base Class: Fighter/Mercenary - after years of working as a man for hire, you decided to make your own company. For almost 100 years your hire people from every corner of Known World - if they show you they are worth it and they will get along their brothers and sisters of battle.

    After meeting with one of your informer, you get on your horse and want to meet with your company in Lankmarn just as you determined with your lieutenants. One of mages from Dragon Empire wanted to hire you soon and you needed to search informations about him... well. For now, you are trapped in unknown place, but you are sure that your friends search every under every stone in Known World to find you... at least you think so.

    SPECIAL - you get your own company of mercenaries (50 people) that you will choose in last char update, along with skills (probably 3 to choose, may create more, if you want)

    Show Spoiler

    Str: 5/15 Dex: 8/15 Con: 4/15
    Int: 6/15 Wis: 5/15 Cha: 7/15

    Equipment: Light/medium armor + 2 weapons (everything chosen by you), Assassin Guild symbol, 300 golden coins, 'Assassin Package' - poisons, antidotes and another special objects (list changes with missions as you can take and change them in Guild).

    Base Class: Thief/Fighter - you are master of killing art and people who know you are usually dead or fear you. As member of Guild, you are actually important in Lankmarn and have something to say (not as much as Guild leader, but you are still someone). You know how to make people cry from pain with few touches, how to backstab, mixing potions and poisons are things that you do everytime you need it.

    After another long mission, you are on your way back to Guild. You are tired, however as last three missions were most difficult in your entire live and you want to finally rest a bit. However, on your way back, you are captured by unknown people... they make big mistake to capture someone like you. Time to get away, you think with smile - not that you like killing people, business is business, work is work... but some people just deserve to die.

    SPECIAL - you are member of Assassin's Guild, you have place where you can live and work and where you will probably get backup and funds whenever you will need them for mission, or sometimes even for personal things.

    Show Spoiler

    Str: 3/15 Dex: 8/15 Con: 4/15
    Int: 6/15 Wis: 4/15 Cha: 8/15

    Equipment: Light Armor, a shiv (an easily concealable weapon), a lute, an assortment of poisons and drugs, a few magical trinkets that you have 'borrowed' as mementos from your victims, 300 gold coins.

    Base class: Thief? - You have been called a bard, a rogue, an actress, a vagabond - it is all the same to you. You are finding life easier when you are constantly on the road. You fall in with traveling troops from time to time, but never for long enough that they recognize you for what you are. You natural charms make you quite good at manipulating others to fulfill your whims. Whenever you get hungry, you just slips into the first inn, find yourself a bloke, get him drunk, 'invite' him to a room, then knock him off and feed. Usually the guy wakes up none the wiser the next morning, not remembering what he did to get a hangover like that. It all goes rather smooth and no one ever suspects anything, - especially so since you rarely visits the same place twice, - and you blend in perfectly... unless you run into a mage, then you have to get creative.

    Last time you did, the guy raised quite a ruckus, so you tried to silence him. Didn't even have time to check if he was dead or alive before you had to flee the city in a hurry. You were still on the run when you got captured by some strange people. At first, you thought that one of your former 'clients' finally caught up with you, but now you understand that this wasn't quite the case...

    SPECIAL - you get massive bonuses to Lore, since you have seen most of the Known World on your travels; knowledge of medicine, alchemy and chemistry; a few connections with the less respectable parts of society in the cities and on the road (fellow bards, traveling circuses, thieves, fencers, barmen - the ilk you'd expect a character like that to know).

    Created by Nevill.

    Show Spoiler

    Str: 3/15 Dex: 5/15 Con: 4/15
    Int: 7/15 Wis: 7/15 Cha: 7/15

    Equipment: light armor, favourite weapon, disguise kit, coding and decoding books (memorized), supplies, 300 golden coins.

    Base class: Thief/Jack of All Trades - after many years of hiding in the shadows and listening to words that you never should heard, you finally decided to become someone who get paid for selling those informations. Your own experience is only thing that saved your live many times when you get into trouble. But you know many things now and know how to use them... as tools.

    After another long operation, you finally come back to place where you can feel at least a bit safer. South Kingdoms are dangerous even for normal spy, not even mentioning that you are soulless so you would probably end burned at the stake. However, even your instinct didn't saved you from ambush. At first you were thinking that it is your end, that one of your many enemies finally get you and this is your last moment... but you had enough luck to be locked down by someone who probably don't know you. For now...

    VOTE - you can vote to be 1) Lone wolf agent or 2) Circle agent (in the past) . What it give you? Well, as circle agent you get many connections to people all around the Known World. However, they know you well and Circle itself have informations about you... and this may be dangerous for you in future.

    Show Spoiler

    Str: 5/15 Dex: 7/15 Con: 4/15
    Int: 7/15 Wis: 4/15 Cha: 7/15

    Equipment: favourite armor, favourite weapon, message from unknown person, supplies, your coded list of contacts, supplies.

    Base class: Thief/Jack of All Trades/(Possible to get it as assassin or agent as master level, with higher bonuses) - after March, you knew that world will change. You wanted to be part of it, but you knew that it is impossible as lone wolf, so you decided to make your own organization that will try to point world in right direction, working even beyond eyes of the Circle. Your own friends and spies were working for you and your 'greater good', for over 100 years... however, riots at Randel Kingdom and finally rebellion there were disaster for you and your friends. Detected by Kingdom forces, by their mistake, your organization was wiped out as rebel intelligence network. Only few of your agents survived and most of them abadoned you after that.

    Now, ten years after that, you still can't get yourself together. Trying to find who (if someone really do that) gave kingdom forces information about your organization, you fall into obsession. After you get message from someone who claim that he have information about that what happend during riots, you decide to go meet him on neutral ground. Larnmarn.

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  24. Karwelas Dwarf Taffer

    May 12, 2014
    "Mostly Harmless" planet
    I will start to write next part of Chapter 0 tomorrow. Good news - you actually will start to vote about race of your character and it's gender. Bad news - I make mistakes, becouse my english isn't so good I was thinking it is. Another good news - I think I will also finish first part of knowledge about gameworld post.

    Some facts about next chapters, CYOA mechanics, rolls and other things - By the way - feel free to ask about ANYTHING connected to mechanics, gameworld and don't be shy.
    - First part of CYOA will be kind of prologue where your character can't die, but still can be hurt. It will take around 9-20 chapters, I think. After that, we get into main game where... well. It is your story, not mine. You will decide what you will do.
    - there will be freeform choice, probably after short part in prison where your character is now. It will also appear almost all time after prologue. (Be happy, Nev! :lol: )
    - I get some mechanics from Fangshi Myth CYOA, with his permission (skill and attributes systems). (Come back, master. :cry: ) Rolls system is my own work, but I think it will be good enough to use it. There will be kind of two ways of commanding and voting for your character. First is personal action, that will be your character actions. You can do preety much everything that is possible for it, without any objection... well. It is your character, after all. Second is tactical/party/world vote where your character try to order/convince/force anyone else in the gameworld to do something. It will be based on many things - your reputation with character, charisma (or other atribute), your own actions, rolls and many other things. Don't expect, however to make yourself an leader of gigant army. Most of ways to become anyone important are limited to some special choices.
    - death in Known World is mostly, end of your way. There are some ways that could make you come back from Death's Door, but they are really limited. Some artifacts can prevent you from death, but they aren't almighty. Resurrection spells are preety much rare enough to be epic. However, after Gods died, most of powers that could ressurect someone was destroyed with them. Dwarfs priests are able to do it, but is as rare as becoming god yourself. If you aren't some hero that saved their race, they probably will just bury you, like everyone else. And I wish you good luck to become someone important enough to be ressurected by dwarfs. Another and probably last way to prevent death is dying in one, special place in all setting, but you probably will never even heard about this place, so you can forget about it. Preety much - death is game over, try not to die. Good luck.
    - There are some choices that can lead to your instantdeath if you fail big enough number of rolls. Or if you are stupid enough to choose suicide by stupidy. However, risk can sometimes be rewarded in special ways. Not everything that is hopeless at first glance is instadeath, you almost always have chance to manage to get out of one way situation with your head still on your neck.

    That is everything for now, I think. Questions? Complaints? Anyone want to laugh at my face for terrible mistakes? :lol:
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  25. Nevill Arcane

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    One man's stupidity is another one's MAXIMUM FUCK. :salute:

    I think most of them will come in once we see our character options. :)
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