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Preview Larian Devline - Divinity: Original Sin 2 Q&A


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Jan 28, 2011
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As promised in yesterday's Divinity: Original Sin 2 Kickstarter update, Larian broadcasted a new episode of their series of "Larian Devline" Q&A Twitch streams today, featuring nearly an hour and a half of gameplay footage. Due to technical issues, the Twitch archive was split into four segments, so until they upload it to YouTube you'll just have to watch them one by one over here. Or you can just read this summary by expert Divinity watcher Stabbey:
  • Will there be whips in the game? Swen likes they as a weapon choice, so maybe.
  • The editor will be the same as that for D:OS, but expanded and improved.
  • They will focus on release for PC first, they're making some changes to the engine and don't want to promise other platforms until they're sure it will work there.
  • No release for mobile platforms.
  • There was some production issue preventing you from using dual-shields, it wasn't just a silliness thing.
  • There will be a Spanish translation for D:OS 1 EE, it's still TBD for DOS2.
  • Will the game have pets? It doesn't right now, still TBD.
  • Will there be romances? There is some desire to do things on that front, they're prototyping things, but nothing is decided.
  • Will the EE come with all the bonus content? Yes.
  • There is no 4-player split-screen, only 2-players, the other two players will need a separate box/TV.
  • The Trait system will be improved, that's how some of the dialogue tags work in DOS2.
  • Will Bellegar come back? Dunno, Jan has to write a lot of poems for the postcards. (and no you can't get the post-cards as an add-on, they were deliberately tied to a limited tier for a reason.)
  • The Paypal payment option is almost ready.
  • They do have a system which will allow you to ambush-attack your partners, but it's not ready yet.
  • They don't have a render or sample of the Hoodie to show yet.
  • You can probably change skin tone for other races. I *think* they said you can't change body types because that's tied in with animations and such.
  • They are still undecided about who the new composer should be.
  • Will there be some version of the Lone Wolf Talent in DOS2? Swen thinks so.
  • In 4-player co-op will each player design their own characters or pick them from pre-sets (companions)? They're still working on that.
  • No fish weapon yet. Maybe, though.
  • The player housing is the Hall of Echoes stretch goal.
  • Will there be mixed races? The Undead will have you select your sub-race.
  • What are the penalties for dying? They're still working on that.
  • Will there be a UI button to make using the teleporter pyramids easier? Yes, probably.
  • Can you meet young Damien? No, this is just before Beyond Divinity, he's still stuck in Nemisis.
  • Will there be multiple ways to the next area? Yes, there will be ways to go separately or together.
  • Will you be able to return to previous zones? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, depending on the zone.
  • Chris Avellone won't be a stretch goal, the man is too stretched already
  • No Drow, they are copyrighted.
  • The crafting menu is improved, you can discover effects and use that to create recipes.
  • The action-point system is still in development
  • No bonus for transferring saves. The games are over 1200 years apart anyway.
  • The plan is for more towns to travel to than in D:OS (4), but you know what they say about plans..
  • Aleroth is planned to be one of the towns.
  • The D:OS 1 EE is about at the Gold Master stage.
  • Can we genocide all the cheese vendors? Yes.
  • What are the consequences of breaking pacts with your party members? He has a big design document, but he wants to hear from us for suggestions about that.
  • Will there be any way to speed up combat? Maybe. They're trying things, but it may not work out.
  • Will there be funny descriptions for your current stats, like what Divine Divinity had? Swen hopes to bring that back.
  • Will there be a Junk tag for items? Ways to send multiple items at once? It's on the list, but it won't be in the EE, maybe DOS2.
  • Can any two spells be combined? They're trying. There will also be "metamagic" spellbooks which can't be learned, only used for spellcrafting.
  • You will be able to craft warrior/ranger/rogue skills, not just magic skills
You can watch the first episode of Larian Devline from last November, featuring Codexer Micoselva (and which we didn't post news about for some reason...) over here.


Aug 30, 2012
The Crystal Mist Mountains
  • No Drow, they are copyrighted.

There are Drow in Grimoire.



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May 14, 2004
Seattle, WA USA
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That is the only listed trademark currently in the US for Drow™


Good thing that Drow themselves are out.
Jesus christ, that's the most uninspired EVUL race out there, srsly. At least with generic ORKS and goblins you can have some fun but DROW are ALWAYS fucking tryhard edgy 2deep4u faggots outsmarting everyone including each other.

P.S.: shapeshifter mask seems like a mod made in 5 minutes of scripting by an amateur. The fact that they included that as a stretch goal rings all kinds of wrong bells for me, since that sounds like they're simply running out of funding and it seems like they might not live up to their promises (as it's the case w/ NPC schedules)

Mod tools sounds like incline but the fact that they're going to be outsourcing it doesn't sound very promising either. Anyhow, will wait and see. They aren't gonna get my hard earned cash this Kickstarter.

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