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In Progress Let's Play Conquests of the Longbow

Discussion in 'Codex Playground' started by Sceptic, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Manual01.jpg Manual02.jpg


    It's been so long since I made an LP it took me forever to get even this far.

    Welcome to my LP of Conquests of the Longbow! As you can gather from the game manual (well, aside from "please don't pirate this"; I'll have much to say about copy protection in this LP), the Conquests series was a (sadly short-lived) attempt at making traditional Sierra adventure games based on more-or-less historical British figures. I say more or less because both major figures used in the series, King Arthur and Robin Hood, have so many different contradictory versions and it is not entirely clear how much of their life stoy is true. The games acknowledge this and roll with it by mixing other mythologies into the main lore. Conquests of Camelot added a lot of Greek and Middle-Eastern polytheistic myths into the more traditional Holy Grail story. Conquests of the Longbow adds a healthy dose of Celtic and Druidic mythology, which I think works very well, better than the mixing did in Camelot.

    The reason I really like Longbow, and consider it one of Sierra's great underrated gems, is that the game is very heavy on choices and consequences. We like to think that C&C is something CRPGs invented in the late 90s, but the truth is adventure games had been doing it for almost a decade by then, and this is one of the earliest games to do it so extensively. Almost every little thing you do in the game, which in the Sierra tradition would result in a dead-end or in a death screen, lets you continue playing, all the way to the end. But the game keeps track of these things; at the end of each day, the Merry Men and Robin will comment about what has happened, and the combination of ALL of these choices shape which ending you get. As far as I know there are four endings, ranging from "perfect" to "you suck", and which one you get is determined very organically by the combination of all the choices you make, which makes the entire endgame extremely satisfying. My main playthrough will be a perfect ending, but after that I'll show how to get the bad ending, and boy are they different.

    Let's get to it!


    Yes, it's a Sierra game.




    The credits show a host of familiar names, not least of which is Ken Williams, founder and then-president of Sierra.


    Bill Davis is an oft-forgotten name but he's credited as producer or creative director on every single Sierra adventure between 1990 and 1993. He's also immortalized as the janitor in Police Quest 3.


    Everyone knows Roberta Williams, Jane Jensen and Lori Cole, the Three Women of Sierra. Unfortunately not as many remember Christy Marx. Her contribution was mostly the Conquests games, but that in itself is good enough. It also makes the typical "games are by men for men" argument amusing when you consider just how many of Sierra's finest games were designed by women.




    Seibert is of course THE Sierra composer. If it has a MIDI soundtrack, Seibert had a hand in it. If it doesn't, chances are he composed it anyway (unless Al Lowe did). As usual for Seibert, the MT-32 soundtrack here is great.



    Ken Nishiuye isn't as famous as some of the other names here, but he's credited with some of Sierra's finest graphics, including Longbow, Quest for Glory II (perhaps THE best looking EGA game ever made), The Colonel's Bequest, and the three Microprose adventure games (all of which have superb background graphics rivalling anything by Sierra).

    After the credits are over, the game's introductory animation plays, setting the stage.


    0troubadour.png Good King Richard the Lionheart Sailed across the sea.

    0troubadour.png The infidels he had besieged But Jerusalem was lost,...

    0troubadour.png Bloody was the Third Crusade, Dearly did it cost.


    0troubadour.png Hidden by the night he rode, Cloaked in merchant's guise.

    0troubadour.png But in the realm of Austria King Leopold did reign...

    0troubadour.png He swore to capture Lionheart Or else to have him slain.







    0troubadour.png Mighty oaths did Richard swear At this base treachery,...

    0troubadour.png They bound him like a roaring lion To face his enemy.


    0troubadour.png King Leopold was filled with glee To have so rich a prize,...

    0troubadour.png His laughter filled the stoney hall, His greed rose to the skies.

    0troubadour.png One hundred thousand golden marks On Richard's head he laid,...

    0troubadour.png And Lionheart his prisoner Until the ransom paid.

    0troubadour.png 'I have no fear,' King Richard said, My people love me well,...

    0troubadour.png They'll raise the ransom that you ask, And damn your soul to hell!'


    0troubadour.png He swore a dark unholy oath That he would ne'er go free.

    0troubadour.png So the days have sorely passed And Lionheart does wait,...

    0troubadour.png As black Prince John and traitorous dogs Conspire to seal his fate.

    0troubadour.png While Robin Hood in green Sherwood An outlaw's life does lead,...

    0troubadour.png Falsely charged by men corrupt, To satisfy their greed.







    With all the Merry Men introduced, the game proper begins.

    Before ending this update I will as usual leave you with scans of the official hintbook, which in typical Sierra/Dynamix tradition have a detailed, extensive making-of section written by Christy Marx. It always pains me to look at those gorgeous original paintings, knowing that they are now lost, and that, if someone had had but the foresight to keep them, we might be playing the same game with the same backgrounds in their glorious original resolution and colour depth.


    Next time: Robin shoots people!
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  2. SCO Arcane In My Safe Space

    Feb 3, 2009
    Shadorwun: Hong Kong
    Christy Marx is a honorary bro (she even had CotL to download on her site before GoG).

    (i also can't imagine a modern AAA+ game designer being so eclectic of interests that he'd be involved at the design of every single stage, from historical research, puzzles, plot, storyboarding, sound and music).
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
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  3. SerratedBiz Arcane

    Mar 4, 2009
    One of my favoritest games of everest and the subject of oh so many replays. But I haven't played it in many years and I'm looking forward to seeing how you handle the LP, as I'm enjoying all the padding with the manual and the hintbook very much (I had a pirated version of the game, kek).
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  4. abnaxus Arcane Patron

    Dec 31, 2010
    I thought Wyrmlord had LPed this at one point.
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  5. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    She really is. I wish she'd made more games. Aside from Jensen, no other advanture game designer put in as much research and attention to detail as she did. It really adds a lot of depth to her games.

    It was completely normal back then though. JVC did almost everything by himself on MM1. Christy did research, puzzles, plot and storyboarding on Conquests. Al Lowe did writing, puzzles, programming and even sound on LSL1. Ron Gilbert did almost everything on Maniac Mansion as well. I think this is why so many of these games have such a unified design and unique personality, they weret the product of the singular design of one person. It's ironic that this probably resulted from EA's approach, under Trip Hawkins, to market using the creative director almost as a rockstart (see 80s EA games; they all had a biography of the "artist" at the back of the manual).

    I loved those manuals and hintbooks. There was so much trivia in them aside from the walkthrough itself and they were so much fun to read. Sierra and Dynamix were really, really good at them.

    He abandoned it not too long into the game. It's fitting that I should be the one to pick it up :smug:
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  6. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Day 1: Getting started

    Before we start the game proper, let's have a look at the interface.


    It's the traditional Sierra point and click, with a couple of additions. Next to the score, you can see two values: Ransom and Outlaws. One of the overall goals in the game is to gather enough gold to free Richard. Ransom keeps track of how much gold you've accumulated towards this, which factors directly into the ending. Outlaws indicates how many men follow Robin. This can increase as more outlaws join the band, or decrease as they get killed due to Robin's foolishness. Not only do some actions that affect this number also affect the ending, but some of the choices you make, and that affect how much gold you can raise towards the ransom, will succeed or fail depending on how many outlaws you have. Generally, you want to take whatever choice increase one or both. There are a couple more things to talk about the interface, but I'll do so a bit later.

    First thing to do is pick up Robin's horn, which you can see hanging to his left. This allows Robin to call his men to him when in need. We'll also need some pocket money, which is in the little chest on the left.


    0robin.png There's something about silver in a purse that makes a day seem brighter.

    Speaking of counting.


    Now let's get out of the cave and banter with the Merry Men a bit.


    0littlejohn.png Morning. We've all broken our fasts, but mayhap Tuck will share some of his fish with you.

    0alan.png From the gaunt and starving look of our good Friar, I fear you'll be left begging.

    0tuck.png I'll remember that gibe when it comes time to dole out the stew tonight.

    0alan.png Mercy on me, Tuck, or I'll be too weak to play your favourite tunes.

    0robin.png You know the old Norman saying, Alan, `Never make an enemy of the cook'.

    0will.png I can see there's no point hanging about here and listening to these two prattle.

    0will.png I'll be in the glade practicing.

    0robin.png What of you, Little John?

    0littlejohn.png I thought I'd head to the Overlook and see if anyone of interest comes along Watling Street.

    0littlejohn.png Tuck says our treasury could use a boosting.

    0robin.png Is that true?

    0tuck.png Sorry to say it is, Robin. We're down to but a few hundred marks.

    0littlejohn.png Well, I'm off then. Join me there if you have a mind to.

    Let's chat with Tuck a bit.


    0tuck.png Then you'd better spend some time on the Overlook watching the road, for you know John will tire of it soon enough.

    He doesn't say much, but all this is basically subtly telling you that, to complete the day, you'll have to check out the overlook.

    Now let's finish talking about the interface changes.


    It's once again the standard Sierra icons, with 2 new ones: the bow and the map. This being Robin Hood the bow will see a LOT of use. The map lets you fast-travel around Sherwood and is extremely useful. For the record, I am placing, side by side, the in-game map as well as the screen-by-screen map that comes in the hintbook.

    scidhuv_033.png Map.jpg

    The hintbook map has annotations for which types of trees grow in each screen. This will be significant much later in the game, but for now it is of no concern.

    Most of these locations don't have anything of interest today, but let's do some sighseeing, starting with the large oak tree to the west.


    Show Spoiler
    Majestic isn't it? Now let's do something really stupid and shoot the tree with our bow.


    Something, or someone, comes out!

    0greenman.png Rootless fleshling vermin! How dare you treat me like some common tree.


    He then turns Robin into a tree.

    0greenman.png Sink deep roots. Drink of sun and rain.

    0greenman.png And never be a man again!


    This being a Sierra game, we're going to see this screen a LOT.

    Now let's go visit the Fens Monastery, the citadel-like building far to the south.


    Show Spoiler
    As with other locations, there isn't much to do here right now. However, I can show you what Robin's horn does when you used.


    What it does when you shouldn't use it, that is.

    0robin.png My men have good ears, but even they couldn't hear me winding the horn from this distance.

    0robin.png Curse my foolishness. Now the monks have sounded the alarm. I'd best leave here at once.

    Christy Marx is a very kind and compassionate designer. You can tell this because, unlike virtually every other Sierra adventure, the game doesn't kill you outright. You have a chance to leave unscathed. You even get given a second chance if you come back.


    Now, of course, if you're stupid enough to come back a third time...


    0fens1.png Slay him!

    The swings at Robin's head with his staff.


    0fens1.png Aye, brother. We don't carry these big sticks around just to look wise.


    Let's go visit Nottingham now. This opens up a map of the city, though most locations are inaccessible today.


    Trying to get into the castle gives a different line.

    0robin.png I'd as well put my head in a noose as appear outside the Sheriff's own stronghold in my outlaw garb.

    The pub, however, is accessible.


    Show Spoiler
    You can even walk in.


    0giles.png Seize him!

    Of course, this doesn't mean it's a good idea.


    0tuck.png Even a drunk soldier would recognize such a famous outlaw walking into their midst.

    0littlejohn.png Perhaps Robin was overcome with the need for an ale and thought the pub might be empty.

    0will.png A shame, for he never got one before they hung him. Seems a waste to die for a drop of grog.

    0alan.png To Robin Hood let's raise a toast, and hope there's good ale amongst the heavenly Host!


    Next stop, the little cottage south of the bandit camp.


    0robin.png Ah, it's the good Widow and her three fine sons, Hal, Hob, and Dicken.

    From eldest to youngest (or right to left on the screen).

    0hal.png Mother, it's Robin Hood.

    0robin.png Good day to you.

    0widow.png 'Tis good to see you again. If that Tuck sent you to bother about the wool--

    0robin.png Nay, he said nothing about it.

    0widow.png Good. I told him I would have it soon enough.

    0hob.png We're going to town today, Master, if there's anything you need.

    0robin.png I think not today, lads. But be careful. If the Sheriff ever suspects you of helping the outlaws of Sherwood--

    0dicken.png Aw, he'll never catch us. We'll listen around and hear all kinds of things.

    0widow.png Dicken! You heed the man. He's wiser than you.

    0dicken.png Aw, mum.

    0hal.png Don't worry. We'll keep the whelp under control.

    0robin.png Fear not, Dicken. If ever I need a spy, I'll think of you.

    We can chat with the window and make fun of Friar Tuck.

    0widow.png I've a mind to have a word or two with that friar of yours. He's rather fond of food for a holy man.

    0robin.png Indeed, His girth is nearly the match of his piety.

    Likewise, we can talk to each of her children, from oldest to youngest.

    0hal.png We'll be in town often, so if you think of anything you need doing, you let us know.

    0hob.png The merchants say the Saturday Fair coming will be the biggest fair yet.

    0dicken.png I'm not afraid of no Sheriff's men. If they grab me, I'll--

    0widow.png Dicken!

    0dicken.png Aw, mum.

    The main purpose of this day is to introduce you to locationsa nd characters that will become more relevant later on.

    Let's go back to the outlaw camp for now.


    0tuck.png I find that a full belly greatly improves the magnitude of my prayers and gives me one more thing to give thanks for.

    It's not on the in-game map, but Will Scarlet mentioned a practice glade, and you can see it's 2 screens north from the camp. So let's head there through the woods.



    Will is here, along with one of the new recruits.

    0will.png Halloa, Master Hood! A glorious day for the bow.

    0will.png I've set the garlands for practice. Come and join us. This new lad here is Simon and he has yet to see a sample of your skills.

    0robin.png He watches me with awe and a bit of fear, a look I've often seen on men new to our band.

    0robin.png He'll realize soon enough, I hope, that I'm only a man like other perhaps that I shoot better than most.

    Let's chat with Simon.

    0simon.png 'T-tis a great pleasure to meet you, sir.

    0robin.png Tell me what brings you to the forest, young Simon.

    0simon.png I shot a rabbit and took it to my family for supper. I was going to make a pouch from the skin, but a Forester saw it drying and saw the mark of the arrow in it.

    0simon.png He wanted a bribe to pretend he hadn't noticed, but I was so angry, I knocked him down.

    0simon.png I was declared an outlaw the very same day and my father bade me come to you and serve you.

    0robin.png It was your father's idea?

    0simon.png Nay, it was mine. I would have come at once, but I was afraid for my family.

    0simon.png I wouldn't leave until my father ordered me to go.

    0robin.png Will, are we--

    0will.png Aye, a couple of men are keeping an eye upon the lad's parents.

    0robin.png Good. Then I make you welcome, Simon. If you can spear a rabbit with an arrow, you'll be a useful man indeed.

    0simon.png I'll try, sir! Truly I will.

    Remember the most famous line about Robin Hood? He steals from the rich and gives to... Simon offers me the first chance to show the money system in this game. The ransom is one thing, and that gold is inaccessible to Robin. But Robin's personal purse can be used to bribe guards, which is not always the optimal solution. It can also be used to give to those in need, and doing so gets you closer to a perfect score, not to mention making people better disposed towards you. In some cases, this factors into the ending.


    From top to bottom these are pennies, half-pennies and farthings. In most cases, giving even one farthing is enough, as in this case.


    0robin.png Come, lad, you're a member of our band now. Take the money.

    0simon.png Thank you, sir! Thank you very much.

    We can also practice.


    This doesn't really do much, but getting familiar with the arcade mechanics is useful. Later on we'll have to go through similar shooting arcades, and those won't be practice.


    0robin.png You see now the value of practice.

    0simon.png Aye, that I do, sir!

    0will.png Keep shooting if you like. We've finished our practicing for the day.

    There's no point in doing that, so we head back to camp, then head west to the Overlook, where Little John said he would be.


    0littlejohn.png Glad you decided to come. I saw a Sheriff's man head up the road a while back.

    0littlejohn.png You might want to stay and watch for the fellow to return, in case he's up to mischief.

    0robin.png Thanks for the warning, John.

    0littlejohn.png Until later, then.

    We hang around for a minute and witness the guard John mentioned chasing after a women.



    It doesn't take much imagination to figure out what will happen if we don't interfere.

    hiver Robin Hood to the rescue!


    Robin Hood has a bunch of different portraits that the game uses depending on his mood, his disguise and who he's talking to. It's a nice little touch.

    0jack.png Aroint! Move aside, I say, in the name of the Sheriff of Nottingham!

    0peasantwoman.png Nay, please, I've done nothing wrong! Don't let him take me, please!

    0robinangry.png Release the woman.

    0jack.png She's my prisoner. Step aside, I say!

    0robinangry.png Let the woman go.

    0jack.png What's it to you? She's only a peasant.

    0robinangry.png Whom I've sworn to protect from scoundrels such as you.

    0jack.png I've arrested her, and she's coming with me.

    0robinangry.png For what crime?

    0jack.png Didn't pay her taxes.

    0peasantwoman.png You've collected them thrice in one week!

    0jack.png I just collect, I don't keep track.

    0jack.png But don't worry, wench, I'll take payment in other than coin.

    0robinangry.png Lusting swine! Let her go!

    There are several ways to deal with this situation. We can leave, which will not end well for her. We can try to get closer, which is also not a good idea.


    0robinangry.png Coward! You'd use a woman as a shield?

    0jack.png Step back, or you'll find out quickly enough.

    If you do step forward again, he does kill her.

    Show Spoiler
    Now, the really stupid thing to do, as with the Fens and the alarm, is to leave and keep coming back.


    0jack.png Phagh! Make your move, outlaw. I grow tired of such childish games.

    And on the third try...


    0robinangry.png Stand fast and--



    0roger.png It's a good thing I decided to come up the street and meet you. D'you know who that was?

    0jack.png Some miserable piece of scum-sucking outlaw.

    0roger.png That was Robin Hood!

    0jack.png Well, for a famous outlaw, he didn't seem to have much of an idea how to go about his business.

    0roger.png Ah, well. He can go about the business of rotting now.


    The best way to deal with the situation is to simply shoot him. Robin Hood isn't a famous bowman for nothing.




    0peasantwoman.png Oh, bless you, sir. To whom do I owe my salvation?

    0robin.png You've surely heard the name of Robin Hood?

    0peasantwoman.png Robin Hood! Then it's true what they say of you. I shall be forever grateful.

    Robin Blows his horn to call his men.



    0robinangry.png I care not. Drag him away for the wolves and ravens.


    Here's another opportunity for points. As the woman walks away, we give her a farthing.



    0robin.png Accept this gift.

    0peasantwoman.png are so kind! I will light candles in your name at Mass.

    0peasantwoman.png Bless you yet again.

    0robin.png 'Tis my pleasure.


    This ends the first day. Each night the Merry Men gather, and the conversation changes drastically depending on how you handled the various events of the day.



    0tuck.png As you wish, but what ails you? I've never seen you so deep in your cups.

    0alan.png Why, 'tis the ale that ails him, but ale's well that ends well and--

    0littlejohn.png Stop blithering, Alan. I, too, wonder what troubles you, Robin.

    0robin.png A strange melancholy came upon me tonight unbidden.

    0will.png Perhaps an enemy has cast a spell on you.

    0will.png Shrive him, Tuck, quickly, in case he should die in his sleep.

    0tuck.png Fie, Will Scarlet, can't you find a way to cheer a man rather than frighten him.

    0robin.png I know full well the nature of this melancholy, for we all feel it from time to time.

    0robin.png 'Tis that we're outlaws, forced away from kith and kin, living as we can in the forest.

    0robin.png Knowing death waits in an arrow's flight, or worse yet, a rope's bite.

    0littlejohn.png A short life but a merry one, that's the way of it.

    0robin.png Aye, but don't you dream of living as free men, able to walk in town without fear, to love a woman knowing you could stay beyond morn?

    0alan.png Ah, there's the nub of the matter. You need a good woman, Robin. I know this lass with huge tracts of land--

    0much.png Alan, you said I could meet her!

    0robin.png Then I drink to your good fortune, Much. As for me...

    0robin.png ...I'm lesse...which way is it.....

    0littlejohn.png Good night, lads. I'll assist Master Hood to his bed and see you on the morrow.


    0littlejohn.png Well, it's not my job to play nursemaid. I've delivered you to bed and that's the end of it!



    This is the willow grove, the only location on the map that I forgot to show you. There's nothing to see there on day 1 anyway.


    Just as Robin arrives, the woman mysteriously vanishes.



    0robin.png The willows....I hear them whisper her name....Marian....Marian....

    0robin.png Come back, Marian.....come back to me....


    0robin.png Uhh, my poor back. I must speak to Little John about leaving me to lie on my quiver all night!

    0robin.png But that dream...that woman...

    It was all just a dream.

    0robin.png And what is this, clenched in my own hand--?

    ... or was it?



    0robin.png Somehow I must find this Marian and learn the meaning of the emerald.

    0robin.png Aye, and see if she is as beautiful as I dreamed.
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  7. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Ugh what is this. Is there any way to not display the list of attachments at the end of the post? It didn't happen in my first one for some reason.
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  8. Crooked Bee (no longer) a wide-wandering bee Patron

    Crooked Bee
    Jan 27, 2010
    In quarantine
    Codex 2013 Codex 2014 PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015 Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire MCA Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
    As a huge Sierra fan and a fan of this game in particular, I approve of this LP.

    I think it's only supposed to display the images you haven't used in the post that way? Too lazy to check though.
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  9. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Oh I see. These are duplicated for some reason. I must've uploaded them twice without noticing, and I never used the duplucate. Thanks, will try to get rid of them.

    Yep works great. Thanks Bee :love:
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  10. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Day 2: Maid Marian

    This is a pretty short and quick-playing day.


    Still hungover, Robin Hood tells his men about his dream and the emerald.


    0littlejohn.png Ah, so you live after all. Morning is nearly gone and we'd about given you up for dead.

    0robin.png For all the tender care you showed me last night, I might well have been!

    0tuck.png You look a bit worse for wear, but you have an odd light in your eyes.

    0robin.png I had a dream, Tuck--

    0alan.png Not to wonder! Inspired by such mighty draughts of grog as you consumed--

    0littlejohn.png Let him tell it, Alan. Do your ears never tire of your wagging tongue?

    0robin.png There was a woman with raven hair and a dress that moved like a white flame. I've never seen such a beautiful maid.

    0alan.png Why, I've dreams like that all the time. Did I tell you the one I had about the three red-haired girls who--

    0robin.png Hush, Alan! This is no jest to me.

    0robin.png She danced in a willow grove, then she disappeared. The willows whispered the name `Marian'.

    0robin.png Where she had stood, I saw an emerald. I bent to pick it up...and I awoke.

    0littlejohn.png That's a pretty enough dream, but what of it, Robin? It's only a dream.

    0robin.png Then explain you this.

    The Men huddle as Robin shows them the emerald.


    0robin.png What do you say now?

    0littlejohn.png I say you should have more dreams like this and we'll all be rich!

    0robin.png This dream has come to me for a purpose. I'll meet this maiden today. I'm sure of it.

    Will Scarlet shows up at this point.


    0will.png There's a man who's helped us many times with information, a cobbler by the name of Lobb.

    0will.png He's sent word that he must speak to you and he wishes you to seek him out in Nottingham.

    0robin.png Let him come to the forest if the matter's so urgent.

    0will.png I know of this Lobb. He's a good man. If he asks you to come to him, there must be a reason. But that's not all.

    0will.png First, he said it concerns the fate of King Richard.

    0robin.png What does he mean? If he has news of our King--

    0will.png I only know what my friend told me. And secondly, that Lobb demands you bring a lady's slipper to prove your identity.

    0robin.png A lady's slipper? What an odd request.

    0alan.png Why, there's nothing to it, Robin. Have a few more grogs and dream one up!

    0robin.png Little John, would you take yonder pup and dunk him in the stream for me.

    0littlejohn.png Surely, Master.

    0alan.png Nay, nay! I'll desist! I give my word.

    0robin.png What do you advise, Will?

    0will.png That you go to this Lobb as he asks.

    0tuck.png But even if Robin had a slipper, he cannot walk into Nottingham without being hanged upon the spot!

    0robin.png Natheless, I must find a way. Let me think upon it.

    0littlejohn.png As you will, Master. We all have tasks of our own, but we'll think upon it as well.

    And with that, each of them goes about his business.

    I have to say I really like the conversations in this game. They're entirely non-interactive, but most of them involve multiple people talking to each other, having an actual conversations. Most adventure games, especially Sierra's, had you talking to one person at a time. These busy conversations really bring personality to everyone you talk to.

    Anyway the next bit is a little annoying. The game leads you to think you need to work towards a disguise, but that's on Day 3. What you need to get today is the slipper, and this involves randomly walking around the forest until you trigger the special encounter.


    0robinangry.png 'Tis her! The woman I dreamt of!

    0robinangry.png Dog of a monk! Let her go!

    0fens1.png Be gone, or I'll kill you, too!

    Show Spoiler
    Let's see if he really means. We'll just walk up to him and chill around...



    He whacks Robin on the head and proceeds to clobber the woman.

    0fens1.png Foolish outlaw! Had you fired your deadly longbow, you and the Lady might still be alive.

    This is the game not-so-subtly telling you what you should've done.


    So let's do some more shooting.




    0marian.png Thank you, bold outlaw!

    0marian.png Another boon I would ask of you.

    0robin.png You have but to name it.

    0marian.png I must find your leader, the one called Robin Hood.

    0robin.png You need seek no further. I am Robin Hood.

    0marian.png Then you are all I had hoped you would be!

    0robin.png And what is it that you hoped?

    0marian.png I came to see and judge you, for I must decide if you are a man we can trust.

    She throws her slipper to the ground (you can see it if you look closely)


    0marian.png Now I must go.

    0robin.png Wait! Stay and speak with me a whiles...

    0marian.png I dare not! My enemies must have seen me enter the forest. I must go.

    0marian.png Thank you again for my life!


    0robin.png But we'll meet again my lovely Marian, for I've many a sweet reward in mind!

    We pick up the slipper. How convenient of her to leave it behind!


    In case you're wondering, this isn't exactly coincidence, and it's easy to figure out Lobb and her are working together. She had to come to meet Robin to give him the slipper, and therefore let Lobb know that he could trust him.

    We still need a disguise though. Unfortunately the game offers a very good reason why you can't just take the monk's robes.

    0robin.png The robe is no use to me. Covered with blood as it is, I'd only arouse suspicion and questions if I were to wear it.

    0robin.png 'Tis odd that he carries no pouch, but I can find nothing of value upon him.

    We use Robin's horn to call his men to the scene and explain to them what happened.


    0robinangry.png Aye, he was trying to kill the very woman I saw in my dream.

    0tuck.png But the Lady--she wasn't hurt?

    0robinangry.png Nay, she rode away, after tossing me her slipper.

    0will.png A slipper? Such as Lobb requires you to bring? Surely, this is more than mere chance!

    0robinangry.png If so, the sooner I devise a way to enter Nottingham and see Lobb, the sooner I'll learn more of her.

    0robinangry.png As for the Monk's body....

    0littlejohn.png We'll see to it, Robin.

    0tuck.png We'll give him a proper Christian burial, for all that he was probably a sinner and unshriven.

    It's not immediately apparent, but Robin Hood and his men are good christians. He has no qualms about killing those whom he deems deserve it, but he will always ensure the salvation of their eternal soul afterwards. The reason it's not apparent is that the very first man he kills in the game, on Day 1, is the guard, and they specifically do not bury that one. Of course he was about to rape the peasant woman, and this is the game's way of letting you know that Robin does not approve of rapists.

    Anyway. As I said this is a short day, and the evening recap shortly follows.

    0tuck.png I'll say a few words over him, though I fear his doom is already set.

    0will.png We'll bury him and see you in camp tonight.



    0robin.png Aye, too much grog is like sleeping with one's head beneath a smith's anvil.

    0littlejohn.png No more wish for dreams then, Master?

    0robin.png What need have I for dreams when I've seen the dream herself in the flesh?

    0robin.png I must learn more about her.

    0will.png Women can wait. There's Lobb's business to deal with.

    0robin.png Aye, yet somehow the two are linked.

    0tuck.png You dare not show your face within the walls dressed as an outlaw.

    0robin.png Still, I must find a way. We shall see what the morrow brings.

    We shall see indeed.
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  11. Drakron Arcane

    May 19, 2005
    I am pretty sure Robin with tits wasnt for SJWs ....

    Plus lets be honest, the whole thing is bullshit because in cause you forgot John became King as he was the one that signed the Magna Carta and Richard was a VERY naught boy in the holy lands, Leopold V had good reasons to get him imprisoned since Conrad (Leopold's cousin) was elected King of Jerusalem and his murderers implied Richard as the one ordering the hit ... well its a old story really, lets just say the whole thing is likely a ton of bullshit added over the years so Robin being a women ... its just a thing.
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  12. Aeschylus Prestigious Gentleman Swindler Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
    Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Wasteland 2 Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Don't forget Ken Allen! Also, I love this game. Definitely an under appreciated classic, and one of Sierra's best.
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  13. Monstrous Bat Cipher

    Monstrous Bat
    Dec 30, 2011
    What would happen if you tried to shoot the peasant woman or Marian?
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  14. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Keep the SJW/PUA crap out of my prestigious LP [​IMG]

    Yeah, the Robin Hood myth is a lot like this. The fact John and Richard's status as good/bad guy is inverted has been noted by historians. Christy also notes the wildly differing accounts of the tale in the scans I posted in the first update. The two characters that people tend to associate most readily with Robin Hood, Marian and Friar Tuck, were actually much later additions. Hell the tale had nothing to do with Richard or John anyway to begin with, it referred to King Edward, and the only reason Richard stuck so much is because of Ivanhoe. I think a lot of the modern characterization of Richard and John also comes from Ivanhoe, or from whatever sources Walter Scott used.

    Turns out he's also worked on this game's music, even though he's not mentioned in the opening credits. And like Seibert, he's also associated with every Sierra adventure of that era, as well as other memorable soundtracks including Interplay's Star Trek games, Ringworld, and Descent.

    You can't shoot them, Robin just says he won't do it. You can get them killed... though I'm leaving that for the "bad ending" playthrough that I'm doing after I get the best ending.

    The funny thing about Longbow is that it has many of the same situations that would get you killed or stuck in other Sierra games... but here you're not dead or stuck, everything can proceed as normal all the way to the ending... where you get a really, really bad ending. I really like this approach, especially since the tone of the evening conversations shifts quite dramatically, so the player knows things are not going well, and that you should do something about it if you don't want a horrible ending.
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  15. Darth Roxor Prestigious Gentleman Wielder of the Huegpenis

    Darth Roxor
    May 29, 2008
    Er, niggas, John the Lackland was in no way a good guy or a good king. He was an incompetent dick that pissed off the barons so much they forced him to sign the Magna Carta, and even after signing it he kept squirming to try and get this shit undone.
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  16. abnaxus Arcane Patron

    Dec 31, 2010
    After signing the Magna Charta John actually tried to take down every single noble who had signed it which culminated in the Siege of Rochester Castle.

    The Ironclad movie is loosely based on this.

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  17. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Day 3: The Thief and the Cobbler

    Previously on Conquests of the Longbow: Lobb the cobbler wants to meet and asks us to bring a lady's slipper. Maid Marian conveniently gives us one when we save her, now all we need is a disguise for Robbin to enter Nottingham.

    This is another quick-playing day, though it has a lot of talking.


    There's nothing to do at the camp, and this time none of the Merry Men are around. The game doesn't tell you, but you should get the idea by now that, if nothing interesting is going on, chances are something might show up coming down the main road, and the Overlook is the best place to look for trouble.


    Doesn't take long before someone does show up.


    This would be a perfect diguise wouldn't it!


    [​IMG] Merry morning to you. Where are you bound?

    0beggar.png To Nottingham. I hear it prospers and a beggar must follow the clink of coins, eh?

    0beggar.png 'ave you a bit of charity for a wretched hunchback, sir?

    [​IMG] I've known some beggars whose purses were heavier than mine.

    0beggar.png Alas, sir, not I. That's why I travel to Nottingham, in hopes of changing my poor luck.

    [​IMG] And if I demanded a toll of you to pass along this road?

    0beggar.png Then I must turn back the way I came, but I've no food or water and would suffer greatly.

    0beggar.png Come, I'm poor pickings for a bold man such as you. Let me go my way.

    Let's chat up the beggar and try to get him to give up his clothes.

    [​IMG] You're not a small man. Your clothes would fit me well enough.

    0beggar.png My rags?! When you have that fine suit of Lincoln green?

    0beggar.png Ah, you make a jest of my lot, sir.

    [​IMG] Not at all. Who takes notice of a beggar, eh? You can come and go as you please.

    0beggar.png of the time.

    [​IMG] Aye, a set of rags can cover many secrets, that's what I'm thinking.

    0beggar.png Sir, I'm but a humble beggar. Whatever y'be thinking is above my wretched head.

    [​IMG] I'm thinking that you'll give me those rags you wear, aye, even down to that false hump upon your back.

    0beggar.png But...they're all I have! How could I earn a living? What would I wear?

    0beggar.png You ask far too much from one with far too little.

    Of course he won't give it away for free... but it won't take a lot of money to buy it from him. In fact one farthing is enough, and giving him more makes no difference (you can give him Marian's emerald instead but that would be tremendously stupid).


    0beggar.png Much obliged, sir, much obliged. May the Lord grant you a high seat in heaven.

    [​IMG] Not so quickly, my friend. For my price, I want you to give me those clothes you wear.

    0beggar.png What? You truly want these old rags? But what earthly use--

    [​IMG] Worry not about my reasons. Will you be content with that money and an extra purse and a new set of clothes besides?

    0beggar.png Sir! I would be more than content!

    0beggar.png For such a bargain, you may have rags, hump and all! I'll even teach you a few tricks.

    [​IMG] No need, friend Beggar. I've enough tricks of my own.


    Robin calls his men.


    [​IMG] Men, give this jolly fellow a new suit of clothes and a purse of pennies, enough to see him well on his way back north.

    0beggar.png Ah...north?

    [​IMG] North.

    0beggar.png Oh, of course. North. As you say.

    [​IMG] Cheer up, my friend. I'll not set you on the road without comfort.

    [​IMG] Tuck, you'll blindfold him and lead him to our camp where he may have food and water for his journey.

    [​IMG] Will, you're to take my own garb and weapons and put them into my cave.

    [​IMG] And now, friend Beggar, let us change clothes.


    0robinbeg.png Thank ye, kindly. See that our friend here receives all he was promised.

    [​IMG] I'll see to it. Happy begging, Master!

    Now that we have both the disguise and the slipper, it's time to visit Lobb in Nottingham.


    You can enter the pub now without being arrested, and you can see the cathedral from the outisde, but there's nothing you can do in either today. The palace gates we'll deal with later. For now, let's visit the cobbler's.


    We can try talking to the tailor woman but she doesn't have much to say.

    0tailorwoman.png Fie, don't you be comin' to me unless you've got the money for a new suit of clothes hidden in them rags.

    0tailorwoman.png I do believe you've been patched so many times, the cloth is gone and naught but the patches is left!

    We walk through the door on the right and into Lobb's shop.


    Well he did want to see us, so let's get straight to business.

    0robinbeg.png Don't be fooled by this disguise. I'm Robin Hood and I've come as you asked.

    0lobb.png Eh? Are you addled, beggar?

    0robinbeg.png But I am Robin Hood. You sent for me.

    0lobb.png Poor man! What a strange delusion afflicts you.

    0robinbeg.png Listen, you sent word of grave tidings, that I must come to see you.

    0lobb.png I'm only a poor cobbler. And you are clearly beset by evil spirits, to be so daft.

    He won't really budge until you show him the slipper.

    0lobb.png What a fine slipper. You, eh, were given this?

    0robinbeg.png Indeed, by a vision of beauty named Marian.

    0lobb.png Shhh....never speak her name aloud here. Call her only 'the Lady' if you must mention her at all.

    0lobb.png Please come with me.

    A long conversations follows laying down the details of the game's main plot.


    0lobb.png Forgive my caution, but the Sheriff has spies everywhere and I need to be sure of you.

    0lobb.png So, you are the infamous Robin Hood.

    0robinbeg.png None other.

    0lobb.png Your disguise is...umm...interesting.

    0robinbeg.png It serves its purpose, but the sooner I'm rid of it, the better. I've risked much to come here, Lobb.

    0lobb.png Your pardon, I'll speak swiftly and to the point.

    0lobb.png Though you're known as an outlaw, it is also said that you swear fealty to King Richard.

    0robinbeg.png As God is my witness, I am the King's loyal and devoted servant.

    0robinbeg.png I was unjustly outlawed through treachery.

    0robinbeg.png Those who abuse their high offices with corruption and greed are my enemies--not Richard the Lionheart.

    0robinbeg.png But what of the King? Have you news? Is he free yet?

    0lobb.png That, alas, is why I've called for you.

    0lobb.png Good Queen Eleanor labours to raise the 100,000 gold marks that is the ransom fee but has yet been unable to raise the full amount.

    0lobb.png Prince John employs all means of political betrayal, bribery and outright theft to see that his brother is never released.

    0robinbeg.png Shrivel his black soul!

    0lobb.png Aye! The Prince conspires with the Sheriff and Abbot of Nottingham.

    0lobb.png To the Abbot, Prince John is entrusting a treasure of 50,000 marks which he has diverted away from the Queen and into his own pocket.

    0lobb.png This treasure will be sent from York, which means it must travel here along Watling Street. If it could be captured--

    0robinbeg.png By the Virgin, it shall not leave Sherwood Forest except to be delivered to the Queen!

    0lobb.png It is as I hoped. You may be the only man in all of England who can bring about the King's release.

    0robinbeg.png When will this treasure be sent, and how come you to know so much of these matters?

    0lobb.png I am but a humble servant of the Queen, as is the Lady Marian.

    0lobb.png Though Lady Marian is...ah.. humm... well, I shall leave it to the Lady how much you learn of her.

    0lobb.png As for the treasure, I must leave tomorrow and travel to York to learn what I can.

    0lobb.png I'll send warning of their departure date to you through Lady Marian.

    0robinbeg.png Then...I WILL see more of her?

    0lobb.png Indeed you will. Here in town, she lives the role of a demure maiden, but in the forest she-- ah...well.

    0robinbeg.png She what?

    0lobb.png You will learn what you will learn. Take this silver comb....

    He hands Robin a small comb.


    0robinbeg.png I could do nothing else. Where does Marian live?

    0lobb.png You will never seek her out in the town! Never! That is far too dangerous for both of you.

    0lobb.png She'll await you in her sacred place, the Willow Grove upon the river.

    0robinbeg.png Ah...the place of the dream...

    0lobb.png Beg pardon?

    0robinbeg.png Nothing. Give the Queen my word - I will seize this treasure in Her name, and as much other ransom as I can raise beside.

    0lobb.png Bless you!

    0robinbeg.png And Godspeed you on your mission.


    The treasure mentioned will show up towards the end of the game, and whether you can get it or not has a significant influence on the ending. As for Marian, we will of course be seeing much of her. As for what is special about her, you've probably gathered from Christy's writing on druids in the hintbook, if not from the dream sequence in the willow grove.


    The whole purpose of the day is to get the comb.

    Show Spoiler
    Now let's go do something very very stupid. First, we head to the castle gate.


    We chat up the guard.

    0robinbeg.png Charity, good sir. Charity for the wretched and afflicted.

    0hubert.png Hah! I'll show you afflicted!

    He kicks Robin hard.


    0robinbeg.png God curse ye for such cruelty!

    0hubert.png What makes you think God listens to the curses of beggars?

    0robinbeg.png 'ave pity--


    Now to the stupid part - let's give him the silver comb.


    0hubert.png Here now, this comb is of silver. How'd you come by this?

    0robinbeg.png A gift from a kind Lady--

    0hubert.png More likely stolen, I say. What Lady would give such a fine thing to a filthy piece of work like you?

    0hubert.png I'll show you how we deal with wastrel thieves in Nottingham--with a rope!


    [​IMG] Likely he just acted without thinking.

    [​IMG] Let us hope Robin adhered to the Golden Rule.

    [​IMG] What, you mean 'do unto others as they would do unto you?'
    [​IMG] Nay, I mean 'save early, save often.

    Well it is a Sierra game...


    Leaving Nottingham triggers the usual evening conversation.



    [​IMG] Perhaps I should have saved the beggar's garb instead of burning it.

    [​IMG] Though it was falling apart already--

    [​IMG] Nay, I'm glad to see it burn! I swear, in one day of wearing those tatters, I've gained a thousand flea bites!

    [​IMG] Tell us again of this treasure? It comes down Watling Street? When? How will it be guarded?

    [​IMG] Lobb must learn all this and pass the information to us when the time is right.

    [​IMG] Patience, John. Our chance to serve the King will come.

    [​IMG] Nor will I count only upon this treasure. I'll gather other ransom by whatever means I can.

    [​IMG] You pursue two treasures, eh, Master? For on the morrow, you may at last exchange more than a fleeting word with this dream maiden of yours.

    [​IMG] Aye, and though I love my King, I shall not say which treasure I pursue with more eagerness!
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    In quarantine
    Codex 2013 Codex 2014 PC RPG Website of the Year, 2015 Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire MCA Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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  19. Aenra Guest

    takes a man to wear'em

    Sceptic thank you for the LP..memories huh ^^
    I owes you many, many brofists. Both for this and your sound guide. Gimme a year yeah? Got you on the list, won't forget!

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  20. Sceptic Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Patron

    Mar 2, 2010
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Thanks, glad you're enjoying it. I started both the list and the LP when I found myself with a lot more free time, and of course not a week passes before I'm busy again... I'll try to post an update tonight, tomorrow at the latest.
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  21. Tigranes Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Jan 8, 2009
    I loved this game. Some of the puzzles, like the forest maps, were infuriating, but I can roll with it. The writing is really superb.
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  22. SerratedBiz Arcane

    Mar 4, 2009
    I love(d) the portrait changes so much. Like how Robin's expression shifts when the beggar asks "North?" and he replies "North". These kind of details really added up.
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