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Completed Let's play the Underrail Alpha!

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
And so it has come to this.

Well, sorry for not imagining anything better than a stupid meme, but I was always kinda bad with introductions. Basically, I've played the Underrail alpha, deemed it good and then have seen that Codex is not all that hyped about it and so I've decided to showcase it a little, I guess. Besides, I've enjoyed some LPs here greatly and, as the Word goes, there's time to gather stones and there's time to scatter napalm on the heads of the sinners and I certainly prefer the latter times.

So, without further ado...


Surprisingly, we decide to play a cleric type character. Yeah, this is a semi-blind LP, meaning that we fiddled with the game a little before starting it, but we never completed the alpha. Obviously, we're maxing will so we can burn the witches with the power of our most holy word, then we're maxing intelligence because that's the way we always roll and we're putting the rest of our points because we intend to wear the heaviest armour available.

The aforementioned armour also should cover our weakness in the agility/constitution department, giving us much needed durability. Perception is useless for us as we don't intend to use guns and dexterity is sorta weird attribute - unless you go for a dedicated thief/thrower build, I don't see much use for it.


Next come the skills. Our melee provess will surely help to pop some heathen moles (we have to use that 8 str somehow, don't we?) while conserving our divine grace (aka psi points) for the better times. And hacking & lockpicking are obviously crucial - we don't want to be stopped by some stupid lock or door, don't we?


Then we take some lessons in mechanics & tailoring, so we can craft blessed armours & weapons.
Theocratic indoctrination is also inevitable - can't be much of a cleric without it.
We decide to skip talking skills as we presume that our knowledge of divine verse should be sufficient enough to sow the fear in the heart of the sinner.
And mercantile was taken to soften the rough & kinda random financial stuff, as the viability of this build really depends on early access to one particular brand of armour.


We spend one of our feats trying to negate our, dare we say, blind devotion to the just cause. Exploration is fun, after all.


And our next feat will work wonders in combination with one of divine gifts, but we'll see that a bit later.


We start in the small quarters that were given to us by the South Gate station, Nothing fancy, but they suit our ascetic nature.


Almost immediately we are called by our earthly chief to hopefully do some good work in the name of our most holy Lord.


Before we go there, we explore our room, picking up small sum of credits, some med supplies and a rather flimsy looking armour. Such garments are most certainly unworthy for a person of our level of holiness, but we'll consider this as an ordeal sent by our Lord to test our mettle most intensively.


We also borrow some small stuff from the nearby shelf - thou shalt not steal, yeah, but as King David ate holy breads that were meant for offerings only during the times of need, so shall we walk over the law a little for the sake of greater good.


We also try to visit our neighbours (because it is hard to love thy neighbour when you don't even know who your neighbour is), but they're all absent.


Arriving at commons level, where our chief resides, we visit the dining hall first, looking to get accustomed with local flock. Apart from the small words, though, they don't seem to be extremely talkative.


We also borrow some meat from the kitchen - doing good work is much easier on full stomach.


Finally, we arrive to our chief's office. Obviously, we try to reject his offer of welcoming party - while the witches and the heretics and the possesses and all kinds of vile scum roam freely upon this world there shall be no time for parties! We'll celebrate in New Jerusalem and not a second earlier.


We have a gun? Most certainly we don't indulge in using crude humane tools in works where true faith is most needed. Ah, well, it'll fetch for a few silvers on the market, I guess.


To say that the body of His most needed servant may be corrupted by some foul ailment before fulfillment of our works is to spill ugly lies, but we'll overlook it this time.


We'll even be courteous enough to ask the definitely secular & ignorant opinion of our doctor.


It's obvious for us to have much potential, although this good man is certainly mistaken about its nature. Ah, so little people recognize the true order of things in this sin-ridden world...


By prayer and faith, of course!


However, the doctor offers us a crass solution in form of red pill (no blue attached, unfortunately). To show him the wrongfulness of his ways and that a servant of God is afraid of nothing, we take it without hesitation.


And the foul concotion immediately knocks us unconscious! Such is the fallacy of trusting the mortal efforts.




Fortunately, divine will allows us to recover quickly and unharmed. Despite his failure, doctor pesters us with the advice to take lessons from some teachers on this station. Bah, to trust the wisdom of imperfect creations, preposterous! Still, we shall pay a visit to them, just to see how far from truth they are.


We head to armory and receive back the weapon that isn't really ours.


We also browse the wares of the armoury, laying our eye on majestic suit of steel armour. Unfortunately, money are demanded from us - it seems like this place experiences times of hardships and is unable to supply its good workers with the best gear available for free. Nevertheless, we show no signs of worry as God will provide.


Loading our weapon, we pass the shooting test that is requred from us, scoring ten hits in ten shots under divine guidance.



Then we return to receive our first true task. We're eager to do this work as those outposts will most certainly be refurnished as orphanages and houses of heeling and we must tend the needs of the meek.


Before that, however, we receive power core from our engineer.


And, remembering that one of those so called teachers is stationed nearby, we visit him. We're not very pleased to see him disfiguring his looks that were made in the image of the God.


So we mockingly ask him to share his "knowledge" with us.


And in responce, the wretch tries to possess us with foul magic! But to no avail - our faith is stronger than that!


And so we turn the fight back to him.


Due to intense efforts put into fight, our memories of those events are blurry. Suddenly, we find ourselves on a small islands, deep in the caverns below the station. Ah, it's probably the Lord who miraculously relocated us to save us from danger.


Well, we still are in presumed danger as we're trapped with some sort of demonic beetle, but its weak possessive attempts merely fatigue us.


We, on the other hands, take little time to feed it some lead. We even have some time to pick up a strange blue mushroom that grows near us.


Then we're miraculously returned to our room, but not unchanged - in His infinite mercy, our Lord has granted us powers to smite the profane ones with sacred energies. And the more wicked the heathens will be, the more shall they suffer.


Looking at what we've gained from challenging one teacher, we decide to visit the others. Second one resides near the railroad, at the top level of the station. While getting to him, we explore the place, quietly gathering resources for the upcoming crusade.


And, while resources are not as plentiful as we would've preferred, we know that humble shall always prevail so they will suffice.


We find him using some foul witchery to clear the debris that were created by the recent earthquake. We'd struck him on the place immediately, but we decide to show some cunning and use the devil's works against the devil itself - let him clear the road first and then will he see the greater judgment.


The warlock is proud to boast his knowledge of dark magic before us...


But sooner than he knows, the Lord blesses us with even greater power to smite the unbelievers through sheer force of faith. It is more exertive than our previous gift, but is much quicker and enemies will stagger before the magnitude of its holy impact.


Then we descend to the final teacher. While not as boastful as the others, he tries to trick us into bringing him some sort of vile sacrifice. We're repulsive to help him, but suddenly we hear the word of the Lord, who approved it and sayeth that it will only lead to the sorcerer's downfall. It's not pleasant, but we're reminded of the prophet Ezekiel breads and that God's bidding is not always the most pleasant one.


And so we listen the blasphemers words carefully - we always do so, so later we can judge him well.


He even tries to bribe us with the gift of the crossbow. Well, we'll use it to further the Lord's plans so all is good.


Then, before leaving, we find some small goods in a nearby supplies room.


Finally, we're leaving for the caves.


Near the exit, we meet a hermit. Poor man almost immediately asks for our help as he has lost his watch and is missing his prayer times often. To straighten the path of our brother, we agree to help him.


As we enter the next part of the cavern, we smell the foul beasts that await for us.

First one leaps at us almost immediately...



But with faith and some crossbow bolts, we dispatch it quickly. Unfortunately, we found ourselves so reluctant of doing the warlock's bidding that we've shown weakness and forgot to use the cursed arrows of his, making this rat unsuitable as his doomed sacrifice.


Finding more is hardly a problem, although this time they descend upon us in greater numbers.


Greater, but not stronger than our holy smite that punches the rat, amost a mole (the thought of this was pleasing to us in most unexplainable manner)...


And it pretty much pops from its force!

Still, we decide to show some cunning and hastily retreat, as another rat has somewhat hurt us with its relentless bites.


We take a short time for recuperating prayer and then return, this time popping it good and using the bolt as we've intended to.


After giving the warlock the bloody remains of the rat, we are rewarded by the Lord for submitting to His will unquestionably.


Our faith rises


And our many gifts improve


Moreover, we even gain ability to bless the water and use it to replenish our spiritual forces. Strangely, those weird mushrooms are required for the ceremony, but who are we to question the Lord's ways?


We also are filled with a great zeal to purge all His enemies from these subterranean lands and we will spare no amount of effort to accomplish this.


This is the vial of holy water that we create with our blessing, by the way.


And at the very last, which only shows us how generous our Lord is, we are also gifted with the ability to throw shards of freezing ice at our foes. Although generally we prefer to burn them, all methods are good when used for the justest cause.

(kk, that's it for the part 1, I'll probably post more of this horrible larping later tomorrow)


Dec 27, 2008
Awesome stuff :love: Now I have no doubts that I should try to acquire this demo. Praise the Emperor Lord!


Oct 6, 2007
Purveyor of fine art
But we did not ask for this!

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
Shall we continue?


Before returning to our struggles, we decide to exchange warlock's crossbow for something more suited to serve as the vessel of our holy might. We really want it to be a glorious sledgehammer...


But in the end, it turns out to be a keen jagged knife. It doesn't please our eyes as much, but our Lord values efficiency over vanity and we obey His commands.


This obeyance drives us somewhat further away from our intended targets - instead of going north to pop the accursed moles, we head south, and the sounds of dripping water increase with our every step.

We also meet a fellow sentry and we must confess that for a second we fell into sin of envy - what a pity it was to see a men so well-suited to fight evil just standing there, doing pretty much nothing! If only we had an armour like his...


But such thoughts lead to path of self-destruction and so we abandon them, instead focusing on the fact that God rewards the laborer. And so we collect some cavern mushrooms, hoping to get some credits for them.


In the same cavern we meet a poor fisherman, undoubtedly trying to catch a meager meal for his starved family. Unfortunately, he was in such shambles that he could not even allowed the bait, thus having no hopes for the catch. At first, we want to go in the path of Jesus and just draw some fish into his rods miraculously, but then we remember Luke 4:12 and decide to just give this man some meat that we took from the kitchen.


Delving further into caverns, we encounter another demonic beetle, just like the one that we were forced to combat miraculously. This one, however, looks meaner and stronger - a worrying sign, meaning that agenda of Satan expands through this realm.


It spews unholy lightning at us, but it would be laughable to think that some pathetic electric discharge will ever be enough to stray a righteous man from the path.

We are forced to lay on hands on ourselves, though.


Having quickly dispatched the beetle, we encounter another one, but we are relentless in their extermination.


We blast them with our freezing wrath, crippling them, and then, to conserve our power, finish the task with bullets. Common bullets, most unfortunately - we should really find a source of silver ones, but then, we don't intend to use firearms for much longer.


As the reward for our struggles, Lord sends us an expensive pistol which will lay heavily on the bargaining table.


We annoint ourselves with some sanctified oils that we've found in our journey...


And once again plunge into the slaughter.


We're forced to drink another vial of holy water in the process, but blue mushrooms are plentiful in this cavern so who cares? We'll just make more, God will provide.


At the end of the cavern, we meet an especially dangerous group of three beetles. Knowing no fear, we initiate the battle with our freezing strike.


Then, after we endure a hellish torrent of searing lightning...


We freeze it further, shattering the demon into small crystals. Then, as we dive left into cover...


We are visited by divine inspiration, miraculously increasing our wisdom.


And increasing our ability to crush the will of our foes with holy energies.


Laying on hands once more, we jump out of our cover and release an avalanche of frosty hate upon the fiends!


And then Lord guides our bullets directly into the softest spots of demonic shells.

The threat is gone, this place is exorcised.


Coming back to the base, we decide to learn the craft of assembling crossbows - who knows, mayhaps we'll encounter vampires in our journey and a stake-thrower will come handy.

We buy schematics and the parts from a vendor and, after attaching a scope that was definitely sent to us by the Lord himself, we find that we have created quite an expensive toy.


Too expensive to gather dust as a sidearm, so we decide to exchange it and lots of other trinkets gathered in our travels for the glorious steel armour.

We have little doubt that the seller was of jewish origins and, once will pass through the nearest holy inquisition office, we will definitely report him, but until then we are forced to endure his outrageous prices. We are even forced to part with our precious holy water vials, which, we're afraid, he will use in some unholy rituals as all the jews are prone to desecrating things of christian nature through the arts of dark magic.


But look how majestic we are, now well-prepared to carry the endless crusade against all evil!


We charge into fray immediately, and pitiful rats are not even able to put a scratch on us - they just break their teeth!


And we, on the other hand, are quite adept at gutting foul beasts.


Pressing on, we discover first of the outposts that we're supposed to recapture. And that we can't do quite yet as we have to restore the power first.


We find a lockpick there, though - not the noblest of tools, but it will redeem itself in the service to the Lord.

We also discover a trapdoor in the outpost, although somehow we decide not to explore it.


Then we go west and open the door to another outpost with our newly found lockpick, but we don't find much of the interest inside.


Further in west, we discover more rats...


And even more rats. Surely, we must be coming close to their nest.


Excising the creatures from this world...


We discover our target - the power station. And not only the station, but also an electronic lockpick inside of it - now neither material nor immaterial barriers will stop the splendiferous march of godly forces!


We reactivate the generator.


And restore the light in the nearby outpost, also gaining some wordly riches in the process.


On the northern path we slice a couple more rats


And not only manage to skin one properly, but also find the old hermit's watch inside of its belly!


Finally, we find a source of this rat menace - another sorcerer, who apparently enchanted the animals to do his bidding. Seeing that we are a holy man, he attacks us immediately.


His two strongest rats try to rend us apart, but sanctified steel is almost impervious to their bites.


However, as we dispatched them, he took a good aim an shot a backstabbing arrow at us, almost sending us straight into heaven. Still, we gather our last forces...


And in a wild lunge, stab the bastard in his black heart!


We also pick up his crossbow - a daringly good one - as he won't need it in hell.


We take some goods from the boxes


And a blue mushroom from the back of compound. Then we turn the lights on and use the elevator.


We loot the containers, but divine will suggests that we don't exit through that door, so we return up and take a long walk to the eastern part of these caverns.


We find more rats, obviously.


A great plentitude of rats, to be precise. Ah, whatever, our eagerness to kill is grander than their numbers anyway.


Leaving them ripped apart and scattered, we find the last outpost.


And inside of it we find a precious, precious schematics of leather armour.


They allow us to process worthless rat skins into costly leather armor, so we can donate some funds to the meek and the needy (and the meekest and neediest of them all are most certainly ourselves).


We return the watch to the hermit - the knowledge of a good deed done is all the gratitude that we need for it.


Rewarding our humility, Lord sends another revelation to us, keening our will...


And teaching as arts of craft and of battle.



We also get accustomed to our armour, beginning to move more freely and graciously in it.


Then we travel to the agronomy level to buy some rat skins for our crafting, but in the process we are visited by the vision of prophet Elijah scorching his enemies with divine fire. Surprisingly, we find ourselves able to repeat this miraculous feat!


Then we buy all the skins that are available and transform them into armours.


Most are plain, but one is a beautiful masterpiece. However, we're not interested in shallow bonds of beauty so we just sell it.


We buy a sharper, longer knife and a pair of goggles so we can scout enemies of Christ sooner.


Reporting our success to our wordly chief


We're not surprised to discover that good work will not be truly done until the Second Coming


And that our help is needed elsewhere.

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012
Next mission is a fun one :D

Well, it's not that bad because it's bugged and thus it's easy. But once they fix it, yeah, then it will be fun...
At least, at this point you will be able to buy tranquilizer bolts from Jack Quicksilver - they should help, I think.


Mar 17, 2012
nice LP btw :) i did the quest for jack, killed the dudes that wanted the package and he pissed off somewhere :X

i went perception/will for a psi/guns character. it was slow going at the start since i had quite low health and couldnt stand up to much of a beating, even from rats, but as i levelled up metathermics feats and spells synergised really well with my firearms. im using a str 5 corsair 12.7mm now, and cryostasis + cryogenic induction allows me to kill pretty much anyone with one shot.


I'm still quite frail though, the burrower dudes dominate me

Pope Amole II

Nerd Commando Game Studios
Mar 1, 2012

To help us in these new trials, a new power is revealed to us - one that allows to instill holy terror in minds of our enemies. We're not to eager to use it however, since why would you spook evil when you can simply vanquish it?


We're quite surprised when instead of hearing the name of our next target we're forced to endure a biology lesson. We probably should've asked this Big Bret whether or not he believes in theory of evolution, as the wrong answer on his part would've made things easier, but the sheer boredom of his speech somehow prevented us from doing so.


And it seems like this lection had a point - the man wants us to capture them. Us! Capturing some stupid, smelly beasts! Preposterous! Only our infinite humility stopped us from gutting this rascal right where he stands.


Unfortunately, we have to submit to his task. We return to the caverns we've cleansed from demonic beetles, as we remember that we've seen some hoppers there. Removing our majestic armour, as it would only hinder us in this task, we start to throw nets at the creatures.


With little success, we must add.


Fortunately, as the hoppers almost escaped through one of their holes, the Lord interfered on our side, paralyzing little creatures with fear so they couldn't move an inch further.


Singing the litanies of thankfulness, we capture one animal after another.


Then we bring them to Bret, yet refuse his offer to name them - giving names to soulless beasts smells too much of idolatry.


Glad that we've dealt with this unworthy task quickly, we rush on the other one, first learning the path to compound where we're headed.


On our road to the border of station, we're enlightened by another divine power - ability to create unpenetrable walls of force out of nowhere. We're not sure what will we do with such gifts, but if Lord gave it to us surely there's some meaning to it.


The borderzone of the station surely looked dilapidated and filthy. That's because it were left without godly attention, we assure you. Perhaps if we were to build a church in here...


A trio of pesky rathounds interrupted our noble thoughts.


We dispatch them quickly and manage to skin each of their corpses. Then we see a stairway down on the left and decide to take a short detour on our quest and explore it.


Down we discover a series of gloomy, badly lit corridors, where some diseased, addle-minded junkies skulk in the darkness. One of such junkies attacks us almost immediately


So, knowing that seed of evangelization won't find a soul in his chem-hardened heart, we send the miserable soul straight to divine judgment.


And then a mate of this stalker appears, trying to hit us from behind column.


But nothing will cover him from heavenly wrath.


As we explore the caves further, we were ambushed by the fevered bearer of huge sledgehammer who almost broke our back with a villainous blow.


Yet we endured, and by the time we were finished with him, he didn't have much to hold his beloved sledgehammer with.


Reciting Luke 11:22, we reclaim the weapon so it will serve the just cause.


Deciding that we have dallied enough, we go straight to the compound, unsurprisingly meeting even more rat resistance on our way.


We crush them with newly found hammer, but at the same time discover it to be a slight overkill, and that our old dagger is suited better for facing muroid menace.


We scout the area, slicing all the rodents we find.


Finally, we're greeted by a lone sentry who says that we're already awaited inside.


We learn that this compound have belonged to some heretic group called "Omega", yet now they're either dead or scattered across the underground - such is the fate of sinner and apostate.


And what's required of us is to find a a passcard that is required to open a vault presumably full of treasures, so we can provide more relief and shelter to poor souls with them.


Of course, that doesn't exclude providing some relief and riches for us as we plunder the place in search of the cards, but all is fine - we're going to use this loot for the noblest purposes, after all.


We also find a universal tool, helpful in opening all those ventilation vents that abound this place.


Then we stumble across the power generator that feeds this place and rerout some power to elevator - knowing how Lord likes to test us, it is likely that we won't find our goal nearby.


Oh, and how could it went without the rats?


They seem to breed faster that we're exterminating them.


Further on, we find a key in well-locked area. With our God-given lockpicking skills, it's not like we have much use for it, though.


Then we decide to snoop around the vents.


They're really spacious around here.


We plow through them fervently, yet all we can find are exits to the already accessible rooms.


Dispatching more rats...


Grabbing more goods...


At last, we're down to level 2. Activated sentry bots surely sound like problem.


Predicting that our dagger won't be much help against robots, we switch to sledgehammer and, opening the first door we see, find a security room there, with working cameras. Observing the place a little, we find nothing unusual.


Seeing some blue mushrooms through the window, we seek the door of that room and encounter first security bot, smiting it with diving power almost instantly. The mechanism, unfortunately, proves to be quite resilient to it.


And quite adept at harming us - a strike of electroshock rendered us useless for a moment.


And then we're blinded by a flashbang! Damn bot surely has lots of tricks in his bag...


But we embody a virtue of perseverance and, enduring all its attacks, finaly get back to senses and scrap it with our mighty hammer.


We also bash security cameras when we see them - no peeping on us!


Then, with many struggles, we crush another bot.



Rewarding our refusal to yield to mechanical viles, Lord sends us yet another revelation


And hardens the force of our smites, so that in future we will dispatch the bots faster.


We hack into the mushroom, erm, room. The hack is hard, and we gain a lot of precious experience in the process of slicing it.


Then we lay hands on ourselves, to be prepared to upcoming challenges.


Exploring the second floor of compound, we find a trapdoor that apparently leads lower. We lack the means to open it, though - not even our lockpicking skills help.


We also discover a secret passage.


But our expectations of it were a bit too high - no signs of the passcard, just some slightly useful junk.


At the center of this level, we discover a fresh corpse, holding some sort of key on it. Definitely from the trapdoor.


Yet we decide to be thorough, searching surroundings with extreme devotion. That nets us some technological rewards, but brings us no further towards our goal.


Obviously, elevator is broken and refuses to descend deeper, so trap door is our only option.


Down the ladder, we discover two bandits holding an old man hostage. Wasting no breath on talking with them, we redeem them the only way possible.


We fry the brains of a female raider.


And shatter the skull a male one.


Then we grab their stuff (to donate to the poor) and talk with their ex-hostage. It seems that some peaceful community were seeking refuge here before the raiders, using an opening created by a recent earthquaky, started robbing and killing them. No forgiveness, no remorse.


We meet a first group of them in a hallway. Three men, if you woul dare to call these creatures so, two gunners and one mauler. We sear the first one with holy lightning...


And then chastise the second one in the same way.


Third one, thanks to our majestic armour not holding his hammer blows well, causes us a measure of trouble...


Yet he too is baptized in lightning.


Going through living quarters, we discover our aim - the blessed passcard.


Yet, taking another look at the crimes of the sinners, we know that our work is not done yet.


Opening door to the room where they have barricaded themselves, we see raider leader and, without a doubt, cause a great deal of pain to this sinner.


They meet us with haul of bullets, but they are as soft as a morning breeze to one of devout faith and unyielding resilience.


Unwavering, we give them taste of their future, ending two raiders with a hellish fireblast.


We dive in cover to recuperate our strength, but raider leader foolishly chases us, running straight onto our blade.




For defeating the vile scum, we are blessed with more gifts of divine.


We converse with the grateful men that we've rescued, but they don't say anything that's helpful in our quest.


We explore a bit more, slicing couple of rats that we've missed...


And, after fixing the elevator with our mechanic skills, we return to the first floor. Time to see what lies behind the closed door.


Unfortunately, this time the Lord decided to give us a lesson and our hopes were dash - instead of riches untold we've found a lair of venomous beasts.


What's worse, despite the best oratory we can muster, we are prohibited from exploring it - how can our leader be so narrow-minded and allow for this threat to grow undisturbed? This stations needs a visit from inquisition most certainly.


Returning to base, we stop to grab some dinner in local cantina and are approached by shady looking man, offering us some work. Work seems honest, and we can always use credits for charity, so we agree.


Especially since our worldly chief has no further tasks from us.


The job is simple - grab a package from a closed locker and deliver it to certain building near the complex.


The only complication lied in form of the bandits that seemingly wanted to ambush us, yet heavenly fire...


And some rather earthly stabs fixed this problem easily.


We were slightly surprised to see how a man hired us to deliver a package to himself, but hardly amazed. So hard to expect sanity from ungodly characters...

And, while kinda abrupt, but that seems to be the end of our story. Unfortunately, I missed the bonus dungeon due to not having persuade skill and I've skipped some minor stuff that was out of larping character (i completed the game and took screens first and then decided to make this LP larpy), like looting the living quarters of southern gate or talking in details about crafting n' stuff.

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