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Completed Let's Play Victoria II: a Slum Divided, The Brazilian Slaughter


Aug 9, 2008
bravo :salute:

out of curiosity, what exactly does the Great War Capitulation peace term do?


Dumbfuck Zionist Agent
Sep 29, 2010
Al Scandiya
Aside from inflicting a loss of prestige, I am pretty sure it disbands 50% of your army and forces you to pay war reparations for 5 years. It is rather punishing, especially if they stack up. In my latest game as Portugal I got hit by three successive wars of containment (that damn infamy limit!) and my subsequent capitulations put me back a great deal.


Notorious Internet Vandal
Jun 1, 2008
Cell S-004
MCA Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2
Aside from inflicting a loss of prestige, I am pretty sure it disbands 50% of your army and forces you to pay war reparations for 5 years. It is rather punishing, especially if they stack up. In my latest game as Portugal I got hit by three successive wars of containment (that damn infamy limit!) and my subsequent capitulations put me back a great deal.
IIRC, it also forces the country to free or return non-core provinces. Personally I'd say it's always good to take it up a level and put up Dismantle Empire CB (where the only thing that sucks is that it has too much random chance) to make them give up their colonies to the victors and in case of the usual Great Powers get partitioned (this is the part where random chance can lead to gayness, though you can either just reload or tweak the chances if you don't get a huge hard-on from ______ Genocide Best Day Of My Life on re-runs) so they won't be bothering you in the 20-30 years of campaign left.


Sep 9, 2007
Vault City
Nazi Kwanstain allied with Fascist China zerg legions plus Italy will be a much scarier threat than Nazi Germany

This is the final update. I might, much much later, port this to either Darkest Hour or Hearts of Iron 3, but for this thread, it's finally concluded, the saga of The Brazilian Slaughter. And I wonder of The Brazilian Slaughter's opinion on the conclusion.



1910 - 1936: Rise of the Libertadores, Fall of the United States, the Rise of Amerikwan National-Socialism and the influence of Hitler's migration to New York

卐United States Theme卐


The battle of Jackson was one of the last battles of the Great War, for in truth, the annihilation of the entire United States Army was at hand. In their desperation at facing the consequences of their imperialism, the greatest demographic tragedy of history befell them, with most of their healthy young adults now rotting in shallow graves.


The great truth is that a great strategic mistake was done by their government by putting the development of army technology on the backseat and prioritizing the construction of a great navy: they seemingly ignored the total superiority of the Libertadores army, the claims of the Libertadores over the victims of their imperialism. There was only one way to explain this: hubris. And so, the once rising power of America is now collapsing, for there can be only one dominant power in the continent.


In 1910, the war between the Rome-Moscow Axis and Entente still raged on, and through the chaos, a new French Revolution has begun, intent on overthrowing the decadent monarchs from the country and securing peace for their war weary people, even if at the expense of ceding Savoie to Italy. The monarchies of the old world are falling apart, one by one.



A new invention would change forever the nature of warfare and put an end to the static warfare of this time, that has greatly favored the Libertadores. At the forefront of military technology, they take the first steps to create a proper replacement for cavalry, a large and powerful armored vehicle capable of turning the tide of offensives and putting an end to the legacy of bloodbaths infantry assaults have always been.


The United States is about to have their entire army wiped out. Millions of soldiers dead, they lost the war and they knew it. But the Libertadores have been fighting this conflict for six years. The last thing they wanted was to leave anything unfinished out of this. Instead, this time, it would be to the end. Let the red flag wave over Washington! Let the United States be divided!


The sheer superiority of the Libertadores forces is unbeatable. No more the enemy stands any chance. Their fall is imminent.


The fact a Frenchie was the first to reach the South Pole was greatly overshadowed by the total collapse of the country during a new revolution.


The Libertadores is one of the greatest world producers of rubber, but had no access to major sources of petroleum. Naturally this invention was of little use for them, but it perhaps could be applied to enhance natural rubber as well.


But the invention of synthetic silk, on the other hand, revolutionized the clothing industry of the Libertadores, which had to import all their silk. Immediately the construction of synthetic silk factories begin.


In 6th of September of 1910, the last remnants of the United States army were crushed. Amerikwa is defeated, and now, all that is left to do is a long march towards the complete conquest of their nation, to ensure it shall never again pose a threat to the self-determination of the South American peoples.


The factories of the Libertadores are the most productive of the world, and by and far, those with the best safety and health conditions for the workers. The advanced industrial technologies, combined with the excellent public healthcare services and work safety law, ensure minimal downtime in the lines.


The Habsburgs grip one power was falling apart, but they refused to peacefully renounce, even as Jacobins marched on the outskirts of Vienna. Austria-Hungary and France have been completely crushed by the Italian and Russian forces, and in 11th of December, at last, the Great War has ended in Europe. Yet, much was to be finished. Several rebel forces rose in Austria, including brave Poles who, despite aware of their small chances, didn't waver.

: x


As for France, heads of monarchs once again rolled, and a Third French Republic was born. They lost Savoie to Italy, but their country remained powerful in spite of their defeat in the Great War.





A new power was rising. Sweden was pushing for the ambitious plan of uniting all Norse countries into one democratic Scandinavia, and was getting closer than ever to such achievement.


Once a new Great Power, China has collapsed due to rampant corruption, and now, much could change in the Far East. This could put the Libertadores into the mess as well, although there was little they could do to intervene in such a conflict, as they ignored naval power for other, more important priorities, and an invasion of China is out of the question.


While Washington was about to fall, the great invention of tanks was about to become a reality, even if not really needed to finish the Great War.


The Red Guards are becoming the best of the best, the Spetznas of the Libertadores, their SAS, their greatest soldiers.


By the end of 1911, much has changed in Central Europe and the Balkans. The collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was imminent, the Jacobins storming the gates of Vienna, while Croatioa has successfully achieved their long dreamed independence under the leadership of the freedom fighter hiver.

However, for a country that capitulated in the Great War, Prussia has risen and grow stronger rather than weak. After long efforts in the diplomatic field, finally they have formed the first step towards the dream of uniting all Germans under the Republican ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity: they have formed the North German Federation.


Democracy was restored in Mexico. Better late than never, but the Libertadores has no interest of catering to their claims over Kwanstain in their harsh terms for peace. They promised to the people of the occupied areas that they had no intention of occupying or letting beaners occupy their lands, and they will honor such promise. Instead, Kwa' shall be divided again into much more than "merely" a reborn Confederated States of America.


In December of 1911, the first practical tanks were developed, but at this point, it no longer really mattered. The conquest of the imperialists was at hand!


Nevertheless, the country didn't wait to begin seizing the moment. Cavalry has grown long obsolete in the modern battlefield, and now that a replacement was found, future wars would no longer be about attrition and chemical weapons. Alas, the advantage of chemical weapons wouldn't last forever.


The Brazilian Slaughter, in his great wisdom, ordered the construction of the first factories of tanks of the world in North Brazil. The reason for this choice was simple. Tank design had to take in consideration the peculiar nature of the jungle, for there were plans for the creation of variants of their first tank, with the codename "Massacre Brasileiro I" (Brazilian Slaughter I), capable of traversing the Amazon rainforest at the expense of firepower and armor.


In the collapse of the French Monarchy, the French Guyana became independent, and this was too good of an opportunity to miss. The guidos can't be that stupid to defy the power that crushed Kwanstain.


In 27th of March of 1912, the Austro-Hungarian Empire has gone, the last Habsburg meeting the guillotine and the Republic of Austria-Hungary ascending in a desperate attempt to keep together the State as a strange experiment in multikult. A strange experiment with the ugliest national flag ever devised, some kind of fucking ugly sibling of the BRBR flag. The winds of change swept over Europe, with near all of the Ancien Regimes, from France to Austria, now toppled and gone forever. Yet, the new Austro-Hungarian Republic would have its history marked by nothing but humiliation and defeat until its ultimate demise into a greater ideal.


The Guidos knew better than to defy the will of The Brazilian Slaughter, and only watched as Guyana was integrated by force into the Confederation, their weak and corrupt government wiped out before they could strike a deal to sell out the Guyana to another colonial power, like the crooks of most of South America did, dragging the continent into this now ending Great War.


The NGF, a rising star of Democracy in Central Europe, has begun the prestigious project of the Kiel Canal. The Libertadores elections of 1912, meanwhile, were marked by a resurgence of democratic ideals. Many feared the consequences of continued rule of The Brazilian Slaughter, and even among the Integralists, many of the less radicals leaned towards the great victor of all Libertadores History, the political movement that has marked all glories of this great State since it was no more than a backwater secessionist state in the long gone empire of Brazil.


And thus, the Republican Party won again, and for the time being, the threat of fascist destroying the democratic liberties so cherished by the people of the Libertadores from within, is at last gone. The defeat was bitter for the Integralists, and The Brazilian Slaughter didn't hide his feelings: he issued a speech denouncing the "ideological traitors" who voted for the Republican Party despite belonging to the Integralist movement.



Yet all the political bickering was nothing but irrelevant noise next to the achievements of the Confederation. 27th of October of 1912 was the day the final conquest of America reached its symbollic end. As the red flag was flown over the ruins of the White House for all to see, the subjugation of Kwanstain was clearly total. But complete occupation was required to ensure they would have no choice but to accept the stringent demands of the Confederation to ensure their nemesis shall never agains be a threat.


And with the ending of 1912, it was the time to teach the traitorous Colombian government a lesson as well.



In the beginning of the year of 1913, A new State has risen in Europe as a glorious, solid regional power capable of defying the Great Powers of the past, and even of being considered a Great Power on her own, at least for a while. Finally, after decades of struggle, the democratic Republic of Sweden achieved her greatest dream and united all descendants of the Norses under a single banner, the banner of Scandinavia. Years of rivalry are consolidating into a growing desire to conquer Finland and march into the Baltics, Karelia and Ingria, to rise Scandinavia to a greater glory than that of Sweden and secure their future for all time. And maybe, snatch colonies from the traditional Great Powers, for the Scandinavian presence in Africa is limited.

Not that being limited will stop the legions of welfare seekers to ruin Scandinavia with multikult and the ITZ of machete rape in the 21st Century, turning it into a Caliphate. Because white guilt has nothing to do with how far a country has been involved in imperialism, and all to do with brainwashing of LIBRULS for a man to blame himself for something his ancestors did and he had no shit to do about.



The Brazilian Slaughter of course would consider democracy flawed, because his party lost the elections. And above all, because they consider it ultimately flawed, under the reasoning that average manboons are too manboon to choose proper rulers for a country. Nevertheless, criticisms of the ideals of democracy that shaped the country since the beginning of its rise as the minor Riograndense Republic became far more constant, ideologically defined and strong than ever, and these criticisms were drawing many adepts, particularly from those who lost much with the Great War, joining the ranks of the Integralists more than any other group.


In 2nd of October of 1913, Colombia finally was annexed into the Confederation, their corrupt government annihilated, and the land connection from South America to North again restored, not that sending more soldiers to that front was even necessary at this point. With their population totally exhausted by the war, Kwanstain lost all their will and capability to continue fighting. With Colombia annexed, the Confederation rose as one of the greatest countries of the entire world, truly, a march towards greatness and glory unlike any other.


By the end of 1913, the North German Federation was determined to unite all Germans at any costs. From their defeat at the Great War, Prussia has truly recovered and risen even stronger than before under the ideals of German Pan-Nationalism, and the declined Austro-Hungary stood no chance now.


The conquest of Kwa' would take just one more year at most, and Electrical power was becoming increasingly cheaper in this century. The glories of the Libertadores would define the future of the entire American continent.


In 30th of June of 1915, the Colorados were discovered to have ties with several wealthy magnates and corporate interests, who also happened to have their private properties ignored during all land reforms and anti-trust acts of the Colorados, and to be nothing but a puppet of such interests to prevent the threat of "true socialism". Their "moderate approach" was nothing more than revisionism, as the long obscure communists accused them of, claiming they betrayed the cause for a long time. This treason shattered the socialist movement, and was the beginning of their fall into obscurity, and of a trend of radicalism and shifting towards communism among both socialists and social LIBRULS.



Fascism has grown even more attractive, ideologically structured and organized, while at last, the complete subjugation of Kwanstain was at hand. It was known that fascism would grow risingly popular in what would be left of Kwa' due to the exploitation of the feelings of irredentism and revanchism that would spike in wake of their fall. Yet, the punishment for their imperialistic exploitation could not be dismissed. They cannot be forgiven. the United States shall be disunited!


Meanwhile, in Germany, the fight for total unification continues, and the NGF seems to be gaining the upper hand.







(Note: Wish I was good enough at Photoshop to replace those with CSA flags without it becoming shitty.)

09/11/1915 NEVAR FORGET

September 11th 1915, a date which will live in infamy, a date which both the people of Kwa and Libertadores shall never forget.

The United States of America accepted unconditional surrender in face of their total and absolute defeat, and thus they were utterly dismantled to the maximum possible extent. Not only, of course, South America has been fully liberated from their presence, but also, their south was divided between the New California Republic, the Mormons of Deseret and the reborn Texas and Confederate States of America, while Hawaii joined the Libertadores and New England became independent as well. And also some shitholes in the Pacific became independent countries but who cares about Fiji and Tonga?

(Note: did you really think I'd miss such an opportunity of matching their capitulation to such a date?

:M )


Libertadores was closer than ever from achieving their ultimate goal of uniting the entire South America, and became one of the greatest and most populous countries of the entire planet. But some damn chinks in the mess of the Chinese Civil War were blockading them, and they had no immediate means to stop the conflict. And that gook scum demanded the release of Colombia as an independent country. NEVER!


Some were not glad with the choice of the Libertadores of how to dismantle Amerikwa. However, the majority of the populations in the liberated countries are undoubtedly either Dixie or Texan, so these malcontents are the minority now. Why stir the nest. It's not like they would have a better life under Mexico, or there wouldn't be hundreds of asylum seekers even trying to migrate to a Mormon-ruled country FFS! Mexico must be a real shithole for them to consider Deseret a better place, wow...



The young independent State of New England was taking measures to have their name engraved in the history of the world. The Miskatonic University in the city now known as Arkham was rising as one of the greatest and most innovative centers of learning of the world, if somewhat eccentric compared to most universities due to the fact they possess an entire section dedicated to the "anthropological study" of the occult, from strange cults to magic rituals, things dismissed in most campuses as superstitions science should have no interest over. And, besides such exotic field of studies, they also, to imprint the name of New England in History, began a plan that would make the expedition of France to the South Pole long overshadowed:

The Libertadores long lost interest in such endeavors, with all their three expeditions ending lost in crazed messages about "Prisoners of Ice" and "Great Old Ones". They had better things to than risk the lives of great scientists for the sake of studying a huge block of ice.


While most were glad for the end of Kwanzanian exploitation over South America, not all saw the Libertadores as liberators. And in their refusal to lay down their arms, they signed their death sentences for a misguided nationalism. Only united the continent will withstand the snakes and imperialists all accross the world who oogle at the great riches of the Amazon Rainforest and many other lands here.


Mormons gonna Mormon.

Really, do I need to explain why that happened?

And with that, the Libertadores dismissed any intention to help the Deseret against the Mexican rebels. They are on their own now that they dismissed the founding ideal of their benefactor.


The traitors served as a convenient testing ground for the power of the tanks. With chemical shells further empowering them, the Brazilian Slaughter Mark I tanks slaughtered all who stood against the unity of the Confederation, probably bribed by Kwanzania as well, so they deserve such grim deaths, crushed under the tracks of the invincible army of the Libertadores.



The Libertadores asked for the help of the British Navy to put such scum in their place, and they answered, rapidly blockading the lands ruled by such reactionary dregs who tore apart a China that once stood as a Great Power


In 1916, the tensions were far from over. 1eyedking(with Kwa support, naturally) led a final resistance of Argentina, a act of total butthurt that would end into nothing but failure.


Fully blockaded, the worst chinks agreed to peace in 25th of November of the same year. Finally, the chain of conflicts collectively known as The Great War was over.


Yet, even with the relief of the Great War coming to an end, there was another conflict for the Libertadores to fight in. Fascists and communists plotted to take over the streets and overthrow the legitimate elected conservative government of the Republican Party, and so did radicals among the LIBRULS. As they emerged victorious in the Great War, neutering the threat of Kwanzania for the time being, they unwittingly were paving the way for another time of civil war.


Yet, in the end, the war has finally ended, and the people have been relieved, for this was the last war the Libertadores had to wage, and hopefully things would stay as such. Meanwhile, their British allies have shown interest in selling their territories in South America, and in influencing the Dutch to do the same. Soon the continent would be united.


In 1917, the Republican Part won again, while tensions were on the rise. They now had the taks of ensuring the Libertadores would not, like many great countries forged in war, collapsed under its own weight.


But first, they finished what was almost concluded through diplomatic means. And finally, in a great day for all South American peoples, the Libertadores was at last whole and united, countless decades after its original proclamation, in 2nd of May of 1917.


Even Mormons cannot destroy liberty.


Scandinavia boldly invaded Finland, in spite of Russian warnings. Their advance went far into Russia, but ultimately, what the Russian incompetence provided them in aid for such victory, General Winter ruined, and like it happened with Napoleon, the Scandinavian army failed to subjugate Russia, stubbornly refusing to let them conquer Finland despite the massive territorial loss they suffered, and the heroic Finnish resistance was ruining their plans as well. Soon the bear would turn the tide of this war.

(I wonder what Vaarna_Aarne thinks about this one: Russia fighting to defend the independence of Finland against an aggressive and imperialistic Scandinavia.

:M )


In 1918, the Ottoman Empire is no more, but this new Turkey continues to oppress and subjugate countless other peoples, even after the near total collapse of their empire.


Electric power was becoming more common than ever, reaching far more utilities than mere lighting. The Libertadores was solidly among the greatest economies of the world. As for Petroleum based powerplants, coal is far more abundant for the Confederation. The end of this decade of great conflict was coming, but peace was far from real for them, radicals still plotting and scheming every day and night.



Minas Gerais, the state where the Republican rebels first dreamed of an independent Brazil back when it was a Portuguese colony, became the infamous host of another kind of coup attempt. Led by the most extremist among the Integralists, a group tried to overthrow the government as the blackshirts marched into the state capital of Belo Horizonte, who first organized such an attempt to destroy democracy in a local bar.


With the threat of Integralism fully realized, the Libertadores began to heavily crack down on their movement before they could achieve any chance of overthrowing the government.


Meanwhile, slowly liberty was returning to China.


As tensions continued to erupt, in 21th of April, Jews, Turks, Niggers, Beaners, Hispanics, Kwanstains and Gooks became the targets of mass campaign of ethnic and racial hatred started in Porto Alegre. Before this could lead to the Balkanization of the Libertadores because of the start of ethnic cleansing campaigns against kebab alfajor, the government steps up to crack down on such extremists.


Yet, for every step the government took in an attempt to crush fascism and the insane ideal of the "Lusitanian Master Race", they only seemed to grow more powerful and influential. The Republicans didn't waver, and continued to crack down heavily on such dangerous movements before they could put in jeopardy everything they have achieved since the First War of the Farrapos.


The experience of the Great War in both Africa and America shattered many old concepts of warfare, and the deployment of the first tanks rolled over their shattered remains. This experience will definitively shape the future Land Doctrine of the Confederation, The question is: towards which route? The still distant idea of Blitzkrieg and Maneuver Warfare with use of motorized infantry and tanks? Massed artillery Firepower Doctrine? A reenactment of the successful defensive trench warfare against superior numbers in Kwa? Or the Maneuver Warfare idea of mass conscription, mechanized waves and Deep Operations with a large army operating in great concert in simultaneous offensives?


Inventions were happening quickly, improving upon existing developments and further boosting the status of the country's mighty industrial economy. But these news were overshadowed by the growing fascist marches, by the likewise dangerous Republican Guards. Civil War loomed over the horizon.



And in 11th of June of 1920, the Integralists made their move, rising hundreds of thousands against the government, determined in transforming the Libertadores into a fascist dictatorship.


And if things weren't bad enough... the reaction to the fascist marches and violence was even worse. Again, the Confederation burns in flames of revolution, again, after victories against foreign enemies, they are deeply endangered from within. The struggle is deadly and tragic. The blood is once again shed for political ideals, a Brazilian Slaughter greater than any ever in the entire history of the continent.


The Second Libertadores Civil War lasted for three years. many hundreds of thousands died, and chaos erupted seemingly in every corner and every street, but in the end, the mightiest army of the world still had its core of loyalists to put an end to another attempt against democracy. And now, the chaos seems to have ended, the enemies of freedom and democracy buried, for the time being.


In 1924, the Libertadores army was almost completely modernize, even as there was no immediate threat of another Great War in America, but wher the Libertadores consolidated their power, events outside of their control were undoing part of their achievements.


And in the same year, a new hope stood for China. One of the Cliques was overthrown by freedom fighters, and from the overtrhow of these warlords, the Republic of China was born, intent on uniting the country again under a banner of democracy.


Canada, through prestige, large masses of immigrants driven to the gold rush in Alaska, and rapid industrialization, achieved, even if for a while only, the status of Great Power. And thanks to this achievement, the young nation has finally managed to become fully independent from the United Kingdom, forging its own royal family as well, but still maintaining positive relations with their former overlords.


The Balkan troubles are far from over, but the signs are clear that a new age is rising for the region. Turkey clings to their subjugation of Bulgarians, Serbians and Greeks, but sooner or later they shall return to their precious mongolia.




There have always been rumors shortly after that infamous day of 09/11/1915, but in 24th of December of 1924, next to an Amerikwa where the sheer majority of the population embraced Amerikwan National-Socialism, where all Jews fled to the Confederated States of America due to growing hatred and pogroms, as it didn't take long for them to become a scapegoat for Amerikwa's defeat, where the American Bald Eagle with a Swastika is a symbol commonly seen in great rallies. In this far more infamous day, Adolf Hitler made a public appearance next to Charles Lindbergh, the leader of the American National-Socialist Party and Fritz Julius Kuhn, a proeminent German American, and delivered an inspiring speech to the Kwans. It was obvious now that Hitler, failing in his Nazi coups in Austria, migrated to the defeated and humiliated Kwanstain where a far more fertile ground for his extremist and hateful ideals lied. His speech was quite successful considering it was his first speech in English, and it certainly would help even more with the popularity of Amerikwan National-Socialism. In time, the hate speeches began to focus on very specific targets: beaners, spics, "latino farm animals", niggers, nigger mongrels or in other word, the inhabitants of the Libertadores in a grotesque caricature of racial hatred, explicitly declared as "subhumans". There was an incredibly ironic element in this, considering the amount of German blood that runs in the veins of the Riograndense people, those who were leading this glorious rise of the Libertadores all along. Somehow, a fascist dictatorship didn't happen, but the winds of change were blowing clearly in North America, stronghold of National-Socialism.


With the consent of the Libertadores, who saw in such move the creation of a stronger ally against the Nazi America, the Confederates annexed Texas one year after Adolf Hitler's endorsement of Amerikwan fascism happened. But, this triggered a reaction, specially as fascism was growing popular in Mormon land.



In New England, Socialism emerged in triumph at the ballots. And speaking of New England, on the Miskatonic University's expedition to Antarctica, only two of the scientists returned, and none wanted to share their discoveries or the reason the rest of the expedition died, and after psychiatric exams, it became clear they ended batshit insane due to something that happened in their expedition. Now, the last remnants of such failure remain locked in the confines of the infamous Arkham Asylum, just like the Ice of the frozen continent is forever emprisoning whatever drove them to madness.


With a massive population, the land doctrines of the Libertadores evolved accordingly, by the end of 1926.


A "baby boom" started in by the end of the 1920s, and with this, the already immense population of the Confederation was going to grow even more in the next decade. The memory of the Great War continues to persist even now, but slowly, it fades away, but not in Kwanzania, where Nazi speeches rally immense crowds with the promises of restoring the glory of Amerikwa and crushing the Confederates and the Libertadores.



No comment needed.


With the annexation of Texas by the Dixies, the Fascist States of Amerikwa(even if somehow they haven't yet formally destroyed the Constitution.) saw the path opened to take back through diplomatic means both the New California Republic and the equally fascist Mormonland. Two shitholes in truth, that gave them little benefit, and the Libertadores decided to let it slide, this time. Hopefully this wouldn't turn out to be a mistake.

The Confederates developed a solid national identity and thus were fortunately immune to such moves, while New England refused utterly all proposals of the Kwa' to reunite, citing their determination to stand for the ideals of the founding fathers as a reason, for they already knew what was going to happen sooner or later in Kwa'.


In their struggle for reuniting China, the Republic of China, where unfortunately fascism was growing immensely popular, ended in war with the Russian Empire, a clash between giants featuring likely the two largest armies of the world. And with Russia distracted in such a massive war, the ambitious Scandinavia was considering their chances of succeeding at the conquest of Finland this time.


The beginning of the 1930s would be marked by the Russo-Chinese War and by the final achievement of the dream the once Prussian Republic sacrificed so much for. After several wars that drove Austria-Hungary into greater and greater decline, finally, with all of Germany under their sphere of influence, the North German Federation forged the Great German Republic, uniting all Germans from Hamburg to Vienna under a single banner. This came at a cost however, the cost of having no choice but to agree with the right of self-determination of most peoples once conquered by the fallen Austro-Hungarian Empire, and in wake of the rising infamy from how this Anchluss tipped the entire balance of Europe in Germany's favor, they have given autonomy to Bohemia and to Polesia, which was seen as a scant but only hope for the Polish people, that perhaps, there was yet a chance for them to become free again. And Polesia was a great contrast to the Russian-controlled parts of Poland, for it was highly industrialized and developed, where Congress Poland and Galicia, which they fully conquered from the decaying Austro-Hungary, were far behind Polesia in every possible good statistic besides population size.

And thus, Bosnia was born.



Automobiles became increasingly important in this 20th Century, and great road networks were being constructed in parallel to the massive railroad networks.



7th of January of 1931 was the greatest day of infamy for Amerikwa. It was the day that the inevitable finally happened. The National Socialist Party of American Workers finally shutted down the Congress, suspended the Constitution and launched several raids by the secret police to get rid of any "undesirables" that could threaten their rise, or who were the targets of their ethnic and racial hatred. Jews, Beaners, Huehues, Dixies and many others were the victims of the beginning of an age of darkness and tyranny for a country once supposedly built for the ideals of democracy and liberty. It didn't take long for many infamous events to happen, from the "Night of the Breaking Glasses" against Mexicans, Jews, Niggers and Dixies, to many other infamous events. It was ironic that a CSA where the Ku Klux Klan remained powerful and influential was still safer for black people to live at than the United States.

The United States of Amerikwa has become a Fascist Dictatorship.


And like liberty in Kwa, in 1932 Finland was dying, the Scandinavians seeing in the massive war over Asia their chance to conquer the brave Finns while the Russians were distracted. The Finnish fought bravely, but their situation was ultimately hopeless.


And thus, in September of 1932, Scandinavia subjugated Finland, and now extended their ambitions towards Karelia and Ingria.

Meanwhile, Germany crushed Italy for their arrogant stealing of many legitimate Austrian territories, and all their fights for Venice ended futile as Venice was once again in German control. This caused a major resentment and revanchist feeling among the Italians, masterfully exploited by the growingly popular fascist leader Benito Mussolini to turn fascism from the fringe to a highly popular ideology, and approach his country from the equally fascist and extremely powerful Republic of China and United States.


The Turk idiots were reaping what they sow, their decline about to take another sharp step forward.


Italy discovered the bones of a primitive hominid which was labelled the Homo Erectus... yet, no signs of Homo Melonheadus



DISCLAIMER: In the Libertadores, "Cultural Enrichment" is not an euphemism for niggers rapin' white wymmin.


Truly, the Libertadores is one of the most culturally rich and diverse States of Earth, with a history of centuries, with the still intact remnants of the legacy of ancient mesoamerican civilizations, with a prestige greater than that of any other country in Earth from all the achievements they had in their turbulent history through the 19th and 20th centuries.


While in Europe, the fascist Iron Guard annexed Trannylvania and another minor Romanian country of little notice, a great political scandal of ties with the American Nazi Party shattered the credibility of the Republican Party in the end of 1934. The initial backslash was only the start of a downfall of popularity that would give to both fascists and socialists a new chance of winning the voters.

And so, the Victorian and Industrial Revolution Ages were coming to an end. Old empires have crumbled, old powers have declined, old monarchies were overthrown and new powers have risen, and during these one hundred years, the tiny and insignificant Republic of Rio Grande do Sul has become one of the Greatest powers in human history. To look at the demographics of the core of this civilization in 1836 and in the end of 1935 makes it easy to understand why they have become the most prestigious power of Earth:



In 1836, the Riograndense Republic was an agrarian backwater with less than five hundred thousand inhabitants.


In 1936, Libertadores, the natural successor of the Riograndense Republic, had a population of over 175 million inhabitants, solidly one of the largest and greatest countries of the entire world, second only to China and India. And not only that, but also the third greatest economy of the planet and fifth most powerful military.


And here an overview of the Top 16, the Great and Secondary Powers of the world by 1936:

1) Great Britain remained the foremost power on Earth due to their mighty navy, and most of all, due to the Jewel of their crown: India. However, their defeat and capitulation at the Great War, the Canadian Independence and formation of their own royal family and growing revolts in India for their independence may yet change such status. It is no surprise that the Victorian Age was named after one of their rulers, the Queen Victoria. But they never had a much difficult time into being number one. They already were the number one Great Power by 1836, unlike the Riograndense Republic, which back then, was less than nothing in the eyes of the world, as relevant as Kongo or Loango, and probably unheard of outside of BRBR.

2) The Libertadores, the result of a meteoric rise of the former Republic of Rio Grande do Sul, were considered the Second most powerful country of the entire world, and, if the Indian independence movement succeeded, eventually they would become the greatest power of the world. The Libertadores achieved total hegemony over America, which stands near completely under their sphere of influence, and emerged victorious in every conflict they fought. But the rest of this decade, the next years, they would be decisive in the history of this rising power, for an increasingly belligerent United States and an incredibly turbulent Balkan are beset by many events could drag the world into another Great War, yet, with fresh memories of the tragedies of the previous great war they have turned into high isolationism and left all major European and American alliances ever since. In the next elections, due to the great scandal involving the Republican Party betraying the country in secret deals with Kwanstain, which brough the "neutrality" and "isolationism" of the same into question, much may change for both the Integralists and this time, a new Partido Sindicalista(Syndicalist Party), considerably more radical than the Colorados, have solid chances of winning.

3) The birth of the modern Greater German Republic was forged by almost an entire century of wars and revolutions. Despite humiliated and defeated in the Great War, the Republic of Prussia, in an act of unremitting determination and resolve, of clear willpower to never give up, still rose from the ashes and fought for the unification of their people, rising as the third greatest power on Earth and a member of the Allies, a coalition formed by Germany, United Kingdom and Libertadores and featured by their strong ideological stance on defending an ideal of liberty. The autonomous Republic of Polesia, however, may yet be the powderkeg of a new conflict, as the Russian Empire continues a seemingly endless war against the Republic of China, and the Poles in the parts of their fallen nation ruled by Russia grow increasingly rebellious, and willing to join Polesia even if such is far from being really independent, yet. Combined with the Polesian Question, reports of growing persecution and violence against Baltic Germans in Russia may lit the fuse of this powderkeg. And that not counting the still existing issue of claims over Alsace with France.

4) Russia was once in decline and backwards, but that changed. Blessed by an enlightened despot who not only saw it fit to begin reforms to cede his power to the people transform Russia into a parliamentary monarchy, but also to give liberty to the Finns, this great Tzar unwittingly saved his country from the flames of revolution, from the horrors of gulags, mass murders and many more by taking such a wise decision and not refusing progress. Despite less powerful than when Russia was Absolutist, never before in history have the title of Tzar been more respected, beloved and prestigious. However, the conflict with a China seemingly capable of enduring any casualties is endangering the stability of the Russian Empire, and the conquest of Finland by Scandinavia, which Russia swore to protect, has been a great blow to the prestige of the country, while the growing tension in the Balkans may inevitably drag the country in a new conflict, as may do the growing Polish nationalism and the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian clashes with Baltic Germans. The Russians are the leaders of a New Entente, formed by the last monarchies of Europe, except for France, which also belongs to this New Entente.

5) The Italian reunification and their glorious defeat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with Russian aid forged the identity of the country, but the pride of the Italian monarchy was also their downfall: by conquering unquestionably German territories, after the Anchluss of Austria happened, they drew the hatred and might of the German Republic against them, resolute to free German majority territories from Italian occupation, and after the fragile nature of Italy as a power was revealed, as a for of punishment, they also took over Veneto and parts of Istria from them. With a significant part of their nation now once again in German hands, the monarchy bides their time in the hopes for a rematch with Russian aid, while, however, fascist movements led by Benito Mussolini may completely change the alignment of Italy, were them to overthrow the current Parliamentary government, as Mussolini has a great deal of relations with the United States, and specially with the infamous Adolf Hitler, now a naturalized Amerikwan citizen and the Minister of Foreign Relations in the fascist government of the country. But like they have claims on German conquered territories, so do France over Savoie, despite both countries being currently on the same side, and if they shift to the Axis, another potential source of conflict may arise..

6) Three revolutions later, the Third French Republic remains powerful, in spite of the prestige lost by their defeat to Italy and Russia in the Great War. Due to such claims, Germany tried to reapproach them for them to join the Allies, but so far these talks never ended anywhere. Alsace and Savoie could both be sources of future conflicts as radicalism and nationalism are far from taking a backseat in the world.

7) The old enemy of the Libertadores, the United States of America, was only weakened, not defeated, still standing as one of the Great Powers, and all attempts of those who still remember the ideals of their founding fathers to overthrow or secede from the fascist Kwa' have been brutally crushed, and those responsible sent to infamous concentration camps where their very personhood was annihilated. The Californian Republic and Deseret were small gains, but they already gave them a small edge, and signaled the threat they represent now. The rhetoric of hate against the Confederated States of America and the Libertadores in Kwa grows ever more inflamed, as does the hatred towards ethnic minorities blamed for their losses, and Charles Lindbergh, next to his second-in-command J. Edgar Hoover and to their Minister of Foreign Relations Adolf Hitler, promised to the Amerikwan that they will take back their rightful lands and crush the Libertadores. The military of the United States is expanding dramatically, specially their army and army aviation branches, and it is obvious they are building up for another war. To their side, China and possibly Italy may join.

8) The Confederated States of America, once solidly in the sphere of influence of the Libertadores, from a substantial industrialization program combined with mass migration from fascist Kwa, and to their response to the arms race Kwa started, achieved the statues of the eighth Great Power in the world. Far from the Confederacy that stood for the maintenance of slavery, this new Confederacy has proclaimed herself as the "bastion of free Amerikwans", and has clearly shown that they have the intention of uniting all Americans under the Confederate flag and restoring freedom and democracy to the now oppressed Yankees, should an opportunity arise. However, contradicting this rhetoric stands a very influential Ku Klux Klan in their government, which pursues extreme discrimination against many ethnic minorities. Yet, if freedom is the goal, for Kwanzania, the CSA is indeed the last hope of freedom, for the Libertadores has little interest in overthrowing the fascist dictatorship as long as they don't meddle with South America anymore, and it is possible that the increasingly isolationistic Libertadores will not help them should fascist America start a new conflict.

9) The Republic of China has one of the largest, if not the largest army of the world, and struggles to unite their country again. First a Republican dictatorship, it had democracy brought in only for the same democracy to ensure the victory of fascists and its own undoing. Growing relations with the United States began since the fascists took over the government in the Republic of China, and their struggle to unite the land is far from over, while Russian ambitions in Manchuria persist. A clash between Russia and China will truly mean bloodshed without precendents should it happen in full scale and for a longer time than the conflicts that already happened.

10) Canada... mighty land of the Maple Leaf, has achieved full independence from the United Kingdom for a short period in recent history where they were considered a Great Power. Their country is small compared to the neighbors, but considering the hostility of the weather, ~40 million inhabitants isn't that bad. They are still deeply linked through alliances with the United Kingdom, and thus, like in their brave resistance against the American invasion during the Great War, they may yet end in another conflict right in their homes.

11) Japan would have become a Great Power, had China not Westernized when it did. But overshadowed by the growing industrial might of China, Japan ended relegated to the great game of spheres of influence between Russia and the Republic of China. Nevertheless, it is a powerful ally, and their navy alone is mightier than the combined navies of those two powers.

12) Scandinavia was once a pipe dream, but the revolutionaries who overthrew the Swedish monarchy turned it into a reality after almost a century of struggle, forging a solid, if relatively sparsely populated power. Their recent conquest of Finland has dragged down their relations with the powerful Russia even more, and may drive them into a new conflict, a conflict they will have to fight on their own should it happen.

13) Spain once was a Great Power, but such time is long gone. Their country failed to catch up to the industrial revolution, and was relegated to France's sockpuppet. The monarchy survived through all their decline, but growing radical movements from renewed Carlists and the new anarcho-syndicalist CNT-FAI may change that.

14) The United States of Central America is an autonomous extension of the Libertadores. combined with the Libertadores, the sum would almost match the British Empire in its combination of prestige, economy and military might, and even individually, it is an example of how the influence of the Confederation transformed what once were Banana Republics into industrialized and near-developed economies, a far better future than the one that awaited such region were it to, as the Kwanzanians wished, remain disunited, weak and poor shifting from one corrupt dictatorship to another. The Libertadores has been a far more generous American power for sure.

15) New England is a small but highly economically developed and industrialized country, which has also drawn much prestige from its incredible and famous Miskatonic University, a forefront of many of the most innovative scientific projects and theories in the last decades. The country's continued existence in independence is gradually forging a new identity among them, and with the guarantee of protection from both Canada and the Libertadores, they are confident in their continued survival in spite of a growingly spiteful Fascist Kwa'.

New England is bound to last as long as the Prisoner of Ice Let's Play, as far as the Libertadores agenda is concerned.


16) And finally, almost purely because of the prestige of hosting many of the great conventions of this and of the last century such as the famous Geneva convention, Switzerland became more than a neutral country. It became THE neutral country, a reference as an ideal place for enemies to negotiate peace and similar situations.




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Cassidy has finally finished an lp. The next game should have the Libertadores pitted against all the European powers as well as the Kwa. Otherwise there wouldn't be a challenge.


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Cassidy has finally finished an lp.

First sign of the apocalypse.

Third sign of the apocalyse: releasing a mod both in here and Paradox Forums.


Still a long way to go. A long, long way to go, but eventually there will be a continuation for this thread.

How does one port games from Vicky 2 to Darkest Hour?

The hard way: from scratch.


Any suggestions on at which ratio to convert Industries/Pop to IC/Manpower?
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Manpower is 1 per 1000, so I'd do that without touching general mobilisatio decisions. (which is basically arming everyone and everything)

Take industrial power, divide it by 10 and get your IC I'd say. Add or subtract per nation so you don't get too weak Kwanzanias or powerhouse converted Chinas.

Could do that for you, recently done something similar with DH.

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