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Completed Let's Play Hard Nova.

Discussion in 'Codex Playground' started by Cool name, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Cool name Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    Cool name
    Oct 14, 2012

    There is not much that I can tell about Hard Nova other than it is Sentinel Worlds: Future Magic spiritual successor. The developers did greatly develop some elements from Sentinel Worlds for this 'sequel' but they did also simplify or dumb-down several others along the way. If I had to place the game on a scale I would say it is much more complex than a game like Space Rogue but less complex than a game such as Whale's Voyage. From what little I did see of Starflight it has more deep than Hardnova does. I did never play Sundog for long so I am unable to compare. It may be a little less complex than Sentinel Worlds. It may be a little more so.

    It was released back in 1990 and did receive good reviews. I do find it a fun little game but then I do very much enjoy Protostar so it is up to you to decide if my taste does deserve any trust. You may do so. You may not do so. I do hope you do enjoy it. If not I do hope you do at least enjoy my twist on it.

    Any prologue beyond this would have to deal with the gameplay. I believe it is better to speak about such a topic while on the game proper.


    This is the tittle screen that does receive us as soon as we start the game. The music on it is pretty nice. Most people who do play the game as abandonware does find it hard to play the game with sound on DosBox. If you do check Hardnova.bat you will find the following lines.

    For the game to run with sound you need to comment those lines. Just add a comma where each line does begin. I do believe other punctuation marks do work as well.

    After a while I do continue.


    Copy protection. I press enter and do move beyond. I do hope my abandonware copy is cracked.


    The first choice we have to face in the game is which character do we wish to use, in itself nothing more than a choice of gender. A few dialogues and events do change based on it. Yet it is nothing big.

    Appendix A. Important issues, an offtopic dramatization.

    Show Spoiler

    [​IMG] 'A tall, quietly attractive woman.' Truly is Nova a character I can relate to.

    One should always treasure equally her dreams and her delusions.

    [​IMG] Yet do take a look at my hair. I do look as I had just come out of an old movie. Yet not from a movie old enough to be good. Old enough to be tacky. It is terrible.

    You do have a point there.

    [​IMG] And why do I wear what does look like a baggy work overall with the kind of neckline that does only look fine on a knit one piece dress or evening clothes?

    You do speak nothing but truth.

    [​IMG] And such a kitschy pendant.

    Please do understand game developers do find hermetic both couture and bijouterie.

    [​IMG] Not to mention I do find little excuse for an oval face. For an elongated oval one there can be only censure.

    I am affraid the comment was very unladylike.

    [​IMG] Yet I do expect you to understand the shock that does drive me. What I see does induce me to believe her beauty is quiet for it does know well how to hide. Do please take a look at the lines of the cheeks and the width of the chin. Do note the shape of the lips and the distance from mouth to nose. Pay attention to the size and shape of the ears. And what excuse is there, pray tell, for a double chin? I say none.

    Yet we must forgive for she is neither idol nor model. She is but a rough mercenary, a crude and unenlightened creature.

    [​IMG] And I must but denounce the evil that does try to force me into the life of a token minority.

    Such behaviour does lack decorum when you are but part of a minority yourself.

    [​IMG] In the uncivilized lands I may be. Yet nowhere else.

    If I am allowed to get technical on this matter-

    [​IMG] Hush you. Allowed you are not. Now do tell me what other faces are there for me to pick from.

    None there are. This one is the one.

    [​IMG] You do lie. You must lie.

    Yet I am truthful.

    [​IMG] Can we perchance hack a new portrait for us to use?

    You do seem to forget we did need a step by step guide in order to fix the sound issue we did previously mention.

    [​IMG] You do bring me no joy. I am do find myself in a situation where I can but to beg for you to use a different one in the Let's Play proper.

    Would you let this fault slide if I were not to satisfy your petition?

    [​IMG] I would never do so.

    A simple choice you do leave for me to take. May I ask for your opinion on this one portrait?

    [​IMG] I do like her, yet I am affraid she is much too serious. Do keep her around for a future time.

    And what critique would you do of this other one?

    [​IMG] Adorable is she. Yet would she fit the mercenary theme of our soon to start adventure? I am unable to aprove.

    It is your taste a hard foe to conquer. I do ask for your critique of this one portrait.

    [​IMG] She is indeed pretty. Yet does she not look like a girl with a price tag in place of a name?

    In a story that does tell of the many adventures of a band of galactic mercenaries she will fit with ease.

    [​IMG] This was not what I meant.

    The things I could tell. The proberbial mercenary heart does many a shape take.

    [​IMG] Hush you. Message understood. Let us continue.

    I do live but to serve.

    We do choose Nova as our character. What did pass as a cinematic back in 1990 does play as a result. The game does start right afterwards.

    I. Alexandra.

    Show Spoiler


    This is the game interface from which we explore surface sites and any spaceship we do board. We do control our party by means of the arrow keys: Up does take us a step forward. Down does make us take a backward step. Left and right does rotate us ninety degrees in either direction. The icons on the right hand of the screen do allow us to see the description of the current locale, talk to the selected NPC, and have a droid or darcator member of our party break formation and explore ahead. When we do select an NPC its face does take the uppermost place. If we do click on it we will be able to see its equipment. The lowermost icons on either side do represent the weapon and armor Nova does presently wield and wear.

    Characters do only have a personality until they join your crew. Once they do they become but puppets over which you do exert limited control.

    The faces on the left side of the screen do represent our away team. Nova is always the point. Other characters can be told which position to occupy. Currently we do only have A'kri Janr, apparently nicknamed Punch, with us. If we do click on one of the faces we will be shown various information about her or him. We can also do this by using F1 through F4.


    This is Nova.

    [​IMG] I am affraid it is I who is Nova. She is but the girl I did purchase the identity from to begin with. A sad story. Yet not one worth the time it would take to tell.

    Please do forgive the foolish mistake.

    Our health is currently very low. We have but a bit of pocket change. 'Starkiller' does mean she is from the Starkiller mercenary group. 'Point' is her current position in the party. 'Rank' is her level. The experience we do obtain is equal to the damage we do in combat. Below are the stats for the weapon we wield and the armor we wear.

    We do press '2' to check our abilities.


    Those are Nova's abilities. Presently we do have four points with which to increase our abilities. In the begining I would advice you to ignore all but Aptitude. This is the single most important ability on Hard Nova. Why? I does govern how many skill points do you get when you do reach a new level. The game does depend greatly on equipment but it does help to build up the core abilities early. We are able to grind a few levels early on if we do not mind to invest some money. We will do so in time.

    I do invest all of Nova's points on Aptitude and press '3' to view her inventory.


    Inventory space is very thight. Ammo does take a lot of space. Other than ammo for our gun we have our gun, an Automagnum, our armor, a Body Armor, and our Advanced Medical Lining, an Issue AML. The AML does decide how much health do we recover by time unit. Both our away team and the enemies recover health every time unit. Retreating to recover health or using the movement rules to make sure a badly hurt member of our away team is behind cover can be very important.

    I do know our readers do want to make popamole jokes so let us add a standard response in here so that I do not feel forced to respond each and every one of them.

    [​IMG] How very witty of you.

    Now let us continue. I do check our companion's sheet.


    He is not a very good character to have on our away team. He is however indispensable. His unique skill does make him the only character able to take our ship through wormholes. If he does die we are stuck. As I will be playing the game with reloads limited to game over screens 'Punch' will spend the rest of the game in our starship.

    I do still invest his single point in Aptitude. I can always decide to level him up using the robomaze.

    We do move to the south. The game does inform me the corridor actually is a bridge that does traverse a maintenance bay below. Beyond we do find a vast central area. From there we can return to our hovecraft or move to an arms dealer, a bar, and the robomaze. I do check the arms dealer first.


    In this shop they do sell mostly ammo. I move across the room to the elevator leading to the bar. A recording reminds us to put our weapons on safety mode before we do enter.


    [​IMG] Must we proceed along this path, I wonder?

    [​IMG] I fail to understand the meaning your words do hide, O Nova. This is but your favorite watering hole, which you do deeply love.

    [​IMG] I do not. I would never. Do take look at this location you do proclaim, nay, accuse I do enjoy. Is it not the smell of cheap liquor and stale sweat that which does my nose assault? The acrid emanation of broken dreams and trampled lives do hang over this place as the hungry ghosts do over the place of sacrifice. And my ears do beg for mercy when the hymns unfashionable do lay siege to them.

    [​IMG] Many times we did have the present conversation. There are times, O Nova, in which the role of a tough as nails mercenary captain do impose upon you responsabilities many. In character you must get.

    [​IMG] But will not the client potential his eyes place upon me and notice the dire place I am in and the sad drink I do nurse? Then say he will 'Alas! What good can she be a mercenary that this lowly company must bear and in those cheap drinks her sorrows drown?'

    [​IMG] This opinion I do share not. For, you see, the client potential will see naught but a girl prisoner of a ghetto past. Rueful days of sexily ragged prêt-à-porter urban clothing that a dirty rain did drench, of many an aquarium that did find ruin in gunfights hardly fought in chinese restaurants under triad control and bloody kung fu fights in the alleys that does garbage clutter behind the ramen shop cheap. Youthful struggle that did forge the amazon-for-hire.

    [​IMG] Lose me you did on prêt-à-porter.

    [​IMG] And a crew most rough we are here to find.

    [​IMG] More <Air quotes>salty space dogs</air quotes> I fear you to mean.

    [​IMG] Of those, yes, many. And let's the florid language drop already, for I am tired and the readers too.

    [​IMG] Cute I do find it.

    [​IMG] Which is to drop it more than enough reason, says I.

    [​IMG] Alas! I will do as he does wish, the Bremar navigator most mean.

    A green man is the first thing we do see when we do leave the elevator. A Lanta evangelist he is.

    [​IMG] He is a Lanta evangelist, you mean.

    That I do, yes. He is a Lanta evangelist. And I do initiate dialogue with it. To do so is a slow procedure that does involve to cycle around all visible targets by means of many a right click and to then press the dialogue icon I did previously mention.


    [​IMG] I must have heard you wrong. Did you forget your glasses maybe?

    [​IMG] An abomination. All life is an abomination. Would you like to buy a copy of our book, 'What will nature do when she realizes her mistake?'

    [​IMG] Do forgive me but I do not believe I would.

    [​IMG] Did you forget our ship did explode not long ago?

    [​IMG] I fail to see the connection.

    [​IMG] Did not all the books you did use to keep around your cabin to make artsy fartsy art college graduates think you literate and deep follow the craft in its journey most final?

    [​IMG] I do not know what I would do without you. How much did you say it is? The book I mean.

    [​IMG] Only eight. Oh, but wait. I just sold my last copy a few moments ago. Would you instead be interested in buying a lapel pin that says 'Evolution is abomination.'

    [​IMG] Do I get to pick the color? How much is it?

    [​IMG] Only two. Oh, wait - I am sorry. I just sold my last pin, too. I have an idea. Give me the money now, and I'll bring them to you later when I get my new shipment.

    [​IMG] Do I really look that stupid?

    [​IMG] You do wear oversized nightshades on an enclosed base. Do make a wild guess.

    [​IMG] As you wish, abomination. But do not believe that there is much time left.

    As I do advance towards the bar I almost bump on an old Zero-L mercenary. After right clicking for so long he did have the chance to take several steps away I do manage to start a dialogue with him.


    [​IMG] Can it really be, uhm... Gunther, that you did forget about me? You do disappoint me greatly. So much did we go through together.

    [​IMG] I never fought next to anyone who became a flaccid starkiller merc! Wait... How do you know my name?

    [​IMG] Did you forget the, uhm...

    [​IMG] The colony wars. In Holbrook.

    [​IMG] Do you expect me to believe you did forget the colony wars already, Gunther? You and I, in Holbrook. The things we did!

    [​IMG] Jacob?

    [​IMG] *sniggle*

    [​IMG] No, it can't be you! I left you... I mean, you met the man in Valley Gribor-Nine! It can't be you... Can it?

    [​IMG] You do remember, I see. Just as do I remember. You did leave me to die in, uhm... that place.

    [​IMG] That's not what happened, Jacob! You... You were dead! I swear!

    [​IMG] Do I look dead to you?

    [​IMG] No.

    [​IMG] You look a lot different.

    [​IMG] *snort*

    [​IMG] Death does that you. And to come back from it is not cheap. You do owe me, Gunther. You do owe me a lot of money.

    [​IMG] I don't have any, Jacob!

    [​IMG] At least I did not break a nail.

    [​IMG] Next time you do want some pocket change just rent yourself out. It will be a lot less sickening.

    A space merchant does pass not far away from us. I do decide to initiate dialogue with him.


    [​IMG] I would be most grateful. Please do get me a Blue Hawa...

    [​IMG] A Hot Mud. She will have a Hot Mud.

    [​IMG] Sigh. I drink Hot Mud. Solo.

    [​IMG] And you will enjoy it.

    [​IMG] I very much doubt it.

    [​IMG] No one is going to take seriously a rough space mercenary who does drink nothing but fancy cocktails. Nor one who does start to tear up every time she does have a real drink.

    [​IMG] That's quite a strong drink.

    [​IMG] I am quite a strong girl.

    [​IMG] Who once did get drunk on Fresita.

    [​IMG] Do you not know the saying, 'three are multitude?'

    [​IMG] It is a nice change of pace to have you listen to my advice but we do not need money that badly.

    [​IMG] I do have a gun, Punch. You do not.

    [​IMG] Is that a free table I do spy yonder?

    [​IMG] Alas!

    [​IMG] What's your name?


    The temptation is almost too great.


    [​IMG] Nova.

    [​IMG] Nova. That's a beautiful name.

    The originality does kill me.

    [​IMG] Thank you. I am glad you do like it.

    Giggle. Giggle. Do you want me to blush too?

    [​IMG] Say, would you like a taldor reading?

    [​IMG] I can only hope their poets are as good as their fashion designers.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Those are the Thalmor, for heaven's sake.

    [​IMG] Yet all the same I do love to be read poetry. Please do go on.

    [​IMG] No, no. It's a way of seeing if two people are... you know, compatible.

    [​IMG] Is not such the point of talking?

    [​IMG] How quaint. No, this is scientific. Hold out your hand.

    [​IMG] If all you did want was an excuse...

    [​IMG] Can you feel it getting warmer?

    I do fear that were I to try to see his aura I would perceive but a neon sign that does read 'loser' float over his head.

    [​IMG] Soon we'll look at the crystal.

    [​IMG] What will happen at that time?

    [​IMG] Then it will be colored, somewhere on the rainbow. If it's on the red end, then we are extremely compatible. If it's on the violet end, then we're not really compatible.

    [​IMG] And what if no change does take place?

    [​IMG] Wow, next you'll say you've never heard of Infomen.

    [​IMG] To be honest I never did.

    [​IMG] That's why I left the core, you know. I was affraid they would turn me into a data processor.

    [​IMG] Why would they do such a thing?

    'twas but a rethorical question.

    [​IMG] They do that to all people they consider too passionate.

    [​IMG] Here, it's done. Let go.

    [​IMG] As you do ask.

    [​IMG] Oh God!

    How novel.

    [​IMG] I am curious to know the meaning of the black crystal.

    [​IMG] It doesn't mean anything.

    [​IMG] We're just not compatible, that's all.

    Space news at eleven.

    [​IMG] Look, I'm here to meet a friend. Stop by later and we can try again.

    [​IMG] Yet you did say it would turn into a color from the rainbow. Please do tell me what this means.

    [​IMG] It means you're thinking about death.

    [​IMG] I did recently lose most of crew. To chat with you was merely worth a facepalm, not a shot.

    [​IMG] I wish I could believe you.

    [​IMG] I am a compassionate girl. Fare thee well. Were I ever to meet an Infoman I will be glad to explain to him how little does he lack.

    [​IMG] If you do see one, shoot him. He'll be better off. So would I if it were me.

    [​IMG] Am I to presume we are still dirt poor?

    [​IMG] Please do already drop that joke.

    As I leave I do come across a girl who does look very out of place in a place such as this.


    [​IMG] You are free to go look for a country club if it does bother you. And I would advice you to get that nose seen by a plastic surgeon while you are at it.

    [​IMG] What does the scouter say, Punch?

    [​IMG] The scouter has seen Girls' Day videos more badass than the captain under which I do serve.

    We are finally near the bartender. He does nod at me. If I am to believe the game I do consider him to be a 'friend' of mine. I do not believe the game.


    [​IMG] Someone did. It did not work.

    [​IMG] Yeah, I heard you had a problem with your Rontgen drive. Like it more or less exploded.

    [​IMG] More or less. Could you please pour me a, let me see...

    [​IMG] A Hot Mud.

    [​IMG] I did have one already.

    [​IMG] And you do love it so much you do want another. Hot Mud is to space mercenaries as Grog is to caribbean pirates and argentinian teens.

    [​IMG] Hush you. Do pour me a screwdriver.

    [​IMG] How cute. Do you want a straw with that?

    [​IMG] Of course I do. It does taste much better with one.

    [​IMG] You shouldn't be so pushy when you're getting a free drink.

    Lord in heaven.

    [​IMG] T-Thank you.

    [​IMG] Gigglesquee.

    [​IMG] So you want to tell me what happened out there? I heard you lost both your ship and crew, except for your navigator.

    [​IMG] A micrometeor did hit the drive. We did have to make a run for it.

    [​IMG] So if that's true, why didn't the rest of your crew escape with you?

    [​IMG] Systems did fail. The ship did become a death trap. They did not make it.

    An uncomfortable silence does reign.

    [​IMG] I did not leave them behind.

    [​IMG] No.

    [​IMG] I know better than that. It's all just talk I hear. I don't believe it. But it might make it hard to find a new crew. That is what you're doing, isn't it?

    [​IMG] Do you believe someone will trust me enough to join?

    [​IMG] I'm sure everyone isn't as well connected as I am. Maybe no one else knows about your accident. Maybe they know but don't care. You'll find something.

    [​IMG] I am grateful for the support.

    The bar has the shape of an inverted U. The leftmost leg is the place we were in just now. The rightmost leg is where the roulette tables are. The line that does connect both has little of interest other than a pair of aquariums. As we do approach the roulette tables we do catch sight of a young Delta Coro. I will later add an appendix with all the data files on the game's library so that you can understand what do names such Starkiller, D-Coro, and Zero-L mean in the context of the game.


    [​IMG] I am affraid this is no place for a child.

    [​IMG] You are one to talk.

    [​IMG] Hush you.

    [​IMG] I'm old enough to take care of myself! I'm really an adult. That's what my friends say. But not legally for four more years. Hey, let me hold your gun, okay? Just for a second.

    [​IMG] My gun does stay where it is. You do have to hire the full package.

    [​IMG] Every time I am to believe you did reach the floor oceanic down the trench you go.

    [​IMG] Where is your mother? You should not be here.

    [​IMG] She died when I was just a kid.

    [​IMG] Classy.

    [​IMG] Look, I have a gun!

    [​IMG] You are a dangerous one.

    [​IMG] Indeed. He can carve some wicked initials with that.

    [​IMG] Yeah! I just wrote a poem on the bathroom wall. It was really funny. It goes like this, 'There once was a man from nantucket-'

    [​IMG] I do know that one.

    [​IMG] I do not.

    [​IMG] Do allow me to spare you the details. We are not here to play kid. Do move along.

    [​IMG] You're looking for a crew, aren't you? I know you are. A tough merc like you needs some joes for a job, huh? Hey, maybe I could come, huh? Where're ya going?

    [​IMG] Do you see? He did say I do look tough.

    [​IMG] He did also say he has a gun.

    [​IMG] Would you say you are good with mop and broom? It may be your lucky day.

    [​IMG] Wow, really! I can really come with you? I can do lots of things! I've watched every episode of 'Blaster for hire' five times!

    [​IMG] It does look fine to me. Welcome aboard.

    [​IMG] Really? I can join you? Wow, I... Uh... Have some stuff I gotta do first. Say goodbye to my girl, and all. I'll come back later. You know, when I'm ready.

    [​IMG] You do know where to find us once you are done.

    [​IMG] Okay. Okay. See you later.

    [​IMG] *waves*

    [​IMG] Are we that desperate?

    [​IMG] We will be once we do find a crew.

    A single patron does remain for us to meet. She is sit alone in a corner near the automated roulette machines. She does have a proper name instead of a generic moniker. Her portrait does look of a much higher quality than the previous ones. If my role playing game senses do not betray me we are in front of a non player character available for recruitment. I do close in.


    [​IMG] Do you want me to leave?

    [​IMG] Welcome to the Marianas, Captain.

    [​IMG] I don't care, but when my friend comes back, he might turn you into a red stain on the wall. But you look like you got something to say. Make your pitch before he gets back.

    [​IMG] I am looking for some people.

    [​IMG] People? What kind of people?

    [​IMG] I do have a talent to get in trouble with the wrong crowd. I do prefer it when they do have someone else to shoot at.

    [​IMG] That's an honest answer. I can tell by the look of you that you are probably not a gunner.

    [​IMG] I can trigger everything that does have a handle.

    [​IMG] You did have to save that joke for the one patron it does not make sense with, did you not?

    [​IMG] Yet I would be glad to find a real gunner for my ship. Is perchance your 'friend' one?

    [​IMG] I haven't been honest with you. All right, I'm here alone. But I know where you can find a gunner.

    [​IMG] Do tell.

    [​IMG] Me. I'm the best gunner you'll ever find.

    [​IMG] Was that the punchline or there is more?

    [​IMG] You don't believe me, huh? Watch this!

    [​IMG] It does seem to me you did hurt her feelings.

    [​IMG] Hey, snot face! I wanna buy a book!


    [​IMG] We just did out-Shepard Shepard on the very first update.

    [​IMG] So, where's our first assignment?

    [​IMG] It does me honor to have you on my crew. May I ask for your name?

    [​IMG] Alexandra Elcator. But call me Ace. It really pisses me off when people call me Alexandra.

    [​IMG] Worry not. Nothing I would enjoy less than to piss you off.

    We do have our first recruit. She is a bit of a sociopath but I do guess such is the kind of people that does make the majority of the space mercenary demographic. I do check her character sheet.


    I do invest her point in aptitude. As long as she does not die she will become a permanent feature of my away teams. In the ship she will take care of the gunnery station.

    There is nothing more to do on the bar. We do return to the main hall. Once there we move to the south.


    The robomaze is a combat simulator. If my memory does not fail me we are not able to die in here. Entrance does presently cost three hundred credits. As Nova does level up the cost will grow. Once inside we will have to defeat enemy robots and hunt for flags. The flags can be sold in all weapon stores we do find for a little money. Ammo money. The real use of the robomaze is to grind our characters. As the amount of experience we do get is the amount of damage we do in combat we can grind for as long as we want. Once we do have more money I will use this to train.

    I do enter the robomaze for a test run.


    The red figures are enemies. The orange square is an item. All items do look like orange squares in the map. Combat is real time. It is not complex. You do pick a target in the same way you do pick targets elsewhere and click 'enter' to fire. You do have to wait a certain amount of time before you do fire another shot. Your companions do fire by themselves. Both the away team and the enemies do recover health constantly. The trick is in positioning yourself so that only a few enemies have line of sight to your team, move your party in such a way the characters with grave injuries are behind cover until they can recover, and overpower their AML regeneration by means of raw firepower.

    I do go around the maze collecting the flags and defeating the robots.


    As you can see in the screenshot above the items you do collect do not go into your inventory straight away. Instead they do appear on the slot that before did show the armor Nova does presently wear. The item does blink while it is there. You do later move it into the inventory of the character you do want to equip or carry it.

    After defeating the team shown above Nova does obtain a level. The three points she does obtain go all to Aptitude. The ability is now at 12.


    I do also obtain three flags. I do decide to leave for now as we are short on ammunition. We will return later. I go to the weapon shop. The three flags do sell for 60 credits each. The money we do obtain from the flags is enough to get Nova and Ace three Automagnum clips each. This does leave us with 700 credits. The exact same amount we did have after we did pay the entrance fee.

    To sell the items you do move them into the item pool. The Shopkeeper will make you his offer. The items you do buy go to the character pool as any other item you do collect.


    As you can see above Ace's armor is a Flak Vest. It is a better armor than the one Nova does wear but it has +1 Slowness.

    We do return to the hoverdock and leave the base.


    This is the planetary interface. From here we will be able to control our hovecraft and explore the surface of the worlds we do come to visit. The window above the three dimensional view does show the view from the cockpit. To its right is our cargo hold. If we have an active mission to smuggle goods this will show the coordinates of the drop off point. Fuel and damage are self explanatory. Fuel is consumed constantly. I believe that the rate of consumption is fastest the higher our altitute is. We do control our altitude by means of the arrows between the three dimensional view and the frontal view.

    Below the gauges for fuel and damage is the minimap. Below the minimap is the name of the world we are in and our coordinates on its surface. I do not remember what do the two icons to the right of the minimap do. They must not be important.

    If we are above a hoverport we can dock with the 'D' key. We do use 'esc' to return to our ship in orbit. I do press 'esc.'


    This is the orbital interface. From here we can select the coordinates we want our hovercraft to descend to. The selector does move in increments of twenty. Even when you do know the exact location you want to descend to you need to descend 'close by' and navigate to it. The small window on the right does show a magnification of the area presently selected. The red in the map is the base we did just leave.

    We leave the planet's orbit.


    This is the space interface. I am sure by now you will be able to understand what everything is. The only element of particular interest is the 'viewer' in the lower right corner of the screen. The viewer is a database that does hold miscelaneous information about the game setting. It does not contain anything of particular depth but it is nice to know. Before doing anything else I do configure my crew.


    I remove A'kri from the away team and do place Ace on his place. I do also place Ace as the ship's gunner. Next I dock on the space station.


    In this space station we can replace those systems that did suffer grave damage in combat. All of our systems are green. Our crew is able to the systems up to a certain damage threshold. Then we do have to replace them.

    Below the systems is our missile loadout. There are three types of missiles. I do only rarely use them so I do not know much about them other than every type of missile does have its own countermeasure. I do just outrun them.

    I did only come here to check the smuggle trade offers.


    These are missions in which we have to take a cargo to a drop off point in a particular planet. I do not want anything too involved right now. I do pick the mission to take fuel cells to Tikorr for five thousand credits. The client will deposit the money on our account the moment we drop off the cargo.


    I leave. I do turn on the engines and move a short distance away from the planet. Soon I do receive a message.


    Gerard Kendall is our boss. I do not want to return yet. I do still need a crew and some pocket change. I decide to ignore the order and check the remaining messages.


    This does cover communications. This is the third icon to the right of the upper window. The first one does allow us to check the status of our various systems, to pick which system do we want to repair, and to activate and deactivate different options. We can also check the signature and missile we do have active at the moment. The more systems we have active the faster our fuel does consume.


    The second icon does allow us to check our software. We can put our technician to code if we do have one. Currently Nova does take care of all stations other than navigation and gunnery. She is not good at this.

    [​IMG] To do otherwise would be unladylike.


    Those are the stations available. The next icon does show the signature we currently transmit. From this window we can for example switch our identification from the real one, J21C, to a fake one, J17E. If such were the case we will not need to pay a small tribute when in Ariel space. Yet if we do get too close to their ships they will open fire upon us.

    The last icon does allow us to choose which weapons' bay is active. This does control the missiles I do rarely use. The laser is set to active or inactive from the systems menu.

    I set a course for the stargate to Ariel. A stargate is a wormhole. Only the Bremar are able to take ships through them. Along the way Nova does manage to decrypt the second message we did get.


    Later on we come across a Delta Coro ship. They do hate Starkiller mercenaries over an old territorial dispute you will get to read about later on.

    I do activate our laser, pick the Delta Coro ship as a target, and begin to maneuver the ship to keep it in range and evade its missiles. The laser does shoot by itself as long as we keep the target in range. Space combat in the game is too fast to easily take screenshots of it. While lasers were shot and missiles did pursue us I was not able to capture any of them on a screenshot. Only the enemy ship right before it goes down.


    All my systems are in yellow. Nova is the one in charge of repairs. They will not be done fast.

    We do reach the stargate without further trouble.


    We are in the Ariel system. We do keep as far away as possible from the central world as we do make our right to the east of the stargate. After a while we do find Tikorr, the world we were paid to take a cargo to.


    As you can see in the screenshot above there is an area of the planet a shield does protect. If we do want to explore there we have to get in from outside the area by means of our hovercraft. Right now I do not care about this. I set the descent coordinates as close as possible to the drop off point and go to the surface.


    The distance to the drop off point is very short. Yet as you can see below we have barely any fuel left once we do arrive.


    I unload the fuell cells. I do leave immediately afterwards. With 5700 credits on my account we do have some breathing room. In the station over Tikorr every fuell cell does cost but fifteen credits. I did spend 70 fuel cells getting there. To go through a stargate does require a lot of fuel. I fill the tank. We are left with 4650 credits.

    This is the end of the chapter. The next episode will have Nova recruit a fourth member for her crew. She will also refamiliarize herself with the four systems. Along the way we will run several more contraband runs and return to the robomaze for training in several occasions.

    Appendix B. The viewer, records A through O.

    Show Spoiler

    The viewer is the in-game encyclopedia. The game has little background lore. Most of what there is is in the viewer for us to check. As the game does start we have records A through O available for our perusal. Through the game world we will find more disks to copy to our reader. As you can see in the screenshot at the time I did remember to take screenshots of the viewer I had already found one. This one, Q, will not be present on this update as the Let's Play is still one or two updates away from the moment I did find it.

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    This is extremely relevant to my interests.

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    Agassi, you need to edit your sound fix to only put a ',' before the last three lines... like so
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    Having a blast. It really is an improvement over Sentinel Worlds.
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    @ SCO: I do now discover why I did have to delete the game and download it again to start the Let's Play after I did refamiliarize myself with the controls. I am grateful for that.

    @ spekkio: I am unable to believe my eyes. Nova does look even worse in the Atari ST version. :?

    @ Azira: Indeed it does. Now we need but a good bow chicka wow wow soundtrack for the Let's Play.

    @ Monty: I am very glad you do enjoy the Let's Play.

    @ Crooked Bee: Did the Bee most adorable ever try Protostar?

    II. Cerallon.

    Show Spoiler

    I do return to Tikorr. The reader did maybe previously notice two light blue dots in the surface. Those are locations we do know about. There is also a bright dot inside the area under the shield. I do not remember if this was a site or not. We will check it later.

    For now I will drop at the coordinates above one of the bright blue dots.


    We do circle around a great wall looking for an entrance to the installations it does enclose. I do not find one. We can fly over it but I do decide to check the second dot first. You do never know what you may find.


    I do not want to buy a weapon at the moment. I do have more than enough ammo. I could buy a Flak Vest for me yet presently I do not want to spend money. I move north through the corridor until we do find an elevator. This and the store and the only places of importance here. I do take it.


    [​IMG] One step closer to my natural habitat.

    I do pick a conversation with a nearby space merchant.

    [​IMG] You do look like the sort of person who would appreciate the kind of goods I have to offer.

    [​IMG] Why do you say so? Are you perchance a very exclusive fashion designer?

    [​IMG] I can tell by the hardware you're carrying.

    [​IMG] For a moment I did wonder where did your eyes go.

    [​IMG] You do sound disappointed.

    [​IMG] That's too formidable a weapon for self defense.

    [​IMG] What pray tell does the vendor most nosy try to imply?

    [​IMG] If you ever want to trade up, I'm the one to talk to. May I ask you where you currently acquire your munitions?

    [​IMG] From the bags and pouches of still warm bodies by general rule.

    [​IMG] I did not know you did use to be a dungeon cleaner.

    [​IMG] We all do have to begin somewhere.

    [​IMG] Everyone has their own style. There are much easier ways to arm oneself.

    [​IMG] Yet my navigator is dead set on the idea a badass space mercenary should not call her dad for money when the going does get hard.

    [​IMG] True enough. I guess that means we cannot do business. But I like your philosophy. I'll tell you what. I have a business proposition for you.

    [​IMG] Do go on.

    [​IMG] A few days ago, I sold some especially fine weapons to a group of Delta Coro, and now they refuse to pay me.

    [​IMG] I do see where this will go.

    [​IMG] I have some... friends that normally take care of this sort of thing, but this particular group of DC have a nasty reputation. My... collection agency won't handle them.

    [​IMG] And you want us to.

    [​IMG] I'm not telling you what to do. I'm only saying where you can find some excellent hardware. I've already written it off, but I wouldn't mind if these DC didn't get to use it.

    [​IMG] I do get the point.

    [​IMG] That's it. I'm just telling you. The rest is up to you. You can often find them playing Zero-Gee roulette in a secret room above the Tikorr Club. Them the bartender Freejon sent you.

    [​IMG] Thank you very much for the information.

    We do have our first sidequest. It is a good idea to keep track of those. The game will not do it by itself. It is such a mean game.

    We do notice a girl near the tables on the far side of the establishment. She does look out of place in a non japanese game. I do speak to her.


    [​IMG] Do calm down. We are not here to hurt you.

    [​IMG] By which she means you should leave your gun alone.

    [​IMG] You can never be too careful.

    [​IMG] If you do not trust people they will distrust you in turn.

    [​IMG] I trust you.


    Nova does draw her gun and does point it to the girls' nose.

    [​IMG] Such a sweet little thing you are. I could eat you whole.

    [​IMG] No homo.

    [​IMG] Such naivety.

    Nova does holster her gun with a flourish.

    [​IMG] What does bring you here?

    [​IMG] I'm a computer programmer. I get claustrophobic in the center, so I come here to relax.

    [​IMG] Computer nerds who do want to relax do not pack guns in public establishments.

    [​IMG] I doubt they understand the very concept of public establishments.

    [​IMG] Nor the idea of claustrophia.

    [​IMG] Are you a hacker looking for work? A pirate maybe?

    [​IMG] That would be too easy to be interesting. I'd rather use this.

    [​IMG] Do give me your vidphone number. I will call you if we ever need to beat someone really bad at Time Crisis.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Please forgive the interruption but I do feel it is my obligation to remember the Captain after her last try to upgrade the target acquisition system the onboard mainframe did require a full low level format to fix.

    [​IMG] Software programming is not a ladylike endeavour.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* I do not believe to properly follow the on-screen instructions of the installation wizard does count as programing.

    [​IMG] It should.

    [​IMG] Indirect received, Punch.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Good. Over and out.

    [​IMG] Would you like to join us on my ship? We could use someone such as you.

    [​IMG] Not if all I get to do is program. I can stay here for that.

    [​IMG] Worry not. You do take care of the code and I will take you with me when an away mission does come up.

    [​IMG] It's the best offer I've had so far. Okay, I'll come.

    [​IMG] You do me honor.

    [​IMG] I could have sworn our onboard computer did just let out a sigh of relief over the intercomm.

    [​IMG] Remember, I get to come on landing parties.

    [​IMG] But of course. I do never back on my word.

    [​IMG] Unthinkable.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do you plan to follow up on that or should I go set everything in order to chain her in the mainframe room?

    [​IMG] Let us give her a chance first.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Roger.

    [​IMG] I do wish to believe you did think this through.

    [​IMG] I did. What is the worse that could happen?

    [​IMG] Is this a rethorical question? For you do better get us a table otherwise.

    [​IMG] To us did I mean.

    I do check the new recruit's character sheet.


    Woeful is her firearms skill. For now I do invest her point in Aptitude. Later I will try to turn her into a valuable combat asset by means of the robomaze. I move towards the bar. An old man in clothes most curious is there. The game does reveal he is a Core Official.


    [​IMG] What did happen to your, uhm... Thingie.

    [​IMG] My ah-tash-shay. He was drinking with a lovely lady over in the corner when she suddenly and quite unexpectedly regurgitated on him. He went back to the ship.

    [​IMG] Such a lack of grace. I will offer you the assitance I am able to.

    [​IMG] Yet why not wait for him to return?

    [​IMG] He isn't very good.

    [​IMG] Let's have a drink. What's your flavor?

    [​IMG] Do please put me a Caipirin-

    [​IMG] Barkeep! Three Hot Muds!

    [​IMG] 'tis a conspiracy.

    [​IMG] *ahem*

    [​IMG] And do add a glass milk to that.

    [​IMG] A stiff drink.

    [​IMG] Do tell me about it.

    [​IMG] So, do you know anything about Darcators?

    [​IMG] That I do. What is it that about them you do wonder?

    [​IMG] When those little flaps alongside their heads flutter, what does that mean? My attach said that is how they laugh.

    [​IMG] Oh my. Is this that he did say? Unbelievable.

    [​IMG] Utterly so.

    [​IMG] But-

    [​IMG] He did get that wrong. It does mean but that they are hungry.

    [​IMG] For blood.

    [​IMG] Aye. 'tis not the thing they do prefer yet can subsist on human blood for days.

    [​IMG] A few do develop a taste for it after by need they must do so.

    [​IMG] No... Do you mean my life might have been in danger? Oh, dear!

    [​IMG] Let us proceed with the questionaire.

    [​IMG] Oh, yes. I once saw a Darcator fly over a man who was waving a flashlight. Then it dropped a viscous substance on his head. Was that what I think it was?

    [​IMG] 'tis but a gesture of friendship and affection. Darcators are creatures most effusive.

    [​IMG] The human equivalent is to spit on the Darcator's face.

    [​IMG] Aye. Yet very contextual it is. As a greeting is like to shake hands most warmly. As a demonstration of moral and emotional support is like the pat in the back and the hug most felt. In a quarrel it does take the place of the ceremonial call to arise beyond hostility and barbarism to find common ground in which the ideas both can learn to coexist.

    [​IMG] Marvelous creatures these Darcators are.

    [​IMG] That's good to know.

    [​IMG] Were these the questions?

    [​IMG] Yes. You know it's interesting. I've asked these questions of a number of people, and I did get many different answers. Culture is a complex thing. Well, thank you for your time.

    [​IMG] I do hope to see you around.

    To the south of the chamber an aviary does stand. Against this does a girl lean. She does not look good at all.


    [​IMG] Do please pardon the intrusion but it is but my duty to ask, do you feel well? Do you need a helpful hand?

    [​IMG] You've gotta be kidding.

    [​IMG] It might bring you relief to seek a doctor's help.

    [​IMG] No. Just leave me alone for awhile, will you?

    [​IMG] Brrruuuhhh! Uhhhhg! Uuumph. Uh... uh!

    Lord in heaven.

    We do wait for a short while.

    [​IMG] There is naught but mischief in your mind, is there not?

    [​IMG] Such a rude thing to say. I am but lady who does look to assist those in need.

    Once she does look as she does feel somewhat better I do try again.

    [​IMG] Hello. I can't talk now. I've got to get back to the lab.

    [​IMG] Are these labs the Desiree labs?

    [​IMG] That's D-S-R-E, not Desiree. It stands for Deep Space Research Expedition. And I've got to get back.

    [​IMG] I do understand the plight familiar yet I must warn the hovecraft you do fly will arrive nowhere but the surface.

    [​IMG] At a speed most high.

    [​IMG] Do you wish for us to drop you off?

    [​IMG] I don't know. How do I know I can trust you?

    [​IMG] If you do not put your trust in people they will not put their trust on you.

    [​IMG] That's true. I really do have to get back.

    [​IMG] I'm sorry, what were we talking about?

    [​IMG] We did offer to deliver you home.

    [​IMG] It looks...

    [​IMG] It looks like I have no choice.

    [​IMG] Take me to coords (0667,0367).

    [​IMG] Let us relocate to the hovercraft mine.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Am I to get the shackles ready?

    [​IMG] Perish the thought. She does look most heavy.

    We did at least get the coordinates to a secret laboratory. We will explore there shortly. Not that far away there is a young Delta Coro. For completion's sake I do decide to talk to him.


    [​IMG] You will not score any casualty beyond the mobiliary, kid.

    [​IMG] I wish they were Darcators! They always try to dump on my head, but I am too fast! I don't know why they don't try to dump on other Delta Coro. Only Zero-L and me.

    [​IMG] They try but to add to the pile.

    [​IMG] Huh? What does that mean? Is that Merc talk? Yeah, you probably said they're afraid of me, huh? That's it, isn't it?

    [​IMG] Your ken does you honor.

    [​IMG] I shot a Darcator once!

    [​IMG] I went to this really tough bar southwest of here. A Darcator tried to dump on me, so I shot him!

    [​IMG] You are a dangerous one, are you not?

    [​IMG] I burned a hole in his wing! Then I ran... I mean I ran after him and kept shooting till he was burnt and crispy! Yeah, he won't dump on me again!

    [​IMG] He will proceed to shoot you instead. And do keep your voice down, kid. You are drawing far more attention than I do care to draw.

    [​IMG] Why is it they do look but the guns I do carry and the freaks I do hang around with?

    [​IMG] Yeah, we don't want to draw attention-

    [​IMG] Look! There's a woman puking in the aviary!

    [​IMG] Do go play with her, kid. You do cramp our style.

    [​IMG] I know, Merc! I'll go draw the plans in the planter. You can approve my plans when I'm done! See you later.

    [​IMG] What's up with kids these days?

    Only does the barman remain for us to visit. We do so.


    [​IMG] I do want to ask you but a few question.

    [​IMG] Aw, come on!

    [​IMG] It was right in your hands!

    [​IMG] Can you believe that Ruida? He couldn't hold his head up in a pool of methane. You a fan?

    [​IMG] I do not watch sports.

    [​IMG] That's too-

    [​IMG] Hey, kid! Get away from the plants!

    [​IMG] Could I have your attention for an instant?

    [​IMG] Huh?

    [​IMG] What do you want? A drink?

    [​IMG] There is nothing in the whole universe I do want less than that.

    [​IMG] Uh, huh. Wait a minute.

    [​IMG] Wait a minute... Oh, you idiots!

    [​IMG] They broke an axle! With all the money they spend on those conveyers...

    [​IMG] Can you stop for a whole damn minute?

    [​IMG] What?

    [​IMG] You want something else?

    [​IMG] Hey, Jibby! There's some broad out here puking in the aviary! Come take care of it, will ya?!

    [​IMG] Do listen to us. My patience does run short presently.

    [​IMG] Sure, just a second. The greys have the rod, and the blues are only two deaths away from being disqualified.

    [​IMG] You will listen to us now. Not in a second. Not in ten.

    [​IMG] Uh, huh.

    [​IMG] Look, why don't you mingle. There are plenty of people around you can make friends with.

    [​IMG] This is it. Do say your prayers.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do please forgive me but can it wait until we are sure he is not an essential character? I do not want to restart because the main quest does reach a dead end.

    [​IMG] He does speak wisdom.

    [​IMG] You do know what they say about the monkeys and the word processors.

    [​IMG] You do have a point. Yet-

    [​IMG] Why do we not pay him a visit right before the end of the main quest?

    [​IMG] Already I do look forward to it.

    I do return to the hovercraft. The next place we do visit is the bright point to the southwest. This time we do fly over the wall. Beyond we do find a hoverdock. We do land. While the map is different the functionality of this port is quite similar to the base we were just in. Near the hoverdock there is a weapon's store. Down the corridor there is an elevator leading to the bar. The elevator does inform us the management does recommend us to take the safety of our weapons. The places you do bring me to.


    The establishment does brim with mercenaries and other unsavory types. Delta Coro, Zero L, Darcators, and the equivalent of space truckers. If you did ever wonder how would General Discussion look were it a space bar now you do know.

    We do initiate conversation with a Delta Coro near the entrance. Did you read the files I did append to the previous episode? If so you do already know the way in which this will end.


    [​IMG] Do calm down old boy. We do have no quarrel and I do need but information.

    [​IMG] That's what bartenders are for, dung breath. Now get away before I sharpen my teeth on your neck.

    [​IMG] I do see no point in such behaviour. I am sure much can we obtain from mutual support and assistance.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do please tell me you but did so but to troll him.

    [​IMG] Okay, Starkiller. Help yourself to this.


    [​IMG] *does spit on his open mouth*

    [​IMG] You'll never make it outta this bar alive!

    [​IMG] Oh, yeah? Well, you fight like a cow!

    The battle is fast. The Delta Coro mercenaries do start to shoot at us. The entire bar does start to shoot at the Delta Coro mercenaries.

    [​IMG] About time the shorty shorts did begin to pay up.

    Cornered and isolated from each other by a mass of enemies the Delta Coro do not stand a chance.


    Once the fight is over we do notice a Darcator with an actual name does hover near us. Fairly high his health is and bad his equipment is not. From our heroine the fine senses that training and experience did forge do tingle in the presence of a recruit most available. I do initiate dialogue with him. He does not mince words.


    [​IMG] By which I do presume you do speak of none but you.

    [​IMG] I'm the only Darcator here who is brave enough to excrete on aliens other than Zero-L.

    [​IMG] I will take your word for it.

    [​IMG] That is wise. So, are you interested in something invisible and silent but deadly?

    As you will see before long the Darcator are sneaky. This does make it hard for us to fight them yet at the same time does allow them to break formation and scout ahead.

    [​IMG] Why is it the Darcator do pun of naught but systems digestive?

    [​IMG] I can hold my dung when I have to.

    [​IMG] Classy.

    [​IMG] But most situations do not require it.

    [​IMG] Do please tell me how soon will you be available for departure.

    [​IMG] As soon as you get me a gravblocker.

    [​IMG] No bell does ring.

    [​IMG] It is Darcator armor. I refuse to go out and fight without proper armor. Look at what happened the last time.

    [​IMG] I will return to you if my journey does bring me to one.

    [​IMG] Come back when you have it. Then I'll join you.

    Around the bar there are also several drunk pilots who do ferry cargo from the Core to the four systems and a few generic Darcators. In the order I did mention them in it is that I do speak to them.


    [​IMG] You do come from the Core, do you not? Would it be too much for me to ask about the state of affairs back there?

    [​IMG] It gets weirder all the time. Let me see, what was the latest thing... Well, did you hear the Desiree labs don't work for the Core any more. They've gone renegade.

    [​IMG] This is but common knowledge.

    [​IMG] I-Indeed. :oops:

    [​IMG] Uh. That's what happens when you sleep a lot on long space trips.

    [​IMG] Could you please tell us more about their plans and installations here in the four systems?

    [​IMG] I heard that there's one here on Tikorr, but I don't know where it is. I think there's another one somewhere in the four systems, but I don't really know.

    [​IMG] I did not notice Core ships during our approach. Did you leave your vessel on Ariel? Why to come here in such case?

    [​IMG] Have you ever been to the bar on Ariel? Besides, the whole place gives me the creeps. I feel like I'm being watched everywhere I go. I don't want to talk about it.

    [​IMG] Who on Ariel did you deliver for?

    [​IMG] Damn, you ask a lot of questions. How about I buy you a drink. No, wait. I'm a little empty. How about you buy me a drink?

    [​IMG] You are a true gentleman.

    [​IMG] Charming.


    [​IMG] Lord in heaven. 'tis but to dump on people and pun with no class that the Darcator do become under the effect of alcohol?

    [​IMG] Not people, just Zero-L. Besides, Darcators can't get drunk like aliens. Drinking makes it hard to fly, not hard to think.

    [​IMG] Could we ask but a few questions for you to answer?

    [​IMG] Look, there's some more Zero-L.

    Only the Zero-L remain for us to interact with. We do so next.


    Nova does dodge the light before the Zero-L can get a good look at her face.

    [​IMG] I am but an old friend Hobart.

    [​IMG] You name's Hobart? Sorry, pal. The only Hobart I know is the company that manufactures these flashlights. Who are you?

    [​IMG] I am but a girl in search for a drink and a frie-

    [​IMG] You sleaze! You're a starkiller. Do you think I'm that stupid?!

    [​IMG] I did think you were but blind yet that does fit you as well.

    [​IMG] I knew you were starkiller scum by your stink.

    [​IMG] Should you not be more careful as you do partake of liquor and accompaniments? It does look to me you did spill a bit of candy on your shoulder just recently.

    [​IMG] That's Darcator dung! They always do that! If they couldn't fly, I'd kill them all... Wait a minute! Candy?! Did you really think I would taste it?

    [​IMG] Do please tell me whether you do prefer the honest answer or the proper one.

    [​IMG] We do look not for trouble but information.

    [​IMG] Not a chance, starkiller. I wouldn't give you info to save my own life. If it were you, you wouldn't tell me anything either.

    [​IMG] 'tis not true. We do desire nothing more than to share information with you. There is much you do find impossible to know that for us is but apparent.

    [​IMG] Do take a look at your face for example. Were your eyes in good health you would understand the reason the Darcator abuse you so is that you do look quite like a toilet that did see more than its fair share of use.

    [​IMG] Eat those words, Starkiller, or I'll flush you down a real toilet.

    [​IMG] Do forgive me but I very much doubt you can open your mouth that wide. The Captain here does still find herself able to moonlight at will.

    [​IMG] Tu quoque, Ace?

    [​IMG] The shorts most shorty do beg for the joke to be made.

    [​IMG] One hundred and eighty degress to the side and it may have hurt.

    Once more do the patrons join us in the battle.


    The Zero-L mercenaries do last but an instant. The only character that does remain for us to meet is the barman himself.


    [​IMG] I do want but to proceed beyond the door yonder.

    [​IMG] Who sent you?

    [​IMG] Freejon did.

    [​IMG] Go on up. And watch yourself. It can get pretty rough up there.

    [​IMG] Worry not.

    [​IMG] Go ahead.

    [​IMG] I am grateful for your assistance.

    Beyond we do find a lift leading to an illegal casino. Next to it there is a storeroom. Among the cases of mud we do come across a Kevlar Suit. Both armor and in slowness is the value 5. For now I do decide not to wear it.


    The casino is full of tough Delta Coro. These are the guys the arms dealer did ask us to kill earlier. There are eight of them. I do asume the items that do lie around are the weapons the arms dealer did mention. Yet I do not feel confident on being able to take them on. I do believe I can pull it off if I do lead them one by one to the entrance and shoot from an angle so that the ones behind are unable to shoot us. And we can take the elevator to the lower floor if we do get hurt. Yet I do prefer to come back later instead.

    I do return to the ship. From there I do pick a place of descent just outside the shield that will leave me close enough to the bright dot inside as to reach it. Several times I do have to retreat back at the ship to refuel the Hovercraft yet finally I do find myself there. The hovercraft did take a scratch as I did try to fly low to save on fuel and did hit a hill along the way.


    Before we do take two steps a Darcator does come out of nowhere and does begin to attack us. He does blink in and out of sight. Soon a second one does appear. We do manage to kill the first but we do retreat to the hovercraft and leave. We will return later.


    I leave the planet's orbit. I do make Cerallon the ship's technician and do tell her to trail behind Nova and Ace when in an away mission. I do leave back for the planet we did start in. Along the way Cerallon does upgrade our targetting software. All the software I do try to upgrade afterwards either does not change or does actually downgrade. When it does downgrade I am able to upgrade back to the starting level but no more. Maybe she will be able to do more once she does become a better coder.


    I do rarely fight enemy ships. To destroy a ship does rarely reward us and there are situations in which to fight would be foolish. I do prefer to evade and run away, or to cut through a blockade and reach the target planet before they can get many shots at us. Therefore later on I will try to downgrade the targetting system and upgrade the evasion systems instead.

    Once we are back at Mastassini we do go straight for the robomaze. We do fight our way through. Enemies does respawn every time you do enter a level. The flags however do not. In the upper left corner of the first level we do find a secret lift that does lead to the second one.


    There are two rectangles next to the every character's portrait. When the upper one does lit up it does mean the character has unspent ability points. This does usually mean she did level up just now. When the lower one does lit up it does mean the character is without ammo.

    Nova does invest all four of the ability points she did get in Aptitude. The ability does now have a value of 16. 20 is the maximum. With an Aptitude of 20 the character does get 7 ability points per level. It is important to mention that only the character that does the damage does receive the experience. We need to let the other characters kill enemies by themselves for them to level up. Cerallon does have a Firearms skill of 1. As such she does currently have a 5% chance to hit. This does make her painful to level up.

    We are still in the second level when Nova's ammunition does run out. Ace does get a level of her own in the meantime. The two points she did get go to her Aptitude. It is now 8. We do return to the first level. All the enemies did respawn. We do hang around until all the characters did spend their ammunition. Then we do return outside. Nova does sell her Personal Armor and does equip instead the Kevlar Suit we did find in the storage room behind the bar. Cerallon did join us with a Derrin XL10 as her gun. It does slightly less damage than the automagnum Nova and Ace prefer do but it does fire a little faster. As experience is equal to damage and we can hang around the robomaze as much as we do want I do sell her weapon and do buy an automagnum for her.

    We do leave Mastassini and visit the space station around it. Here we do pick a new mission. We are to take a cargo of Boral Ale to Tikorr for 7000 credits. Missions to Tikorr are almost an exploit. The pay is low yet they are fast and there is little danger to them.


    As it is usual we do descent ten grades away from the target both in the vertical and the horizontal. From there we fly. Along the way we do come across a hovercraft squadron. I did not remember how to fight with the hovercraft and thus it went down. When the enemy does destroy the hovercraft you return to the ship and need to buy a new one before you are able to descend again. It does cost us 148 credit. We do not even feel it.

    It does take a few tries before I do refamiliarize myself with hovercraft combat. We do pick the targets with either space or a right click. We do shoot with enter. My hovercraft's range does seem to be longer than the enemies'. After I do retreat several times back to the ship to refuel and repair I do finally manage to get it down. Yet every time you do retreat to your ship the hovercrafts do respawn. We do need to defeat them and drop our cargo in one go.

    Several bouts do ensue.


    Every time we do engage them I do need to return the ship either to repair or to refuel. After I do lose a second hovecraft I do decide to do what I am best at doing. I do pay careful attention at the minimap and do navigate around them until I am over the drop off point. Then I drop the cargo. As I am waiting for my crew to unload it an enemy hovercraft does notice and engage. We do trade a few shots. We do leave as soon as the cargo is in the ground.

    We do return to Mastassini. Along the way I do engage a Delta Coro to get a feel for the controls and the flow. We do destroy it but do suffer some damage.


    Once I am on Mastassini I do repair the fuel tank. Damage there does mean we do constantly lose fuel. Then I fill the tank and get a mission to deliver fuel cells to Tikorr for 8000 credits. This one is fast. I do evade everything on course to Tikorr. Once there I descend and evade until I am at the drop off point. I do unload the cargo and return to the ship. Then we do travel back to Mastassini. I do repair the systems that I did not repare previously and fill the tank. Then I do get another mission. We are to deliver water to Tikorr for 6000 credits. This mission does pay too little for there to be enemies around the drop off point. We do it without problem.

    I do land in the first bar we did visit on Tikorr to check the weapon shop. The previous fights against the Delta Coro hovercrafts and ship did help Nova level up. She does obtain 5 ability points. I do invest four of these to max Aptitude. The last point does go to firearms. It is now 3. In the end I do not buy anything.

    From the bar we go to check the secret DSRE lab the drunk girl did give us the coordinates of. I did go there expecting to face opposition in the form of a private security force. We did find something very different.


    There are signs of battle everywhere we do look. From the entry point we are able to see a vast number of Delta Coro mercenaries with good weapons and armor. We do board the hovercraft before they do notice us. We will return later on. Once in orbit I do decide to check on Ariel. It is the most powerful world in the four systems. When you do enter the area the Ariellians do consider to be their own they ask you for tribute. This tribute is higher the more money you do have.

    Presently we do pay. It is hard to land on Ariel otherwise. You do have to break through the Ariellian fleet with full power to engines and click 'A' to enter orbit just as you hit the planet. At that speed you will leave it behind in a blink. Ariellian military ships are among the few we can board but with our current weapons and armor that would not be wise.


    The one port we do actually know of is a vast floating city. We are only able to explore a little bit of it. Near the dock there is an elevator and an arms dealer. I do check the later first.


    I do not buy anything. The elevator does take us to the bar. It is a very quiet place.


    During my visit I did forget to speak with the Delta Coro.

    First I do speak with the barman.


    [​IMG] Do as you wish. If I were to ask for something else the entire universy would once again conspire to have you pour me one regardless.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* It is but fate.

    [​IMG] Do please forgive my curiosity but I do wonder how it is to live in Ariel.

    [​IMG] I've seen worse.

    [​IMG] Is there a story behind the toll to fly through Ariel space? From what I did hear it is a new development.

    [​IMG] Better than raising my taxes.

    [​IMG] You are a most helpful fellow.

    [​IMG] Want another drink?

    [​IMG] I will pass.

    [​IMG] Come back when you do.

    Not far away from the barkeep we do find an old and strange woman.


    [​IMG] What you do mention does sound like a Bremar to me.

    [​IMG] Even make it with a Bremar, Missy?

    [​IMG] The stories I could tell you.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do I get a navigator discount?

    [​IMG] Sure, Missy. I believe you.

    [​IMG] I did not expect the Bremar to see humans in such a way.

    [​IMG] They don't. You gotta get them really drunk, first. That's really the only way to trick 'em.

    [​IMG] To be honest I do not understand what do you see in the Bremar.

    [​IMG] Ever hear a Bremar sing, Missy?

    [​IMG] Every time we do go through a stargate.

    [​IMG] What does he call it?

    [​IMG] My life, my love, my pressure suit I do believe it was.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* An old classic.

    [​IMG] I can't stand it myself. I wear ear plugs. But they sure know how to treat a lady. You know I used to sing, Missy?

    [​IMG] Were you not in the Gayo circuit? You do look the part.

    [​IMG] Don't try to flatter me, Missy. It was before your time. My name's Orai Volamar. I was quite a star in the core worlds. Then the smoking caught up with me and I lost my voice.

    [​IMG] Why it is you do not quit?

    [​IMG] I've sung enough for one lifetime. It's time to enjoy my retirement. Now I'm looking for someone to settle down with. Thanks for stopping by, Missy. It was nice talking to you.

    In a balcony to the south of our present position there is a Lanta. We do talk to him.


    [​IMG] This is new to me. What else does a Lanta talk about?

    [​IMG] Oh, shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings.

    [​IMG] We're not all so predictable. In fact, take this blank card and pencil. We can try an experiment.

    Nova does take the card and pencil.

    [​IMG] Let us see.

    [​IMG] I've written down something that either will or won't happen.

    [​IMG] Do come again.

    [​IMG] I wrote down something on that card.

    [​IMG] It is something that will or won't happen in the next couple minutes.

    [​IMG] I do understand.

    [​IMG] Now guess whether it will really happen or not. Write 'yes' if you think it will, and write 'no' if you think it won't.

    [​IMG] Very well.

    Nova does write 'yes' on the card.

    [​IMG] Show me.

    [​IMG] You wrote 'yes' so that means you think what I've described on my card did happen.

    [​IMG] Do please show me your card.

    [​IMG] You lose. You said this would happen, but it didn't.

    [​IMG] There is no way I could win.

    [​IMG] Most people don't immediately realize that you would lose either way. They want to play again to try the other answer.

    [​IMG] It is an entertaining trick.

    [​IMG] It's one of my favorites. But the really interesting mind games take too long to explain in a bar. Believe it or not, I used to make a lot of money this way when I was a kid.

    [​IMG] Did you really?

    [​IMG] You'd be surprised. I used to be able to talk to pay phones and trick them into spilling out all their change.

    [​IMG] I do hope it did not involve shorty shorts.

    [​IMG] And one time I convinced my tutor droid that it's motor circuits were radioactive. Then I told it I was starting to feel nauseated, so to save me it threw itself out my window.

    [​IMG] You are a Lanta of undisputable talent.

    [​IMG] An untapped resource, I assure you. I only have a talent for destroying computer hardware, not repairing it. There's limited business potential for destroying computers.

    [​IMG] I will keep these talent in mind, sir. It has been very nice to talk to you.

    [​IMG] It was pleasant talking with you. Good day.

    I do not remember whether he has a role to play or not later on. I do remember however a situation dealing with a certain computer program that did stop my progress for a little while. I do not remember how did I solve it back then. I do believe there may be a relationship between the two.

    We do return to the elevator. Different to usual it is that we can go both up or down. Down will take us back to the hoverdock. Up will take us to an area we do still have to explore.


    We do need a card to proceed any further. We do not have it. I do return to the hoverdock and leave Ariel.

    It is in this way that the current episode does come to an end. The next chapter will have Nova and her crew fool around the four systems for a little while longer. Then she will do the first actual mission.
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    Awesome update. Loving your characterization.

    Nope. And here I thought I new about most old sci-fi games. Your knowledge never ceases to amaze me! What can you tell me about Protostar?



    Just like a game should be.
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  13. abnaxus Arcane Patron

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    How to get this game? Is it abandonware?

    Reunion's on Abandonia but not this one.
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    @ abnaxus: Do click here.

    @ Crooked Bee:

    Show Spoiler
    Protostar was originally to be Starflight III. The developer was unable to secure the rights and thus Protostar was born. It is a space exploration game with no role playing game elements. In the game you are an operative from a group by the name of Protostar. They do operate on their own, answer to none, and do take care of the most dangerous threats to this or that. Known space is under attack by a race of... something. I do not remember if they are evil robots or evil aliens. Their technology is very advanced compared to the 'good' species. Your mission is to forge an alliance of all 'good' species and recover enemy technology so that you have a fighting chance against them. Any similitude with the adventures of a certain Commander Extreme is purely coincidental.

    You do explore planets for resources, trade with other species, fight enemy ships, and take care of diplomacy. The game does have some very nice little details like the need to power down your weapons when you do find a friendly ship in space so that they do not mistake you for a pirate which could hurt your diplomatic standing with them. The graphics are very nice. It is not a deep or complex game but I do like it. If memory does not betray me it was the first abandonware science fiction game I did play and the reason I did later play games such as hard nova and the like.

    It is kind of hard at the beginning. The random encounters with the 'evil' ships are very hard. Even to run away might be too hard as they have far better engines than normal ships do. And the ship to ship combat is closer to Space Rogue than it is to Hard Nova or Whale's Voyage.

    Later on I may try to do a Let's Play of it. I did want to do so for a long time.
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    III. Only the beautiful live forever.

    Show Spoiler

    We do leave Ariel and move to the nearest stargate. It does take us to the Rouyn system. Or the Rouyn sector. It is the same. The two planets there have nothing of importance in them. It is impossible to land on Cascade given the massive gravity. In Rouyn we have no coordinates to visit. Other than this there are three elements of interest in the area. We have an asteroid cluster near Rouyn, a stargate we are unable to enter as our navigator does know it leads to the core of a star, and a lonely asteroid which is not a part of the cluster. Closer inspection does reveal it to be a Bremar Astership. We do have to use our boarding system to visit it.


    I do like the idea of spacecraft built from asteroids. Dig a hole, build a Dwarf Fortress, clamp a few rockets and a few gun turrets. It does feel cozy just to think about it. Which does probably mean I have spent far too long crawling dungeons. In any case we do explore the astership. There is not much worthy of mention. All but one non player characters on it are generic Bremar. There are a few small caves and a few big caves. Some are lit by fires around which the Bremar gather.

    I do speak with a random Bremar.


    [​IMG] Do please take me to your leader.

    [​IMG] You just did want to say that, did you not?

    [​IMG] Continue into the astership, and maybe the songmaster will speak to you.

    We do continue to explore the corridors and caves. One of the caves does have the label of a 'songer school.' In this chamber we can find and copy Disk Q for our viewer. I do so.


    Finally we do arrive at the deepest cave in the astership. It is a massive chamber lit by an I hope great pyre in the center of it. This we do find the songmaster. He is a terrible host. Many fairy curses will fall upon him.


    [​IMG] I do want but to ask a few question and maybe offer our services to you.

    [​IMG] Not now. This is important work I'm doing. If what you had to say was as important, I'd listen, believe me. But since this is the top priority, you'll have to come back later.

    [​IMG] Hmpf. Do suit yourself. Yet do know your lack of proper hospitality and etiquette does show the plebeian roots of your house and demesne. Fare thee well.

    We do leave the Astership. We do return to Mastassini so that we can run contraband from there to Tikorr and train at the robomaze. We do so for a long time. By the time I do grow sick of this process our three characters did greatly develop in power and ability.


    We do fly to Holbrook and land on the red dot in our orbital map. This is the Starkiller headquarters.


    It is a small base with just a store and three non player characters. We do talk with Leod first.


    [​IMG] I do see it is impossible for me to hide from you my true nature. And pigs do indeed fly.

    [​IMG] I hate that joke. I've always hated that joke.

    [​IMG] No one would call a Dercator a farceur.

    [​IMG] We have a very sophisticated sense of humor. But none of it relates to bodies, only bodily functions.

    [​IMG] Very high class indeed.

    [​IMG] If you knew more about how our excretory system works-

    [​IMG] Do please spare me the details.

    [​IMG] Suit yourself. Have you seen Kendall yet?

    [​IMG] I have not. To fool around does always come before business.

    [​IMG] I'd get in there if I were you. Kendall wouldn't call you on an open channel if it wasn't important. Talk to me later.

    We do leave him be and explore around the base. In the communications room we do find another character to talk to.


    [​IMG] I could use a communications technician on my ship.

    [​IMG] Sorry. Kendall has informed me he already has a certain crew in mind. I'm waiting for his call. Maybe next time.

    [​IMG] As you do prefer. It may be a smart choice. Not everyone is able to keep up with me.

    [​IMG] If it pleases you to think so. But it is more likely that there are better mercs out there than you.

    [​IMG] Am I to understand you do wish to put that under empirical scrutiny? Though it must be said if I had the looks of you I would also be desperate to feel superior at something.

    [​IMG] Did we not bully and shot enough people already? Let us leave her be.

    [​IMG] For the time being.

    [​IMG] And not a second more.

    Shortly afterwards we do finally find Kendall.


    [​IMG] I do treat it as if it were my own skin and hair.

    [​IMG] Yeah, I believe that.

    [​IMG] If I may be so bold as to ask, why did you call me here?

    [​IMG] You never were one for small talk.

    [​IMG] Blessed ignorance.

    [​IMG] Fine. I've got a job for you. It's not a tough one. I thought I'd bring you back up to speed slowly.

    [​IMG] Do tell me more about it.

    [​IMG] A ciberan water tanker's been hijacked. The ship was empty in spacedock, so there aren't any hostages, and we haven't heard any demands. I think they just want the ship.

    [​IMG] We do kick the airlock and shoot everything that does move. I do understand.

    [​IMG] Except we'd all appreciate it if you just dispatched the hijackers without blowing any holes in the hull.

    [​IMG] Just... Just do the best you can. We don't know exactly where it is, but it left Ciberan and we think it's on it's way to the stargate. You'll get 5,000 for the job.

    [​IMG] I do have to wonder where did you lose the kippah. Is there more I should know?

    [​IMG] That's it. Oh, wait, Nova. Bring back something to prove you succeeded. The execs are starting to crack down. But don't rip out any gauges or levers or anything.

    [​IMG] I will depart at once. And do let me add I am grateful for the new ship. It is a wonderful one.

    [​IMG] You've done good for us, Nova. It was our turn. Now get out there and clean off that ship. Just let it float when you're done. Some ciberans will go get it later.

    [​IMG] As you do wish. It will be done in an instant.

    I do talk to Leod as I leave the base.

    [​IMG] Are you still hanging around here? This isn't a resort, you know. Get on with it.

    [​IMG] I did never imagine Dercators did suffer PMS.

    [​IMG] Oh, it's you. I thought you were somebody else. Are you going to pick up any smuggling missions?

    [​IMG] Is that not illegal, good sir? I would never do such a thing as to smuggle. Nor would I betray the trust Kendall does put on me by acting in such a manner most reprehensible while I am part of his organization.

    [​IMG] You don't think he knows you smuggle? He doesn't give a man what you do for recreation as long as you do your job.

    [​IMG] This does change not the fact I am but good girl who does respect the law as well as the sovereignty of nations and the intellectual property of individuals. I would never do such a dastardly thing as to smuggle. She who does ignore the three formulations of the categorical imperative does nothing but to question the very structure of society.

    I do return to the ship. I do not wish to pay for passage through Ariel space. We do race instead through it with the Ariellan fleet on our tails and enter the stargate that does lead to Ciberan. Only it is actually the one that does lead to Rouyn. We do refill the tank on the station above Rouyn and return to Ariel. Again I do resist to pay for passage. We do race to the other stargate with the Ariellan fleet on our tails.

    The system in which Ciberan is to be found is a bothersome system to fly through. The Ariellan fleet does keep a blockade around Ciberan. I do imagine they do so to control the water trade in the four systems. They will shoot against us if we do get too close. Many Starkiller and Delta Coro ships fly through the sector and fight above the world the Lanta did colonize and on which they did establish a lucrative weapon trade.

    We do navigate carefully and find the starship we are to liberate adrift midway between Ciberan and the stargate leading to Ariel. We do board it.


    We do begin in the airlock. The equipment our enemies do have is neither good nor awful. An important thing to understand in Hard Nova is that doors can only be traversed if there is no one on the other side. Many times the difference between an easy fight and a hard fight does lie on whether you do abuse an empty room to recover in between shots or you do not. The enemies themselves will have it impossible to pursue you into the room if you or one of your companions is right at the entrance. This does also allow Nova to clear an entire fortress by herself if she does take care.

    To balance this to stay in the open during a battle is foolish. Even this first mission can be very hard if you do not retreat into empty rooms to recover.


    We do charge out the airlock. Nova does block the door to the engine room so that the party can kill the other hijacker without trouble. Then they do secure the engine room and proceed to advance through the passage.


    The enemy does usually shoot the target closest to them. This does allow me to decide who is the enemy's target when I place everyone in a line and move Nova from position to position.


    Nova does level up as the party does fight the hijackers. We do retreat to a room near the airlock so that she can invest her points in safety. She does raise her ship evasion skill to 9. We do kill several more hijackers and then come to the end of the ship. There are two more enemies on the bridge. The commander is on the small room above. I do decide to clean the bridge first. I do enter and leave the room until one of the hijackers is dead. It is a bit bothersome to use such a tactic with a party. Then we do assault the bridge and kill the remaining one.


    Our reward is a SMG-70X and a belt of ammunition for it. I do prefer the automagnum.

    Only the commander does remain. He will not move from his place on the console. This does make it impossible for us to bring our party to the fight. Instead we do enter and leave the room several times. Each time we do enter Nova does shoot and jump back into cover. Sometimes the commander manages to shoot her before she does leave the room. In those cases she does rest outside the room until she does recover.

    After a short battle the commander does lie dead.

    [​IMG] It does seem he did drop an item. Is it a rare one? Do we have to roll for 'need' or-

    [​IMG] You do play too many hologames. It is just his head.

    [​IMG] His... How does that even happen?

    [​IMG] 'twas a mighty shot I do reckon.

    [​IMG] It does seem all the time we did invest in the robomaze did serve a purpose. We are like Charlie's Angels.

    [​IMG] or YuRiPa.

    [​IMG] Or TaeTiSeo.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Where does that leave me?

    [​IMG] You are the chauffer. Do please warm it up and be ready to leave.

    We go back to the ship. Before we do return to Kendall we decide to visit the Lanta world. Its name is Varan and we do have but a single contact on the surface. To enter orbit we do have to break through a battle between a Starkiller squadron and a Delta Coro one. We just run through. Space combat is not the game's best point.


    There is not much to do here. Lanta from both sides of the philosophical schizm that does divide the species, the Frags and the Disps, do coexist peacefully in Glumpon. They are all generic non player characters with little of interest to say. Other than that we can but shop in the central room.


    [​IMG] I did never expect to find such a peaceful Lanta settlement. Are you not at war with the Disps?

    [​IMG] We are more concerned with trade here than converting others to our beliefs.

    [​IMG] Yet you do still believe in the absolute superiority of your own creed.

    [​IMG] Of course I do. Good day, fellow abomination.

    I do check the shop. There is nothing I do want to buy at the moment.


    We do refuel in Varan's orbital station and return to the Starkiller headquarters. Once there I go straight to Kendall.

    [​IMG] So, Nova, did you find those hijackers?

    [​IMG] I do pity whomever they do assign to clean the ship.

    [​IMG] So, give me your proof. I need to put it in the file before I close it and send out the invoice.


    We do so.

    [​IMG] What the hell is this?!

    [​IMG] No one will be able to question we did complete the mission if we do show them the commander's head.

    [​IMG] Man, I knew I was going to catch hell from you with this proof requirement!

    [​IMG] I do live but to serve. Do you have another assignment we can take care of?

    [​IMG] Not yet. I'll credit your account the 5,000 for the job. GO smuggle for awhile or something. I'll call you when I have something for you.

    [​IMG] I must protest. These baseless and libelous assumptions are nothing but hurtful to my reputation.

    [​IMG] Uh, huh.

    [​IMG] I will take my leave then. Do try to find a mission worth my time.

    [​IMG] Relax, will you? I'll call you when I get a job for you. You're my number one. I save the best ones for you. Now beat it until I call you - I don't have the time for a bull session.

    [​IMG] As you do request.

    Nova and her companions do wonder for a little while what to do with their time. In the end they do decide to move to Mastassini and get a contraband run to Tikorr. Once there they will take the time to complete the secondary mission there and explore both the out-of-the-way hoverdock and the DSRE laboratory.

    Yet as soon as they do leave Mastassini Kendall does send them a message.


    Nova does decide to ignore it for the time being. She does have a cargo of contraband on the hold and does want to check the weapons the Delta Coro did steal from the merchant who did pass the information to her. After they do unload the contraband they move to the bar in which the illegal casino is to be found. They buy ammunition on the shop and move to face the Delta Coro.


    [​IMG] Do we interrupt a private game?

    [​IMG] You've got to be damn stupid to come up here, Starkiller. But your money is the same as ours. Feel free to stay and lose all your cash, but stay away from our weapons.

    [​IMG] You do hurt my feelings. I am not the kind of girl who would steal that for which you did pay dearly.

    [​IMG] She knows! Kill her!

    [​IMG] Do please try not to bleed on my new weapons.

    The gunfight that does follow is pretty brutal. As soon as the proyectiles and energy bolts do start to fly around Nova jumps to the side of the entrance to take cover. Both Cerallon and Ace do take many shots in her place. Nova does move towards the lower left corner of the elevator so that her companions may follow her into cover but the wall is too short for them all to fit. She does move the party back and forth so that there is always someone shooting while the other do recover. Yet the group's health does not recover fast enough for her to keep the cycle up. These Delta Coro are not the thugs they did face before. They do know their business. Six of them have a clear shot to the entrance. And while she does recover after her armor did take more than a few shots...


    [​IMG] A-Ace! Ace!

    [​IMG] Do keep your head down.

    [​IMG] B-But she's... She's...!

    [​IMG] All over the place. I do have eyes.

    Nova and her companion do relocate to a different corner of the room. There is a spot nearby to which only two or three Delta Coro have line of sight to. From here she will be able to fight them in relative safety. Yet it does seem Cerallon was not cut up for this life after all. She's too fragile for these Delta Coro.

    [​IMG] ... H...lp... m...

    [​IMG] I can do nothing but hope you did enjoy your blaster experience while it did last.

    [​IMG] *does choke on blood*

    Yet Nova is not really sad. This does mean she no longer does need to worry about their positions and their health. One could say she does feel but relief. One could even say she does feel a little bit of joy. There are much worse things for her reputation that to splatter eight professional Delta Coro mercenaries with quality equipment on her own. This is all she does need to get serious. Her mind does become void. Entirely she does focus.

    [​IMG] Do you Delta Coro know which is the difference between Orange Caramel and NS Yoon-G?

    Before they can try to answer one of them is dead. Then she does slaughter the rest. There was little they could do to stop her.


    [​IMG] (._.) I do guess one could say...

    [​IMG] ( ._.)>⌐■-■

    [​IMG] (⌐■_■) ...this table is bust.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Sigh.

    [​IMG] Do be a good navigator.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Ahem... YEEEAAAAAAAAAH!

    [​IMG] I do thank you very much.

    The renown itself would be enough to make her happy. The loot is however delightful. She does claim a bag of rare gems, an M23-30AR (25 speed and 10 to 30 damage), a JW2 Blaster (25 speed and 15 to 30 damage), and an energy cell.

    [​IMG] Jingle bells, jingle bells...

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do take a look at the mess your greed did cause. Do you have no more to say about it?

    [​IMG] It does depend.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do tell me on what.

    [​IMG] On what does the scouter say.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Alright. Alright. You do win. You are badass. Happy now?

    [​IMG] You do me honor.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* You are also a cold and inhumane egotistic bitch in love with herself.

    [​IMG] It is not my fault to have exquisite taste.

    She does want to use the Blaster but it does require a different skill than Firearms. Her chance to hit with it is but 25% instead of the 95% she does get with the Automag and the M23-30AR. There is but a single fix to that.

    [​IMG] And do please warm the ship up. We are leaving for the robomaze as soon as I do return.
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  16. Azira Arcane Patron

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    Ah, grinding. Before you go do that, will you be picking up more meatshields crewmembers?
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  17. Helly Translating for brofists Patron

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    Dear Agassi, it's quite a wonder to see how you can make such an old fun game this much a pleasure to the eyes and mind.
    Do please go on, I'll keep following it with awe.
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  18. Cool name Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

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    @ Azira: I will pick more crewmembers as they do become available. The Let's Play will get a bit boring if it is all about Punch being a smartass and Nova being cute and innocent half the time and a sociopathic bitch the other half. But I do not think I will train them. I will grind only Nova from now on. It does take too long to train the recruits given how little Aptitude they do begin with and they do die too easily to justify the investment. With Nova's current Aptitude and Firearms she does need but three level ups to max a skill. Alone in the robomaze she will get it in no time with the Automagnum as long as she does bring enough ammunition.

    @ Helly: I am glad you do enjoy my little Let's Play. I will try my best to keep it so. Thank you very much for the kind words. :)
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  19. lightbane Arcane

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    I love these exchanges :lol: Too bad Nova has a less than heroic behaviour.
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  20. Azira Arcane Patron

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    I do enjoy your LPs. Please do go on. :thumbsup:
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    Now what does that remind me of? Oh yeah, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon.

    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] My world...very confused. Civilization there is...wait, doing millions of your months old. Then...three weeks ago last Tuesday...we discovered beneath the surface of the far beyond ours.

    [​IMG] Initial thought is that planet is really...spaceship disguised as planet. But when we entered inner core of spaceship, we find...

    [​IMG] This is the part I like.

    [​IMG] ...inside spaceship is enormous asteroid.


    [​IMG] That is...what we believed as well.

    [​IMG] Scientists probing asteroid now have evidence that asteroid only look like asteroid, but is actually spaceship of even more advanced race.


    And "Good day, fellow abomination" must be the best greeting I've heard.
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    @ Crooked Bee: The exchange you did post was lovely. I do have to hunt for that game.

    @ lightbane: I did have to pick between to LARP Nova as an heroic badass tomboy like Shepard or to LARP Nova as an anti-heroic girly narcissistic sociopath. As I do despise tomboys and am unable to write an emotional moment worthy of more than a cringe the choice was clear. No heroic moments for her.

    IV. Meatshield galore.

    Show Spoiler

    Nova does visit the robomaze and does grind her special weapons skills all the way to twenty. She does equip the JW2 Blaster and once back in the ship she does give these things she does no longer need to her navigator. The transition area of the inventory does have a limit for how many items it is able to hold. She does not want to throw what she does no longer needs as in her mind she does still expect to find useful companions down the road. Such naivety.

    She does visit the Starkiller headquarters. Yet she does not speak to Kendall. She does go straight to the arms dealer and buy herself enough energy cells to fill her inventory and then some more to keep in the pool. She does leave for Tikorr next. From now on I will take a contraband mission for any planet I do have to visit. If there is not a mission for this planet I will take a mission on the closest one along the way. There is not much point in a careful description of each and every contraband run. Just do keep in mind they do happen.

    Once in Tikorr Nova does visit the out-of-the-way hoverdock she did previously found as she did explore the area under the shield. As soon as she does land the Darcator do attack. The Darcator are only visible when you do have one of them as a target. All others are invisible even when they do fire. You do only see the beam.


    She does explore the installation. She does slaughter the Darcator. Some areas of the base do hold more than eight Darcators. She does use the doors to her advantage when she does face those. Instead of using them to lock the enemies out she does leave a single space in front of the door so that a single Darcator does come in. After she does kill it she does proceed to block the door so that she can enjoy some time to recover. Then she does it again.

    At other times she does just pop moles.


    The base is full of ammo for her Blaster. There is a Rush AML and a Battle Armor (8 protection and 10 slowness) to be found. She does equip both pieces of equipment. She does also obtain a few high level weapons: A Blater Rifle (20 to 40 damage) which does use Energy Packs for ammunition instead of Energy Cells and a Thermocaster (30 to 60 damage) which does use its own type of ammunition. Both do use the special weapons skill. Soon the thermocaster will become her favorite weapon for the rest of the game. Yet for the time being she does still use the JW2 Blaster and at times the Blaster Rifle with the ammunition she did find in the Darcator base.

    Deep within the base she does come across a cell with a single prisoner.


    Yet she does not talk to him. There is a relation between this and a future quest. To talk with him now may break the game. Instead she does leave for the DSRE laboratory she did discover earlier.

    There are no doors in the first few levels of the laboratory. She does need to be very careful on how to pick the enemies to face only a few at a time. Most of the enemies in the first floor are Delta Coro mercenaries and combat robots who do not move until Nova does attack the group they do belong to. Yet even when they do move the JW2 Blaster, the Battle Armor, and the Rush AML are more than enough to deal with a small group of them.


    As she does clear the main groups of mercenaries she does find two things of interest. The first one is an entry lift.


    The second one is a broken robot. Next to the robot is a circuit board that she will need to repair it. An inspired puzzle this is not.


    [​IMG] What problem is there with you little one?

    [​IMG] Motor systems failure... Repair immediately... Motor systems failure... Repair immediately... Motor systems failure... Repair immediately... Motor systems failure... Repair immediately..

    [​IMG] How do I repair you?

    [​IMG] Motor systems failure... Repair immediately... Motor systems failure... Repair immediately... Motor systems failure... Repair immediately... Motor systems failure... Repair immediately...

    [​IMG] I do want to help you. Yet I do neet you to explain to me what is wrong.

    [​IMG] Missing circuit board zed-nine-stroke-beta-two... Missing circuit board zed-nine-stroke-beta-two... Missing circuit board zed-nine-stroke-beta-two...

    [​IMG] I do understand. Do please tell me what do you need.

    [​IMG] I can repair... Supply missing circuit board... I can repair... Supply missing circuit board... I can repair... Supply missing circuit board... I can repair... Supply missing circuit board...

    [​IMG] Is this the board you do need? You may have lost it during the batt-

    [​IMG] Ready for new orders.

    [​IMG] Do please follow me.

    [​IMG] I will follow.

    [​IMG] I am glad to have you with me. What functions do you have?

    [​IMG] Cleaning and organizing all areas. I also destroy unauthorized lifeforms. Primarily: Rats, Hookahs, Cockroaches.

    [​IMG] You and I will most definitely get along.

    Alice does have a Plasmacannon with 150 rounds and a G1 Plasteel armor. She is unable to equip different weapons or armor and the plasmagenerators she does use as magazines have a steep price. And as you will soon see she is essential for the main quest. Beyond this episode I will never take her away from the ship other than to have her accomplish that which only she is able to do.

    Nova and Alice do take the elevator to the next level below. The Delta Coro did not manage to reach this level before we did take care of them. Only combat robots still under DSRE are to be found there. Yet they do not recognize us as friendly. I do have to fight my way through them.


    Some of the passageways do have forcefields that do block them. Those do also occur from the third level of the robomaze onwards. This is one of the reasons I did never got too far on it. As experience does equal damage done and the enemies do respawn every time you do switch levels it is faster to clear the first level, then clear the second level, then clear the first level once again, and so on than to deal with the forcefields and the mazes below when all you do want to do is grind robots to level up.

    Yet let us get back to the DSRE secret laboratory. We do clean the second level and find the elevator that does lead to the third. Only Alice is able to activate it. Every time we do come here we will need her to open the way for us.

    We do reach the third level. After we do take a few steps a cutscene does come to capture us.


    Nova does awake in a cell somewhere.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* I do bet you are happy this is not a japanese game.

    [​IMG] That does entirely depend on who does hold me prisoner.

    The robot was left behind. She does connect to it using F8 as I did previously explain.


    Alice does see the dungeon as a chipboard. It can be confusing until you do understand she is still at the entrance of level 3. Once you do you can see the corridors and the walls with ease. The combat robots do not consider her hostile and thus she is free to explore the level until she does find the elevator to level 4. Yet she is unable to do much else. She can't even pick up items.


    Once in level 4 she does free Nova. They move through the doors to the south of the cell to find themselves in the DSRE laboratory. There are many scientists going around. There is a shortcut that does take her back to the hovercraft but she does not use it yet.


    [​IMG] I am but looking for a little delicatessen.

    [​IMG] You must have a pass, or you wouldn't be here. The ranking researcher must be expecting you. She's down the hall. Go west.

    [​IMG] In the grim future of the four systems there are only people with no manners.

    To presently talk with the head scientist would spoil future events and quests and maybe break the game. We do ignore her and instead proceed to explore and loot the complex. As Nova does already have all the equipment she will need (the thermocaster, the battle armor, and the rush AML) all the loot we do find I do consider fodder for the vendors. I do only keep a few pieces to equip future companions with. In one of my smarter moves I do keep mostly the energy weapons as their base damage and damage potential are higher. Almost no companion does start with the special weapons skill. Those who do have only a few points on it.

    For the time being there are only two places of interest in the laboratory. The first is the auditorium.


    Nova does fix the console.

    [​IMG] A wizard did it.

    The second place of interest is a room in which an infoman is to be found.


    [​IMG] I do not mean to pry but do you feel well?

    [​IMG] Is there someone in there?

    [​IMG] Can't... talk... when... accessing... please... help...

    [​IMG] I do not understand what you do try to say.

    [​IMG] Are you still there?

    [​IMG] Please... help... destroy...

    [​IMG] Do please explain to me what do you need.

    [​IMG] Shoot... me... please... can't... stand... it... anymore...

    [​IMG] Do please forgive me but I must protest. Why is it no one does ever ask of me nothing but to shoot things down? Do I look like a thug to you?

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do you want the honest answer or the proper one?

    [​IMG] Hush you.

    [​IMG] No... just... shoot...

    [​IMG] Terminal... grounded.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* He does want you to shoot the terminal. Not his brains.

    [​IMG] I am not sure about this. Is it not against our professional ethics to shoot thing for free?

    [​IMG] *intercomm* I doubt he will feel in a position to negotiate while you do keep a smoking gun in his general direction.

    [​IMG] A fine point you do make.

    Nova does take her gun and does as the man did ask.


    [​IMG] Sir, are you okay?

    [​IMG] *intercomm* He might be if you do actually lend him a hand.

    [​IMG] That would be unladylike.

    [​IMG] Imagine the biggest hangover you've ever had, and then... double it. Imagine that.

    [​IMG] Do please forgive me but if I were to do what you do ask this would turn into a bad Scanners reimagining. May I inquire your name?

    [​IMG] Uh... Ordlaw. No, Waldro. I think.

    [​IMG] Thanks for shooting me out of there. For a minute, I thought you weren't gonna do it.

    [​IMG] Do understand I did lose my entire changing room when my previous ship did explode. It will not replace itself. Which does bring us to a matter worthy of discussion. Do you prefer to join my crew or to donate a new pair of Givenchy jersey boots to your saviour most kind?

    [​IMG] I'm with you.

    [​IMG] Sigh. I was affraid you would say that.

    [​IMG] Hey, I've gotta get out of here! I've gotta go save Denner!

    [​IMG] I do not believe I do understand.

    [​IMG] He... He's my brother! We... We came out from the core and got kidnapped! I got turned into an infoman, and Denner's being forced to repair Darcator ships.

    [​IMG] A bell does ring most distant.

    [​IMG] He's a prisoner in a Darcator ship repair garage, coords (0326,0527).

    [​IMG] He's counting on me. I'm the only one who can get him out.

    [​IMG] Why am I sure he will also pick the 'crew' option?

    We do return to the Darcator base we did just clear. With Waldro in our team we are able to lower the forcefield that does imprison Denner.


    [​IMG] Your brother as I do understand.

    [​IMG] I don't have any brothers. We don't even look alike!

    [​IMG] Do please explain to me what does this mean.

    [​IMG] I don't know who...

    [​IMG] Wait a minute. You... You were on the core ship, weren't you? On the C.W.S. Reagal.

    [​IMG] Of course, we both came out to the four systems together. Then I found out where you were from the netlink!

    [​IMG] I am affraid this is not the proper backdrop for such an sce-

    [​IMG] I remember this guy, now! We met on the Reagal. Hes - no offense, buddy - sort of a basket case. I'm not his brother. We're not even friends.

    [​IMG] Let us continue this conversa-

    [​IMG] How can you say that?! We grew up together! Don't you remember the times we had. We used to... well, I remember how we... You're confusing me, Denner!

    [​IMG] Do please liste-

    [​IMG] It's not that I'm not grateful or anything. I owe you a lot. But this guy's cracked. Don't you know what happens to people when you wire their brain?

    [​IMG] I am affraid I do not watch docume-

    [​IMG] On top of that, this guy still has six inches of cable dangling from the back of his neck. How did you disconnect him anyway?

    [​IMG] I did sho-

    [​IMG] But really, thanks for breaking me out. I can make it up to you. I'm a damn good engineer. I can pay you back with some work.

    [​IMG] I do accept your proposal. Let us le-

    [​IMG] Have you been ill? The Darcator must not be feeding you well. Have they-

    [​IMG] Enough! Do both of you be silent! Let us stop this already. He who does want to wait for the Darcator can do so. He who does want to come to the ship would do well to follow me as I do leave. Fare ye well.

    We do return to the ship. Or should I say I do bring them to the ship one at a time? The way in which the game does form the away team is strange to say the least. F1 is the team point. This position is for Nova. F2 and F4 are center and trail. These positions are reserved for members of our crew. F3 is the recruit position. This position is reserved for the characters we do recruit. They do only occupy it until we do return to the ship. When we do so they will free the recruit position and move to our crew. From then on they are available for the middle and trail positions.

    As I did not return to the ship after I did obtain Waldro Denner moves to the recruit position and Waldro does leave the party to await for us to come back for him even when the party does presently have a free position. I do take Denner to the ship. I do return. I do take Waldro to the ship.

    Denner will be marginally useful as ship mechanic. Presently I do have no use for Waldro. I do let him stay on the ship in case I do find a use for him later on.

    I do return to the Starkiller headquarters. Nova's murderous spree through the Darcator hoverdock and the DSRE laboratory did win her several levels. This is how her character sheet does look at the present time.


    The arms dealer in the headquarters does sell Thermo Packs for the thermocaster. I do buy a fair amount of magazines. Five of these go in Nova's inventory. The rest do remain on the item pool to replenish the ammunition on her inventory when it does run out. I do speak with Kendall when I am done.

    [​IMG] It's about time you showed up.

    [​IMG] I've got two jobs I wouldn't give to anyone but you. Interested?

    [​IMG] There is neither job too small nor fee too large.

    [​IMG] I thought so. The first one is the more important one. Damien Altron has stepped up his raids on Ciberan. It looks like the guy's gone round the bend.

    [​IMG] What am I to do about this?

    [​IMG] Stop it, of course. Altron has established a base somewhere on Ciberan, and he's slowly taking over all the processing stations. Your first objective is to stop the attacks.

    [​IMG] And what about the second objective your choice of words does imply?

    [​IMG] Assasinate Damien Altron and his general, Camede Rodgen.

    [​IMG] These are high profile targets you do ask me to deal with.

    [​IMG] Would you for forty thousand? That's ten times your normal rate.

    [​IMG] By which you do mean my normal rate is half of what I do obtain from a single contraband run to Tikorr. Yet do count me in, sir. There are things more important than how much I am to be paid.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Things such as the popularity, the fandom, the endorsement deals, the interviews, the full page spreads...

    Nova does tilt her head in a most quizzical manner.

    [​IMG] What else could I mean?

    [​IMG] Max Sebastion runs Ciberan. He's the one paying. Go see him on Ciberan, at Meridian City, coords (0588,0387). But wait, I've got another job for you.

    [​IMG] Do tell me about it.

    [​IMG] It's not as important, but you're bound to run into problems on Ciberan. Use this other mission to fill in the cracks.

    [​IMG] I do understand.

    [​IMG] It's on Varon. The Lantas are divided into two groups, Frags and Disps, and they fight constantly. The Head Lanta Frag wants you to kidnap the Head Lanta Disp so they can talk. I don't know any more than that. Just go kidnap the Disp leader. Start looking at the Disp temple, it's an old crashed core ship on Varon, coords (0570,0286). Do the best you can.

    [​IMG] It does feel like a christmas that does never end.

    [​IMG] Good. And make sure that scaly little Frag pays you when you see him. He hasn't paid me. He knows he's supposed to pay you.

    [​IMG] This you can be certain I will not forget.

    [​IMG] You need all teh help you can get. I've assigned you a comm tech. She's across the hall in the communication center. Her name is Janai.

    [​IMG] I did meet with her earlier. She did explain to me she already was on a crew.

    [​IMG] She was, but I just reassigned her. Now I've given her the access card to get you in to see Max on Ciberan. Without her, you don't get in.

    [​IMG] I do love it when you do give the choice.

    [​IMG] Right. Oh, one more thing. This Ciberan deal is a big job. There's a guy named Rogers here on Holbrook you might be able to get, at coords (0429,0270).

    [​IMG] I will see to it.

    [​IMG] So get going. You've got a lot of work to do.

    We go meet Janai.

    [​IMG] Kendall just called me. He's reassigned me to your crew.

    [​IMG] If you want me, that is. Do you need a communications technician?

    [​IMG] I do have no choice in the matter. Do make sure you do keep up with me.

    [​IMG] I can handle anything you can handle.

    I do check her character sheet.


    [​IMG] Should I feel insulted or should I feel bemused? Unable to decide I do find myself.

    We do return to the hovercraft and go visit the man Kendall did tell me about.


    [​IMG] Do please forgive me if I do pry but I do have to ask. Are you not Rogers Amaro? The man who did come up with the plan to use nuclear weapons against the Zero-L as the colony wars were fought.

    [​IMG] That's me. All those damn flashlights are my fault. but I don't roll anymore. So what can I do for you?

    [​IMG] Kendall did send me. He did inform me I would be able find a gunner worthy of trust in this remote place. In an spectacle most bloody I am about to involve myself.

    [​IMG] I told that old desk jockey I was through working for him. I've got better, safer things to do now.

    [​IMG] Yet-

    Nova does place a hand in her hips as she does start to speak.

    [​IMG] Do forgive my frankness but I am affraid your manners do leave much to be desired.

    [​IMG] Sorry, I thought you were going for a gun.

    [​IMG] A man's got to protect himself out there.

    [​IMG] I could use some protection myself.

    [​IMG] Thanks, but I am not interested. I've got other things I'd rather do.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Is this were I do exclaim 'Iceburn!' with glee most exagerated?

    [​IMG] Is it to collect all fish in the sea that you do dedicate your talents now?

    [​IMG] It's the largest collection of rare species in the four systems.

    [​IMG] Quite the log you must keep.

    [​IMG] You'd be surprised. Actually, there's only one more species from the four systems I don't have in my collection. See that yellow one with the black spots? That's a female Hanky Grobbler. All I'm missing is a male Hanky Grobbler.

    [​IMG] Your words do imply it is a difficult prize to claim.

    [​IMG] It's not the kind of thing you can go buy at the drug store. In fact, there's only one male in the four systems. It's...

    [​IMG] It's in the Malibu Bar on Mastassini.

    [​IMG] I do know for a fact the owner does not much care about fish.

    [​IMG] But he does. He says he likes its little fangs. He won't sell it.

    [​IMG] 'tis a sad tale. Would you allow me to look around your collection?

    [​IMG] Go ahead. Just let yourself out the front door when you're done. Good day.

    Yet it is not in the fish that Nova's interested but on the fish tank that does lie among the collection. She does take it and leaves back to her ship. She does travel to Mastassini. Once in the bar she does search the aquariums until she does find the fish Amaro did mention. She does equip the fish tank in her inventory and a new option does appear.


    She does abduct the fish. After a short trip she does hand the fish tank to Amaro.

    [​IMG] It's a male Hanky Grobbler! And it's in one of my tanks! I wondered where this thing went. Where in the hell did you get this fish?

    [​IMG] There are things better left unknown.

    [​IMG] Don't tell me. Let me go put him in the tank. I'm impressed you did this. This species is poisonous. One bite and you're dead in two minutes. Hey, are you okay? You look green.

    [​IMG] Worry not. I got lost in thought for a instant. May I ask what do you intend to do now that your collection is complete?

    [​IMG] I don't rightly know.

    [​IMG] Got any suggestions?

    [​IMG] I do have a few things in mind.

    [​IMG] I thought you might say that.

    [​IMG] And I do promise to make fish faces for you if you do get homesick.

    [​IMG] Let me get my gun.

    [​IMG] You are full of surprises.

    [​IMG] I'll let you try it sometime.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Do keep up the pace. R'lyeh is within your grasp.

    [​IMG] Wait and let me put my tanks on cycle...

    [​IMG] Okay, let's go. I'll lock up on the way out.

    Amaro's hyperweapon is a M III Laser. It does 12 to 24 damage. A pea shooter in common parlance.

    [​IMG] Few men are emotionally prepared to face the truth.

    I do sell it as soon as I do return to Starkiller headquarters. I do also sell the extra ones he did bring for us. His character sheet is also a disappointment. The only thing he does have going on for him is his aptitude skill. If he does survive long enough he might become useful.


    His special weapons skill is too low for me to give him a blaster rifle. I do give him an M23-30AR. It is not much better than the M III Laser but it will have to do for now. Yet with his firearms skill he will miss more often than not. The few times he does not miss he will do far less damage than Nova's thermocaster will. It is all noise and smoke with him.

    [​IMG] (._.) I do guess one could say...

    [​IMG] ( ._.)>⌐■-■

    [​IMG] (⌐■_■) ...he is firing blanks.

    [​IMG] Beep. Beep. Bop. YEEEAAAAAAAAAH!

    [​IMG] Such a good girl you are.

    [​IMG] *intercomm* Am I to understand you do intend to keep the very unsubtle innuendo going on for long?

    [​IMG] You are one to talk. And it is in the job description. As much as he does disappoint he's the only real man we did get to find so far.

    [​IMG][​IMG] *intercomm* Thank you.

    [​IMG] Quod erat demonstrandum.

    Our heroine does buy Janai a cheap weapon that's still better than what she does begin with. Fron now on the away team will be Amaro and Janai. Alice is too valuable both in her role as key to the DSRE laboratory on Kitorr and in her role as the only thing that does keep the ship from becoming a pigpen with four bachelors onboard. Denner and Waldro are pretty much useless. It will not be until much later that the captain will be able to find a job to match their still undiscovered talents.

    The ship is on a course to Ciberan. Nova and her crew will have to single handedly win the war with Ariel. In the nearby world of Varon they will have to abduct one of the Lanta ideologists. And before long she will have to face an enemy far more terrible than these two put together. Will our favorite superpowered space heroine save the four systems from calamity? Will her starkly underpowered companions survive the bloodbath the game is soon to turn into?
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  23. lightbane Arcane

    Dec 27, 2008
    You powergame like a madwoman, breaking and maiming the game permanently, then complain about the companions being "too weak"? Not very fair are you, really :M
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  24. Crooked Bee (no longer) a wide-wandering bee Patron

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    There is no "fair" in "powergaming" :P

    I've always thought this interface was really, really cool.

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  25. GarfunkeL Racism Expert

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    What a strange game. But hey, Black Cat is back! The name and avatar change, the writing style remains the same. Woop woop, keep it coming!

    Plus, I'm always amazed how verbose you are in these things. In my own LP's I often struggle with finding something to say that isn't directly related to game mechanics. I could never run a "story"-LP like this.
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