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In Progress Let''s Play: The X-COM Files 0.5.2b Alpha! BLIND! ITS BAAAACK!!

May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
The X-COM Files

Extraterrestrials are real, they are here and not for peace. They hide in shadows, behind masks and cloaks, the traitorous and unaware, human proxies and puppets. Vast shadow conspiracies work together against mankind, and no one knows who they are. They can be anyone, they can be anywhere, the horror can happen anytime. All nations of the world are vulnerable to attack.

Together, they formed the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit to fight this threat. X-COM is under-funded, under-appreciated and overwhelmed. Yet, X-COM marches on - for we are the only ones able to fight them. We shall clothe ourselves in a shroud of darkness to hide from the unknowing world and become the shadows. Through darkness we will bring light and save humanity from the invader.

We are X-COM. We protect humanity while staying in the shadows, and bring truth to light. One day, all falsehoods will fall, and the world shall wake.

What is this:
The X-COM Files is a Open X-COM mod. Built upon the mechanical improvements of the Open X-COM Extended and the fantastic community mod effort of the Final Mod Pack, The X-COM Files expands the game back, going years before the alien invasion, showing the roots of X-COM and its origins as investigative agents. Before X-COM became the worldwide alien-fighting organization we know, they were but a small and disbelieved investigation group for the United Nations, seeking evidence to prompt action by the World's Leaders. They investigate the weird, the strange and the impossible, seeking answers to the strange phenoms going on in the world:

- Are we alone in the universe?
- Who are they?
- What do they want?
- What are they doing?
- Can we defeat them?

Investigate strange events!
Elucidate mysteries!
Uncover the Veil that hid the real world from you!
Discover mysteries!
Fight some conspiracies!
Purge horrors untold!
Unmask sinister cults!
Interrogate suspects for their info!
Dissect things that are not of this world!
Kill traitors to humanity!
Research alien technology!
Awake the sleeping world!
Strategize your investigation and war against aliens!

Can a few underfunded, badly-armed agents uncover the great mysteries and save the world?

The Truth is out there...

LP Index:
July 1997:

Intro. The X-COM Files: Right here.
Episode I. Introduction to the X-COM Files. Next post, right bellow this one.
Episode II. So exalted I forgot to bring a electric club!
Episode III. The Case of the Abomineve Homem das Naves
Episode IV.
Karatekas Kill Kodexers
Episode V. Crete, Commies and Codexers
Episode VI. Unresolved Cases
Episode VII. The Burning Horror in Frozen Hell
Episode VIII. Radscorpion
Episode IX. Ailuranthrope
Episode X. Church of Dagon
Episode XI. Cattle Mutilation
Episode XII.
Communist Crop Circles
August 1997:
Episode XIII. Too EXALTed
Episode XIV. The Southeast is Red
Episode XV.
Episode XVI. Lock and Load
Episode XVII. Pleasing Afternoon of the Living Dead
Episode XVIII. Silent Stalking Spiders
Episode XIX.
Calm, Crete and Cultists
September 1997:

Episode XX. Black Lotus
Episode XXI. Arctic Night of the Living Dead
Episode XXII. Scorpions in the Shady Sands
Episode XXIII. Cult Activity
Episode XXIV. Malicious Man-ape Menace
에피소드 스물 다섯. 평양에있는 미국 늑대 인간
Episode XXVI. It is always darkest before the Red Dawn
October 1997 - Zombie Apocalypse Month:
Episode XXVII. X-COM: Apocalypse Ragnarok
Episode XXVIII. The Infection
Episode XXIX.
Cisplatinean AnnEXA(L)Tion
Episode XXX. The Infection Part II: Arctic Twilight of the Living Dead
Episode XXXI. Crop Circles of the Crypt
November 1997 - Nightmare November:
Episode XXXII.
Episode XXXIII. A Ninja Knows No Fear
Episode XXXIV. Black Werewolf Network
Episode XXXV. Knee Deep in the Red
Episode XXXVI. The Man Who Saved X-COM
December 1997:
Episode XXXVII.
Episode XXXIX
Episode XL.
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May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Episode I. Introduction to the X-COM Files


X-COM Commander here. Welcome to the X-COM Investigative Bureau.
I was brought in from the Brazilian Air Force. Not my first UFO hunt. SIOANI ex-member, served under Major Gilberto Zani de Mello in the Brazilian Air Force.
Secrecy demands codenames - Call me The Brazilian Slaughter, because I'm Brazilian. And I Slaughter. Remember the last part if you ever think of desertion.

We going all in - Superhuman!
Did I mention that I'm playing this blind? Because I am. ALL IN!

Either way, we win or die like men, not like cowards!

We build a base in North America. Name is a offering to the Emperor. Who I have no idea who is (as it is the Current Year of 1999), but I feel his future coming. Praise The Emperor... whoever he is.
We must build a wall (of bodies!) and make the aliens pay for it (with their lives)!

Notice the strange-looking facilities. Remember - this is not your '94 X-COM. We're in a strange new world, mah niggas.

Let's tour facilities!

Our base facility personnel could fill a civilian car. Two agents and five scientists. The vanilla X-COM start looks like luxury.

Our operation currently has a rather decent budget of 3 cold million or so. Which is quite good start for a shoestring budget operation on a possible wild goose chase. Granted, we're not really spending much. YET.

The research screen. Sadly we possess no alien artifacts or such sort to research, but we can research a few things that will help our agency get some decent gear.

Let's take a look on our VEHICLES:

This is the car. [Intelligence] Cars are four-wheeled personal motor vehicles using combustion engines powered by fossil fuels, generally oil, althrough ethanol and natural gas are possible fuel sources as well. They can be driven with a steering wheel, acceleration and braking are done with two or three separate pedals (and a emergency braking lever), and speed is regulated by a transmission, which is either manual or automatic. They can reach speeds ranging from 140 km/h to over 300 km/h, depending on the car model.

The X-COM Car carries two people, even through cars can generally carry six. Presumably the rest of the car is left to haul suspects and evidence. And guns. Which we might not really find any. Because aliens probably don't exist.

The equipment loaded on our car. Low firepower, discrete but effective. We are investigators, not soldiers. Sadly nobody has found a way to hide FN-FALs beneath our coats. I know we tried at SIOANI.

This is how cheap the U.N Security Council is. Not even the decency of giving us a van, a chopper or surplus Warsaw Pact cargo plane. We get a single car and easy booking of passenger flights. Economic class, because fuck you.

This is the gear we can buy right now. Civilian/Police gear. Easily concealable. Part of it is not, which probably has better firepower, but I hardly think we can conquer the world with such lousy gear.

[/URL] [/IMG]

UFOpaedia is a treasury trove of information. Part info, part tutorials for new commanders. Notice the difference.

Time for some instructions, neophytes! Remember: Knowing is Half The Battle! (the other half is shooting them all and taking their loot)

Damn, I need one of those...

We have access to the world's most skilled dog trainers and the best dogs they breed, raise and train. Doges can tear people apart, who knows, maybe they can do a number of some alien filth...

(if you have played FMP or another mod with Doges, you know they're damn cool)

Our classy suits, which have barely any armor, but we look positively :obviously: on them. They make us look inconspicuous, and cool. Very cool.

MiB training courses starts at eight o' clock PM. Courses include:
- How to look cool and dashing in a suit
- Posh english accents: A necessity
- Pharmaceutical enhancements: Our Profession's Future
- Weapon concealment: Or how to fit +200% guns under a suit
- Nothing to See Here Move Along: How to look inconspicuous and invisible while visible
- Black glasses: Best models
- How to Employ Your Badge
- Being Authoritative and Commanding: A Live Guide.
- Ethics of suspect retrieval, preemptive self-defense, aggressive interrogation tactics and detainment of witnesses.
- How to: Deal with Law Enforcement.
- How to: Cover-Ups.
- How to: Speak without expressing anything.
- Bribery 101
- A course on Suiciding

(((We)))... will be... waiting.

This is for use in undewater missions. Please avoid using outside missions - that's a officer privilege.
Yes, we will have those. Underwater missions, not officer privilege. That we already have.

Let's take a look at our weapons:

Looks crummy but I've done my share of alien killings with one of those babies in FMP.

A faster, compact, weaker Stun Rod? Sounds interesting.

Short-ranged, but hey - its better than trying to get close to armed perps!

At least our pistols aren't THAT bad

We got some of those. The "auto" is a nice feature. 9mm caliber sucks tho.

Looks crummy but the firepower is actually nice and it occupies a single space. I've actually used it in FMP.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! .45 ftw!

Not bad, either.

Looks decent, but DAT RELOAD...

Don't you wish you had one of those before?

Useful. No drug-use outside your own time!

What? You were expecting a pistol-sized healing device that fits on a belt?

Now for the new base facilities:

This is for easy building of new base facilities and such.
Also great for featuring in :popamole:

This is pretty much our "radar" + "lab". Told ya nigs we're starting even more bare-bones.

New facilities, bigger versions of classic ones. Unecessary for now.

New facility - it can turn y'all no-hoppers into decent agents and soldiers. This is where X-COM Agents practice their aim, lift (bro do you even lift?), exercise, train and hear 80s training music. Remember in X-COM Apocalypse that troops could be assigned to train? Just like that.

I will call it "The Zoo". Will the UN punish me if I charge for tours? I do need funds...

This is where we keep suspects - cult members, criminals, riff-raff, degenerates, collaborators, traitors, former secretaries of state...

Good ol' Hangars. Can contain one vehicle, no matter the size. Sadly, hangars are hard-coded to contain only one vehicle, no chance of customizing size and such.

Now for some LEARNING!
See, The X-COM Files UFOpaedia contains as well some story and tutorials, hints and tips! We're gonna need, or so I hear.

"but they are not professional soldiers, so any advanced military training msut be provided by X-COM when necessary"

Nice long-winded way to tell me they're sending me rookies who can't shoot straight. 10/10 would be convinced I'm actually not being set up for failure.

You don't even need-to-know what you don't even need-to-know, chum!

Now for some personnel working here. They got hints!

[/URL] [/IMG]

Sometimes we learn data which the United Nations rewards us for the information - that means POINTS that means MONEY!! So keep investigating!

Get used to retreating, we will be doing a lot of it during this game. Pointless last stands win us nothing!
Wait, they are?! Since when did this happens?! Why I was not told?! Why nothing was done?!
Precious lives, LOL! That was a good one!

Camouflage plays a quite interesting role in the other well-know OpenX-COM mod, PirateZ. Essentially, with camouflage you can make it harder for enemy units to see you. At night, camouflage can turn you nearly invisible to most human enemies.

Don't get TOO chummy, through. Your friends will probably meet the maker soon, so will you. Brutal realities of this war.

Around white hispanics, always panic! Surrender is a X-COM Extended mechanic - essentially, if enemies panic, are unarmed or are stunned, they're considered "broken". So if all the enemy units left are broken, you will the mission. This is more of a PirateZ feature as there its often used to prevent people from having to chase random civvies over the map.

Oh, I almost forgot! Let's check our soldiers!

Two women from Sweden and Germany...


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May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Want to Join? Put yourself in here and you will be recruited to X-COM! State your country too, so I can fit you to adequate one, if I can!

Recruit signing on bellow the line


Mar 4, 2009
None of the images work.
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Fucking dropbux. Even for some only some of the images work. The fuck is this judaism

Sleepý as hell. Going to fix this before I go.
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Alright, changed image host. Should be ok on your end now!


Jan 5, 2011
same here, some images work but none from the last post except last image of 3 womans i would defenetly would!
opening image seperatly in new tab takes me to dropbox login screen

and Tindrli reporting for duty


Nov 3, 2004
Copenhagen, Denmark
Codex 2012
Signing up, Denmark...
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Yo, when I tried to edit the post, aparently it created TWO posts and I had a post with the new image host (SLiMG) ANd the old one (Dropbokkkz). Spotted this now when I peeked with my smartphone on tapatalk. Also that one has the update inside a spoiler, because its less bigly and looks neater that way.

Alright, so I took a look and the new one seems to be working. Could't see this propa yesterday because my internet was shit.

If there are no further problems, episode II coming later out tonight.

Baron Dupek

Jul 23, 2013
Kitchen sink
Hard times finding reliable image hosts beside imgur these days, not to mention one with faster copypasting links procedure.

sign me in, give colt .45/shotgun and see what happen.

PS. any chance you do XpirateZ after this LP (if it end fast?).


Dec 27, 2008
Lightbane ready to serve and kill some terrorist/alien scum!

*checks index* Will the LP be abandoned after 3 chapters? :troll:
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
This bump is [redacted]
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro
Bumping for reasons of national security
May 11, 2007
Belém do Pará, Império Brasileiro

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