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Completed Lets Play the latest Jagged Alliance 2 1.13

LP it with HAM 5.0 Alpha at the risk of game-crashing bugs?

  • Yes, better enemy AI and tougher to-hit chance spread patterns, come on!

    Votes: 7 28.0%
  • Wait until HAM 5.0 is fully released to start this LP

    Votes: 2 8.0%
  • No, I want a finished JA2 LP and I want it now.

    Votes: 6 24.0%
  • kingpincomrade

    Votes: 10 40.0%

  • Total voters


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
  1. Clearing up Omerta
  2. Road to Drassen
  3. Drassen Airport, End of Line
  4. The Game is Rigged from the Start: San Mona
  5. Liberation of Chitzena
  6. Drassen Airport, Again
  7. This is all like that thing Calvin was talking about.
  8. The Drassen Massacre.
  9. Defeated by superior numbers. Divided by zero.
  10. The Final Battle of Drassen, Part 1
  11. The Final Battle of Drassen, Part 2
  12. Skyrimder(p)
  13. Clear Skies
  14. Alma: Behind Enemy Lines
  15. Taking over the Alma Command Center
  16. In Battle There is no Law
  17. Final Battle of Alma
  18. Breaking the Prison of Tixa
  19. Dark Corners of Arulco
  20. I saw a landsquid yesterday...
  21. The Chigger Queen
  22. Road to Orta
  23. Raiding Orta
  24. Road to Meduna
  25. Shells in the Night
  26. Meduna is just ahead
  27. Breaking through Meduna
  28. Clearing Meduna's SAM Site
  29. Taking over the Meduna Airport
  30. Defending the Liberated Sectors of Meduna
  31. Bubba's Introduction
  32. Prelude to a Maze of Death
  33. The Maze of Death
  34. ARMored Assault
  35. Sic Semper Tyrannis
You can skip to the first screenshot unless you are interested in technical details about difficulty settings and in answering the poll.

; Individual Enemy Group Behavior
; If ENEMY_INVESTIGATE_SECTOR is set to TRUE then the enemies from adjacent sectors of a city will come to investigate what
; happened when one of the city sectors is taken by player. It will happen only while the tactical view is active.
; This behavior was deactivated in original game.
; New strategic AI
; This AI is capable of launching massive attacks (with reinforcements) at important sectors. Teams of several dozen enemies
; will assemble to attack your sector SIMULTANEOUSLY. This is similar to the Drassen Counterattack event, except it happens
; to every city, possibly several times during the campaign!
; When set to TRUE, this setting has the potential of making the game considerably harder.

It seeems the new AI is activated by default in INSANE difficulty level in the latest version, but in any case, I changed it. Also, on INSANE, as default in the latest JA 1.13, the Queen has an infinite pool of troops. Conclusion:


Of course, HAM 5.0 Alpha was recently announced, but it is an Alpha, thus LPing it may not be very productive and lead to yet another LP prematurely terminated by game-breaking bugs. It already features better tactical enemy AI except for the "black" state(enemy has direct line of sight with your mercs) and that is planned as well but might not happen(TM), and besides that it "fixes" the New Chance to Hit system making spread patterns more sensical and the chance of hitting something when the reticle aperture is larger than the target much smaller, while finally, if enough votes are given to keep a hold on this thread until HAM 5.0 goes gold, I'll let it happen later, of course. And of course, the older version of HAM is now integrated by default in main JA 2 1.13.

From the thread itself:

What this means for you, the player: Shots are less likely to hit the target, basically, at least when the aperture is much bigger than the target. Fewer "WTF" moments when the aperture is huge and the shot goes in the center. Much fewer.
NEW: Bullet deviation has also received better distribution. This puts a greater emphasis on high-accuracy weapons, which suffer less deviation. Remember kids: Accuracy works on a logarithmic scale, so 14-15 is not the same as 35-36, for example - the higher the numbers go, the more each point counts! Especially at long range.

Although I think the next alone may make it worth waiting to start this LP for real. But there is no need to wait for character creation, of course.

WarmSteel's Less-Retarded AI

This feature, written by WarmSteel, alters the way enemies behave in Green, Yellow and Red states. It changes how they look for cover in these states, and how they stray from/return to their patrol routes.
In particular, enemies are now much more likely to use suppression fire from beyond visual range, if they have guns capable of supplying a sufficient amount of firepower.
This is further augmented by the new AI ability to reload their guns when in RED state (i.e. when in combat but cannot currently see the enemy). This allows them to be more ready for combat, and again increases the chance of them suppressing your mercs (since they have more loaded bullets with which to do so).
For those of you not familiar with the AI system, the states "Green" and "Yellow" refer to enemies that are unaware of merc presence or are inspecting a noise or strange occurence (repsectively). "Red" state refers to enemies that know they are in combat, but cannot currently see any mercs.
WarmSteel is planning on also reviewing the BLACK state, I.E. how enemies behave when they can personally see one or more of your mercs. He's hoping to increase their desire to stay in cover and fire more ammo, rather than charge like madmen.

Now, for the LP itself:


It was said nobody would ever finish an Arcanum LP. RK47 disproved such claim. And now I'll try to get my first ever LP that was truly finished.

You probably at least know and maybe already already played Jagged Alliance 2 in either vanilla, 1.13 or both: if you never played Jagged Alliance 2 and is right now too busy LARPing and fapping to Skyrim to give a try at this game, I wish you a slow, painful and MAJESTIC death consoletard quisling.

Jagged Alliance 2 is a CRPG because the Laptop Guy is YOU!!! A tactics focused CRPG that is a standard that any tactical CRPG should look forward to, with a small strategic layer as well. In a perfect dream world of Codexia, Fallout would have the same combat mechanics of Jagged Alliance 2 while retaining its atmosphere, narrative and choices and consequences, but that is just a dream.

The plot is quite simple as far as it goes: you* were hired by Enrico Chivaldori, the supposedly dead former rule of Arulco now in exile. For ten years Arulco was made in a totalitarian shithole by Queen Deirdranna, who subjected the population to a condition of slavery in all but name, and kills all those unable to work, while living on the lap of luxury herself with her cronies. Thus you get some money, and a letter to deliver to Miguel, leader of a weak and dying resistance movement, so you can get further support and directions to where to start the ultimate goal of this contract: the elimination of Deirdranna.

*Is it just coincidence that the Laptop guy's face is never shown in the game intro? That the IMP mercenaries refer to the player in the end game as if the player was the laptop guy and no answer comes from a voiced laptop guy to their comments? Ah, nevermind, I should LP this game rather than argue in favor of the fact it is definitively a CRPG.


I read a mention that giving very fast progress of equipment to the enemies will eventually lead to the mercs getting too good equipment free of charge. Let me tell this: it is completely random, in most of my play throughs I got only crap until reaching mid to late game and the difficulty makes up for it. I won't save scum for better equipment anyway, and besides, all things considered it will make the game harder. Bobby Ray selection is at the lowest possible setting too.

Now for the character creation

First of all, 3 males and 3 females trannies only.

And of course:

Nickname(8 chars max)



I hope OverweightManatee doesn't mind the borrowed screenshot, but why bother taking another screenshot of a feature that had no changes compared to this new 1.13 version?

Character Traits


Which is not the case for Character Traits, of course. Now there are more to choose.

Disabilities (+ 20 points for stats and skills if one is picked)


Major Traits/Abilities


I'll explain some of the ones that weren't there in the previous 1.13 installment(Specialties were split between minor and major traits). You can either pick two Major traits or totally focus on only one of them for a greater specific bonus

Hunter/Ranger: pumps shotguns twice faster; larger accuracy bonus with shotgun and and half of it with rifles; camouflage wears off only by half for hunters, and never wears off for rangers. A party with a hunter/ranger will also travel through sectors fasters, when on foot. Not sure if it also applies to the Hummer or Ice cream truck. I'd rather have one because the sector travel bonus can make a big difference to both avoid enemy patrols and get mercs where they are most needed faster.

Deputy: Gives among other benefits AP bonus to all mercenaries of the team within at most 10 tiles away from him, or 20 tiles if all of them are equipped with extended ears. Has a great resistance to fear and suppression and if of higher level than other merc, will make such merc behave as if he was one level higher(provided a Deputy one level higher than him) or two levels higher(provided a Squadleader two levels higher than the given merc). On the drawback, the death of this character is 2x(for deputy)/3x(for squadleader) more devastating to the morale of the rest of the team compared to a character without these traits.

Gunslinger: bonuses mostly to pistols, and secondly, to machine pistols. Considering the range of both types of guns and how it is mostly pistol-focused, its usefulness may be limited, and just less limited in night ops.

Minor Traits/Abilities


I suppose they are mostly self-explaining.

Stats and Skills


As for stats, they are mostly obvious, I believe. Health determines hitpoints and stamina. Agility determines number of action points, running speed, chance of interrupting an enemy on his turn(interrupts happen when one of the mercs has enough AP to do something while an enemy comes out of cover or advances), and chance of dodging attacks. Dexterity once was mostly important for specialized mercs like doctors, melee fighters and knife throwers, but with the new system, because a low dexterity character will have serious to hit penalties against a high agility enemy due to dodging is now useful, specially for snipers. Strength determines melee damage, throwing range of grenades etc and how much a merc can carry. Wisdom is important for all specialized skills(medical, mechanical and explosives) and also will determine how fast a merc will improve his abilities through skill use. Leadership is important for recruiting militia(at least 20 is needed for it), and also leads to better results when dealing with NPCs.

Now on the skills, I think they are quite self-explaining.

However I should note that you'll only have 355 points available to improve stats and skills when you pick up no major or minor traits. Also, you can just mention which stats and skills you'd rather prioritize, if you want to ditch certain skills altogether (minimum 35 for every skill) and so on.

And that is it. If you'd rather wait for HAM 5.0 to get gold to see this LP start, vote on the appropriate poll. Character creation and back catalog will be unaffected by the poll results.


Jun 18, 2010
Name: A. Ryan
Nickname: Ulminati

Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal body, blond hair, fair skin
Character Trait: Loner
Disability: claustrophobic
Major trait: Marksman
Minor trait: Stealthy

Stats & skills: Prioritize whatever will make me shooty & stealthy. I've not actually played JA2 myself, so I'm not sure how frontloaded you ought to make startign characters. (I know, I know. The Shame.)

Crooked Bee

(no longer) a wide-wandering bee
Jan 27, 2010
In quarantine
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A finished LP! Nao!


Name: Irene Honeychurch
Nickname: Bee


Character trait: Malicious
Disabilities: Forgetful
Major trait: Marksman
Minor traits: Stealthy, Scouting

Pump my Wisdom, Agility and Marksmanship. Set Explosive and Mechanical to 0. Set Medical to 35.


Nov 3, 2004
Copenhagen, Denmark
Codex 2012
Name: Jake Lawrence
Nickname: Azira

Gender: Male
Appearance: Normal body, blond/brown hair, fair skin
Character Trait: Optimist
Disability: Heat Intolerant
Major trait: Paramedic
Minor trait: Teaching

Stats & skills: Prioritize wisdom, leadership, dexterity and medical. Rest is up to you. :salute:


May 8, 2007
No alpha mods, if we wanted LPs of broken games there are skyrim lp threads.

And so


Name: Jason Freeman
Nick: Black
Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Black
Skin Colour: Light or whatever
Clothing: Blue
Normal body

Disability: Fear of insects
Character trait: malicious
Major trait: Ranger
Minor trait: Night ops

Prioritize marksmanship, dexterity and agility, maybe some wisdom, though I haven't found any use for it in real life, but forget about mechanics, medical and leadership. Totally. The rest as you want.


Darth Roxor

Wielder of the Huegpenis
Staff Member
May 29, 2008

Name: Darthowna Roxorowska
Nickname: Femshep
Gender: Female
Character Trait: Aggressive
Disability: Psychotic
Major trait: Autoweapons
Minor trait: Demolitions

Pump Marksmanship, get more than decent wisdom/dexterity/explosives, a bit of agility. If nobody else has anything for Mechanical, get a little bit of that.

Johnny the Mule

Jun 23, 2011
Name: Orgasm
Nickname: Orgasm
Gender: Female

Appearance: Normal body with that perma camouflage
Character Traits: Malicious
Disabilities: Nonswimmer
Major Traits/Abilities: Ranger (thats for perma camo)
Minor Traits/Abilities: Stealthy
Stats and Skills: Max Marksmanship and Health, No Leadership and Explosives, min max the rest yourself, would be cool if you gave her the stats for a knife along with a knife


Sep 16, 2009
FFS, no more JA2 LPs!
Checks OP.

Carry on, good lady. You are a true SIS!

May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Ins't there any way to make more than six IMPs?

All in all, I want one thing: YOU GETTING RAPED!!

I want to see epic last stands that end up with a immense horde of dead bodies in the ground! A epic struggle against superior odds!



Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
pipka said:
"Achievement Unlocked: TPK in Omerta"?

BULLSHIT. R00fles!

The Thin Man said:
Fuck, got here too late.

Read this first update and you'll see why you'll most likely have your character in the LP due to a expected high casualty rate.


Hello, I'm the Laptop Guy and this is my diary on the battle for Arulco. A diary is full of statistics, therefore I have stats. Nevermind, let me start the tale of how everything went down:

First, about our brave mercenaries who were the first to experience combat:


A. "Ulminati" Ryan, a sniper who prefers to work alone and has a great fear of tight and dark corridors and rooms. Unfortunately for him, he'll have to do with a SMG and together with the rest of the team, for now.


Jake "Azira" Lawrence, a great doctor who isn't a bad shot either, and will probably be the one everybody else will sooner or later owe their lives too. And on top of that, he is also a somewhat charismatic figure. Unfortunately he is not particularly resilient and thus will perform better if he isn't given the riskier positions in an engagement.


Jason "Black" Freeman, a Ranger specialized in Night Operations. It's strange that someone with such wilderness focused training has such a fear of insects. He's also a jaded and bitter man who enjoys having fun at the suffering of others.


Irene "Bee" Honeychurch, another sniper and an excellent scout as well, when she doesn't forget what she was supposed to be doing. Like Black, this Bee is crooked and enjoys being unpleasant.


Darthowna "Femshep" Roxorowska. Some members of the team question "her" gender, and believe she is actually a tranny. Nevertheless Femshep knows what EXTREME means, and despite not being the most resilient member of the team, will still be a power to behold in its measure of collar grabs and useful for her decent expertise in explosives and mechanics.

As for Orgasm, once the money allows, the sixth member of what I named the Kodex Kool Krew shall be employed

By the way, once I got a spam mail about the New Improved Mercenary Profiling: nimp.org. Let me warn you: IT IS A TRAP!

Clearing up Omerta


Right as they came out of the chopper, before they could have even one second to prepare themselves, one of Deirdranna grunts took a shot at Black. Rapidly, in reaction, Femshep threw a mini grenade at the lone enemy, as he was otherwise covered by the sandbags.


Even downed, the son of a bitch managed to hurt another of the Kodexers: Ulminati. Fortunately the wound wasn't as severe as it could have been. It was then obvious that this position may be too exposed and too small for such a large team.


Although those sandbags seemed the most logical place for defensive positions, there was a catch: submachineguns have a limited range, and they are facing an army that most likely has better weapons than SMGs. They needed to position themselves somewhere that would force the enemy to either stay on the defensive or come for them and fight on their terms: in close quarters battle the advantage was theirs. And while those sandbags could provide it, they were too small, and could be reached from more than one direction. Chokepoints would greatly enhance the team's effectiveness against more numberful and better equipped foes.


First one went down after some tries, while the team retreated to take positions inside the house.


Hopefully there would be enough time for them to get inside.


Just in time, as soon the enemy began to advance. Femshep took advantage of it to put one of them in his place.


And another one. EXTREME Femshep now has the highest kill count of all mercs.


Another one gets close, so close he was just asking for it. Black's shotgun proves why shotguns are deadly in close quarters, although it'll get even better once buckshot ammo and a duckbill are found.


Along the battle, it turns out Ulminati's position wasn't safe from any long range aiming outside the house. Luck worked favorably, and quickly he positioned himself in a safer location, closer to the wall.



Another fool is pumped full of lead, right where it hurts the most. Black now killed as many as EXTREME Femshep.


After that, the enemy apparently gave up storming the house, for now. With the wounded mercs bleeding, Azira carefully moves on to apply first aid.


Until some sneaky bastard takes a potshot at Femshep. Ulminati advances to take care of it while Azira moves on to help the now seriously wounded Femshep.


Another enemy is neutralized.


And finally killed. This turned out more complicated than expected.


Azira gives a POPAMOLE health regen to Femshep, saving "her" life.


Then another opportunistic foe hits Azira while he was giving medical aid to Femshep, and Bee, who crawls further inside the house for cover. Things aren't looking very good, but fortunately this leads to yet another defeated enemy.


Eventually they once again refuse to advance further, instead waiting for the team, probably in a small ambush.



Cautiously, the team sneaks eastwards, hoping to outflank the remaining hostiles. Femshep becomes very angry claiming sneaking is for pussies.


Maybe Femshep was right, because their sneaking isn't as good as thought, and another surprise shot happens, wounding Femshep once more.


And not having enough time and strength to get into cover quickly enough, Femshep ends severely injured, while the team does its best to hold off the enemy trying to kill "her".


Even with a SMG, Bee's sniping talents show off, as her knowledge on how to compensate for the eventual bullet deviation from a straight line allows her to hit enemies at greater ranges than usual.


Once the coast is apparently clear, Azira races against time to save Femshep.


And after a costly and complicated surgery, Femshep is ready again for combat, although still far from healed. And the bad news: saving her costed the only medkit of the entire team.


Afterwards, they sneak south and finally to the west, hoping this time it won't be them the ones taken by surprise.


Fortunately, this indirect approach works. By the way, I forgot to mention that unfortunately Black ran out of shells for his shotgun.



There shouldn't be many more left now.


Sneaking through a house, they surprise another one of them.


With everybody wounded and little time to go prone first, having all bullets hitting in burst mode is a rarity, but it still is more likely for a bullet to hit in burst than in single fire, specially for SMGs.


The coward runs behind cover. This is bad because to go after him could expose someone, and to not go would allow him to try potshots. Everybody aims for his overall direction hoping to interrupt him if he tries. Meanwhile another enemy comes, and luckily, Black manages to take him down.


The team panics, and this enemy takes advantage of his position to cause more concern. Now. either they hit this thug, or it could be the end of something that didn't even start.

Black then bravely gets near point-blank range and finishes the deal.


The good news: This battle was finally won.


The bad news: Everyone is wounded and all medical supplies are practically depleted.

From now on, they will have to be thrice as careful. Perhaps resort the operating in the night where the superior range of enemy weapons won't be so important.


Considering the ammunition types scavenged after the battle, one can guess what kind of firepower this brave team faced and overcame. But even if they may have packed accurate rifles or even assault rifles.


All they got was a shitty SMG made obsolete by the MP5 and a .40 Czech pistol. Considering however, how easily found 10mm ammo is, they may end needing this crappy submachinegun until they get hold of something better.

Now, to find Miguel, the leader of the resistance.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
Johnny the Mule said:
You pay for IMPs?

Only once. 3k each.

Also, 172 damage? Dont remember getting that much. HAM? New 1.13?

Yes, it is the newest 1.13, and it comes with HAM features already in it by default.
Apr 4, 2007
Because I'm assuming casualties will happen

Name: Muhphukka Shepard
Nickname: Shepard
Gender: Male

Character Trait: Dauntless
Disability: None, Shepard ain't no cripple
Major trait: Auto Weapons, Heavy Weapons
Minor trait: Athletics

Prioritize Marksmanship and Agility. Maybe give him some medical or explosive skills secondary (zero out the other one). Mechanical is for nerds, not EXTREME COCK COMMANDERS, so zero that shit out. Fuck it, consider zeroing Leadership too if it won't hurt. Shepard don't need no skill points to prove he's a born leader.

Edit: Oh, there's already a Transhepardian Orchestra in the crew. Hmmm...that changes things. Here's a few more characters that are more unique (i.e. retarded builds). Use whatever you want from my post to best round out the team (or make for hilarious deaths because this shit probably doesn't fly on 1.13).

Name: John Who
Nickname: RaginAZN
Gender: Male

Character Trait: Show Off
Disability: Nervous
Major trait: Gunslinger
Minor trait: Ambidextrous

Do whatever it takes to make this man into a thing that goes nuts with two (machine) pistols at once. Zero everything that doesn't fit with this goal, so only concentrate on Marksmanship and physical stats.

Name: Theodore Kaczynski
Nickname: UncleTed
Gender: Male

Character Trait: Intellectual
Disability: Psychotic
Major trait: Heavy Weapons
Minor trait: Demolitions

Make things go boom. Dynamite, RDX, C4, mustard gas, rocket-rifles, mortars, whatever. High Wisdom, high explosives, high mechanical, middling marksmanship, a little medical skill, and mediocre non-essential physical skills.

Good luck finishing this LP, it's already been tried four (or more?) times.

Crooked Bee

(no longer) a wide-wandering bee
Jan 27, 2010
In quarantine
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Huh, everyone survived? Not sure if incline. :P


May 8, 2007
Dayum, FemShep got it bad, maybe that's because MaleShep is the canon one?


rial billionaire
Jul 24, 2010
DX:HR Fanboy Central
Strap Yourselves In Serpent in the Staglands

Name: E. V. Adler
Nickname: SoupNazi
Gender: Male

Character trait:
Disabilities: None
Major trait: Hand to Hand (both levels)
Minor traits: Athletics / bodybuilding

Max-Bump AGI, Strength
Medium Marksmanship, Dexterity
Rest is dump stats :salute:

Appearance: the smaller dude, black pants red shirt.

Beats enemies up and steals their equipment :smug:

Good job on the LP, will follow. Won't ever get past Drassen though. :M :M


dog that is hovering, Wastelands Interactive
Jul 8, 2010
Jordan, Minnesota
Project: Eternity
oh hai


Elizavieta 'Flayer' Batory


I don't really know how useful is h2h now, so either hand-to-hand/stealthy (or melee), or gunslinger/ambidextrous

pump dexterity and agility as high as you can
leadership 0
shooting+medic, 0 tech skills


Best Poster on the Codex
Aug 21, 2007
Frown Town
Wtf is going on? Taking that much damage in Omerta, first combat screen, agaisnt red shirts? You're really bad at this or did they severely bump up the difficulty? Been a while I played but I don't remember having to do much more than stay in that little bunker at the start and take potshots at these morons in order to win. Maybe there'd be some guy with a shotgun on a roof or something


Apr 27, 2011
Serious_Business said:
Wtf is going on? Taking that much damage in Omerta, first combat screen, agaisnt red shirts? You're really bad at this or did they severely bump up the difficulty? Been a while I played but I don't remember having to do much more than stay in that little bunker at the start and take potshots at these morons in order to win. Maybe there'd be some guy with a shotgun on a roof or something

it's INSANE difficulty.
It's pretty damn hard


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
Serious_Business said:
Wtf is going on? Taking that much damage in Omerta, first combat screen, agaisnt red shirts? You're really bad at this or did they severely bump up the difficulty? Been a while I played but I don't remember having to do much more than stay in that little bunker at the start and take potshots at these morons in order to win. Maybe there'd be some guy with a shotgun on a roof or something

The morons no longer only charge mindlessly at your team to the end. You'll have to hunt them yourself. And besides that, setting a very fast enemy item progression combined with INSANE difficulty made it such that the redshirts ended packing much more than usual. Even right at the start, one will already be most likely in position to shoot against the mercs before they can even react.

As for the newer character applications, the Drassen Counter-attack is just a few updates away. It is already claimed as quite tough even in Experienced difficulty level, let alone in INSANE. Survival chances won't be very good for the first six IMP mercs itt. Although I'll probably end having to give up Drassen and maybe risk some guerrilla warfare as without save scumming and exploits, it will just lead to everyone being slaughtered by forces outnumbering them at more than 10:1. Sure, explosives help a lot against large clusters of enemies but so far I've got only two explosives and no remote detonators, as for mortars, forget it because Bobby Ray's selection was set to normal.


Road to Drassen


Looking through the ruins of Omerta, the team finds a lone woman with a child. Azira asks her about Miguel, claiming they were sent by Enrico.



And thus, they follow her.


Upon arriving in a seemingly derelict and badly damaged house, they are interrupted by a guard from the rebels. Although a simple man, he seems strong and his hand is steady over his pistol. Having some of these resistance fighters helping the team would be great indeed, provided they are convinced of the fact the mercenaries are on their side.


Dmitri decides to trust Fatima, and escorts the team to the hideout of the resistance. Miguel, their leader, takes the letter and became convinced of its legitimacy, and then greeted the mercenaries, explaining further their plight, for Deirdranna wants to wipe Omerta off the map. After which another of them adds:


Ira, an Amerikwan from Brooklyn, once part of a humanitarian mission, before she concluded that the people of Arulco will be better helped if certain people end with bullets in their heads and joined the resistance to help them with first aid and medical care.


While Miguel explains everything, Bee feels like making a snide comment.


They are having problems with supplies, and most important of all, food. They ask the team to clear a way for Drassen, and find a priest there that may be convinced of providing humanitarian aid to Omerta. Miguel agrees to let them recruit Ira.


She promptly explains she is no professional and that her shooting skills leave to be desired(unless you compare them to the shitty M.E.R.C. average of shooting skills, more about it later). Nevertheless, she learns fast, and has a talent for sneaking, which will, until they can afford a sixth mercenary, be a nice complement for the team needs. As for her medical skills, they are overshadowed by Azira's, but six are better than five.


Back outside, to the relief of Ulminati who was very tense in the claustrophobic hideout, Femshep finds another TNT with a detonator. Believing they are going to need it far more than the rebels still in hiding, who can do little but survive, she takes it.



However, the most important thing about Ira is how she brought a much needed medkit. Azira immediately began to treat everybody. Although he knew a single medical kit would most likely be insufficient to treat all wounds, it would still be enough to improve the conditions of everyone.


Day 1, 7:23 - Enemy forces are known to be on the south. Ira takes the time to improve her marksmanship.






The bitch queen orders for troops to be sent there immediately and kill the mercenaries. For the few who still didn't play this game and yet are reading this LP, I couldn't really ignore this cutscene. Later I'll link a full one too. Considering defending Omerta is pointless anyway, it won't change much.


Day 1: 19:00 - The sun is setting, a perfect time for a night raid. Azira ran out of medical supplies. All they can hope is to maybe find more in a farm or liberated town. They must press on. For they know Deirdranna will get real and order better and better weapons for her soldiers.


Thus they began to head for Drassen, under the cover of night.


Predictably, they run into some enemy forces along the road. To succeed, they must take advantage of the darkness, of the shadows, and most important of all:


Of Bee, with her great scouting skills, using a 10x scope with its built in night sight as a night-time monocular to spot enemies way before they spot the team. This detail alone will make an enormous difference in many future battles to come during the night, even if there is currently no firearm that supports that kind of scope for them.

Thanks to it they made their first victim.


And thus, spotting enemies earlier through the 10x scope and warning the team about them, Bee played a crucial role in this battle despite being the one who least fired shots in it.




The enemies don't even know what they don't know that hit them. By the way, game was set to show where missed bullets end... more on this later.


For taking screenshots it is a poor option so I disabled it. Should've done it earlier.


Black and Bee are the primary spotters for the team during this dangerous night-time offensive.


Spray and pray can at times be effective, when it is the last thing that could stop the enemy from having an opportunity to shoot at you, it's better than nothing.


And sometimes luck helps, and thus Ulminati puts another one down.


Yet another of the enemy soldiers is spotted by Bee. Considering how far away it is, she doesn't try to take him down, but instead to follow his moves.


By the way, a great priority was given to Ulminati when it comes to shooting for one very important reason. Because he is the only one whose weapon has a silencer, and all other weapons in the team lack even a muzzle flash suppressor, when shooting, not only his weapon is quieter but its muzzle doesn't emit a bright flash that would immediately give away his position. Of course, relying only on him because of such detail would be foolish.


Bee's scope truly proved to be the element that shifted this engagement's outcome in favor of the Kodex Kool Krew.


Next to Ulminati's silencer, at least while the enemies weren't coming in too many numbers for a single shooter to handle them safely.


Ira, being stealthy, manages to finish the job more than once, even with that cheap .38 peashooter.


And they keep coming, believing they aren't being seen.


Until suddenly everything goes quiet. Of course, there are more of them around, thus Bee continues to look around constantly with her scope.


Predictably, it doesn't take long for another of them to be spotted.


Three of the six: Ira, because she is stealthy, Black, due to his NVG and night-ops training, and Ulminati, due to his stealthy nature, became the primary killers in this battle. Ira particularly proved far more useful than expected in these dangerous, close quarters battles.


Ulminati begins to sneak towards the isolated one to the northwest while the others focus on the two enemies to the north.


Accuracy suffers, but given enough bullets at least one ought to hit sometime. However, they don't manage to totally suppress those two foes and Black is wounded.


But Black doesn't panic, while Azira tries to put down the closest of them.


Leading to better results than expected given all the bad conditions for aiming.


And then Black finishes the job.


Femshep manages to hit one out of 3 bullets, pinning down the last of them to the north and killing him.


After that one, only two of them were left.


And fortunately, the first aid kit had just enough to keep Black from bleeding to death. After that one the last two seemingly refused to just charge dumbly at the area where the firefight ensued, and thus the team sneaked through less predictable routes, finally spotting both of them way before they could spot the team, and putting an end to their lives.


Time to check on the loot.


The Swiss Army Knife is pretty much the only useful item acquired from the dead enemies. Another peashooter and Czech .40 pistol. And some 5.56 magazines showing what kind of firepower they were dealing with in this battle. Taking everything they could carry that would have some value, the team continued on their way, and fortunately met no further enemy forces on the road.


They stopped a bit near a farm, in look for supplies.


All they found was some cash, a crowbar and a single 9x19mm 15-round magazine.

Drassen was just ahead of them.

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Cassidy said:
And thus, spotting enemies earlier through the 10x scope and warning the team about them, Bee played a crucial role in this battle despite being the one who least fired shots in it.



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