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Let's play - Dragon Age: Origins (finished)

Discussion in 'Codex Playground' started by Twinkle, Dec 2, 2009.


Whom to choose as a companion at the endgame. Options are mutually exclusive.

  1. Alistair

    0 vote(s)
  2. Loghain

    4 vote(s)
  1. Twinkle Liturgist

    Sep 14, 2009
    Lands of Entitlement
    Let's play Dragon Age - Noble Dwarf Origin.

    The idea behind this LP is plain, simple and retarded: to behave like a total douchebag. Partly because I wanted to see how well DA handles "dark and gritty" stuff, partly because playing evil dude is always more fun. Dwarven Noble Origin seemed like an obvious choice for an arrogant, selfish asshole who doesn't give a shit about anything except his own fun and well-being.

    This LP is going to have lots of pics. Remember: NPC lines are always on top, PC ones at the bottom. As a general rule of thumb dialog lines that belong to an NPC shown at the center of the screen.
    Let's go.


    1.1. Intro and character creation - this post.
    1.2. Orzammar - Royal Palace.
    1.3. Orzammar - Diamond Quarter
    1.4. Orzammar - Proving Grounds
    1.5. Orzammar - Meeting Duncan
    1.6. Orzammar - Trian's Death
    1.7. Orzammar - The Exile


    2.1. Ostagar - The Camp
    2.2. Korcari Wilds - Hello, Morrigan
    2.3. Ostagar - The Joining
    2.4. Ostagar - Tower of Ishal


    3.1. Lothering, Part 1 - On the road
    3.2. Lothering, Part 2 - Meet Sten

    4.1. Redcliffe - Left 4 Dead
    4.2. Stone Prisoner - Recruiting Shale
    4.3. Back to Redcliffe - Zombies ate my neighbours
    4.4. Redcliffe Castle - Beat the demon

    5.1. Denerim Market District - Find Genetivi's trace
    5.2. Denerim - The Whorehouse
    5.3. Various locations - Minor sidequests
    5.4. Party camp - Glorious buttseks
    5.5. Party camp - Warming the cold bitch
    5.6. The Village of Haven - Evil cultists
    5.7. Ruined temple - Blue ice, part 1
    5.8. Caverns - Blue ice, part 2
    5.9. The Gauntlet - There are puzzles in this game!
    5.10. Redcliffe - Cure for Arl Eamon

    6.1. Tower of Magi - Introduction
    6.2. Tower of Magi - Senior Mage Quarters
    6.3. Tower of Magi - Great Hall
    6.4. Tower of Magi - The Fade, part 1
    6.5. Tower of Magi - The Fade, part 2
    6.6. Tower of Magi - The Fade, part 3
    6.7. Tower of Magi - The Fade, part 4
    6.8. Tower of Magi - The Fade, part 5
    6.9. Tower of Magi - End the nightmare
    6.10. Tower of Magi - No mercy

    7.1. Brecilian Forest - Home of the Talking Tree
    7.2. Brecilian Forest - Mad Hermit
    7.3. Brecilian Forest - Werewolf Ruins
    7.4. Breciilan Forest - Furries FTW

    8.1. Warden's Keep - Cleaning job

    9.1. Orzammar - Witness the decline
    9.2. Orzammar - Proving Grounds
    9.3. Orzammar - Jarvia sucks lizard eggs
    9.4. Orzammar - Oghren
    9.5. Deep Roads - Caridin's Cross
    9.6. Deep Roads - Ortan Thaig
    9.7. Deep Roads - Giant titty monster
    9.8. Deep Roads - Anvil of the Void
    9.9. Orzammar - Hail to the King!

    10.1. Various locations - Preparations
    10.2. Denerim - Random encounters
    10.3. Denerim - The deserted building
    10.4. Denerim - Howe's Estate
    10.5. Denerim - Unrest in Alienage
    10.6. Denerim - Haunted Orphanage
    10.7. Denerim - The Landsmeet

    11.1. Redcliffe - Back to Redcliffe
    11.2. Redcliffe Castle - Choose your own ending
    11.3. Denerim - Filler all the way
    11.4. Denerim - Fort Drakon
    11.5. Denerim - Kill the dragon!



    --Insert mediocre hack'n'slash with evil monsterz--

    Character Creation

    Picking Dwarven Noble


    Making him uber-awesum


    Boring last-gen shit like stats

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  2. Twinkle Liturgist

    Sep 14, 2009
    Lands of Entitlement
    Aren't bored already?

    Here is another intro for you:


    [​IMG] Gorim: I couldn't find the armor's matching dagger, but I scrounged up a rather fancy longsword.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Do you wish to wear your shield to the noble's feast?

    [​IMG] Bro: Better safe then sorry. Shield me.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Certainly. You'll cut an imposting picture out there.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Of course, if every other noble has a shield and three swords, you'll feel awfully underdressed.

    [​IMG] Bro: You forget your place. I am not to be mocked.

    [​IMG] Gorim: I'm sorry, my good lord. The festivities put me in an odd mood.

    [​IMG] Bro: That's no reason to forget your rank.

    [​IMG] Gorim: No, of course not.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Moving on to the business at hand...

    [​IMG] Gorim: The king expects you to make an appearance at the feast, but there's no rush.

    [​IMG] Gorim: The noble family heads will spend hours boring your father with petitions and petty grievances.

    [​IMG] Bro: What shall we do in the meantime?

    [​IMG] Gorim: As part of the celebration, permits have been auctioned off to members of the Merchant Caste who wished to sell wares int he Diamond Quarter.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Lord Harrowmont has also opened up the Provings for young warriors to test their mettle before tomorrow's battle.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Perhaps we should go show them what single combat is really about. And by we, I mean you. Heh, I'll practice my cheering.

    [​IMG] Bro: The Proving sounds appealing. Let's go have a look.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Right behind you, my lord. The day is ours until the feast.

    Gameplay, at last! :)

    We equipped some stuff...


    touched daddy's bust...


    and encountered some bitch near little brother's room. Those who played through Commoner origin will probably recognize her.


    [​IMG] Mistress: I... I'm sorry. I thought you were Prince Bhelen coming down the hall. I... forgive me.

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim, tell her that my brother is at my feast.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Prince Bhelen is attending the feast being held in Lord Aeducan's honor.

    [​IMG] Mistress: Yes, of... of course. It was presumptious of me to think that he would return to--I am sorry.

    [​IMG] Mistress: I will show myself out, with your leave, my lord.

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim, tell her she may take her leave of me.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Go.

    [​IMG] Mistress: Thank you, I will go now.

    There were some junk and a love letter in Bhelen's room. Nothing to write about, though.


    Bro decided to feast a little, but Gorim warned him.


    [​IMG] Bro: You're right. Let's go see the Proving first.

    [​IMG] Gorim: I can't wait to see who's fighting today.

    And so they left the royal palace...
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  3. Volourn Pretty Princess Pretty Princess

    Mar 10, 2003
    "and encountered some bitch near little brother's room. Those who played through Commoner origin will probably recognize her."

    Well.. I just played the Dwarf Commoner origin a few days. That's a nice connection. Very sneaky. <>
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  4. Twinkle Liturgist

    Sep 14, 2009
    Lands of Entitlement
    Diamond Quarter


    Two dudes were arguing


    [​IMG] Scholar Gertek: Please, Master Vollney, my work is accredited by the shaper!

    [​IMG] Bruntin Vollney: These books are lies written by the enemies of House Vollney.

    [​IMG] Scholar Gertek: I write only what I find in the ancient records!

    [​IMG] Scholar Gertek: Lord Aeducan! You can vouch for my work, can't you?

    [​IMG] Scholar Gertek: Your father loved my "History of Aeducan: Paragon, King, Peacemaker!"

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim, does this scholar truly have my father's favor?

    [​IMG] Gorim: The king, as well as several other lords, are quite fond of his work. He writes of the ancient Paragons.

    [​IMG] Bruntin Vollney: This.. worm has written a book that slanders my house!

    [​IMG] Bro: So kill him. Do you fear an old man?

    [​IMG] Bruntin Vollney: Of course not.

    [​IMG] Scholar Gertek: No, please! I -- (Uungh!)


    :lol: :twisted:

    [​IMG] Gorim: This man had the patronage of many powerful houses.

    [​IMG] Bro: House Vollney has some new enemies, then.

    [​IMG] Bruntin Vollney: Nothing we can't handle.

    [​IMG] Bruntin Vollney: Excuse me, your Highness.

    [​IMG] Gorim: He's a fool, and a low-placed one at that. House Meino was that scholar's patron. They will crush House Vollney like a warrior treading upon a centipede.

    [​IMG] Bro: All this conflict tires me. Let's go.

    [​IMG] Gorim: As you say.


    Phat jews. Let's milk 'em for lulz.

    [​IMG] Silk Merchant: My Lord Aeducan!

    [​IMG] Silk Merchant: You honor me by visiting my humble booth. May i show you my wares?

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim, why is this man speaking to me?

    [​IMG] Gorim: Because he has forgotten his place.

    [​IMG] Silk Merchant: A thousand pardons. Please forgive me, your Highness.

    [​IMG] Gorim: This looks to be mostly fabrics from the human lands.

    [​IMG] Gorim: These merchants form alliances with those who have abandoned our ways to live on the surface.

    [​IMG] Bro: We trade our good steel and stone for this?

    [​IMG] Gorim: It's a shame. I agree.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Perhaps we should get going?

    Meeting with brothers


    [​IMG] Prince Bhelen: Atrast vala, big brother! How surprising to run into you among the common folk.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Especially since duty requires you attend our king father at the feast today.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Have you so little respect for him to disregard his wishes on a day set aside for you?

    [​IMG] Gorim: Lord Harrowmont told me we wouldn't be needed for hours at least--

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Silence! If I want the opinion of my sibling's second, I will ask for it.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Yes, your highness.

    [​IMG] Bro: I go where I want, when I want, Trian.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Your lack of a sense of duty to your house is obvious. I can't imagine why you are receiving a commission.

    [​IMG]Prince Trian: I expect after tomorrow I'll spend much time apologizing to the heads of the noble houses for the deaths of their children under your incompetent command.

    [​IMG] Prince Bhelen: That's a bit harsh, isn't it, Trian?

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: As heir to the throne, it is my duty to impart wisdom and judgement upon those who need it.

    [​IMG]Prince Trian: Now then, you, get to the feast!

    Guess the answer


    [​IMG] Bro: Kiss my ass, Trian.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: I'd advise you to watch that tongue, dear sibling. Father will not live forever.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Come, Bhelen.

    [​IMG] Gorim: ...

    [​IMG] Bro: Ignore him, it's my day, not his.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Of course, my lord.

    Oh well, let's continue our quest for lulz.

    [​IMG] Armor Merchant: My Lord Aeducan!

    [​IMG] Armor Merchant: Nothing here rivals your amazing Aeducan armor, but if you wish something made...

    [​IMG] Gorim: You know very well House Aeducan has its own royal armorers.

    [​IMG] Armor Merchant: Of course. Forgive me.

    [​IMG] Bro: Tell me about your pieces.

    [​IMG] Armor Merchant: Your highness's legendary prowess is matched only by your kindness.

    [​IMG] Bro: Tell me about the armor you make.

    [​IMG] Armor Merchant: I buy only the finest iron ore, and personally oversee the armor's crafting by the most skillful of the Smith Caste.

    [​IMG] Bro: Well, I'm bored.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Perhaps we should move on.

    Lord Aeducan was in a mood for some tumble. And here laid an opportunity...


    [​IMG] Teli: What have we here? Two handsome, strapping noble lords! You both look so grand.

    [​IMG] Mardy: And isn't this the man of the hour? The king's son?

    [​IMG] Teli: Who's your friend, my lord? Another noble from the honored House Aeducan?

    [​IMG] Bro: This is my loyal second.

    [​IMG] Gorim: But not from a noble house, girls. Ser Gorim, Warrior Caste.

    [​IMG] Teli: Oh, that's too bad. You're quite handsome.

    [​IMG] Bro: I'm better-looking.

    [​IMG] Mardy: That you are, my lord.

    [​IMG] Mardy: Can I interest you in a little bedded diversion?

    [​IMG] Bro: I'm always interested in bedded diversion.

    [​IMG] Mardy: Shall I come to your chambers after the ceremony, then--?

    [​IMG] Teli: I talked to him first! I want him.

    [​IMG] Mardy: He's looking for a woman, Teli, not a little girl.

    [​IMG] Mardy: I'm Mardy. And I know how to give my lord a night he'll remember.

    [​IMG] Bro: Do I really have to pick just one?

    [​IMG] Teli: Oh, my lord has his energy about him!

    [​IMG] Mardy: There will be no three-to-a-bed, if that's what you're thinking. We both require full experiences all to ourselves.

    [​IMG] Mardy: If you think you can manage us both, though...

    [​IMG] Bro: Both of you it is.

    [​IMG] Mardy: This should prove most interesting.

    [​IMG] Mardy: We will wait for you together, my lord, and show you the proper way to celebrate a princely commission!


    Need to harrass moar phat jews.

    [​IMG] Weapon Merchant: Greetings, My Lord Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Weapon Merchant: I am.. so honored to have you visit my booth. I have a.. proposition, but I dared not approach.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Yet you dare now?

    [​IMG] Bro: You have nothing to offer me, scum.

    [​IMG] Weapon Merchant: Of course. Please, accept my humblest apologies to House Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Watch yourself in the future.

    [​IMG] Magic Merchant: Lord Aeducan! Here! In my booth?

    [​IMG] Magic Merchant: I am so... (He faints.)

    [​IMG] Gorim: He's fainted. You make quite the impression these days.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Pardon. I was out of the line here. I suppose we should move on.


    Near the gate he was stopped by the guards.

    [​IMG] Royal Escort: My lord. Are you heading to the Proving Arena?

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim, I do not remember addressing this man.

    [​IMG] Gorim: You are not to address the Lord Aeducan unless spoken to first.

    [​IMG] Royal Guard: Forgive me, Ser Gorim, I meant no offense.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Back to your duties.

    [​IMG] Royal escort: But ser, this is my duty. I am to escort our new commander to the Proving grounds.

    [​IMG] Gorim: I clean forgot about that. Forgive me, I should have informed you sooner.

    [​IMG] Gorim: The king decided you are not to travel through the commons unguarded.

    [​IMG] Bro: I am quite capable of walking safely to the Proving.

    [​IMG]Gorim: I did mention the merchants that won permits to show their goods in the Diamond Quarter?

    [​IMG] Gorim: There were only so many permits auctioned off, and quite a few were turned away.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Your father fears you will be harassed on the way to the Proving.

    [​IMG] Bro: He could have provided me with a more impressive entourage.

    [​IMG] Gorim: I do not question the king.

    [​IMG] Royal Escort: Will we be leaving then?

    [​IMG] Bro: Yes.

    [​IMG] Royal Escort: We are at your command.
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  5. BlitzKitchen Self-Ejected Patron

    Jun 6, 2009
    Codex 2012
    This is the first time I've ever seen dwarf women depicted. I was under the impression most fantasy stories assumed the women looked like the men.
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  6. Volourn Pretty Princess Pretty Princess

    Mar 10, 2003
    Misnomer. Even in D&D (which is seen as the stereotypical version of them), most dwarven women have no beards.
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  7. Fens Ford of the Llies

    Nov 3, 2009
    woah... dwarfara streisand
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  8. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    You mean they have beards? In many fantasy settings they do, and I would've liked the option in DA, though what probably bugs me most is how much they look like hobbits.

    Still, this is a game that sexualized every possible PC build. The female dwarf + Alistair romance is already hilarious enough without her having a beard.

    Good LP, keepemcomin'
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  9. Sulimo Arcane Patron

    Jun 22, 2009
    Wasteland 2
    Ah, my successor. Good luck, let's hope you actually manage to make it out of the tutorial.
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  10. Twinkle Liturgist

    Sep 14, 2009
    Lands of Entitlement
    Proving Grounds

    Nasty stuff happens here

    Lord Bro decided to earn some easy XP


    [​IMG] Proving Master: Your Highness, it is an honor to have you here.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Have you come to watch these brave warriors do battle in your honor?

    [​IMG] Bro: No, I've come to fight.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Your Highness, this Proving is in your honor...

    [​IMG] Gorim: Then honor him by doing as he says. My Lord Aeducan will fight in the Proving.

    [​IMG] Bro: I just need a good workout before tomorrow's battle.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Of course. It is well within your rights.


    [​IMG] Proving Master: Men and women of Orzammar, we have a late entry to these Provings, held on the eve of the battle for the honor of House Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: I give you.. the Lord Aeducan, himself!

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Are you ready for your first match?

    [​IMG] Bro: Ready. Eager. Hungry.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Then let us begin!


    [​IMG] Proving Master: This is a glory Proving, fought under the watchful eyes of the Paragons of Orzammar for the honor of House Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Lord Aeducan will fight Aller Bemot, youngest son of Lord Bemot!

    [​IMG] Aller Bemot: You honor me with this match.

    [​IMG] Bro: I'll honor you upside the head.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: First warrior to fall is vanquished. Fight!

    This pussy goes down really fast


    [​IMG] Proving Master: The winner is Lord Aeducan!

    [​IMG] Proving Master: That was quite a fight. Aller Bemot is no slouch with that hammer.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Are you ready for your next opponent?

    [​IMG] Bro: I'll tear her apart.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Excellent, let us go.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: This is a glory Proving, fought under the watchful eyes of the Paragons of Orzammar for the honor of House Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Lord Aeducan will fight Adal Helmi, eldest daughter of Lady Helmi!

    [​IMG] Adal Helmi: Honor and glory to your house, your Highness.

    [​IMG] Bro: I'm going to slaughter you.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: First warrior to fall is vanquished. Fight!

    Another one


    [​IMG] Proving Master: The winner is Lord Aeducan!

    [​IMG] Proving Master: That was a crowd-pleaser. Many were waiting to see that woman put in her place.

    Me too.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Ser Blackstone is your next opponent. Are you ready to face him?

    [​IMG] Bro: I am.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Then let us begin!

    [​IMG] Proving Master: This is a glory Proving, fought under the watchful eyes of the Paragons of Orzammar for the honor of House Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Lord Aeducan will fight Ser Blackstone, Deep Roads squad leader of the Warrior Castle!

    [​IMG] Ser Blackstone: This is your education, child. Try to learn as you bleed.

    [​IMG] Bro: I'll make you eat those words.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: First warrior to fall is vanquished. Fight!

    This one was a bit of PITA. Nothing Bro couldn't handle, though.


    [​IMG] Proving Master: The winner is Lord Aeducan!

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Well done. You have proven that even the best of the Warrior Caste cannot match a noble Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Frandlin Ivo is your final opponent. He too has had many victories today.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Are you ready to face him, or will you rest first?

    [​IMG] Bro: Let me at him.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Of course.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: This is a glory Proving, fought under the watchful eyes of the Paragons of Orzammar for the honor of House Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: It is down to just two warriors. With backbones of stone and wills of iron, they have defeated all others this day!

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Lord Aeducan will fight Frandlin Ivo, second son of Lord Ivo!

    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: You fight well. I wish you glory today and glory tomorrow.

    [​IMG] Bro: Shut up and fight already.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: First warrior to fall is vanquished; the victor is champion! Fight!


    [​IMG] Proving Master: The winner is Lord Aeducan!

    Wow, I'm really surprised. :D

    [​IMG] Proving Master: Congratulations. Frandlin Ivo is as fierce a competitor as I've ever seen.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: You've vanquished every warrior of note in today's Proving. The ceremonial helm commissioned by your father for today's winner is yours.

    [​IMG] Bro: Of course it's mine.

    [​IMG] Proving Master: As you say.

    Nice helm


    Time to go home.

    [​IMG] Royal Escort: My Lord?

    [​IMG] Bro: Tell the guards to be ready, Gorim. I want to leave.

    [​IMG] Gorim: You heard the man.

    [​IMG] Royal Escort: Your wish is our command.
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  11. Mystary! Arcane

    Oct 12, 2006
    You missed the merchant rght outside the arena that offers you a magic dagger, you can have him killed for speaking to you.
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  12. Twinkle Liturgist

    Sep 14, 2009
    Lands of Entitlement
    At last, Lord Bro was able to attend the feast held in his honor.


    But giant exlamation mark required his attention.


    [​IMG] Lord Ronus Dace: Many thanks for your willingness to hear me out, my lord.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: I wish to speak to you of a matter most urgent.

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim, how much time do I have?

    [​IMG] Gorim: It looks as if the heads of House Bemot and Meino are keeping your father busy.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Which leaves you plenty of time for our dear old friend, Lord Dace.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: You're a credit to your caste, Ser Gorim. I've always said so. If I had a daughter, I'd give her to you and make you the noble you deserve to be.

    [​IMG] Gorim: You honor me, my lord.

    [​IMG] Bro: Let's make this fast.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: Let us just pretend we spent another ten minutes wishing good things on each other's houses, yes?

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: There is a vote coming before the Assembly next week, and a word from you could go a long way towards helping our cause.

    [​IMG] Bro: Is this going to be bribe or blackmail?

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: Well, you do cut to the point, don't you? You will be quite a shock if you ever join the Assembly. We are so fond of our double-speak...

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: I have no desire to obligate you or force your hand.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: I propose a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: The vote concerns the status of the so-called surface caste. Lost to the Stone, air-touched, and so forth.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: Centuries ago, narrow-minded men declared that any dwarf who left to live on the surface forfeited his caste, and his house if noble. That he was, in esssence, no longer a dwarf.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: I seek only to remedy an injustice, to retie the bonds of anyone who can trace himself to one of the noble houses, wherever he may live.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: Please, agree to speak for this noble cause.

    [​IMG] Bro: What do I get in return?

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: I keep my ears to the Stone, my lord.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: I hear many things, some of which could be a great help during your mission tomorrow. A little forewarning to help your forearming, if you know what I mean.

    [​IMG] Bro: I want hard currency, not rumors.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: Saving for a run for the Assembly? Never mind. If hard currency is what you wish, hard currency is what you will have.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: How does a hundrer sovereigns sound?

    [​IMG] Bro: Sounds good. What can I do?

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: When your father presents you to the noble houses, I will ask for your opinion on the matter.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: You have merely to say that you feel our surface brothers should be returned their noble rights.

    [​IMG] Lord Ronus Dace: What could be more simple?


    Whaaat??? :x

    [​IMG] Lady Helmi: Your mother would melt the Stone if she knew what you just did.

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim? Did you hear something?

    [​IMG] Lady Helmi: Do not mock me, boy.

    [​IMG] Lady Helmi: Lord Dace is playing you false. Go ahead, be his puppet. Your first command will be marked by every major house turning their back on you.

    [​IMG] Bro: Get away from me, old woman.

    [​IMG] Lady Helmi: Idiot child. Don't say you weren't warned.

    Uugh, ugly old bitch! Hmm, here stands this guy from the intro.


    [​IMG] Duncan: Greetings, my Lord Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Duncan: It is an honor to meet you at last.

    [​IMG] Bro: At last? Have you been waiting for me?

    [​IMG] Duncan: Not as such, but your father never misses chance to boast of your skill and bravery.

    [​IMG] Duncan: He says you may be the most skilled warrior in all of House Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Bro: There is no may about it, I am the best.

    [​IMG] Duncan: Ha! Yes, he mentioned your humble nature as well!

    [​IMG] Duncan: We need more Grey Wardens like you. And quickly.

    [​IMG] Duncan: Even as the darkspawn weaken here in Orzammar, they are stirring on the surface. A Blight has begun.

    [​IMG] Duncan: Soon the fight must go beyond the Deep Roads, lest the darkpawn threated all the world.

    [​IMG] Bro: Good. Let them leave our city and pester the humans.

    [​IMG] Duncan: No one is safe from a Blight. If the darkspawn overrun the surface lands they will return in even greater numbers.

    [​IMG] Duncan: Orzammar would perish along with the rest. None of our lands is truly self-sufficient.

    [​IMG] Bro: I wonder if father would allow me to join you.

    [​IMG] Duncan: (Chuckles) Alas, I do not think he would take kindly to this suggestion.

    [​IMG] Duncan: As the child of the king and heir after Lord Trian, your place is here.

    [​IMG] Bro: Yes. I belong with my father and my brothers.

    [​IMG] Duncan: I wish you luck in the Deep Roads tomorrow. Show the darkspawn the might of your people.

    Hello, daddy...

    Lord Meino: My king, please reconsider. The trade contracts alone could bring great prosperity to our houses...

    Lord Bemot: Will be really turn our back on our brothers and a potential fortune in cheap labor because of political technicality.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Denial of the traditions of our people doesn not qualify as a political technicality!

    [​IMG] King Endrin: There is more to life that monetary gains, my lords Bemot and Meino. The Assembly of Kal Sharok will respect the rule of Orzammar, or they will rot and die alone, surrounded by enemies.

    Lord Meino: Yes, my King.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: But look, we have company to spare us further wrangling.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Atrast vala, my son. How fine you look in your great grandfather's armor.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: I hear you were declared champion of the Provings! (Chuckles) I suppose you were never one to sit be when something exciting was going on.

    Flavor text that recognizes my achievements. Good. :)

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Are you ready to be presented to the heads of the noble houses?

    [​IMG] Bro: Is this all really neccessary?

    [​IMG] King Endrin: These rituals have their place. It behooves you to get to know the nobles and let them know you.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Lord, ladies. Grant me a moment of your time.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Who would pose a qustion to the prospective commander? Who seeks to know the prospect better?

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: I have a question. I seek to know the prospect better.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Lord Dace, head of House Dace, speak.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: Lords, ladies, my question concerns the plight of our wayward kin, the so-called surface caste.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: What does the commander prospect think is the proper place for these lost souls?

    [​IMG] Bro: They are as we are and should have their rights returned.

    [​IMG] Lord Dace: Thank you my lord. I am satisfied.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Then if there are no other challenges...

    [​IMG] King Endrin: I give you Orzammar's next commander!


    [​IMG] King Endrin: Tomorrow, our newest commander will lead part of amission to strike a great blow to the darkspawn.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Not only does this recover access to some of our most important mines, but it also allows our honored guest Duncan, head of Ferelden's Grey Wardens, to strike far into the Deep Roads.

    [​IMG]Duncan: Thank you, King Endrin. While the darkspawn seem to withdraw, it is only because they are massing on the surface. This could mean a Blight, and my men and I will discover the truth.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: We are honored to have you with us, my friend.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Now, feast, drink and celebrate, for the morning brings battle!

    [​IMG] King Endrin: As for you, my new commander, find your brother Trian and send him to me.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: He may be watching the Provings, or getting some rest in the rooms.

    You promoted me only to start giving errand quests?! :x Fuck you, Daddy!

    [​IMG] Bro: Can't you send a servant?

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Don't question everything. Just go, for the ancestors sake.

    Trian's room

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: So, you are a commander now. In name at least.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Shouldn't you be attending our king father?

    [​IMG] Bro: Father wants to see you, Trian.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Of course he does. We must discuss strategy before tomorrow's battle.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Bhelen, stay here and stroke the new commander's conceit if you like, but then get to bed.

    Trian leaves.

    [​IMG] Prince Bhelen: All day I've put up with that. He can really grate on the nerves.

    [​IMG] Bro: I agree.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: And what I'm going to tell you next won't make you any more fond of him.

    [​IMG] Bro: Get to the point, Bhelen.

    Wow, the conspiracy :cool:

    [​IMG] Bhelen: Big brother, Trian is going to try to kill you.

    [​IMG] Bro: He recognizes I'm a threat. Good.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: He fears what you are becoming, in the eyes of the people and the Assembly.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: Trian's the named prince, but only the Assembly can proclaim a king.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: I would be unusual for the Assembly to ignore king's choice, but it does happen.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: The first Aeducan king wasn't even part of the houses's leading family.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: That was an extraodinary case. But at least a half-dozen times, the Assembly named a lesser family member--or even someone from another house--as king.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: Usually it's the popular younger brother of an undesirable prince.

    [​IMG] Bro: Well, I would make a good ruler...

    [​IMG] Bhelen: You entered the Provings held in your own honor just for glory and to please the crowds.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: If you win glory against the darkspawn tomorrow, it will only strengthen the case for you as the next heir.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: Trian fears Father will replace him on the spot. If not, the Assembly will surely turn against him when Father dies.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: You know his pride will never allow him to step aside.

    [​IMG] Bro: Trian needs to die.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: I'm afraid I must agree with you.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: Tomorrow's battle is the time to do it. I'll find out the rendezvous and buy you the time to do what must be done.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: I'm taking your place as Father's second, so I'll be at hand tomorrow.

    [​IMG] Bhelen: For now, try to get some sleep.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Let's go. You don't want to keep those lovely ladies waiting.
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  13. Angthoron Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Jul 13, 2007
    Have to say that so far, the douchebaggery is handled better than in other BioWare titles, it actually is pretty logical in most cases.
    ^ Top  
  14. lightbane Arcane

    Dec 27, 2008
    You can notice when they actually spent some effort in something, for now the dialogues are even logical and sound believable in this origin than in the mage path for example...
    ^ Top  
  15. Angthoron Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Jul 13, 2007
    I'm a bit "Ehhh" at the threesome bit, but maybe it's an "ITS A TRAP" thing. Somehow it felt a bit out of place otherwise. Then again, I'm no royalty, maybe they get panties thrown at them at every turn. I do remember all the teenage girl nonsense at the UK princes at some point after all.
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  16. Erebus Arcane

    Jul 12, 2008
    Our brother's story is the one that'd make me go "IT'S A TRAP !". I suspect he's trying to kill two birds with one stone he won't even have to touch.
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  17. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    Yes. You kill your brother, other brother goes all smug, other dwarves go all ohnohowdareyou, Warden intervenes to save you by enlisting you with the GWs. Never having played the noble dwarf, I would guess that's how this plays out.
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  18. Twinkle Liturgist

    Sep 14, 2009
    Lands of Entitlement
    You may ask where is a promised dwarven threesome.

    Whatever, on the next morning (?) - somewhere in the Deep Roads.


    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Trian and his men will clear the way for the Grey Wardens to descend into the easternmost caverns.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: May the Paragons favor you, and the Stone catch you if you fall.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Come, men, glory awaits!

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Bhelen, you and your men will second the king, clearing the main road.

    [​IMG] Prince Bhelen: Don't you think it looks a little... cowardly to allow these humans to take our place where the fighting is thickest?

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Are you questionnig the battle plan?

    [​IMG] Prince Bhelen: Of course not. I'm sure your caution is for the glory of us all.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Enough, Bhelen. Take your men and make ready.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Harrowmont and I need have words with your sibling.

    [​IMG] Prince Bhelen: Good luck, my brother.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Your father has a special mission for you.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: In the eastern deep roads, there is a secret door carved intro the stone.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: The door leads to a thaig abandoned long ago by your ancestors. The darkspawn have made it impossible reach.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Reclaim the shield, and glory will be yours!

    [​IMG] Bro: To glory!

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: We've sent two scouts ahead to make sure the tunnels are cleared, but be careful.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: One of the scouts will meet you at the first crossroads you come to; the second will be further in.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: When you get to the door, use your signet ring to open it.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrrowmont: Questions?

    [​IMG] Bro: Meet the scouts, find the door, grab the shield. Got it.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Very good.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: The crossroads where you meet the first scout will be the rendesvous point. There you can present the shield to the lords and demonstrate the stregth of Aeducan!

    [​IMG] King Endrin: May the ancestors watch over you, my child.



    We met our first spider


    and our first darkspawn


    First rendezvous point. Familiar ugly face...


    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: You made it, Commander.

    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: Did you run afoul of any darkspawn?

    [​IMG] Bro: Nothing we couldn't handle.

    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: We didn't expect any activity in these tunnels at all.

    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: Once I finished scouting the tunnels, I hid here to avoid the darkspawn.

    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: Most tunnels are dead ends. The one we want is swarming with those fiends. It's going to be a fight.

    [​IMG] Bro: We are warriors. Nothing stands in our way.

    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: As you say. Onward, then.

    A bunch of deep stalkers


    Eventually we reached the second rendezvous point


    [​IMG] Scout: You're here! I thought the darkspawn had got you for sure.

    [​IMG] Bro: Is that how you address your commander?

    [​IMG] Scout: Apologies, Commander.

    [​IMG] Scout: There's not a ton of formality down here in the Deep Roads.

    [​IMG] Scout: We want the tunnel ahead, but there are darkspawn tracks all over it. Be careful.

    [​IMG] Bro: Let's get moving, then.

    [​IMG] Scout: I'm with you.

    First alpha opponent and several archers:

    Soon we stumbled upon a pile of darkspawn bodies.


    [​IMG] Gorim: Looks like someone beat us to the door.

    [​IMG] Bro: Be prepared to kill anything that moves.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Yes my lord.

    Who are these men? I have a bad feeling about this.


    [​IMG] Mercenary Captain: So glad you finally join us. We feared you'd gotten eaten by the darkspawn.

    [​IMG] Mercenary Captain: Turns out the shield isn't quite as easy to retrieve as I was led to believe. I wager you know where it is, though.

    [​IMG] Mercenary Captain: So maybe you yell me where it is, and I won't mutilate your body so bad your father doesn't reconginze you.

    We ain't no pussies!

    [​IMG] Bro: Gorim, we need to kill these men.

    [​IMG] Gorim: I'll try to hide my disappointment.

    [​IMG] Mercenary Captain: Just kill them, boys. We'll find this shield on our own.


    Bro looted his body and found a ring.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Is that an Aeducan signet ring? I guess that's how they got in here...

    [​IMG] Bro: It's Trian's.

    [​IMG] Gorim: The ring is Trian's? That means he...

    [​IMG] Bro: Trian will pay for this. Mark my words.

    [​IMG] Gorim: The first way can hurt him is to find that shield ourselves.

    [​IMG] Bro: The Shield of Aeducan will be mine.

    [​IMG] Gorim: You have your orders, boys.

    The tomb we need:



    [​IMG] Gorim: This is the room. How do we get the shield?

    [​IMG] Bro: Look around. There must be a clue.

    [​IMG] Gorim: You two, see if you can spot anything.

    Simple pressure plates. How many dwarfs does it take to open a freaking coffin?



    Sarcophagus: (There is and indentation here that seems to match the Aeducan signet ring perfectly.)

    [​IMG] Bro: (Press your signet ring against the indentation.)

    Sarcophagus: (The lid of the sarcophagus slides away, revealing a small hollow that contains the Shield of Aeducan.)


    Nothing special.

    [​IMG] Gorim: That's it. We've got it.

    [​IMG] Scout: It doesn't look like much.

    [​IMG] Frandlin Ivo: The skill of our crafters has come far since then. But still... the Shield of Aeducan.

    [​IMG] Bro: Enough talk. Where is the rendezvous point?

    [​IMG] Scout: Back in the direction we came from, at the crossroads.

    [​IMG] Gorim: To the crossroads.

    Darkspawn ambush on a way back.


    Bro used ballista to clear the passage.


    Somewhere in the tunnels:


    [​IMG] Gorim: If Trian were really scheming against us, this would be the perfect place for an ambush.

    [​IMG] Gorim: We've got the shield, and we're all alone out here.

    [​IMG] Bro: It's Trian who will be ambushed today.

    [​IMG] Gorim: Then it will be a good day.

    [​IMG] Scout: What's that you're muttering about?

    [​IMG] Bro: Family business.

    [​IMG] Scout: Uh-oh. All right, then.

    Rendesvous point. Trian with his men, as suspected.


    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Atrast vala, brother.

    [​IMG] Bro: You and I need to speak. Alone.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Anything you have to say can be said here, in front of our men.

    [​IMG] Bro: You wish me to expose your plotting against me?

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: You dare accuse me of your treachery?

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: You have plotted to urder me, so you could take my place as heir.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: You convinced Bhelen to help you take my men and me by surprise.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Do you deny it?

    [​IMG] Bro: You have no right to judge me, Trian.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: I have every right to judge you.

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: I am your prince and your elder brother! Every tradition, everything that makes us who we are, demands your loyalty to me!

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: You and your companions will throw your weapons, confess your treason, and be tried in front of the Assembly.

    [​IMG] Bro: You're an idiot. (Attack.)

    [​IMG] Prince Trian: Kill the traitors!

    Bye bye, big brother.


    Uh oh


    [​IMG] King Endrin: My son. Tell me this isn't what it looks like.

    [​IMG] Bro: Trian tried to kill me. It was terrible.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Can you prove it?

    [​IMG] Bro: I have Trian's ring, taken from men who tried to kill me.

    [​IMG] Lord Bemot: You could have got that ring anywhere. Can these men substantiate your claim?

    [​IMG] Gorim: It's true. There were men in the thaig, trying to steal the shield.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Ser Gorim, your loyalty makes you a useless witness. It falls to others to tell the story.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: You, scout, what happened here?

    [​IMG] Scout: Trian and his men were here early. It seems they'd done battle with the darkspawn.

    [​IMG] Scout: Lord Aeducan came up to them, all friendly-like, but when we got close, he ordered us to attack!

    [​IMG] Bro: You traitor! (Attacks scout)


    [​IMG] Lord Bemot: Stop him! Take his weapons!

    [​IMG] Lord Bemot: I think we've seen enough.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: No. If the scout were lying I might have done the same.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: I will not drag my son back to Orzammar in chains without hearing from Frandlin Ivo.

    [​IMG] Lord Bemot: Frandlyn Ivo, you are a good and noble man. Did the scout speak the truth?

    [​IMG] Frandlyn Ivo: He... hid did, my lord. It was... terrible. Prince Trian didn't stand a chance.

    [​IMG] Frandlyn Ivo: Afterward, my lord stripped his signed ring.

    [​IMG] Gorim: You treacherous bastard!

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Silence, Gorim.

    [​IMG] King Endrin: Do you have anything else to say, my son?

    [​IMG] Bro: How can you not see that this is a setup?

    [​IMG] King Endrin: I want to believe that, I really do.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: Bind him. He will be judged before the Assembly.

    [​IMG] Lord Harrowmont: To Orzammar!
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  19. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    Well...that was easy to predict.

    Speaking of predictability, I love how you can always feel a trap is coming (even with obtuse NPCs notifying you), there's something so predictable about BW's design in this game that setups are always way too obvious. But hey, it doesn't help you at all, you still have to walk stupidly into the trap.

    Also this is getting image-heavy? Where are next page!? Moar!
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  20. Volourn Pretty Princess Pretty Princess

    Mar 10, 2003
    Oh, pelase. It's only 'easy' to predict ebcause you probably got spoiled or you are assuming soemthing because you expect a twist. FFS That's lame.

    Wish people would be honest, at least. There is no way 100% for sure to know Bhelen was setting a trap. I personally suspected it was possible but there certainly was no evidence of it.

    So stop the bullshit pretending that you knew 100% that it was gonna happen. Retards.
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  21. Brother None inXile Entertainment Developer

    Brother None
    Jul 11, 2004
    I didn't get spoiled, I knew it because I know BioWare's writing. And that does indeed include expecting a twist, I'm not sure how that would excuse it.

    100%? No, not really, but again, like all the traps in this game, it's hard not to see it coming. And impossible to avoid. Why is that?

    Uh, but I posted that I knew that would happen without ever having played or heard any details from the Dwarf Noble origin story. It just happened, in front of your eyes.

    Are you honestly claiming you think it's conceptually impossible that I called that very, very obvious "twist" without any knowledge from outside this thread? Oh please. How stupid would one have to be not to see it coming?
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  22. Radisshu Prophet

    Jul 16, 2007
    This is actually pretty good. MUCH better than the mage origin. I wonder if you can solve the encounter with Trian in any other way though? I'd guess not.

    EDIT: And Volourn, just stop it, you're being ridiculous. I guess this is like telling Bro to stop being an asshole, but c'mon.

    EDIT 2: MOAR!
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  23. RK47 collides like two planets pulled by gravity Patron

    Feb 23, 2006
    Not Here
    Dead State Divinity: Original Sin
    All roads end up towards the grey warden. As if the Right of Conscription has some sord of 'Magic' to bind you to Duncan's service.
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  24. Radisshu Prophet

    Jul 16, 2007
    That's the thing that has turned me off this game. Why the fuck can't I just say no? Choosing which factions to join and cooperate with were always some of my favourite RPG questlines.
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  25. Angthoron Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Jul 13, 2007
    It wasn't a terribad twist per se, though, just predictable. I mean, we know that Bro has to become a Warden, we know that his father won't let him, therefore, either the father will die, or one or more of Bro's bros are planning to doublecross him. After the "voluntary" assistance it starts to look like a set-up to anyone but the Bro himself though, which is sort of a pity. Would have been great to go collar-grabbing on the doublecrossing bastard and get tossed out of the realm for that - an option to skip the tutorial, if you will.
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