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Completed Let's fall in love with brother!


Feb 13, 2016

It was December of one year... I was enjoying a normal school life when he suddenly appeared before me...

»Today, before we begin, I'll introduce our new transfer student. His name is Bura Burao-kun. He just moved here.»


»Nice to meet you. My name is Bura Burao. I play futsal. My favourite ink is magenta.»

»Don't be afraid of talking to me. I hope we'll get along well!»


»Huh? Have I seen him somewhere...? Maybe a TV advert or something? Nah, can't be. (Heh.)»

»All right, your seat is over there.»

And so Burao-kun came to sit on the seat next to me that had by chance been left empty.


»Heya! I hope we'll get along!»

At first I came to just think of him as a somewhat fair-skinned boy, but I soon came to know of his great speed on the PE class right after the lunch break...



»Oh no! I forgot to put on sunscreen! But I might not make it to class if I go back now!»

[ Return to classroom / Just go to class ]


»I think I can make it if I hurry!»

I ran at full speed.

And when I slammed the door open, I found...






»You idiot! Your pigment ink is showing! Even your cartridge!»


»Why should I care? It was you who came to peek at me changing clothes!»

»I know you'd like to watch me naked here, but my ink is drying, so would you shut the door already?»

»Ugh! You're awful!»


I found myself running away.

He wasn't in the wrong here... Will he think of me as a pervert now? Thinking that I wanted to see his pigment ink?

I didn't get my sunscreen, and said terrible things to him too... How I hate myself now...



»Have a load of this!»


(Huh? Wow... He looks kind of cool...)

Burao-kun, despite his looks, was excellent at sports. He quickly made several goals and leapt to a hero status.

All the other girls were looking at him too...


»I saw you looking at me with a serious face... Do you like soccer?»

»We have a futsal match on Sunday. Would you like to come watch?»

[ Huh? Yes, I'll come! / What? I wasn't watching you! ]

»Idiot. You were watching! I was watching you too for the whole match! I should know!»


»Just come and watch. It'll be fun.»


»All the details are in here.»


Burao printed out a sheet of A4. I was struck by the smell of pigment ink.

(Is he asking me out for a date...? ... No, I'm just letting my imagination run wild here. How stupid of me.)

»T--Thank you. I'll see you on Sunday then!»


The eyes of nearby girls were on us. I decided to run back to the classroom.

Now that I have time to think about it... Why would he suddenly ask me out anyway? Ah, now I'm embarrassed...


But today, the road home looked a bit more brilliant, as if it was dyed in ink...



It's Saturday tomorrow. I was supposed to study, but I'm doodling his picture on my notebook instead.

(But he wouldn't draw as badly as I do... He'd print it out real well, I think...)

»Right! I should make a bentou box for him!»




»Hey! Good morning! So you came! Huh? Is that bundle a bentou for me?»


[ Yeah, I thought you wouldn't play well if you were hungry. / Idiot! Of course not! ]

»Why're you acting like that? Look, you put a letter in there too! Let's see what it reads...»

»'Burao-kun, do your best in the match!' Huh. Thank you for the bentou and the letter too!»

»I'm going to score goals today!»

And then the match started. They were against the city's reigning champions. The game went back and forth and I thought it'd end up in a draw...



»GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAALLLLLLLLL! And Burao's team scores on stoppage time! What a way to secure the victory!»


»Wooow! He looks so cool running with the ball! ...Hm?»

»Did I see his paper tray shake just now... Or was it just my imagination?»


»Phew! I'm glad we eked out a win! I hope you saw what I am capable of!»

»Congratulations for the win! But, er... is your paper tray all right?»

»I think I saw it shake earlier...»


»Huh? Paper tray? It's working great, as you can see!»

»Ah, that's not what I meant. I think I saw its base a bit...»


»What? Don't start opening my paper tray!»

»Why are you looking after every part of me anyway?»

[ It's because I love you, isn't that clear? / N--Never mind! ]

»Ah, you're hiding something! I just know it!»

[ It's because I love you, isn't that clear? / N--Never mind! ]

»Huh? ... Love ...? ... Me ...?»


Burao's front panel suddenly closed.

And then, silence.

»Y--You idiot! I'm... I'm...»




»I'm a Brother!!!!!»


And he started running as fast as he could.

I stood there dumbfounded.

»Eh? Brother? What did he mean by that? Brother... Maybe...»

»Maybe me and Burao-kun are siblings related by blood!?»

I wanted to run after Burao-kun, but I was so surprised my legs wouldn't budge.

I just stood there dumbfounded, body and soul frozen in place, only able to watch Burao-kun's receding back.

And there I kept standing stock still for a while.





»Who'd phone me at a time like this? Huh? It's Burao-kun!»

[ Answer the phone / Ignore ]



The phone just kept ringing. It must be pretty important, I guess?

»Hello... Why are you phoning me at this hour?»

»Hello. I am phoning the last dialled number on this phone. Are you an acquaintance of this boy?»

»His paper tray suddenly fell off and he staggered onto the road and got hit by a lorry! Now he's badly injured!»

»We are now on an ambulance heading for Shimaya Hospital. If you know this boy, please come to the hospital as soon as possible!»

My head went blank. Oh no... Why did it have to be Burao-kun...


Just today, he was laughing and playing futsal... And I put my bentou on his paper tray... Such a normal day...

And then he yelled, 'I'm a Brother!'

I remembered his receding backside...

I don't want that memory of him to be the last!


[ Head for the hospital / Sleep ]

Ah, but it's so late already... I should sleep now...


That moment, I saw the paper I had spread on the wall.


The notice Burao-kun had given me. Printed out in just a single moment...

When I closed my eyes, I only saw Burao-kun's smile... I couldn't sleep tonight.

It's late, but I really need to go to the hospital!


Cold rain greeted me when I stepped outside. On that road I walked every day, I felt like the world around me had suddenly taken an about-turn and become much darker.

But I had to go, no matter what.

If I didn't, I knew it'd hurt much worse than the hurting I felt right now.


The last train had already gone. I didn't have a job, so I couldn't afford a taxi either.

But I ran.


Running, my head was filled with foolish thoughts such as, 'I think he'd run faster than me.'

How I wish to see him already.


»Burao-kun! Are you all right?»

I threw the door open, and found...


»Thank you for coming. I am Burao's father. You may call me 'Dad Bura' if you wish.»

Indeed, this person did seem to have Burao-kun's gentle air about him.

»Ah, er... I... I...»


»You gave him this letter, right? Burao was trying to hold onto the letter even after he got hit.»

»You don't have to worry about him. They say his paper tray just had a failure.»

»Thank god... Thank god...»

»Do you like Burao?»

»...Yes. But Burao-kun said to me, 'I'm a Brother'...»

»Right... So that's what it was...»

»When you heard the word 'Brother', you thought he meant 'sibling', right?»

»Eh? Do you mean it didn't have that meaning?!?»

»Brother can indeed mean a sibling too.»

»But what my son meant with it was the manufacturer Brother that is known for its printers and sewing machines.»

»Me and my son may look like humans, but actually we are...»


»...printers made by Brother!»




»Burao doesn't seem to think of himself as a person but as a machine made by Brother.»

»So that is why he's trying to be good at soccer twice as hard as any person, and he's doing his best at his studies and printing too.»

»How is that...?»

»So, I'll ask once more. Burao is a Brother. Do you still like him?»

[ Yes / No ]


»No, I...»

That moment, I saw the paper tray of sleeping Burao-kun.

If I had just insisted on getting it fixed, none of this would have happened.

If it is my fault that Burao-kun is like this, I must take my share of responsibility too.

»Yes, I do love him even if he is a Brother.»

»Thank you.»

»I think you could switch his power on once more.»


»Please push the power button.»


I nervously moved my hand on Burao-kun's power button. And then, gently touched it.






»...Mm... Where am I... What on earth happened...?»



»Burao, you idiot! You had me so worried!»


»I'm sorry. It was just as you said. My paper tray was damaged.»

»If I had just listened to you back then, this wouldn't have happened... But...»

»I am a machine made by Brother. I felt so embarrassed to let you know that I was beside myself... Please forgive me!»

»That doesn't matter one bit!»

»I still think the same of you, whether you are a multifunction printer made by Brother or not!»

»...Do you still want me, even though I'm a Brother?»

»Of course! You print really quickly, and you have a touch panel too!»


»Your ink cartridges are separate which is economical, and the smallest ink available to you is 1.5 picolitres! You're even in the year-end-sales TV adverts!»

»But leaving all that aside. Since you acted all that reckless, I'm going to have you date me now! Understood?»

»...Thank you... ...I'm glad that I was born a sophisticated multifunction printer...»


On the road home, the rain had turned into snow the first time this winter. But it did not feel cold nor heavy.

The air was much chillier than on the way to the hospital, but I felt something warm inside me, protecting the world around me.

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Feb 13, 2016


And so my life with Burao began.

»Burao! Help me make some New Year's cards!»


»Ah, what a drag!»

»Why won't you use a computer for it? You could use the factory-loaded functionality in me to build them and print them out right away!»



We do fight once in a while, but... I'm in love with Brother!


That was 'Koisuru Brother-kun', third in my series of 'translate a game' threads, and a part of the company's late 2013 advertisement campaigns. Players had a chance to win a Burao-kun or Dad Bura printer.

I believe the game was mostly written as a parody of Japanese girls' comics. You can still play the original here: https://ima.goo.ne.jp/brother/

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please do not buy an inkjet printer. Buy a laser, and you will be happier.

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Baron Dupek

Jul 23, 2013
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